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1/ Die #Inflation ist zuletzt global gefallen und in der letzten Woche in Europa sogar stärker als erwartet.
Dies wird nun teilweise als das Ende der Inflation gefeiert.

Ist das so?

Ein Thread 🧵der meine Sichtweise beschreiben soll. Image
2/ Die fallende Geldmenge ist definitiv ein Argument für eine weiter zurück kommende #Inflation in den kommenden Monaten.

@DiegoFassnacht hat das zuletzt mehrmals angesprochen und erklärt. Vielen Dank!

3/ Ein weiteres Argument sind die kontinuierlich fallenden Produzentenpreise, die gerne als Vorläufer für den #CPI dienen.

Diesen Zusammenhang verdeutlicht die Graphik von @AndreasSteno eindrucksvoll. Mange tak! Image
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#MintPrimer | Demand for refined #petroleum products hit a record in FY23, led by transportation fuel.

The Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell (PPAC) said consumption reached 222.30 million tonnes in the last fiscal.

Mint explains this spike:… Image
#MintPrimer | The 222.30 million tonnes of petroleum products consumed in FY23 was 10.2% higher than the year before. The previous record for consumption came in FY20 at 214.13 million tonnes.

Read here:… Image
#MintPrimer | The increase in consumption of #petrol, #diesel & jet fuel during FY23 came on the back of growth in industrial activity & travel.

These activities recovered after slowing down in the previous two fiscals because of the pandemic.

Read here:… Image
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आज आपण अश्या कंपनीबद्दल जाणुन घेणार आहोत जी बर्याच जणांना माहिती नसेल पण नफ्याच्या बाबतीत ती कंपनी जगातील 'दादा' कंपनी आहे. खासकरून ऑईल मधील!!
या कंपनीचे नाव 'सौदी अरामको'(Saudi Aramco) असुन या कंपनीचा 2022 मधील नफा हा तब्बल १६१ बिलियन डॉलर्स एव्हढा आहे😱
#threadकर #वसुसेन
त्यात नेमकं 'अरामको' च्या पथ्यावर रशिया-युक्रेन युद्ध चांगलच पडलय.तेलाच्या भरमसाठ वाढलेल्या किंमती आणि अरामको ची तेल उपसायची क्षमता या सगळ्यामुळे ही कंपनी म्हणजे पैसे छापायचा कारखानाच झालाय. दिवसाला साधारण १.२ करोड बॅरल उपसायची ताकत ही कंपनी ठेवते.🔥
जाळनं धुर्र संगटच!!😅😄
म्हणजे विचार करा की अरामकोचा नफा मागील वर्षीपेक्षा तब्बल ४६% नी वाढला आहे!
आणखी सोप्या भाषेत म्हणल तर या कंपनीचा नफा एका बाजुला आणि अमेझाॅन, गुगल, मायक्रोसॉफ्ट आणि टेस्ला यांचा एकत्रित नफा एका बाजुला😄
आता तुम्हाला समजले असेल की अरामको ला मी सुरूवातीला 'दादा' कंपनी का म्हणलो ते!
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🗓 Daily #Macro & Market Recap 📰 Let's dive into a quick thread recapping some of today's market moving events 🗞, data 📝, & charts 📈📉 for Friday (03/03/23)… 🧵/👇🏼

$SPY $SPX ⬆️✅
$QQQ $NDX ⬆️✅
$DIA $DJIA ⬆️✅
$IWM $RUT ⬆️✅

#stocks #StockMarket #bonds #macro
1/🧵 Daily #StockMarket Sector Performance:

🍽 $XLP ⬆️✅
🏥 $XLV ⬆️✅
🏘 $XLRE ⬆️✅
📡 $XLC ⬆️✅
🛢 $XLE ⬆️✅
🏭 $XLI ⬆️✅
🤖 $XLK ⬆️✅
🏨 $XLY ⬆️✅
🏦 $XLF ⬆️✅
🪵 $XLB ⬆️✅
⚡️ $XLU ⬆️✅
2/🧵 Daily 🇺🇸 🏦 Treasury Market & Currency Performance: 💵💴💶💷

$DXY ⬆️✅
$TLT ⬆️✅
$HYG ⬆️✅
3mo ⬆️✅
2yr ⬇️🔻
10yr ⬆️✅
30yr ⬆️✅

#bonds #interestrates #Currencies #macro
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A thread on how: Nigeria’s oil bid process leaves investors in doubt

Sixteen years after the last bid for big oilfields, Nigeria is offering seven deepwater offshore blocks to investors but...

#oilandgas #oilinvestors #petroleum #oilproduction #crudeoil #businessday Image
old problems involving regulatory concerns have investors worried.

It is the first bid round since the passage of the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) – a law that Nigeria is yet to fully implement its ...

#oilandgas #oilinvestors #petroleum #oilproduction #crudeoil #businessday
provisions or develop enough regulations to form a coherent policy.

The proposed 2023 mini-bid round aimed at spurring new exploration and drilling activities in Nigeria’s deepwater is coming at a time

#oilandgas #oilinvestors #petroleum #oilproduction #crudeoil #businessday
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Africa's Emerging Energy Producers

Significant oil and gas discoveries in Africa could soon see big money coming the continent’s way.

#oilandgas #gas #Africa #energy
Africa already boasts major producers like Nigeria, Algeria and Libya. But new players are poised to join the party.

#oilandgas #Oil #Africa #Europe #Nigeria #Algeria #Libya
Senegal’s potential is huge. It recently found reserves of more than 1bn barrels of oil and 40tn cubic feet of gas.

#Oil #Senegal #oilandgas #Africa
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⚡China's Jan-Nov surplus (in USD terms) $802.04 billion
#Imports +2.0% y/y
#Exports +9.1% y/y
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China's Jan-Nov surplus (in yuan terms) 5.34 trillion yuan
#Imports +4.6% y/y
#Exports +11.9% y/y
2/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
China November trade balance(in yuan term) 494.33 bln yuan; Est. 486.0bln, Prev. 586.8bln;
#Imports -1.1 y/y ; Est. +7.1%, Prev.+6.8%;
#Exports +0.9% y/y ; Est. +8.2%, Prev.+7.0%.
3/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
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Thread: Why has Oil & Gas been so volatile? Since 2018, the majority of all CDN E&P buying has come from high-turnover funds. Thus any WTI weakness had them rushing to the exits. Encouragingly, low-turnover funds have become the main buyer in 3Q

More energy inst. buying trends:
2/ As CDN Oil & Gas names hinted at bigger dividends & more growth post Q2 earnings, we saw these 'style' of funds be the dominant buyer in Q3. This theme likely continues as balance sheets allow for more ‘shareholder friendly’ items and growth into 2023 #WTI
3/ Importantly, some of the largest global funds are now picking up CDN Oil & Gas names. Given their AUM size, it can take multiple quarters to establish a position, suggesting there is more large block buying to come in future quarters #energy #CrudeOil #OOTT
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Watch the moments when the Nigerian Navy captured the Oil Theft ship, Heroic Idun (3 times the size of a football field) from Equitorial Guinea. The crew will be paraded tomorrow. Ovieteme George did a solid cinematic job reporting this.

Credit: Arise TV
#oiltheft #CrudeOil Izzy
I hope they don't plan to burn down the ship, destroy all evidences, set them free & close the case.

Special thanks to the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi for shining the spotlight on this scourge when others kept mute.

Credit: Arise TV
#oiltheft #CrudeOil Izzy
In this thread I posted yesterday, you'd see the Captain and Crew of Heroic Idun, begging the Indian government to come to their rescue. This is really a high level criminal enterprise, involving big men. Would there be justice, would names be named? Will the case be bungled?
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China October trade balance(in USD term) $85.15bln; Est. $95.97bln, Prev. $84.75 bln;
#Imports -0.7% y/y ; Est. +0.0%, Prev.+0.3%;
#Exports -0.3% y/y ; Est. +4.5%, Prev.+5.7%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China October Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +586.81 bln yuan; Prev.+573.57 bln yuan;
Imports +6.8% y/y, Est.+10.0%, Prev.+5.2%.
Exports +7.0% y/y, Est.+12.7%, Prev.+10.7%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/ #China's Jan-October #trade with
ASEAN +15.8% y/y to 5.26 trillion yuan
🇪🇺EU +8.1% y/y to 4.68 trillion yuan
🇺🇸US +6.8% y/y to 4.21 trillion yuan
🇰🇷Korea +6.5% y/y to 2.02 trillion yuan
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China September trade balance(in USD term) $84.75bln; Est. $80.3 bln, Prev. $79.39 bln;
#Imports +0.3% y/y ; Est. +0.0%, Prev.+0.3%;
#Exports +5.7% y/y ; Est. +4.0%, Prev.+7.1%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China September Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +573.57 bln yuan; Est.+564.30 bln yuan, Prev.+535.91 bln yuan;
Imports +5.2% y/y, Est.+8.4%, Prev.+4.6%.
Exports +10.7% y/y, Est.+11.3%, Prev.+11.8%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/Thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
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China Q3 GDP data:
Q3 GDP YoY +3.9%[Est.+3.3%;Prev.+0.4%]
Q3 GDP QoQ +3.9%[Prev.-2.6%]
#China #GDP #EconTwitter 🇨🇳
More data will be updated in this thread.
#China #EconTwitter 🇨🇳
China' Sept urban surveyed unemployment rate 5.5%[Est. 5.2%; Prev. 5.3%]
Jan-Sept urban fixed assets investment +5.9% y/y [Est.+6.00%;Prev.+5.8%]
Industrial value-added +6.3% y/y [Est.+4.5%;Prev.+4.2%]
Retail sales +2.5% y/y [Est.3.3%;Prev.5.4%]
#China #GDP #EconTwitter 🇨🇳
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#China's August urban surveyed unemployment rate 5.3%[Est. 5.4%;Prev. 5.4%]
Jan-Aug urban fixed investment +5.8% y/y [Est.+5.5%;Prev.+5.7%]
Aug industrial value-added +4.2% y/y [Est.+3.8%;Prev.+3.8%]
Aug retail sales +5.4% y/y [Est.+3.5%;Prev.+2.7%]
1/n #GDP #EconTwitter 🇨🇳
China produced 5.74 million tons of non-ferrous metal in August, which rose by 6.7%, the most since January 2021.
Jan-Aug non-ferrous metal productions +1.9% to 44 million tons.
2/ #China #copper #aluminum
In Aug, #China's total retail sales were recorded at 3.6258 trillion yuan, up 5.4% y/y but dropped 0.05% m/m.
Among them, retail sales of goods were 3.25 trillion yuan, which rose by 5.1% y/y; The total revenue for the catering industry was 374.8 billion yuan, surged 8.4% y/y.
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China August trade balance(in USD term) $79.39 bln; Est. $92.40 bln, Prev. $101.26 bln;
#Imports +0.3% y/y ; Est. +1.20%, Prev.+2.3%;
#Exports +7.1% y/y ; Est. +13.0%, Prev.+18.0%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China August Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +535.91 bln yuan, Prev.+682.69 bln yuan.
Imports +4.6% y/y, Est. +6.3%, Prev.+7.4%.
Exports +11.8% y/y, Est. +18.5%, Prev.+23.9%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/Thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
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Thread (1/5) Why have Oil & Gas stocks been so volatile? Since 2019, nearly all buying of CDN midcap E&Ps has come from high-turnover funds. Thus the first sign of WTI weakness had them rush to the exits. Encouragingly, low-turnover funds were the main buyer in 2Q buying $1.4 bln Image
Thread (2/5): Since 2019, most buying of CDN midcap Oil & Gas names have been from energy focused funds. Q2 was the moment where the 'Generalist' investor has finally come back (and in size), buying $1.1 bln! The sector is 'investable' again #energy #yyc Image
Thread (3/5): Importantly, some of the largest global funds are picking up CDN midcap Oil & Gas (finally). Given their AUM size, it can take multiple quarters to establish a position, suggesting there is more large block buying to come in future quarters #yeg #energy #CrudeOil Image
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Financial Score Card of PTI Government:

(page 1)

PTI had 4 Finance Ministers in 4 years. These FMs failed in all the basic fundamentals of economy. This is not a political post but a statistical analysis of what went wrong & how Pakistan reach the verge of financial default.
1. GDP Growth
PTI crashed the stable Growth of 5% to 2%. This happened pre-covid when intl commodity prices were still low. This happened because @Asad_Umar was not prepared to juggle between loan payments & trade deficit. @ImranKhanPTI pushed him ultimately for @imf_pakistan
2. Import Optimization
Govt had no control of imports. Traders took max benefit of their utter unprofessionalism. Agriculture Pak imported weight upto 1 Billion $ in an year. Example incl Banned CBU units of PM friend @JAfridi10 went for imports for hundreds of millions (MG HS).
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Thread (1/5): EIA Short-Term Oil Outlook Highlights

A top concern we hear from investors is the "Backwardation in the oil strip". This price reflects a recovery in crude inventories but as the EIA revisions show today, they’re back to revising inventory levels lower again #oott
Thread (2/5): EIA Short-Term Oil Outlook Highlights

Despite recession fears & high gasoline prices, global oil expected consumption was left essentially unchanged (OECD countries revised 0.2% lower; offset by non-OECD countries higher) #crude
Thread (3/5): EIA Short-Term Oil Outlook Highlights

Although no changes were made m/m, oil supply has still been revised down from Jan forecasts. This is despite WTI prices moving higher since then. Overall, shows the discipline with producers and not rushing back to drill #oott
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Thread: 3 charts showing the tightness in the crude oil physical market:

North Dakota Bakken Premiums nearly back to all-time highs. This is just not the front month but the 12 month curve, now trading at just under $3/bbl. We see this in other U.S. oil basins as well #OOTT
Thread: 3 charts showing the tightness in the crude oil physical market

Ural (Russia) oil pricing differentials made new lows in July however has increasingly reversed over the last month as China/India continue to seek out more oil barrels #crudeoil #oilsupply #OPEC
Thread: 3 charts showing the tightness in the crude oil physical market

For OPEC, it's not what you say but what you do. Last week, the Saudi Official Selling Price moved to a new high at $9.80/bbl. Shows their confidence to compete in a global market that's likely short of oil
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The Power of The Dollar 🧵

[a thread for normies -like me]
Long periods of #dollar-strength often ended with massive financial dislocations like the Latin American #debt crisis of the 80s and the Asian crisis of the 90s.

Oppositely, long periods of a weakening dollar came with strong markets like between 2003-2007.

Although the #USdollar is not itself an asset, cash is.

The dollar is the most common currency in which assets are quoted and exchanged in #financialmarkets and the economy.

It's the world's reserve currency (for now at least...) 2/ 20
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China Q2 GDP data:
Q2 GDP YoY +0.4%[Est.+1.0%;Prev.+4.8%]
Q2 GDP QoQ -2.6%[Est.-1.5%;Prev.+1.3%]
#China #GDP #EconTwitter 🇨🇳
More data will be updated in this thread.
China' June urban surveyed unemployment rate 5.5%[Est. 5.7%; Prev. 5.9%]
Jan-June urban fixed investment +6.1% y/y [Est.+6.0%;Prev.+6.2%]
June industrial value-added +3.9% y/y [Est.+4.1%;Prev.+0.7%]
June retail sales +3.1% y/y [Est.0%;Prev.-6.7%]
#China #GDP #EconTwitter 🇨🇳
In June, #China's total retail sales were recorded at 3.87 trillion yuan, up 3.1% y/y or up 0.53% m/m.
Among them, retail sales of goods were 3.50 trillion yuan, which rose by 3.9% y/y; The total revenue for the catering industry was 376.6 billion yuan, down 4.0%.
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1/10 Focus on demand destruction in oil getting more coverage.
Demand destruction meets supply issues.

#Oil , #xle , #CrudeOil , #energy
2/10 I have written a number of threads since March this year about my assumption that global oil demand peaked in 2019. The reasons can be found in the threads listed below.
3/10 The rebound from COVID crisis level oil demand in 2020 & firm crude prices have been mistaken by many as a return to perpetual demand growth. Instead the rebound to 'normal' economic activity met inelastic supply taking longer to rebound further elevated by the 🇺🇦 invasion.
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Non-subsidized LPG Cylinder Price🫕

Year Price
2013 Rs 1031
2014 Rs 1080
2015 Rs 610
2016 Rs 514
2017 Rs 738
2018 Rs 689
2019 Rs 702
2020 Rs 806
2021 Rs 819
2022 Rs 1053

But, how is the price calculated?

Let's find out⤵️
LPG pricing in India is done on the basis of a formula: Import Parity Price (IPP)

The IPP is determined based on gas prices in the international market, as a major portion of India's consumption is satisfied through imports.

But, how is IPP calculated? 🤔

IPP is calculated as per Saudi Aramco’s LPG price, which is the world’s largest producer.

The price includes costs like:
- Free on board (FOB) price,
- Ocean freight,
- Custom duties,
- Port charges and Insurance cost

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