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Research: #migration, #asylum, statelessness, citizenship, #Brexit, Roma, #superdiversity | Professor @unibirmingham | #EUropean citizen
26 Apr 19
If you really can't live without it, #Brexit-themed panel this morning at 9am at #britsoc19 incl. @Michaelacbenson @UKEurochildren (@UKandEU) Room WO11
@Michaelacbenson @UKEurochildren @UKandEU it is a busy panel, 5 papers and 7 speakers, definitely value for time. Speakers incl. @ChantelleJLewis @joel_busher @MarieGodin001 @DrLaurenceLP & Hannah May Fletcher
Hot and cold spot maps on the distribution of EU27 citizens in the UK presented by @DrLaurenceLP @UKEurochildren
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18 Dec 18
The rhetoric of big numbers ('there are 200 milion migrants we need a global response') is producing unplanned side effects. Rightwing parties are using it to mobilize voters against the 'invasion' by foreigners
#CharlesMichel resignation…
There is huge confusion on what the #GlobalCompactForMigration is for and what it can do. It is NOT about the 220 million migrants in the world. This figure includes everyone who has left their country of origin for more than 12 months, is also someone who left Italy 18 years ago
What the #GlobalCompactMigration is really about is an infinitesimally smaller number of people who are moving now and what countries could do (it is not binding) to manage this mobility better.
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19 Aug 18
Sea arrivals in #Spain are increasing.
But the closure of a #migration route doesn't mean that automatically migrants just move to a different one. There is little evidence of a 'route replacement' trend.
This is an important reminder that 'immigration policies' can affect migration flows but are hardly the only factor at play. The drivers of #migration are multiple and can't be reduce to the political will 'at destination'.
There is an overall and significant decrease in sea arrivals, which should be a warning for everyone still using the word 'migration crisis', but this is not the case, see… #Salvini #Italy
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