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The expansion of the Chinese Communist Party in the form of global aggression!
One very important capital is needed,

that is #money!

So where does the Chinese Communist Party get its money?

I would like to give an example of how the Chinese Communist Party's subsidies and support for state-owned enterprises have distorted the normal functioning of the global economy and trade, forcing manufacturing industries in Western countries to suffer and face collapse.

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It may take awhile, but the #truth always comes to light!
1/ There is a reason to not alter or touch the original production by #MichaelJackson, because this whole #video is entirely a tribute to his memory and his message of #peace+#healing of the word. There is no intention about making #money out of it or self-attributing any credit:
2/ it is only that Michael´s #song and #message fit so very well with the present state of #pandemic we are facing globally that it shows how timeless and intuitive he was about #global #challenges and the need for us (as #mankind) to change and evolve.
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Je vous explique tout, tout à l’heure.

📌c’est mon plus gros gain sur les marchés financiers d’un seul coup

Pourquoi je publie ça !

1️⃣ pour donner envie à quelqu’un qui a encore peur de se lancer sur les marchés financiers
2️⃣ montrer qu’il est possible avec les marchés financiers de devenir libre financièrement si vous êtes bien éduqués

À tout à l’heure...
Voici la configuration qui m'a donnée autant d'assurance pour shorter le bitcoin avec un effet de levier de 1:1000
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Après avoir échangé environ un mois avec un monsieur qui voulait investir en bourse, nous savons pris rdv dans mon cabinet, il est arrivé avec un sac dans lequel il y avait plus de 250 millions de fcfa et m’a dit que c’est le premier capital qu’il veut investir...
Je lui ai demandé trois choses :
1️⃣ son identité
2️⃣ la provenance de cet argent
3️⃣ pourquoi il ne m’a pas fait un virement

Il m’a répondu qu’il fait les affaires et qu’il est payé en espèces.

Je lui ai donc demandé de déposer cet argent dans son compte bancaire...
Puis de me faire un virement bancaire.

Il était un peu embarrassé et m’a dit qu’il allait me recontacter, il n’est jamais revenu.

La première des choses que j’ai apprise par rapport à l’investissement est de se protéger...
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This is an excellent analysis but I wonder if something basic is being overlooked.

Before the willingness to respond to world needs matters, there must be the capacity to respond to world needs.

Lichtenstein was extremely responsive to the needs of international corporations and presumably would have been eager to have a world reserve currency if it were not running on Swiss francs. But it had no capacity to do so.
"This is silly," you might say. "Lichtenstein is a tiny microstate, not even in the running!"

Ok. Apply this to someone bigger.

Did 1970s China have the capacity to function as administrator of a world reserve currency, in the manner described above?
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Visualización que compara ingresos laborales netos e impuestos entre países de la OECD via @howmuch_net… #dataviz #tax #personalfinance #money #wages #USA #jobs
Otra comparativa también de la @OECDeconomy donde se analizan las contribuciones a la seguridad social. Fuente:…
Y del mismo informe del tweet anterior, la brecha total de impuestos
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A thread on what is #creditscore and why is it important?
#credit #creditcard
I'm sure you must have done at some point too! 😛
Which range do you fall in? When did you check your #creditscore last?
#banks #CIBIL
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Easier ways earning a living with #Crypto
First, get a #Crypto wallet, buy #Crypto assets on either #Binance, #FTX, #Coinbase, and then hope that the #Bitcoin price surge in the future
no matter how long that may take. It could be weeks, months, or even years before you decide to sell.
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Hunt joined @Citi as VP #mortgage unit. It looked like gr8 career move. Housing market booming & NYC- based bank, then 6th-largest lender in USA, was ® 3.5% of all home loans. She supervised 65 mortgage underwriters at her #CitiMortgage HQ

📨 @rogerwaters
💰 31 million 😸 @catturd2
NYC📍 @rogerwaters

I searched "Pros and Cons of whistleblowing" on Tw

Julian #Assange could use #Money🎤 🎹 like that


"Woman who couldn't be intimidated by #Citigroup wins 31 million"…
#ProsAndConsOfHitchhiking thread with @catturd2™ & @rogerwaters. Mainly 100% me talking. This about a @pinkfloyd song. RIP🍃Syd.

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Un jour j’avais une consultation à distance en tant que Life Coach

On parlait des finances et la personne se plaignait de ne pas assez gagner financièrement sa vie.

J’ai demandé ceci à la personne : combien souhaitez-vous gagner?

Elle : suffisamment pour payer mes factures
Moi : suffisamment c’est combien ?

Elle : 3500€

Moi : pourquoi pas 4000€ ou 5000? parce qu’avec votre expérience dans ce milieu c’est possible

Elle : non ! 3500€ me conviennent déjà

Moi : c’est justement parce que tout vous convient que vous ne gagnez pas plus
Elle : comment ça Dr?

Moi : vous devez apprendre à recevoir plus d’argent

Elle : Recevoir plus d’argent comment ?

Moi : vous pensez ne pas mériter 4000 ou 5000€ et vous vous limitez à 3500€

Vous êtes entrain de fermer votre esprit pour ne pas recevoir plus de 3500€
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#India still suffers from the cultural legacy of our #socialist past. We r hobbling towards capitalism, but we need to shed our romance w poverty & scarcity. #Wealth, #money, #prosperity&abundance r good. They don’t happen w/o responsible profit making. Smart risk takers are
Smart risk takers are creators of enormous wealth. In #America we reward & idolize them.Most give away their wealth. This is the secret of American economic might. #India must learn to set our #risktakers free & make them heroes. Their #meteoric rise must be applauded & emulated.
#RiskTakers must never be punished.
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Who is actually robbing God?.. BOWEN UNIVERSITY N650,000 per semester COVENANT UNIVERSITY N640,000 per semester BENSON IDAHOSA N500,000 per semester BABCOCK UNIVERSITY N450,000 per semester REDEEMERS UNIVERSITY N450,000 per semester AJAYI CROWTHER UNIVERSITY N350,000 per semester
MADONNA UNIVERSITY N350,000 per semester. All these UNIVERSITIES were built from TITHES and OFFERINGS of the common people who now can't afford to send their children to these schools today. Where is the morals and responsibilities of the churches as charity in Nigeria?
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Kalpfin Wealth Byte (30 seconds read)

Too much, too soon, too fast!

Everyone knows the investing duo of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. But 40 years ago, there was a third member, Rick Guerin. The three made investments together.
Then Rick kind of disappeared while Warren and Charlie became the most famous investors of all time

A few years ago, hedge fund manager Mohnish Pabrai asked Buffett what happened. Rick, Buffett explained, was highly leveraged & got hit with margin calls in the 1970s bear market.
Some things scale well. Double their size & you get double the output (or more).Other things don’t, & it is important to know which is which.

A good summary of investing history is that stocks pay a fortune in the long run but seek punitive damages when you try to be paid sooner
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
#Chilkur Balaji Temple, popularly known as "Visa Balaji Temple'', is an ancient #temple of Bhagwan #Balaji located at 25 km from #Hyderabad off the #Vikarabad road & on the banks of #Osmansagar is the #picturesque village of #Chilkur with its @LostTemple7
hoary temple dedicated to Sri Balaji #Venkateshwara. It is one of the oldest temples in #Telangana built during time of Madanna & Akkanna, uncles of #Bhakta_Ramadas (fame of #Bhadrachalam). From the style, #architecture appearance, it can be inferred that the @desi_thug1
#temple was built half a millennium ago. Set in sylvan surroundings, temple attracts lakhs of pilgrims every year & is an ideal place for sequestered retreat & #meditation . It enjoyed in the past, great days of pomp & glory. According to #Sattology (truth), a devotee who
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- SALT Story -

“I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that my story is not unusual. If I just say that I was born to a farmer in a Solapur village, you will get the drift. My mother was very young and used to everything that comes with being a mother of five girls." (1/10)
"As the eldest, I grew up determined to be the son. Fortunately, I was good at Math. I saved myself from early marriage by getting into an engineering college on merit. My sisters were very happy." (2/10)

#realstory #Finance #womenpower
"Not because I was going to study, but because they could now share the scooty that I used to ride to school!

I am like a mother to my sisters because I do not want them to go through what I did." (3/10)

#money #education #scooty #MOTHER
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Major bear market decline of 20% plus rarely happen without seismic market events, aka indicators. Similar to earthquakes or volcanoes eruptions, financial tremors can be felt long before the actual events happened. Let review some bear market indicators to better manage risks.
Volatility in commodity rates of changes correlated to bear market in stocks. In period of high inflation, sharp spikes in commodity can trigger commodity shocks. While a period of weakening economic cycle depress commodity prices, making commodity a predictive indicator.
The issuance of JUNKs bonds increase the economy leverage. Most market crashes are preceded by spikes in JUNKs issuance. JUNKs bonds are illiquid, risky, and more likely to default during recession. JUNKs issuance is a useful indicator measuring market euphoria in risk pricing.
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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Compilation of Threads on Personal Finance
Hope this thread helps you. Please 're-tweet' so that it reaches maximum investors and helps them in their Financial journey.
Thank you.
#personalfinance #FinancialFreedom #finance #money #investing #wealthcreation #passiveincome
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If you grew up poor, you may have a tendency to venerate money (to the point of idolizing it) when you start making it in life.
This will cause you to value money above every other thing - your health, wellbeing, relationships, the simple pleasures of life, etc.
/1 Image
You may also have the tendency to be stingy and tight-fisted with your money , even to yourself and your immediate family, because of the fear of losing it all and returning to poverty. You may call it frugality, but it is actually the fear of returning to nothing.
The problem with living like this is that it will make it impossible for you to fulfill the purpose of having money, which is to honour God, to serve humanity and to live a full and satisfied life.
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1) Tacitus gives a fascinating insight into economies, trade and attitudes towards wealth at the northern frontiers of the Roman empire:

"Germanic peoples take pride not in how much coin they have but in how many animals they own - this is the only measure of wealth they value..
2) "The gods have denied the Germans gold and silver - maybe to punish them or perhaps to do them a favour, I cannot say. We can't be totally certain there are no gold or silver-bearing veins in Germany because after all, who has ever looked?"
3) "Either way, the Germans have a total lack of interest in owning or using gold and silver. The people are indifferent to precious gifts and you can see the silver vessels presented to their leaders thrown aside with disregard as if they were pottery.."
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1. As promised, this is a thread about @AaveAave and #flend! AAVE is a lending/borrowing protocol that evolved the #defi ecosystem to the next step! It's gonna be a long thread, let's start!
2. In order to understand the decentralized way, we first need to understand the traditional way.
As always i'll try to make it as easy as it can be!

So we first need to understand how banks make money.
3. Let's say you have 1000$ in your pocket and you want to deposit your #money to a #bank, because they give some #interest to you. Let's say your bank gives %1 interest rate for 1 year lock.
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Thread 🧵#StockMarket #Tips For Beginners 🇮🇳

In this thread find some stock market tips for beginners, especially those who have joined market recently during #COVID19 #lockdown and have only seen one-sided rally.

(If you like then please re-tweet to maximize reach)

1⃣ Save Regularly & Initially Invest Small Amounts 👇

#Investing in #StockMarket is comparatively risky as compared to investing in other avenues. Hence start with small amount and it should ideally be the amount which you can afford to loose.

2⃣ Initially invest via #MutualFunds 👇

It is the best thing to do initially, if you lack knowledge about #StockMarket #investing, start investing via mutual funds and only after learning the basics slowly jump to direct equity investing.

#MutualFundsSahiHai #MF
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&, a thread about #valuingnature 🌱

1/ My heart sinks when I see rhetoric about 'valuing #nature' distilled into questions like 'How much is an #elephant worth?' 🐘💲

#naturalcapital #ecosystemservices #value

@PolEcoNet @GeorgeMonbiot @NatCapMyth…
@SianSullivanUK 2/ A simple question can be asked in response:

If an elephant [a forest, a river, ...] is converted into a dollar sign in a capitalist #marketeconomy, is it the elephant that is valued, or the dollar?
[🐘 or💲?]
@SianSullivanUK 3/ If #nature worth is pegged only to dollars, a risk is that its value diminishes if promised dollars do not appear (#Yasuní NP, Ecuador), or something of higher dollar value is found in the same place - e.g. #oil in #Okavango 🐘💲⛽️

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