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14 Sep
Educational thread: Investment mistakes you can make in your 20s:
1. Not a having a plan: 20s is the perfect time to start thinking about finances. There are less responsibilities, expenditure and the scope of savings is huge. Now is the time to think long-term.
2. Not knowing what to do with your earnings: In this knowledge-driven world, there is no shortage of data needed for research kn investments. Find out the investment options, the risks associated and make an investment plan.
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13 Sep
Educational thread: 6 saving tips that will cut down your expenses! Read and share:
1. Introspect: Without a doubt, the first step to plan more savings is self-reflect. Ask yourself, how much are you spending on unnecessary things? How impulsive are you when it comes to shopping? You will get a lot of answers!
2. Chart a budget plan: Try to jot down your daily spending in a diary or spreadsheet. Writing provides much needed clarity on every subject!
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12 Sep
Educational thread: 6 Bad Financial Habits you should Avoid at all costs! Read and share:
1. Biting off more than you chew: While loans, credit cards ease your financial burden at the moment, piling them up is never a great idea. If this is your case, investing will be a distant dream.
2. Bad credit score: Most Indians are unaware of how credit scores are calculated. Even simple things like not paying bills, late payments can reflect adversely on your credit score. This can backfire in your future, if you apply for loans.
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1 Sep
When Elearnmarkets was born, our goal was simple: educate and groom better Stock Market participants. It's the same, even today.

Here are some blog posts you can go through if you are trading in the Indian Stock Market:
( 1.) 7 common reasons why traders lose money in Intraday Trading: bit.ly/3zBfuA3

Intraday trading needs good strategies and not intuition. Learn these factors which might be responsible for your losses.
( 2.) 10 Proven Strategies to Always Stay In Profit: bit.ly/3jy2wh9

Booking profits is all about patience and grit. Learn these strategies to stay ahead of everyone.
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18 Sep 18
Lessons from the wonderful book of @PhilipAFisher - Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits -

The 15 points to look for in a share before investing -

#WhatToBuy #SimplifyFinance

ps- In case u wish to learn the art of stock selection in details - goo.gl/sNndeL
Does the company have products or services with sufficient market potential to make possible a sizable increase in sales for at least several years?

#WhatToBuy #SimplifyFinance
Does the management have a determination to continue to develop products or processes that will further increase total sales when the growth potentials of currently attractive product lines have largely been exploited?

#WhatToBuy #SimplifyFinance
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