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Vitally important new #LongCOVID immunological study from Australian team and cohort of patients in @Nature...…

@KirbyInstitute @TheDohertyInst et al

Take #LongCovid seriously "We identified a set of analytes (IFN-β, PTX3, IFN-γ, IFN-λ2/3 and IL-6) that highly associated with LC at month 8, indicating that components of the acute inflammatory response and activation of fibroblast or epithelial cells, T cells and myeloid cells are associated with LC."
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3rd year of a pandemic.

Limited tender condition:
"Extreme urgency or events unforeseen"....

11 January 2022…

Rapid Antigen Test procurement

Contract Value:



AM Diagnostics Pty Ltd

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Data matters.

Counting cases matters.

"Hospitals rely on accurate case numbers to anticipate likely surges in presentations a week or two later." "The UK system gives health authorities a fuller picture of testing in the community, as people are asked to enter their results whether they are positive or not."
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Have you been treated unfairly at work? 

The ABC is investigating unfair work practices & wants to hear from YOU

(correspondence will be kept confidential)


Pernahkah Anda diperlakukan tak adil di tempat kerja?… Whether an apprentice, trainee or intern, an employee, contractor, manager or business owner, whatever industry you work in.

We want to hear from people from all over Australia & from all cultural backgrounds... Australian citizens, permanent residents, visa holders.
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Machines as KIN, or NEW COLONISERS? #Indigenous tech revolutionaries rethinking #AI
My #ScienceFriction guests @OldWaysNewTech @jaspernotwell…

@RadioNational @ABCscience

#NAIDOC2020 2/n

"The bias that we're finding in these systems, it's not a bug, it's a feature. It's a feature of white s*premacy", says

#AI #artificalintelligence

cc @CodedBias @shalinikantayya
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Australia's medical leadership (Australian Medical Association) reps with a public statement on behalf of their membership & patients.
"Climate change is a health emergency based on scientific evidence"..."any number of extreme threats to health have been managed"
#NCESummit2020 "Where do we start?"
"...with an evidence base".
"This is hard and unglamorous work but its exactly what health communities" have done
"We are Drs telling you climate change is a health emergency based on science"
"It is about health & survival"
~ Aust Med Assoc