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Thread for AAP Ka News #E98

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#aapKaNews #aap #News

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 #thread
#Delhi CM #ArvindKejriwal on Sunday said the Delhi government has made arrangements to set up a separate isolation ward at the LNJP Hospital for patients infected with #Monkeypox.…
Mr. #arvindKejriwal tweeted, “The patient is stable and recovering. There is no need to panic. The situation is under control. We have made a separate isolation ward at LNJP. Our best team is on the case to prevent the spread and protect Delhiites.”

#aap #news #thread
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'औरत' अबला तभी तक होती है जब तक वह अपनी शक्ति पहचानने में भूल करती है, आडम्बर रीति रिवाज परम्परा और अन्धविश्वास में जब तक जकड़ी रहती है।

जिस दिन वह खुद को समझने लगती हैं, एक औरत को एक औरत के नजरिये से देखने लगती है,
' अंधविश्वास आडम्बर और परंपराओं से मुक्त होकर उन्मुक्त सोंचने लगती है वह शेरनी बन जाती है।

औरत न केवल अच्छा डॉक्टर, अच्छा इंजीनियर, अच्छा शिक्षिका, अच्छा विजनेस लेडी, और अच्छा गृहड़ी बन जाती है बल्कि अच्छी मां,
' अच्छी बहन, भाभी, दादी और दोस्त के रूप में उंसके रिश्ते बहुत भरोसेमंद विश्वसनीय और अद्वितीय होते हैं।

दुश्मनों का दुश्मन, दोस्तों का अच्छा दोस्त, लविंग, केयरिंग और बहुत कुछ अविश्वसनीय उसकी ममता में शामिल है, ऐसा सब कुछ जो अतुलनीय अकल्पनीय है, वह कर देती है।

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#Adani : Textbook case of crony capitalism

Must Read #Thread 🚨

on how #Modi ji helped, changed rules & systems to make #Adani Biggest airport operator 👇🏻

(1/9) Image
Modi changed rules to allow new entrants with no prior experience to run Airports & went against experts, allowed monopoly by giving all 6 airports to #Adani

Isn’t giving to inexperienced company a risk to crores of Indians? Adani was chosed over safety of country

Handing over of 6 airports to #Adani Enterprises for a period of 50 years is in complete violation of AAI Act, 1994 which says no airport can be leased out to any private player for more than 30 years.

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CBI files FIR against Home Ministry officials, Consultancy Companies and Private NGOs who were allegedly used to route FCRA funds, promise to get FCRA approvals.

CBI has alleged that a network of people in Delhi, TN, Jharkhand, North East perpetrated this scam along with Home Ministry officials in the FCRA department.

The FIR also alleges promoters "NGO Omidiyar" as one of the accused.

@pierre @OmidyarNetwork @on_india
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CBI has challenged the order passed by Special CBI Court in Aakar Patel's case of FCRA. CBI Court had upheld an order setting aside a look out circular (LOC) that stopped him from traveling abroad.

Hearing slated to take place today.

@Aakar__Patel #fcra #CBI
Previously, Special CBI Court upheld Magistrate court order setting aside CBI LOC against Aakar Patel.


@Aakar__Patel #CBI #fcra
Additional Solicitor General S V Raju appears for CBI.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI #fcra
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Bench is hearing a matter of Jindal Steel vs CBI

Counsel: Office report says ... (Not clear) notice not issued to other respondents.
Counsel: These were proforma respondents

Counsel for respondents: They are entitled to, they have no objection

Counsel: No reason for other matter even be here.
Bench: Connected to the other matter or not?

Counsel: Charges framed in item 18. In this, May 2017, CBI framed certain aspects which were already enquired into and nothing was found. Magistrate interpreted your order saying no bar on further charges/investigations.
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How Mysterious #Chinese expert Tsoi guided India's largest borse NSE's High-Tech trading systems

Data theft/unfair access to brokers #China hand & more...#NSE #colocation scam gets murkier yet #CBI probe remains slow.. 1/4

my stry in @businessline…
2/4: DavidTsoi headed obscure #China tech Cos, had
People’s Bank of China/Shanghai Exchange key clients apart frm India’s #NSE & NSDL- two most imp stk mkt institutions!!

His linkdin Profile #Deteled
Cos he headed: Dissolved

Who benefited frm his appointment? @LevinaNeythiri David Tsoi, the China expert who was guiding India's NSE & h
3/4: Who recruited David Tsoi??Former SEBI says request or idea to get Tsoi came frm outside NSE management.

Both #NSE, NSDL had common threads & both suffered massive scams

Any background checks done? NO! Tsoi visited NSE, fortnightly or at least every mnth for several yrs! China is a closed country & allows only trusted ppl close to
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Former #Maharashtra Home Minister #AnilDeshmukh produced before Special #CBI Court at Mumbai for remand in connection to corruption case registered after #BombayHighCourt directed enquiry.

@AnilDeshmukhNCP Image
SPP Ratan Deep Singh for #CBI: We are seeking further custody of Mr. Deshmukh.
The rest, Sanjeev Palande, Kundan Shinde (Deshmukh’s associates) and dismissed Mumbai cop Sachin Waze can be sent to JC.

#AnilDeshmukh #CBI
SPP: Allegations regarding transfers and posting, confrontation needs to be done, hence we need further custody.

#AnilDeshmukh #CBI
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Special CBI Court will today continue to hear case of CBI challenging order that allowed Amnesty India's Aakar Patel to travel to the US by asking CBI to revoke the Look Out Circular in a Foreign Contributions Regulation Act violation case against him.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI
Special CBI Court previously stayed the order passed by a Magistrate where it asked the CBI Director to send a written apology to Patel and directed Aakar Patel not to leave country without its permission.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI…
Advocate Tanveer Ahmed Mir represents Aakar Patel. Advocate Nikhil Goel appears for the CBI.

@Aakar__Patel @MirAhmedTanveer #CBI #FCRA
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Mumbai Court EXTENDS custody of former #Maharashtra Home Minister #AnilDeshmukh with #CBI till April 16 in connection with corruption case registered by the agency after #BombayHighCourt directed enquiry.

Considering nature of allegations and stage of investigation, the Court concludes that custodial interrogation is necessary, the order says.

#AnilDeshmukh #CBI
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#AnilDeshmukh alongwith his associates Sanjeev Palande, Kundan Shinde and dismissed #MumbaiPolice cop Sachin Waze produced before Special #CBI Court for extension of remand.

#CBI seeks additional 5-day custody.

Deshmukh and 3 others are presently in #CBI custody in connection to the corruption case registered after #BombayHighCourt directed enquiry.
SPP Ratan Deep Singh for #CBI: further custody is required to confront them with more witnesses. Hence we need additional 5 days of custody.

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BREAKING: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to file a compliance report before ACMM court with respect to yesterday's order on the look out circular in the #AakarPatel FCRA case.

@Aakar__Patel #cbi #FCRA
Mir informs Judge Dharmender Singh who is hearing Aakar Patel's contempt plea about the order of Special CBI Court which stayed the direction of written apology from CBI director and asked him not to leave country without its permission.

@Aakar__Patel #cbi #FCRA
Mir: I have told the court that I will leave without the permission.

Court: In my view give them time to file a reply.

@Aakar__Patel #cbi #FCRA
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🚨in Court - Contempt Application by Aakar Patel for non-compliance of order setting aside Look Out circular by CBI, alleging financial frauds by Patel. CBI has also filed a revision application before the Rouse Avenue court against yesterday’s order. @MirAhmedTanveer for Patel.
Contempt Plea by Aakar Patel will be taken up at 1 pm.
Advocate Tanveer Ahmed Mir is arguing that the particular order which was issued was to come into force with immediate effect.
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A Special CBI Court to shortly start hearing the revision plea of the CBI against the order of a Magistrate asking the agency to withdraw its look out circular against Aakar Patel in a FCRA case.

@Aakar__Patel #FCRA #CBI
Advocate Tanveer Ahmed Mir, representing Patel, present in court.

@Aakar__Patel #FCRA #CBI
Hearing to take place before Special CBI Judge Santosh Snehi Mann at Rouse Avenue Courts.

@Aakar__Patel #FCRA #CBI
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BREAKING: Delhi Court directs CBI to withdraw Look Out Circular against Aakar Patel with immediate effect.

Patel, the Amnesty India Chief was accused of FCRA violations in a case registered by CBI against Amnesty International.

The court ordered certain directions to CBI for which they have to file a compliance report on 30.04.2022.

While setting aside LOC against Aakar Patel, Delhi Court relies on Delhi High Court's order in Rana Ayyub's case wherein the Look Out Circular issued against her by the Enforcement Directorate was set aside.
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A Delhi Court will hear response of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to the plea of former Amnesty International, India chair Aakar Patel, who seeks suspension of a Look Out of Circular of CBI and permission to travel to the US.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI #Amnestyinternational
On Wednesday, Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi sought response of the CBI on the plea of Aakar Patel.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI #Amnestyinternational…
Advocate Tanveer Ahmed Mir representing Patel present.
Matter called out

#AakarPatel #CBI #Airport
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BREAKING: Ex-chief Amnesty International, India, Aakar Patel moves Rouse Avenue Court, Delhi, seeking directions to CBI for removal and withdrawal of the Look Out Circular against him and permission to travel to the US till May 30, 2022.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI #amnestyinternational Image
Advocate Tanveer Ahmed Mir will be representing Patel.
@Aakar__Patel @MirAhmedTanveer #CBI
Mir has begun arguments for Patel. #amnestyinternational #CBI
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Chief Justice of India N V Ramana to deliver the 19th D. P. Kohli Memorial Lecture of #CBI on "Democracy: Role and Responsibilities of Investigative Agencies" at Plenary Hall, Vigyan Bhavan.
CJI Ramana: It is expected from all the institutions including Police to work towards strengthening our #democracy.
CJI Ramana: Often the best talent enters the system and due to the surrounding they find it difficult to stand with their oath.

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A Delhi Court remands former NSE head Chitra Ramkrishna to 14 days of judicial custody in the NSE co-location scam case.

#ChitraRamkrishna #NSE Image
CBI: She's stopped cooperating. Evasive replies.

Court: Then why you're saying JC remand now?

#ChitraRamkrishna #NSE #CBI
CBI: She's very much influential.

Court: If she's the mastermind or there's a profit master.

#ChitraRamkrishna #NSE #CBI
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#SupremeCourt to hear Tamil Nadu Government's plea challenging the Madras High Court (Madurai Bench) order directing a CBI probe into the death of a 17-year-old student amid allegations of conversion.
DGP has also challenged the remarks that Madras High Court has made against TN Police’s thorough inaction and lack of concerted effort in chasing the probable angle of conversion that led to the #Lavanya’s suicide. #SupremeCourt
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[Mahant Narendra Giri Death Case] #AllahabadHighCourt to hear Anand Giri's bail plea in the matter.

It is alleged that Anand Giri had instigated the Mahant, head of Baghambari Gaddi and former National President of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP) to commit suicide.
To read earlier updates: 👇…
The case will be heard before the bench of Justice Rajiv Gupta. Sr. Advocate Gopal Das Chaturvedi to appear for Anand Giri. Adv. Gyan Prakash to appear on behalf of CBI.
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