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As always patience is tested in these markets & that also applies to #VLRM... everyone wants the #GSX approval done yesterday. But as with everything the best things come to those wait & remain patient. Purchasing the #Gibraltar Stock Exchange is a a major deal by any standards!
But these things take time, that's the reality especially when governments see these assets as very important for their financial sector stability & growth. Both @RPoulden & @FrontierFinance want this wrapped up quickly in order to move onto the next phase of there global plan.
Myself and all LTHs are in this for the major re-rate, it will happen IMHO - sooner than people think!The eventual plan is to create a multi billion global exchange. But as with anything it has to be done right first time and this involves working hand in hand with the GIB Gov.
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Today, some feel the odds of a #Terra #Luna comeback are 1000:1 (or more)

IMO, #Terra was attacked because it worked and started to feel like a real threat to the status quo. People experienced true #DeFi and loved the financial freedom. Why else would SO MUCH be invested?
In one year, the #Terra ecosystem blew past anything we have ever seen in the corrupt and inefficient 💩financial system we are still forced to transact with.

OFC mistakes were made. The entire #crypto space is still new and experimental.
Yes, it absolutely sucks and hurts to lose so much money. I'm still trying to get over that part but the more I think about it, the more I genuinely believe #Terra MUST come back better and stronger and I think it will.
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How one of my articles covers content expenses for a whole website?

- Thread -

#SWAPO #SEO #AffiliateMarketing
I've been telling about one of my articles which has been published around 2 years ago and was driving 200-300 visitors per day.
Recently, I applied to affiliate program which promotes a digital product. I negotiated 50-60% commission on initial sales + % on recurring revenue. In last 4 days, payout amount was $453, That's around $110 per day.
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#Inflation will always be one of the prime reason of making #investments in #Equities. Rest depends up on #investors behavior, asset allocation & the #goals. Focus on 'Real Return' not marketing gimmicks. #SaarthiZarooriHai
& #PlanZarooriHai with #MasterMindFinnAsset (1/n)
#Investment decisions contribute in a big way to inflation-proofing your #mutualfund portfolio. Frequent churning, performance chasing & exiting at the first sign of volatility lead to sub-optimal gains. (2/n) #MutualFundsSahiHai #investing #investors #StockMarketIndia
Avoid making impulsive #investing decisions based on predicted short-term changes in the #economy. Make sure any strategies you use to hedge against #inflation align with your overall #FinancialFreedom plan & assists to meet your #financial #goals. (3/n) #goalsetting #investing
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With so much hype surrounding @FreewayFi providing 43% APY on assets deposited on the platform, it’s also equally attracting A LOT of FUD 🤯

The ⬇️ is a thread on the HOW + WHY their business model is sustainable

After talking further with people on the inside, here are some valuble insights directly from @FreewayFi CEO, @grahamdoggart
Here is some clarification on how user deposit rewards are created + why user's deposits are untouched, not lent out, no charge on them, not used to >
secure anything (and why they can say, better than a bank for holding assets)

No other project they know of have a fully regulated crypto brokerage license.

Ok, so Prime brokerages can allocate leverage (credit to trade at higher volumes) and after a regulatory shakeout, >
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WHATTT!!! Health insurance premiums are likely to go up? 🤯

Yup! Because of higher claims due to COVID-19 resulting in rising healthcare inflation.

But here are some hacks to reduce your premiums ⤵️

#investing #StockMarket
How could you reduce premiums on your health insurance:

• Get treatment in Network Hospitals

• Opt for voluntary deductible

• Pay 2-3 years’ premium to earn 7.5% discount

• Switch to policies with sub limits

#healthinsurance #FinancialFreedom
▣ Get treatment in Network Hospitals 🏥

A hospital that has an agreement with an insurance company for providing cashless treatment is referred to as a Network Hospital.
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Had a excellent update today in the #VLRM TG group (really helps being in it) with some extremely positive discussions taking place with the CEO, Richard Poulden, who is very very excited about what’s happening over in #GIB. They are working tirelessly and around the clock with
with the GIB lawyers on CLOSING ALL the transactions. It’s not an easy task dealing with Regulators and the Govt, as you can imagine but it will a fruitful one. One of the good things about this 25Mil MCAP play is that it has the fabulous support from ALL in the country.
Because it’s an exchange and part of GIB’s financial sector, things must be done right. Richards days are also spent meeting of late with GLOBAL players in the #crypto & #blockchain space. It won’t be long now folks in my view for when we can all see what unfolds for Valereum.
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Understanding Lifestyle Creep - A Thread 🧵

Lifestyle inflation, is overspending after your income increases.
It can occur over years and difficult to spot unless
you are on top of your budget

#personalfinance #FinancialFreedom #financialplanning #lifestyle
Basically increase in spending after receiving a raise instead of saving the additional income.

Or if monthly loan payment got over & extra cash now not saved but spent on non essential items

Once this takes over, new cash gets spent as fast as — or faster than — it comes in.
It's normal for lifestyle spending to increase when we get a better income. We want to treat yourself after working hard to make that money. Where it becomes problematic is when the increase in lifestyle outpaces the increase in income.
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Follow this thread to find out why you NEED one if you are focussed on #passiveincome


#NFTProject #NFTCommunity #Nodes #NodeEvolution


The Ghost Trader NFT is transforming the humble NFT into a super-charged savings account (NFA)

No longer 'just art', the funds of your NFT are traded in traditional markets by The Ghost Trader Team

Each month the Trading profits are distributed to NFT and $GTR holders
The GENESIS NFT earns its share of 52.5% of the distributed profits

Subsequent NFTs will only earn their share of 50% of distributed profits

Grab a GENESIS #GTRNFT now from a community member on TG
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Here's why $LUNA is - still - undervalued and why YOU should be buying it right now, if you're looking for #financialfreedom💸

A🧵that might just change your life.
1/ $LUNA's financial revolution is closely tied to it's stablecoins. To understand the importance of #stablecoins, you must know that they account for a vast majority of trading volume in #crypto and are of course at the center of putting the #currency back into #cryptocurrency.
2/ Now, on the #terraluna ecosystem there are stablecoins for a lot of different currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, KRW, etc.) but the currently most integrated and used one is the USD-stablecoin: UST💲
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Tim Ferris @tferriss interviewed Morgan Housel @morganhousel, the renowned author of Psychology of Money, one of the most insightful books on behavioral finance.

We listened to this 3-hour podcast and here are the insights that resonated with us.

A thread ....🧵
1/ On passing wealth to kids

If you are fortunate enough to save money, make sure to pass only enough to have a safety net without giving them fuel for entitlement. As Buffet said, “Leave enough money so they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing”
2/ On gaming the market

Market cycles are unique. 2020 biological crisis was not the same as 2008 financial crisis. Even the most rational investors gave in to fear and panic. We respond to risk in different ways. Be greedy when others are fearful is easier said than done.
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#SUPERFLUID details for @osmosiszone
- Suppose the spot price in the pool is 1 $ATOM = 2 $OSMO.

- Suppose you have provided 100 OSMO and 50 $ATOM worth of liquidity to Pool #1.

- Suppose you have designated validator "Dogemosis" as your superfluid validator.

-Superfluid discount factor is set to 10%


- Your delegation to "Dogemosis" will increase by 100 OSMO * (1-DISCOUNT_FACTOR) = 90 OSMO.

- You would then get staking rewards for an equivalent amount of 90 OSMO delegated to Dogemosis. However, you also then take
on slashing risk from Dogemosis.

- If Dogemosis gets a 5% slash due to double signing,
then 5% of your LP shares '(5 OSMO, 2.5 ATOM)' get
sent to the community pool. Note that slashing amount
does not take into account the risk factor parameter, and slashes the
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Here's our winners for the Financial Freedom 2022 Contest for January✨

A big congratulations to all of you 🥳🎉

Follow the instructions on the image to claim your rewards✨

#FinancialFreedom #AbIndiaSeekhegaFinance
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How can I buy a house of 50 Lakhs & retire with a corpus of 1 Crore, both by the age of 45?

well, invest just Rs 15K per month! 😱
Don't believe? See, our experts have chalked out a way for you👇👇


#retirementplanning #personalfinance #FinancialFreedom #investing
Owning ur dream house & early retirement are two most important milestones for any individual. However, one often gets compromised for the other! 😕

People hv dreams, but haven't really planned for it! This was evident in a research we did based on millions of inputs ⤵️

⚠️ 83% Indians haven't planned for #retirement !
⚠️ 77% Indians haven't planned for dream house!

(Find more shocking facts in d full report for FREE:…)

Anyway, if u r one of those who haven't planned, worry not. We'll help u👇


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We thought this was a peculiar case of one client, until we did our research on millions of inputs .. & the result just blew our minds! 🤯

72% Indians don't have adequate emergency fund⚠️

This is a 🧵 on even more shocking facts (1/11) 👇

#personalfinance #FinancialFreedom
Are you just as shocked as we are? 🤔

Find out more such facts in the full report for FREE -…

Well, absence of an #emergency fund could actually mess up ur entire #personalfinance ! Understand the reasons in this thread..

(2/11) #FinancialFreedom Image
A job loss or an unforeseen medical expense can backfire if u don’t hv readily available funds. That's where ur emergency fund comes in rescue!

It includes a highly liquid investment to meet any emergency & reduce ur dependence on loans.

But then, how much? 🤔

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Q) How to start investing in Stocks?
Ans) You have to do research first.

Q) What's the process for that?
Ans) There are no defined steps. You can start from wherever you like.

Q) I am new. Can you give me some ideas?
Ans) Yeah, why not. Read this thread🧵

#stocks #investing
We follow 3 simple steps:

1⃣ 𝗜𝗱𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗳𝘆 stocks
2⃣ 𝗔𝗻𝗮𝗹𝘆𝘀𝗲 their fundamentals
3⃣ 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗸 them

There are more than 4000+ listed companies in India.🤯

We identify stocks by:

- Find ideas from Super investors portfolio.
- Filtering them using
- Get readymade ideas on
- Fav brand stocks
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Financial freedom is what we should all seek.

Not retirement. Not a fixed hours job.

To truly be able to experience even 10% of the world.

You have to have time.
But also money.

I will document my journey of my path to financial freedom here.

Start date: 17 December 2021
Let me document what has happened so far...

In the hopes of coming back to this one day.

Therefore this shall be the first of the "Financial Freedom" threads.


A little bit of background about myself.

I have been in crypto since 2016.

However, investing little and staying on the side most of the time.

A couple of weeks ago. I received news that severely affected my finances.

I didn't have any income to support it.

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A Thread🧵
Payoff Priority Technique (PPT) is a unique & exceptionally good method to make all your loans disappear from your life.

I came through this technique while reading this extraordinary book called

“Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom” by Van K Thorpe.
2/n Image
Loans & EMIs have become an integral part of our life. Our salary payments are already pre-defined towards the debt obligations each month. In case our incoming cash flow gets disturbed, the EMIs will pile up each month & it might even lead to default.
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Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today Ill explain a #StableCoin strategy .
This one really shows the power of #DeFi but is a little more complex, * MAKE SURE THERE IS AVAILABLE $MIM TO BORROW FIRST. THREAD TIME;
Step #1: Deposit your #StableCoin of choice $DAI $USDT $USDC onto
Step #2: Deposit your 3CRV ( a receipt that you get for depositing your stables in the 3pool) to the convex wrapper on
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Have you ever wished you could get paid to take out a loan? thread coming soon $AAVE $AVAX
OKAY this is an easy one! Get paid to take out a loan on -
This is a decent strategy if your stuck between two different assets, or simply want to compound gains let me explain;
for this example we will be using AAVE on the Avalanche Network! Simply plug in the Avalanche info found here ->…
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It all starts here!
Get your piece of the backbone of #DeFi will help you to accumulate $CRV and $CVX.
I call this the retirement fund. ( ultra long term)
The strategy I'm about to outline is optimized for yield generation. Financial freedom means you need more money coming in than going out! So here we go;
Step #1: Buy $CVXCRV -
you can go to to swap any token for $CVXCRV
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Before #investing, one should always dig deep into the fundamentals of your #investment.
Below are a few quick indicators which can give you an insight on whether a company's financial statements are misrepresented or accounts are being window dressed.

1) Percentage of miscellaneous expenses as a proportion to total revenue

2) Change in Reserves unexplained by Profit/Loss for the year and Dividends

3) Provision for Doubtful Debt as a proportion of Debtors outstanding for over 6 months

4) Growth in Auditors’ Remuneration vis-a-vis growth in revenues

5) Change in method of calculating depreciation

6) Trend in Ratio of Capital Work in Progress to Gross Block

7) Contingent Liabilities as a Percentage of Total Net Worth

#equity #investorawareness
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