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Here’s my thought process when I’m looking for cards that I want to trade:


Is he from a popular nation?

Good nations allow these players to be easily linked around between different leagues.

Brazil, Argen., Italy, Belgium, etc

This means more than the Nation. If a player isn’t in a top 5 league, I rarely look at them.

Nearly every single Fut player has a team from a top 5 league.

Order of Popularity, IMO

1. PL
3. LaLiga
4. Ligue 1
5. Serie A

The lower the rating, the more the card is going to drop when there’s an increase in supply.

This can help or hurt you.

If you’re picking up 82’s like Morales, you are most likely going to lose coins. As there’s a lot of alternatives for him.
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When we day trade, we use more of the pre-frontal cortex portion of the brain (short term memory, logic & execution). The cortex stores medium term stuff and the hippocampus portion holds long term memories .....contd

#BehavioralEconomics #trading #behavioraltechnicalanalysis
Emotions step in from the amygdala & limbic brain portions. These come into play more often in long term holdings. Therefore you'll find successful short term traders are more mathematical than emotional minded......contd
The brain type personality is also split into left & right brain (logical & emotional). The beauty of nature is you cant be logical and illogical at the same time. So traders trained to be logical block out panic attacks more successfully compared to right brained people....contd
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Years ago, I was part of an online trading group.

It was just static Google group, where we mainly communicated through emails. We were only 6 members.

This group played a big role in me becoming profitable.
Every members had very different trading styles and strategies
So instead of sharing meaningless trade ideas, we focused on sharing process-oriented and mindset stuff.
Since it wasn't a chat room and we were a small group, we weren't expecting immediate replies, so we really had the time to reflect, and do some research before replying.
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The first thing you should understand is what is your own personality. Then look for #trading systems, which suits your personality. Most #traders fails at this very first and basic step.
D reason i made this remark. Coz oflate i hv had a chance to understand lot of #traders around country Each trader has unique approach and it was nothing but what suits they personality. Initially i thought its good to knw lot of methods Bt then i realized its best to knw 1 self.
Method was function of 3 things
1. Personality
2. Trading Capital
3. Return Expectation

Here #risk is part of personality, so is patience. And discipline is something one cant live without. All of them are very disciplined. Arrived at their method after lot of self search.
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Greatest Traders of All Times :

� Arthur Cutten: Turned $1,000 dollars into over $90 million dollars.
� Richard Dennis: Turned $400 into $200 Million in 10 years.
� Ken Griffin: Started in a dorm room and at 38 is worth $3 BILLION!
� Dan Zanger: Pyramid $10,775 into $42 million in less than 2 years!
� Michael Marcus: Rolled out a $30,000 account into over $80 MILLION.
� Tom Baldwin: Parlayed $25,000 into over $2 Billion.
� Ed Seykota: Made 250,000 percent return on his account over 16 years!
� Nicolas Darvas: Leveraged $25,000 into $2.25 million in 18 months.
� Michael Lauer: Provided investors with a 50-fold return over 7 years.
� Mark Cook: Registered back to back gains of 563% and 322%.
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[1/7] Technical analysis can be very complicated if you don’t focus on the most important basics, such as support and resistance levels. These areas represent a psychological level where the game is played between buyers and sellers.

#priceaction #trading #stocks #forex
[2/7] Let me give you an example:
If sellers overcome buyers, they will push the price below the support level. Some buyers will feel afraid to lose money because they see that the support level is broken. So, they will get out, and sell the market again to cover their loss.
[3/7] Other participants will notice that sellers are in control of the market, they will decide to sell the market and help the bears push the price to go down.
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The next two weeks will be about holding fort to attempt getting past the trading errors of this week.

Bad trades, bad decisions.

#trading #markets
The thing with bad decisions in trading or any other endeavor is that it begets other bad decisions.

The first thing is to get back to the basics and put things straight.

The simple things go out of whack with these bad decisions.


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@c_ehrbar Laugh all you want, I look at every timeframe on everything that I'm concerned with. I chose the 1H timeframe here, and even the 3m too on a facebook post, to serve as a "before" image if/when it plays out as quickly as expected. Then I can make something like this yet again.
@c_ehrbar An example of higher timeframe context that I've been providing... Notice how nicely it bounced from the .886 retracement 125 days after I posted it.…

#StockMarket $DJI $NDX $SPX $SPY
@c_ehrbar I use that along with my analysis on #bitcoin itself, the individual indices, my "sum of that american indices divided by the price of gold" private chart, and several others to be almost certain of my medium-term scenario playing out, just as I was about #bitcoin goin up from 3k
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1. Erkenne einen Trend
2. bestimme einen guten Einstiegspunkt
3. bestimme einen "Stop-Loss" (Verlustgrenze)
4. Bestimme ein "Take-Profit": nicht ändern, ODER "mitziehen"
5. Korrigiere den Stop-Loss bloss in Deine Richtung (Stop [ins Plus] mitziehen)
Persönliche "Regeln":
- pro Monat maximal 50 Euro Einsatz

Public Go-Live:
- wenn 3 Verlust-Trades = Feierabend
- wenn zweimal 3 Verlust-Trades = 1 Tag Pause
aktueller Stand:
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++++Cosa sa la #Bce che noi non sappiamo? Nulla di buono. @ollirehn a @boersenzeitung : 'C'è bisogno di lanciare nuovi stimoli monetari, Bce si prepari al peggio'. E tassi Bund 10 anni scendono sotto tasso depositi Bce -0,40% +++++ #trading
@ollirehn @boersenzeitung @finanza_com @finanza_online @Borseit @pelias01 @AlienoGentile @carloalberto @ricpuglisi @albertobisin @monacelt @ollirehn : "Low inflation expectations are a 'great concern'; market based expectations are 'far too low'
Eurozone experiencing a longer phase of weaker growth, slowdown no longer temporary" VIA a @boersenzeitung In bocca al lupo #Lagarde
@ollirehn @boersenzeitung @finanza_com @finanza_online @Borseit @pelias01 @AlienoGentile @carloalberto @ricpuglisi @albertobisin @monacelt @ollirehn : "#ECB should prepare for stronger and prolonged slowdown, says better to prepare for the worst. ECB can change forward guidance, cut rates or resume #QE if needed VIA @boersenzeitung
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Como hoy es fiesta, vamos a jugar. Comencemos con una adivinanza. ¿A qué palabra corresponde esta definición de la @wikipedia?
Una pista?
Trastorno en el que la persona se ve obligada, por una urgencia psicológicamente incontrolable, a jugar y apostar, de forma persistente y progresiva, afectando de forma negativa a la vida personal, familiar y vocacional
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#TRADING HTF pivots vs price behaviour; Usually HTF pivots, monthly upper pivots acts as a resistance and monthly lower pivots acts as a support; if any of these breaks, there exists a prospective rally; it was observed in #BANKNIFTY AND #NIFTY today ....
....Price was hovering around Monthly upper pivot region for almost 2.5 hours before it broke out convincingly and subsequently a rally followed. Shows the significance and power of pivots and more particularly HTF pivots. The blue zone is the Monthly CPR (Central Pivot range).
Another eg of the significance of HTF pivots.... In this case the illustration is its resistance power.... Note price tries to break the Blue upper boundary and fails and drops all the way down....
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#TRADING Powerful combination : Weekly floor pivots and daily Camarilla pivots; Weekly upper floor pivots + daily Camarilla S3 confluence zone acts as a solid support zone. Weekly lower floor pivots + daily Camarilla R3 confluence zone acts as a solid resistance zone....
.... Backtest results on all FNO underlyings since Feb 2019 on 5 min TF
Annualised returns 118%
Max drawdowns -3.7%
Profit factor 2.3
55% winning trades.
Edge...... Edge lies in an important pre-requisite for taking trades based on above pattern and ofcourse exits....
.... Can look at the long and short illustration charts and can find out easily what is the pre-requisite; will leave it to viewers.....
Have proper risk management in place.
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Here’s the Trade Setup for the Volatility Burst Strategy:
Volatility = ATR of the last 20 Days
High & Low Vol = Highest High & Lowest Low of Volatility in last 252 Days
Upper Band = Highest High of High over the last 50 Days
Lower Band = Lowest Low of Low over the last 50 Days
Back-test reports of the Volatility Burst Strategy show that its Annual Return Percentage is 28.47%. This is what the equity curve looks like.

As you can see, it’s important to take a position at the right time. But it’s also important to know how to exit when you’re losing.
The drawdown graph of the Volatility Burst Strategy shows the maximum loss incurred.
The next step? We’re going to add a trailing stop loss and see what happens next.
#backtobasics #trading #algotrading #backtesting #volatility #indicator #drawdown #volatilityburststrategy
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#BANKNIFTY Pivot + vwap trading system

A) Short - 1) close less than ema200, prev day vwap, cam l3, floor pivot low; 2) distance between prev day vwap and cam l3 & floor pivot low should not be more than 1.5% (to avoid over extension); 3)vwap less than ema200
B) Price high crosses down weekly pivot high.
C) Price crosses down camarilla h3 and candle low is lower than prev candle low.
Position taking between 945 am till 245 pm.

Cover at close or when price crosses 2 std deviations above current vwap or when price crosses weekly pivot low from downwards or when price crosses daily pivot low from downwards.
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#TRADING Weekend Learning Time; Power of #Pivots ; Yesterday's BNF futures resistance was clouded with a confluence zone involving 1) prev day vwap, Camarilla L3 and Floor pivot low. Market gave 3 opportunities to short when it pulled back to these confluence zones.
Pattern to be watched out for short : 1) Camarilla L3+Floor Pivot Low + Prev day vwap 2) Price dropping below this zone 3) Short position execution at the first pull back after confirming price action at this zone. 4) Addnl confirmation LTF RSI below HTF RSI. 5)Stop abv CamL3.
Why I didn't act yesterday? I had a loss trade and after booking I stopped looking at the markets. So best I can do is to learn from the charts and tweet whatever I have observed.
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#TRADING Open High and Open Low amibroker code.
Run this code ON DAILY CHARTS after market opens at around 930am.
As usual, do not buy and short blindly. This is only a sort of filter for identifying intraday stocks. Good luck!!!..........1/n
TodayOpen = TimeFrameGetPrice( "O", inDaily, 0 );
TodayHigh = TimeFrameGetPrice( "H", inDaily, 0 );
TodayLow = TimeFrameGetPrice( "L", inDaily, 0 );
Freshday = Day() != Ref(Day(),-1);
TodayOpening = FreshDay AND (TodayOpen == TodayHigh OR TodayOpen == TodayLow);
Filter = TodayOpening ;
colorstatus = IIf(FreshDay AND TodayOpen == TodayHigh,colorRed,IIf(FreshDay AND TodayOpen == TodayLow,colorBlue,Null));
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In 2015-2017 A lot of people wanted to become Full Time #Investors via #Smallcaps seeing #Multibaggers shown by #Advisers #Investors. In 2018-2019 a lot of people want to become Full Time #Traders via #OptionWriting, #Futures seeing #M2M shown by #Trainers #Traders
We used to earlier get influenced by people succeeding in your #social circle where you would know people over the years but now we get influenced by #SocialMedia successes that may or may not be true. #Tweetstorm on questions on approach to #FullTime #Trading
In 2018 we got a crash in #Smallcaps and #portfolios are down 10-50%. This will test out people who became #fulltime #investors without thinking or preparation. Now in 2019 if you want to be a #FullTime #Trader this #tweetstorm gives you only questions to help you think!.
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#TRADING Intraday - #INERTIAMETHOD Inertia - A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. This is the law of physics.
Inertia method applies this law of physics for selecting stocks for intraday trading the next day. Stocks that are in motion are selected with the assumption that it might continue the motion (uniform motion).
Method -
Select stocks that satisfy the following conditions - To be done at EOD
a) Stocks with latest daily range greater than 1.25 times of 10 day Average daily range AND
b) Stocks with latest body size of the candle consuming 75% of the daily range.
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#TRADING INTRADAY HTF_SR method Another Eg. #BATAINDIA daily / 1hr /5 min - Conclusion - Key level to watch out for 1363-1365; if price action bearish at this point, shorting suggested with stop of 1370; if price action bullish at this point, long suggested above 1365...…...
for a quick scalp till 1375; however above 1365 advised to wait to see how it reacts to the 1375 resistance line; if an bearish price action happens here, short suggested around 1370-1375 with stop of 1385; if price breaches 1380-1385.....
long suggested with stop of 1370. Try practicing this in as many charts as possible to get a hold of this method "Higher Time Frame Support and Resistance method" (HTF_SR). With proper risk management and defined rules, you can see vast improvement of your performance.
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#TRADING Intraday - A very simple intraday trading method; No sophisticated systems / pivots / fibbonaci / indicators / EW..... etc ; This is being followed by sum of the successful intraday traders in the world and even in our markets too. The following are the steps:
1) Open Daily Chart, say for eg.,Nifty.
2) Identify nearest support and resistance from the latest close. Mark horizontal lines (for eg, blue).
3) Now go to 1 hr chart.
4) Identify nearest support and resistance from the latest close. Mark horizontal lines with different colors (for eg., black). If S & R of 1 hr tf is same as daily tf, identify the next visible S & R in 1hr tf and mark accordingly.
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#TRADING Intraday Stock Selection - An effective method
For trading the next day, do the following prev day evening:
1) Calculate daily range (High - Low)/Low of all FNO underlyings (DR)
2) Calculate 10 period MA of DR. (ADR)
3) Calculate 0.65 X ADR. (T_ADR)
4) Select stocks that satisfy the condition DR < T_DR.
5) Calculate the ratio DR / T_DR and sort 4 in increasing order.
These are the stocks that have better chances of trending the next day.
Usually you will get not more than 8 - 10 stocks.
Concentrate on top 5 and apply your intraday strategy to these stocks.
Note : This is a method ONLY to select stocks for intraday AND NOT A TRADING STRATEGY AS SUCH.
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#TRADING Intraday Trading Setup 3 - Pivot trend relationship setup
Before getting into the setup a brief intro on pivots; Today's HLC will pave way for tom's pivots. Yesterday's HLC was used for today's pivots. In short `n' period HLC will be used for determining `n+1' pivots.
Above chart illustrates tomorrows pivots based on today's HLC. So next day's pivot Vs current days pivot position is known. In other words the pivot trend is known. If next day's pivot range is higher than today's pivot range it is called Higher value relationship;
If next day's pivot range is lower than today's pivot range it is called Lower value relationship;
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#TRADING Intraday Trading Setup 2 : Pivot - VWAP setup
1) Time frame 5 min
2) Plot Camarilla Pivot H3 / S3 and Floor pivot range (Central pivot, upper and lower pivot).
3) Plot VWAP.
4) Plot 8/21/34 Pivot emas.
5) Long conditions - VWAP should cross both Cam H3 and Upper floor pivot.
6) Entry at a bullish candle at the point of previous candle high post first pull back in between 8 and 21 pivot ema or VWAP.
7) Stop at 34 pivot ema or VWAP. Position size varies accordingly.
Advantages of this setup :
You are in the trade after confirming the direction of the average market participants which is assessed by VWAP / Pivot combination.
This setup captures the move predominantly at the early part of the day.
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