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(1/n) #Thread
7 main chakras in Human body :-
When you observe the anatomy of human body, you will get to know that a human body has 72000 channels/nadis in the energy system. The prana or the energy moves through these channels. (2/n)
The chakras are powerful centers in the physiology where the nadis meet in a particular way to create an energy vortex. The nadis meet the chakras in form of a triangle.

Then why its name is chakra?
It represents the moving part,
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Acc to Yogic science we are composed of 5 sheaths/layers :-
1. Annamayakosha
2. Manomayakosha
3. Pranamayakosha
4. Vignanamayakosha
5. Anandamayakosha 1. Annamayakosha :-
It is literally the food body. The body is the product of all nourishment you have ingested over the years.

2. Manomayakosha :-
It is the mental or psychological body.

3. Pranamayakosha :-
It is the energy body

4. Vignanamayakosha:-
It is the etheric body
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"Let my body mingle with the dust of this Land,
And let my countrymen walk along my back;
Let all the holes in the road of freedom be filled with my blood & bone,
And let my life be sacrificed when my people awake into freedom."
-Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das Image popularly known as 'Utkalmani' or 'Gem of Odisha' was born on 9th October, 1977, in a noble Brahmin family in a village called Suando situated on the banks of river Bhargabhi in the district of Puri, Odisha. His father’s name was Shree Daitari Dash
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Different types of Linga :-
1) Ashtaloha Lingam : Ashtaloha Lingam is made of eight metals and cures leprosy.
2) Vaidurya Lingam : Vaidurya Lingam is made of a precious stone called Vaiduryam – Lapis and protects one from the enemy’s arrogant attack 3) Spatika Lingam : Spatika Lingam is made of Crystal and bestows fulfillment of all desires.
4) Padara Lingam : Padara Lingam is made of mercury and bestows inestimable fortune.
5) Trapu Lingam : Trapu Lingam is made of Tagara metal and makes one’s life free from enemies.
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A short story
When Suheldev defeated the whole army of Turks and everyone was killed...The Indians went to revive and reconstruct Somnathji temple of Mahadev
A question was asked by Suheldev then to the crowd gathered for the ceremony (1) Image (2)
If Lord Shiva is present everywhere, every pore of this universe has Lord Shiva in it then

What was the point of rebuilding this temple?

Everyone was silent, then Suheldev spoke
"The rebuilding of Somnathji is a statement! A statement to the world! Image
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.Thread on Krishna🙏
@Itishree001 @IndiaArtHistory
Krishna on Kaliyug :-
Yudhistra was ruling Hastinapur righteously after the Kurukshetra war.
One day, Krishna visited Hastinapur. Yudhistra was in the court and the four other Pandavas were having conversation with Krishna. “Krishna, now dharma is dominant. How will Kaliyug be?
Will Dharma be sustained there from start? How will the life of people be affected in Kaliyug without Dharma?”-asked Arjuna.
“Oh, it’s not that easy to explain.
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Do you know the names of all 100 sons of Dhritaraastra and Gandhari?
Here is the list:
12.dushapradarshan Image 13.durmukhsan
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ramacharita maanas ke baare mein kuchh facts :
1: shree raamachandra = lanka mein 111 din the.
2: devee seeta lanka mein thee = 435 din.
3: manas mein shloka kee sankhya 27 hai.
4: manas mein chopai kee sankhya = 4608.
@IntrepidSaffron @IndiaArtHistory Image (2/n)
5: manas mein doha = 1074.
6: manas mein saath ke dashak kee sankhya 207 hai.
7: manas mein chhandon kee sankhya 86 hai.
8: sugreev ke paas 10,000 haathiyon ka bal tha.
9: seeta raanee baneen = 33 varsh me.
10: maanas kee rachana ke samay tulaseedaas 77 varsh ke the.
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मानवता की मौत 😭
एक शिक्षण संस्थान के इन कर्मचारियों को देखें। वे भ्रष्टाचार के कारण पीड़ित हैं और कोई भी उनकी मदद नहीं कर रहा है। उन्हें उनका वेतन नहीं मिल रहा है और यह #coronavirusinindia स्थिति को बदतर बना रहा है। कृपया मानवता के लिए उनकी मदद करें।
@DrRPNishank @ABVPVoice कई शिकायतों के बाद भी उन्हें न्याय नहीं मिल रहा है। भ्रष्टाचार में लिप्त व्यक्ति और इन कर्मचारियों के वेतन का भुगतान नहीं करने वाला कांग्रेस का पूर्व विधायक है।
शिक्षण संस्थान का नाम है- Rourkela Institute of Technology,Rourkela, Odisha.@narendramodi @Swamy39 @HMOIndia
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Some to be known facts about Ravan:-
1.He kidnapped Mata Sita and kept her in Ashoka Vatika so that her "बंध्या दोष" or Sterile defect can be cured. So he kept her under a huge Ashoka tree
@RajivMessage @NileshOak Image (2/3)
2. Ravan birth was his second form, actually he was cursed that he will take three births and in all his births he will be killed by Lord Vishnu's different avatars. So first
i) First he got birth as Hiranyakashyap and was killed by Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu. Image
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Have you noticed that, every year Lord Jagannath falls ill just before the Rath Yatra. Lord gets fever and cold. In this condition of illness they quarantine, which is called "Anasar".(1/3)@AskAnshul Image (2/3)God is kept in isolation for "14 days". You have read well 14 days only. During this period of isolation, darshan of God is closed and water of herbs is given to God in food i.e. liquid diet and this tradition has been going on for thousands of years.@aarohi_vns Image
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(1/n)So in India protest game is going on. Some supporting them, specifically some of #Bollywood ,#Seculars ,self called #intellectuals and some are writing essays on this in social media just to get some likes, shares and comments.
Ok, its good but 1 question:- Image (2/n)Have anyone read #CABBILL2019?
Or just believing in some whatsapp, fb,twitter shares?
CAB which was passed provides a path for Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian religious minorities from neighbouring "MUSLIM" countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Image
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.What is Shaligram/Salagrama?

Salagrama or Shaligram refers to a fossilized shell used in South Asia as an iconic symbol and reminder of the God Vishnu.
Shaligrams are usually collected from river-beds or banks.(1/n)
#Trending (2/n)They are considered easy to carry and popular in certain traditions of Vaishnavism, as an aniconic representation of the divine. They are typically in the form of spherical,black-coloured Ammonoid fossils which existed from 400 to 66 million yrs ago.
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.From years we were taught false n fake propaganda of #Britishers n #Christian #Missionary influenced historians about Aryan invasion to India n tried to divide south Indians frm North n so that their forceful conversions can take a huge shape.(1/n)
@Aabhas24 @noconversion (2/n) Now Vasant Shinde analysis of the DNA of a women skeleton, who lived at 2800BCE will show these fake historians n their fake propaganda a true face. Thanks to @NewsX for making this a primetime debate 👍
What's of other news channels?
Don't they want to know whre thy cm frm
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Then she should have stopped her husband from going and stealing others house. She should have told him to work hard n earn for living rather than stealing others hard earned money
@Payal_Rohatgi @AskAnshul @ExSecular @AhmAsmiYodha @SwamiGeetika @IntrepidSaffron @VaidikSanatan @iAnkurSingh @theskindoctor13 @ThePlacardGuy @desimojito @venus_martian99 What say guies???
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Salabega was a devotional poet who devoted his life for Lord Jagannath. Born in betw AD 1607-08, Salabega was son of the "Mughal" subedar, Lalbeg, His father on one of his military excursions came across a young widowed Aadivashi taking bath(1/n)
@AhmAsmiYodha Image (2/n)Fascinated by her youthful beauty, Lalbeg "forcibly" took her away and made her his wife. Salabega was their only son.
As soon as he was old enough, Salabega took up fighting in his father's campaigns. Once he was severely wounded in battle.
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😱 #BreakingNews
See what all coming out due to eviction around Lord Jagannath temple. A age old underground tunnel which is believed to be a hidden path "gupta tunnel" built centuries back to hide temple wealths and Lord Jagannath from foreign invaders.
Many more mystery to get unveiled due to eviction. But sad the ancient matt of more tha 600 years are demolished😔
Many ancient texts are found in poor state in the age old library inside the matt.
@RajivMessage @NileshOak @Aabhas24 @getmesomelatte @arpita_pedia @AhmAsmiYodha
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A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada born in 1st Sept 1896 was an Indian spiritual teacher and the founder-preceptor of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (@IskconInc), commonly known as the "Hare Krishna Movement".(1/n)
@AhmAsmiYodha Image (2/n)Born Abhay Charan De in Calcutta, he was educated at the Scottish Church College in Calcutta. Before adopting the life of a novice renunciate in 1950, he was married with children and owned a small pharmaceutical business.
@Aabhas24 Image
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Kalki, also called Kalkin or Karki, is the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu to end the Kali Yuga, one of the four periods in the endless cycle of existence (krita).(1/n)
@Aabhas24 Image (2/n) According to Achyutananda Maalika:-
When Puri, Odisha will see its 23rd Dibyasingha Dev (King)( acc to 12 skanda 2 Adhaya) during his term Lord Jagannath will leave Puri temple and head for "Chatiya Batta" for 13 days and during that time in "Sambhal" village
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Acc to Achyutananda Das the span of kaliyug was 432000yrs but due to the sins of human it reduced to 5000yrs.
Kaliyug begins from the end of Dwapara Yug around 3104 BCE and by the death of Lord Krishna 1200 years had already passed.(1/n)
@NileshOak Image (2/n)King Pariskhta held the throne after Kurubansha's decline. After that 19 Somabanshi Kings ruled. During their reign Kaliyug completes 2300 yrs. Deducting 2300 from 5000 (5000-2300=2700). 2700 yrs left after.
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