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1/16 #PPC #MaximeBernier #FreedomOfSpeech It isn’t about Left vs is COMMON SENSE POLICIES that help ALL Canadians


Peoples Party of Canada RT RT RT

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today an #immigration judge told our @BU_Law clinic students, "you’ve done a tremendous job - this family is very lucky to have been represented by you & to have such detailed & excellent representation." then she granted our client #asylum from two different countries. thread 1/
our client & two generations of her family (all of whom were also granted #asylum today) fled horrific violence in the northern triangle - including childhood abuse, trafficking, gang violence & domestic violence. much of it inflicted by our gov't:… 2/
despite the compelling circumstances, this family still needed 400 pgs of evidence, traumatizing forensic/psych evaluations & had to prove they are "credible." this required incredibly dedicated @BU_Law clinic students, working long hours on the factual & legal components 3/
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🔴I think people in Greek reception facilities face serious mental health issues, and as my colleague has mentioned correctly Mr @MargSchinas in Lesbos we have 50 cases of self-harmed or suicidal children.>>>
@EP_Justice #Refugees #MentalHealth
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
>Regarding the very good image you presented about refugee reception facilities& #Covid I must say it is only natural since they were locked inside from the very beginning of the pandemic inGreece,when we only had a handful of cases>
@EP_Justice #Refugees #MentalHealth
>>>Children from refugee reception facilities haven't been to school at all for a year, and that breaks both EU & Greek laws, and that is why Ι have put a Parliamentary Question on the issue.>>>
@EP_Justice #Refugees #MentalHealth
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
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/2 'Recently, there has been increased discriminatory discourse against Syrians, especially from Lebanese officials, such as Deputy PM Zeina Akar who called for the return of Syrian detainees to Syria,
/3 not to mention the refugee return plan that the Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, has declared that “the Lebanese government plan for the gradual return of the displaced Syrians, adopted on July 14, 2020, should be allowed to reach its goal
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Announcement from @fordnation sank my heart today. As an ER doctor, person of color and #Scarborough native, I feel defeated 😢. The measures are not going to get wave 3 under control. #BIPOC #ERdoc @SHNcares @torontolife @JustinTrudeau @SCMirror 1/
When I landed as an #immigrant in #Canada, my life started in #Scarborough. My parents (#heros) struggled to find jobs that matched their education. That didn't stop them from working hard / hustling even if it meant 2 jobs at times to keep bills paid and food on the table. 2/
My family lived in an apt building that had mostly racialized/middle-low income families (#affordability). Not much social distancing when large crowds wait for elevators (#EssentialWorkers) or use the shared laundry facilities. This pandemic brings back those vivid memories 3/
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1/8 The Magical Wall That Failed to Do Much At All
Analyses have repeatedly shown that a wall would be ineffective (…). #bidenbordercrisis #secureborders #refugees #politics #humanrights #openscience #data #scicomm
2/8 This hasn’t stopped us from embracing and hemorrhaging money into a doomed effort.
3/8 Far from a partisan opinion, an immigration policy analyst from the Cato Institute, a conservative think-tank rated ( highly for factual reporting but also highly for political bias, commented (…):
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The number of people fleeing Myanmar facing persecution after the military coup and seeking refuge in India has doubled in a week. The figure earlier was around 300, but it jumped to 733 last week as per the official data.
The total number of refugees taking shelter in Mizoram bordering the Chin state of Myanmar stands at 642, while 91 others have been put in the unconfirmed category, said the official report of the state government.
The maximum number of refugees have been reported from the Champhai district, where 324 people are staying. The next most affected district is Siaha, with 144 people. Hnahthial, Lawngtalai, Serchhip, Aizawl, Saitual, Kolasib and Lunglei are the other affected districts.
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thrilled to be publishing "Public Health and the Power to Exclude: Immigrant Expulsions at the Border" with @gulcimmigration & the wonderful @prashasti_b. this piece argues for an end to #Title42, an illegal policy destroying families, and endangering #refugees at the #border. 1/
My piece beings by examining the historic intersections of public health and #immigration law, and the origins of federal quarantine and exclusion power. 2/
Woven into the article are first hand accounts of advocates on both sides of the #border who have witnessed the devastating impact of COVID-19 era immigrant expulsions as #immigrants, children and families are disappeared by the US gov't. 3/
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🇷🇺Russia fears economic collapse in Lebanon and Syria! Russia is expanding its movement in the ME. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is touring the Gulf states. & before that, the #Russian-#Syrian meetings were continuing. Needless to say, Russia is strongly present in Syria. 1/25
🇷🇺And Russian-#Israeli communication is not interrupted. As well as the Russian-#Iranian relationship. But Moscow fears the repercussions of the new 🇺🇸US policy in the Middle East. 2/25
And it is affected like some Persian Gulf countries, especially the Kingdom of 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia. It is expanding its movement, trying to strengthen its position vis-à-vis 🇺🇸Washington. 3/25
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1/ Sad to see @HabenGirma, an otherwise intelligent young woman whom I have had the honor of meeting at the #Eritrea|n Festival in Oakland in 2015, fall for the anti-#Eritrea #TPLFlies by @amnesty. There's no "#AxumMassacre". There's #MaiKadraMassacre. Learn the facts. #Ethiopia ImageImage
2/ Western #MSM #media & @amnesty hide the real facts about #Tigray, #Ethiopia. They constantly hype up non-existent involvement of #Eritrea in the non-existent #AxumMassacre. And they hide the real #genocide & #warcrimes committed by #TPLF-organized "Samré" thugs at #MaiKadra.
3/ As #TPLF was routed by the #Ethiopia|n army, retreating in defeat back in November 2020, it released 13k criminals from the prisons in cities of #Tigray, including Mekelle. Many of these released criminals were imprisoned for #rape. TPLF deliberately released these rapists.
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Starting new thread for the Respondents in #STCA #law case. Stellar legal team with submissions starting with Andrew Brouwer a seasoned #cdnimm #refugee lawyer.
Oops, Jared Will will begin. Really enjoyed watching Jared in past cases for eg on #cdnimm #refugee #law #detention. Saw him live at #SCC on #Chhina case.
#Law students take note. I love the slow pacing of Jared Will, especially at the end of the long day. #STCA
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In anticipation of the #STCA Safe Third Country Agreement Appeal starting, this is the decision under review at the Fed CA. Fed Ct fd STCA violated s 7 #Charter rights of ref claimants
I'll be tweeting intermittently with comments.
#refugees #cdnimm #law…
If ur curious, the #STCA Safe Third Country Agreement is still in force. The Fed CA refused to grant a stay to suspend the agreement till the appeal is resolved even tho arguable irreparable harm re Fed Ct fd #Charter violations
#refugees #cdnimm #law…
As well, even tho there are a multitude of intersectional issues relating to the #STCA Safe Third Country Ag, 13 orgs thru 6 intervener applications were denied participation in the hearing at Fed CA. #cdnimm #refugees #law…
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“Australia's barbaric treatment of #refugees has to be stopped! This can not happen unless you as the citizen of that country go & find out who refugees are & why they have left their countries. You have been lied to the bone! Arbitrary detention is cruel & inhumane.” @FaRahmati
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Τι προσπαθούν να μας πουν οι «#θεοί»;

Ότι θα μπορούσαμε να έχουμε κακή διαχείριση των γήινων πόρων τόσο άσχημα σε σημείο #εξάντλησης;

Ώρα για αυτο-προβληματισμό και δέσμευση για #βιωσιμότητα #ESG!
"#Athens, #Greece🇬🇷 is experiencing its heaviest #snow in over 10 years — blanketing the #Acropolis🏛 and halting #COVID19💉#vaccinations.

Thousands of #migrants and #refugees are living in tent camps or squalid detention centers, and advocates are demanding help or evacuation."
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V. interesting webinar marking launch @snhr 10th report "The Bleeding Decade"& expert panel suggestions on how to avoid another one ,includes reflections on failure of #UNSC & #R2P
"Moving into the murky dirty world of geopolitics,there needs tob recognition thatRussia&Turkey have interests inSyria &how those r factored into any initiative.Russia obviously best placed tob communicating with senior figs in regime..but they want their interests maintained/2
whether military or business&that's a difficult concept2 hear esp from ppl who've been fighting against war crimes & crimes ag humanity,esp Syrians who have been on receiving end of Russian brute force.That's a geopolitical reality than needs2 b factored in/3
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"For years, our communities have been saying '#RefugeesWelcome' while the U.S. government looked for every way to keep them out. Today, the America that believes we are stronger together has prevailed."

Faith leaders respond to @POTUS' EO: #WeAreWelcomers
"While all of these changes in Washington are wonderful, Trump’s policies are still being implemented at the southern border. We owe it to all #refugees—and to ourselves—to center the dignity of human life every single policy." Elissa Diaz, IIC Co-Chair #RefugeesWelcome
"Rebuilding the resettlement system the prior administration nearly broke won’t be easy... [but] the president has made clear he intends to get there. We’ll do all we can to help — and to hold the administration accountable." @melanienezer of @HIASrefugees #RefugeesWelcome
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1/. On the fourth anniversary of the Memorandum of Understanding on Migration btw Italy & Libya, @amnestyitalia accuse the
Italian authorities of complicity in the abuse, rape & torture of migrants & refugees in Libyan detention centres.
2/. Under the deal, Italy helps the Libyan Coastguard to stop boats & return people to detention centres in Libya

It defies comprehension that, despite the evidence of suffering inflicted as a direct result of this deal & despite the conflict in Libya, Italy renewed it in 2020.
3/. The strategy of outsourcing of border control to Libya focuses on keeping people out of Europe

But #Libya doesn't have the capacity to coordinate rescues & people rescued at sea cannot legally be taken there due to the human rights situation
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1/ It's hard to find words that don't cheapen, belittle, glorify or dismiss what happened during the Holocaust (Shoah). It's also hard to find words that make sense of the numbers involved. 6 million Jewish people, murdered. Entire families, gone.
#HolocaustMemorialDay #Holocaust
2/ Their property, land, art, culture & achievements stolen and erased. Many are still fighting, 75 years later, to regain what was taken from them - physically and mentally. It is almost incomprehensible, yet it happened. But it didn't start or end there.
3/ Another 11 million people were murdered throughout the Holocaust era. Others targeted included the disabled, the LGBTQ+ community, Black people, Roma, Poles & other Slavic peoples, Jehovah’s Witnesses, prisoners of war & members of political opposition groups.
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Right now, President Trump is on his way to the southern border to tout his record on immigration.

It's one of chaos, cruelty, and illegality. Let's set the record straight [thread]:…
The Trump administration has separated over 5,500 families under its draconian “zero tolerance” policy.

Years later, at least 545 children remain separated from their parents
They have delivered tens of thousands of asylum seekers to danger in Mexico, where @humanrights1st has found 1,314 public records of rape, murder, kidnapping, torture, and assault.
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Thread: What do we know so far about the #war on #Tigray in #Ethiopia, which has been running for nearly 2 months now? In this thread I will sum up some of the key developments.
First, the so-called “law and order” operation, which @PMAbiyAhmed declared completed one month ago, has not yet reached its basic objectives, and it is doubtful that it ever will. Hence, the war in #Tigray will continue indefinitely, or until a political settlement is reached.
#Tigrayan forces, under the command of the elected reg. gov. of #TPLF, are still waging an active resistance war. Over the last few days, Tigray forces seem to be on the offensive, challenging #ENDF military control of the main routes (Mekelle-Wukro-Adigrat; Mekelle-Alamata).
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#Europe #Statistics #ASYLUM #Refugees

By the end of November, 370,745 applications had been registered by the EU statistical authority, compared with 675,535 in the previous year. In 2020, Germany will remain the most popular destination in Europe for asylum seekers.
In Germany, roughly 24 percent  (73,726) of all initial applications in Europe are made. With nearly 23 percent (70,655) of the requests, Spain is second. With 19 percent, France is third (58,468).
Two-thirds of all initial asylum applicants in the 27 EU states are covered by the three combined. In comparison, with just 70 initial applications from January to September, Hungary reported the fewest asylum seekers in the EU.
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Thread 1/8
@Amnesty, As a person with few years of experience in humanitarian sector; I truly admire what you stand and fight for. In the current and ongoing #WarOnTigray, Ethiopia; it has been reported that there are several occasions where #WarCrimes have been committed
Thread 2/8
and human rights violated. 1 of the most horrific incident is the massacre #Maikadra, #Tigray where 100s of #Tigrayans lost their lives & 10Ks fled into #Sudan with nothing but the cloth on their backs. U have released a statement based on a dubious reporting by #EHRC
Thread 3/8
& a phone interview with few “witnesses” which contradicts with the account of the 10Ks of survivors who have now become #Refugees

This grave human rights violation requires a thru investigation & extensive fact checking.We have pleaded with U to just do this & report
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Many cannot imagine the end of the #capitalism - yet, the #rulingclass lives in fear of this very real threat.

Many believe we are powerless - yet, the ruling class fear #revolt/rejection of the system.

May 27 2014: Christine Lagarde (#IMF) talks #Marx:

Jan 23, 2014 Bloomberg interview with Lagarde at the World Economic Forum:

"Essentially what we believe is needed - is a #reset of the way in which the economy grows around the world."

#GreatReset #WEF

May 27, 2014, Larry Summers: "This idea that #capitalism is about to fail, is one that we have seen before":

#4IR #Technology
#Displacement via #automation
#Education #Health

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