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Jul 24, 2021 10 tweets 5 min read
How to cope when the whole family is down with #COVID19
Lessons I learned the hard way with 5 family members positive (including my baby) 🧵1/ 1/It's very infectious - Try to isolate ASAP when the 1st member gets symptoms.
A separate toilet is mandatory. Keep utensils separate.
Try to shift the elderly to another place. Our parents got infected after D 5 as we were in overcrowded Mumbai house.
Jun 12, 2021 10 tweets 8 min read
.@BradRovin speaking on the evolution of #lupus therapy over the years in @isn_india Masterclass
The main change which has happened is to decrease steroids. Probably 1 gm of MPS is enough to begin treatment in #lupus
Jun 12, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
.@isn_india #LUPUS Masterclass begins with an inaugural address by President Dr. Gupta about discussing future goals in lupus nephritis management. He presses the need to go LOW on Steroids especially in the #covid era 1/ Q - When to biopsy in #lupus ?
A - When you want to diagnose, to treat, or to prognosticate
talk by Dr Surya V Seshan
May 2, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Very interesting talk of the timing of #RRT by @luck_urine with lots of practical pearls
Concise summary of recent trials on the topic 1/
#KidneyCon Summary of recent trials:
Whom is more important than When
Timing of #RRT
Mar 11, 2021 17 tweets 17 min read
1/17 Taking forward the theme of #WorldKidneyDay let’s discuss what it means for “#WOMEN to live well with #kidney disease” 💃
🧵ahead is for anyone who cares about 💃!
@womeninnephro #womenempowerment #WomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth
Q-Do kidney diseases affect women differently? 2/17
Women have
⬆️Autoimmune diseases (SLE, RA, Systemic Scleroderma)
In #Women of Color that's 2- 3X commoner, early-onset with⬆️ complications

⬆️UTI due to short urethra
In #Pregnancy ⬆️risk of pyelonephritis and sepsis