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1. Thread: Astonishing circular issued by Cox’s Bazar District Judge, Mohammed Ismail, re #Rohingya refugees. Circular criminalises entire #refugee population & effectively urges against bail. Changes are specific for Rohingyas alone.…
2. District Judge Mohammed Ismail accuses #Rohingya in the camps of “indulging in various heinous crimes including drug trade, murder, disappearance, rape, human trafficking, robbery, kidnapping.”
3. Circular states that common people around the camps live a “life of fear” and that “law and order forces are struggling to maintain law and order or suppress crime in the #Rohingya camps.”
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RUS #propaganda machine continues to spread false claims that smear Poland & other allies of #Ukraine, pit Poles and Ukrainians against each other, question the statehood of #UA and mock its army, denigrate the West. Below are examples of the recently reported Russian narratives:
- Poland is a US’s tool to spark unrest in #Europe

- #PL instigates the West to wage a war against Russia & #Belarus

- PL’s territorial claims in #UA span from #Lviv to #Kharkiv

- Poles have had it with the #refugees from #UA

- Ukrainians are coming to #PL only for allowances
- Ukraine is fabricating its cultural legacy

- there’s no such thing as Ukrainian statehood

- ordinary Ukrainians are waiting to be liberated by Russia

- the #UA troops are burning down cropland to cause famine

- weapons supplied to UA are being sold on the black market
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1/ @michaelpollan's highly-expected @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind just premiered! 📺🍄 Despite near-universal praise, #HTCYM is rife with errors & borders on historical revisionism 🤥

A critique 🤔🧵 #LSD #MDMA #Peyote #Mescaline #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Psychedelic @MAPS
2/ Before I get started, I'll give everyone a little bit of background information. @michaelpollan released a non-fiction work entitled "How to Change Your Mind" in May of 2018. Before the end of that year, his book about #psychedelic drugs became a @nytimes bestseller. Image
3/ @michaelpollan achieved massive coverage for this self-described "mental travelogue" of his #psychedelic experiences. Soon enough, Mr. Pollan became a prominent figure w/in the so-called "Psychedelic Renaissance". In the process, he gained a rather interesting reputation. Image
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About #MoFarah and the pearls that are being clutched in the UK white population…

There have been interesting reactions - a lot of liberals truly “wow’d” by Mo’s experiences… and #Dailymail readers 👨‍🏫 giving it a mix of responses

To BLACK AFRICANS, Mo’s story is quite common
2/ Any white person who feels that it’s a “clutch my pearls, OMG moment” - it shows that you simply have no comprehension about the journey #Refugees have to endure to reach safety!
When you’re a escaping WARS, political persecution - you tend to flee without legal documents 🧵
3/For those who are genuinely “shocked” to hear #MoFarah story - and feel that you genuinely care about Mo and his lived experiences — perhaps then now- more than ever it is time you engaged with charities such as #RedCross to understand how common Mo’s story is!
Educate yaself🤷🏾‍♂️
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New survey by @EwlGroup & partners about #Ukrainian #refugees in #Czechia, #Poland and #Romania highlights some interesting similarities and differences in demographic profile, intentions and integration. 🧵 1/…
Survey #demographics confirm what we know: refugees are overwhelmingly (>90%) #female, and half or more are at least 36 years old. Most (60%) have arrived with #children under the age of 18; yet also have members of immediate #family back home. 2/
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis #gender Image
The three largest #concerns among Ukrainian refugees included "difficulty finding #employment" (25-50%), "concern for relatives staying in Ukraine" (31-40%) and "poor knowledge of the #language" (30-38%). 3/10
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis Image
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Thread: Appearances with right-wing populists and on TV: ex-#Frontex head Fabrice #Leggeri is causing trouble in the EU border protection agency. He even sneaked back into his old office for a video conference. Frontex threatens ex-director Leggeri with legal consequences. 1/x Image
2/x Actually, #Frontex thought it was rid of Fabrice Leggeri. At the end of April, the Frenchman was pressured to resign from his post as head of Frontex because he had covered up the #Greek refugee #pushbacks in the #Aegean.
3/x His contract was terminated and he was to vacate the office at the agency's headquarters in #Warsaw. But Fabrice Leggeri apparently can't quite let go. While the leadership of the #EU border management agency met last week in #Paris for a supervisory board meeting,
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I assigned films in my Migration in the Middle East class this semester. Here are some favorites in no particular order.👇👇👇
#migration #MiddleEast #refugees #migrants #twitterstorians Street scene; man in a white suit and hat, a child, a clarin
Turtles Can Fly (Bahman Ghobadi, 2004) Turtles can Fly film poster; girl carrying a toddler on her
My Grandfather’s People (Çağan Irmak, 2011)
#mübadele film poster
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Mr Justice Swift's judgement in which he gives his personal/official approval to sending vulnerable people fleeing for their lives to a nation as far as can be from their families, friends, connections, cultures, possibilities of medical, psychological, social support
all of which they desperately need, means, that the British government has, provided it is in total control of it, legitimised people-trafficking,
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You can make a difference. Here's five practical ways you can help #refugees and people seeking asylum - which will you pick?

Sign up to #MilesForRefugees and walk, run or cycle to raise money for anyone forced to flee their home:… | #EveryRefugeeMatters
Sign up to #MilesForRefugees this June!

Run, walk, cycle whilst raising money for our vital #refugee services.

Listen, learn, and amplify.

You can do this by hearing people's first-hand stories in the We are VOICES #podcast! @VOICESNetworkUK

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The DiCE Townhall is about to start! We've teamed up with @tepsaeu and @FIIA_fi to discuss the implications of the #WarinUkraine for #Migration in the EU🇪🇺

Learn more about the event👉…

Follow along with our Twitter highlights 👇

.@HeinikoskiSaila from @FIIA_fi is setting the scene at the start of this #townhall on #DifferentiatedIntegration in the wake of Russia's invasion of #Ukraine: the war has already resulted in a flow of refugees into the EU27 and DI could be a valuable tool in Europe's response
The Director-General of the Migration Department in the 🇫🇮 Ministry of the Interior @HulkMi is setting out the Commission's position on #migration and #asylum system in the wake of #Ukraine: "mandatory migration quotas are not politically possible, #solidarity is the answer"

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#Ukrainian #refugees Thread

Man killed in Warsaw, Poland, because he stood up for the girl they were molesting.
ALSO, why those young men are not SERVING in the Ukrainian front?

#Ukrainian #refugees Thread

EAST-Ukrainian man stabbed by a WEST-Ukrainian man after bizarre translation test at Brooklyn bar.

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Kremlin #propaganda continues its all-encompassing #disinformation campaign against Poland embedded in the context of the Russian #WARINUKRAINE. Recently, the #RU regime has exploited the issues it believes to have the biggest potential to pit the Poles against Ukrainians.
Examples of the anti-Polish narratives pushed by Russia:

- #refugees from Ukraine are freeloaders
- the Poles use Ukrainians as cheap workforce
- the Poles steal the money allocated for the refugees
- Poland wants to seize the western part of Ukraine
- #Warsaw uses #Kyiv as a tool of its own political agenda
- the Poles have forgotten about the horrors of the Volhynia Massacre
- Ukrainian intelligence services recruit their agents among the Poles
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1 Situation of the help from #France to #Ukraine️ :
- 100 million euros in humanitarian aid
- 615 tons of equipment including medicines and medical equipment, generators for hospitals, aid for accommodation food aid , seeds
- 50 emergency vehicles
2 : Situation of the help from #France to #Ukraine️ :
- €100 million Supply of lethal and nonlethal defensive equipment
?? "France will continue to provide
Ukraine with additional military
capabilities, in response
to the needs expressed by the
Ukrainian authorities"
3 : Situation of the help from #France to #Ukraine️ :
#Financial aid
- EUR 300 million in loans guaranteed by the French
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‘Immigration Has Failed’, Says Magdalena Andersson

Sweden’s #immigration system has created ‘parallel societies’ and gang violence, says Sweden’s PM after the recent Islamists riots shocked the nation.
Since 2015, the nation of 8.5 million, took as many as 800’000 #refugees from East Africa, MENA and South Asia.

Since then, Sweden, the once hegemonically peaceful nation, have been engulfed in violence, terrorism, and a spree gang rapes and murders.
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The #West continue to fill the pockets of @Zelensky, who has $850m stashed offshore and no incentive to negotiate for peace as arms & money pour into #Ukraine. Let #Donbas go with #Crimea and stop pushing for #WWIII. The West must obviously want #war with #Russia.
#AnnaMoskwa has zero comprehension of #geopolitics. She wants the #EU to penalize countries that use roubles to pay for #Russian gas. To think that refusing to buy Russian #energy will bring #Putin to his knees pleading for mercy is just absurd.…
#Zelensky has over $800m in offshore accounts while demanding $7bn/month in aid. The #IMF cut off #Ukraine because it is so #corrupt. You cannot do business in Ukraine! NOTHING @ZelenskyyUa says can be verified independently and he will say whatever to keep the money pouring in.
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Proud to be 1 of 72 @LibDemLords voting to give asylum seekers the right to work in the UK if their claim has not been resolved within 6 months. We won in @UKHouseofLords by just 1 vote!… #Refugees #RefugeesWelcome #RefugeesNeedHelp
But we lost by 5 votes an amendment from the Bishop of Manchester prevent “offshoring” unless safeguards protecting human rights, protection against persecution, and threats to physical safety are in place. Judge for yourself how he Peers voted:… #Refugee
Tory Peers put under great pressure to be nasty… #RefugeesNeedHelp
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We are LIVE tweeting this panel discussion @AslanTV, @RauZbigniew, @MFA_Lu, @GLandsbergis, @londonvinjamuri and @RachelRizzo

Stay tuned for updates!

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
Watch it LIVE here:

.@RauZbigniew: #Poland is opening its borders and hearts to the #Ukrainian refugees. The social composition of the #refugees includes women and children dominantly, but this is a challenge for us as it is hard to accommodate such a large population.

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#NationalityAndBordersBill #PCSCBILL
THREAD: The motive; could the cruelty have been imported here from a faraway land?

East meets West
As the Bill came back to the Commons yesterday, let’s consider the some of the key driving forces behind its ideology. 1/
Yes, Tory MPs have been supporting the Bill, however the lion’s share of the desire and drive arises from both @BorisJohnson being the PM, and the Home Secretary @pritipatel pushing it in order to appease their voter base. 2/
Patel is especially invested as she was charged to deliver the signicant electoral pledge of restricting immigration. However, the question of why Priti Patel as a PoC is hell-bent on pushing the #NationalityAndBordersBill has been asked a lot recently  3/
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🧵1/12 #BorisJohnson & #PritiPatel will today announce their plans to send people seeking asylum in the UK to #offshoredetention camps in #Rwanda, to try & deter #refugees from seeking protection in the UK. Cruelty is the point of this policy. Here's why this will fail...
2/12 Johnson & Patel were inspired by Australia's brutal & widely condemned offshore detention camps on Nauru & Papua New Guinea. Conditions for 3,127 people in those camps were deliberately dangerous & inhumane & led to suicides, avoidable deaths & abuse of children by guards.
3/12 This didn't deter people from seeking asylum in Australia. In the following year, the numbers of people arriving by boat stayed the same & the camps were quickly overcrowded. Australia has now abandoned this policy & most people detained are now in the USA or Australia.
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#NotACriminal #TogetherWithRefugees #STOPNABB

Who are the real criminals?

The #NationalityAndBordersBill is cruel, steeped in #racism and it criminalises...
Lets first consider the sentiment underpinning this, it is probably best expressed by Conservative MP Bill Wiggin while speaking at the Commons Liaison Committee on Wednesday 30th March, addressing the Prime minister as he outlines in his view the “right” sort of #refugees
In reply to Bill Wiggin’s question, the Prime Minister sighted the #NationalityAndBordersBill as being the solution.

Let’s take a brief look at this dreaded #NABB: When the Bill was devised, it was rushed through into official consideration containing placeholder clauses
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This morning, the @CDCgov joins @EthnicMediaSvc for a robust discussion on #COVID19 vaccines, when a vaccine might be available for children five and under, and global #VaccineEquity . Join us on Facebook at 11 am PT:…
Please send your questions for the @CDCgov and we will try to get them answered live.
@CDCgov Dr. John Brooks says #BA2Variant represents 30 percent of Covid cases in US, especially in #NewYork and #NewEngland where it reaches over 50 percent
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Putin meant to grab #Ukraine & drive wedges between #NATO & #Russian-bordering nations.
Instead, he's evoked unification of economic, military & political forces across Europe, G7, the @EU @imf @WorldBank & @NATO into a block of unprecedented unity & resolve, that met today.
MORE Image
2/ It's been called the strongest alliance since WWII. But today's @NATO declaration, coupled w/alliances #Biden has formed, leaves #Russia isolated, issues a clear call-out to #China & makes ironclad an all-of-Europe mutual defense posture that's quite unprecedented.
MORE Image
3/ This is one of the most historic declarations of the last century. It quite simply realigns the world, geopolitically -- going well beyond response to the #russianinvasion of #Ukraine . We are witnessing a crushing defeat of #Putin's masterplan to divide the West.
MORE Image
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The fate of #refugees (#Ukrainians,#Syrians, #Afghan, #Africans)literally depends on WHERE they filed their applications. Read our fresh report based on original data,which shows that Boston Asylum Office fosters a culture of suspicion toward #AsylumSeekers @ACLUMaine @ILAPmaine Image
-From 2015 to 2020, the Boston Asylum Office approved a mere 15% of asylum applications compared to the national approval rate at 28%.
-The approval rate in Boston plummeted to 11% in 2021, while the national average remained at 27%…
-@ACLUMaine @ILAPmaine Refugee and Human Rights Clinic (RHRC) at @UMaineLaw + me, analyzed 1000s of documents obtained through FOIA & conducted 100+ interviews to answer a simple question:

- Why does the Boston Asylum Office approve such a small percentage of asylum cases? Image
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The #CostOfLivingCrisis is hitting people of all ages and backgrounds. We and Brighton's Emergency Food Network have had enough. We have sent a letter to national gov with 12 emergency action points


Read our full statement here:…
🚨 1 - The uplift in benefits that is tabled for the Spring Budget is in line with the true cost of #inflation

We need an increase of 7% or higher, not the outdated 3.1% tabled from data produced last September
🚨 2 - the £20 #UniversalCredit uplift is removed

Household costs have not reduced since the pandemic, in fact they are increasing. The Universal Credit uplift being removed is leaving families with LESS than before.
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