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Why I poke job goers every Monday!


This response, as expected, was not a typical normal distribution. It was skewed to one side, eliciting the fact that most of us do not enjoy most of what we end up doing in our jobs...exactly like me!

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I hate utiopian “world could be like this if we only did or didn’t do this” thinking that doesn’t help people with now.
Major changes take centuries, we need to enable people to deal with now & move up the ladder to earn more money now, to buy back their freedom.
Money matters
In western world your health, livelyhood, social currency and all else depends on your access to money. Your access to money and thus freedom from the system is limited based on many factors, some spoken about and some not.
Freedom from the system depends on (spoken):
1. Birth place
2. Parents class (and if they are divorced, what they do & do you have both of them,how much money they had and social currency)
3. What neighborhood you lived in
4. What schools you went to
5. First job
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Started the new year by watching Playing With Fire documentary (@PlayWithFIRECo). Very well made with many nuggets of #FinancialFreedom wisdom which I'm putting down here as thread for handy reading. (1/n)
@PlayWithFIRECo It's more important to be rich than look rich because it allows you to focus on the things important in your life. (2/n)
@PlayWithFIRECo Spend lavishly on things that you care about, but cut back ruthlessly in other areas. Don't get swayed by society's expectations of what you should spend on. (3/n)
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Happy Sunday folks! Bishop Bolu Fam @fambolu shared some very key things about Wisdom for Kingdom Financial Freedom today in church. Let me share some of them with you:

Freedom from financial troubles has something to do with mindset.
If you will have financial freedom, you need wisdom. Kingdom wisdom.

Proverbs 4:7
The starting point of financial freedom is to get financial wisdom.

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He's young. Full of ideas. Doing great at the workplace. Has a lot to do and a burning desire to achieve more. Loves challenges. Lives life to the full. Weeks soaked in work and weekends soaking fun. He is one of today's #millenials. He enjoys freedom. But needs #financialfreedom
How do #millenials see saving, investing & growing wealth? Most conversations give the feeling ppl think #FinancialFreedom can wait. Why hurry? Giving cliches like power of compounding can even annoy them. They just don't want to think now. But,their big dreams need early action.
#Millenials may seem to be living for the day. But, their dreams are big. They think king-size. Their canvas is wide. Have precise expectations of their future. But, don't show it. Or wear it on their sleeve. They are too cool to do that. If made to feel comfortable, they talk.
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“The Richest Man in Babylon” (George S. Clason 1926), is full of financial nuggets in a collection of parables set 8,000 years ago in ancient Babylon.
The seven “cures for a lean purse” may be over 90 years old, but the principles are just as important today as they were then:

1. “Start thy purse to fattening”
Pay yourself first

2. “Control thy expenditures”
Live within your means
3. “Make thy gold multiply”
Let your money work for you

4. “Guard thy treasures from loss”
Protect your wealth
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Don't get mislead by the negative and false propaganda uttered by politicians and the media around Social Security. The program has a cumulative surplus of $2.9T and is fully funded until 2035 and 93% funded for the next 25 years. Yes, there is a funding issue but a passage of
The Social Security 2100 Act will put Social Security back into balance over the next 75 years. The cost? Raising payroll taxes by one-tenth of 1% per year and adding new payroll taxes to wages over $400K plus. As @peter_arno stated, "Social Security is the most successful
anti-poverty policy in the history of the United States. And this is not true just for seniors, but across the entire life cycle and the entire population. It reduces more poverty for children than any other policy, more poverty for working adults and more poverty for seniors.
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If a person cares to get the right advice early in his #investing journey, outcomes will be far superior.

Where outcomes are poor or ordinary, the quality of #advice is the most likely cause.

Investors unduly worry about returns, even when quality of investing is decent. 1/5
Every step of my #investing journey, I received #GoodAdvice & #value everything I was taught. To this day, I seek constantly advice from the wiser. What I get, I freely give. As I learn, I teach. I rarely forget what was taught from day1, though my early Gurus are no more. 2/5
The early years are crucial. Starting with virtually nothing, we need to get #GoodAdvice, wise counsel & emotional support. From a few 1000s to one's first Lakh is the toughest part. From a lakh to a million is not easy either. Scale must be carefully sought. Most fail here. 3/5
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Bagaimana cara menabung saham yang benar? Apakah membeli saham yang produknya kita mudah temui? #yuknabungsaham #idx
1. Dengan gencarnya promosi untuk ikut #yuknabungsaham maka makin banyak millenial sekarang yg mulai berinvestasi. Salah satunya juga karena promosi di medsos dengan endorser spt di IG... #idx
2. Tapi tidak sedikit yang bingung setelah akun jadi, mau beli saham apa, lalu jawaban klasik yang sering kita temui adalah "beli saja yang produknya mudah kita temui" #yuknabungsaham #idx
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#FinancialFreedom 🖐✋
#Money 💸💷💶💵💴
1) Tout le monde aimerait vivre confortablement dans une belle et grande maison, avoir une belle voiture, prendre des vacances quand il le faut, aller au restaurant quand il en a envie...
2) Cependant si vous voulez faire tout ça vous devez apprendre à gérer votre argent et non pas laisser l'argent vous gérer.

Beaucoup pensent à tort que ce qui est important c'est d'avoir un gros salaire, un revenu avec plusieurs zéro, mais cela n'est qu'une illusion...
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Korang nak ada simpanan RM90K+ dalam masa 5 tahun?

Boleh guna untuk:
✔️ majlis kahwin
✔️ beli rumah
✔️ setup bisnes

Ikut thread ni kalau nak tau caranya. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

RT untuk perkongsian bersama.
Caranya senang je, iaitu buat ASB Financing! Dengan menggunakan teknik yang betul, anda boleh generate saving yang banyak dalam waktu yang singkat.
Ini adalah calculation bagaimana anda boleh dapat menyimpan sebanyak RM90K+ dalam masa 5 tahun.
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If you know why you are investing, for whom and for when, you will invest responsibly. 1/5

#investing #mutualfunds #MutualFundsSahiHai #financialeducation #financialplanning
Goals help you hold your guard, make for good markers and act as effective milestones. #mutualfunds #MutualFundsSahiHai #financialeducation #FinancialFreedom #financialplanning 2/5
Successful investors also need to plan. They need to manage their risks and returns actively. Being clear on their do’s and don’t’s helps them avoid investment mistakes, skirt blunders and wisen choices. #mutualfunds #MutualFundsSahiHai #FinancialFreedom #financialplanning 3/5
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The best feeling to start the Week with - "YES, WE ARE DEBT FREE!" #MondayMotivation #FinancialFreedom @anjaldeol #03092018
The goal was set in 2014 with a deadline as 2020 and we achieved it full 2 years ahead of time!

It wasn't easy, but not difficult too.
Want to put down 10 things which helped us achieve #FinancialFreedom in this thread.
1. Planning and saving for each of the short, Medium and Long term goals.
2. Save more and keep it aside for Debt/Loan repayment.
3. Minimalistic life style by considering Experiences over ownership.
4. Strict No to Credit cards and to Never spend more than the means.
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A List of Financial Freedom steps - Learnings which worked! ✅
#Thread #FinancialFreedom 🔘
Should I be Financially Free to be Happy?
⚪ No, skip this thread
🔘 Maybe, Let me go through the thread
🔘 Yes, That's one of the ingredients for Happiness, Let me check if I missed anything.
What should be my first Goal when I start earning (or Today)?

⚪️ Nothing
⚪️ Let me spend my money
🔘 Create the list of short (1-2 year), Medium (2-5 years) and Long-term(More than 5 years) Financial needs and goals
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