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6 Oct 18
Who created ISIS?

Ex Al Qaeda leader Nabeel Naim: "Baghdadi is a US agent. It's known that US released him from prison and he spent $20 to $30 million to establish these ISIS groups. The first ISIS camps were in Jordan supervised by US Marines

Who created ISIS?

1. ISIS commander, Gulmurod Khalimov, former US-trained special forces commander from Tajikistan…
2. ISIS commander, Abu Omar al-Shishani, trained by US special-forces in Georgia…
Who created ISIS?

Operation Cyclone (1979-1989): US spent billions of dollars arming and training extremists from all over the Arab world to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan
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28 Sep 18
This a #thread of badly staged #WhiteHelmets videos

7 November 2015, Douma
Notice how the "dead" man lying next to the ambulance keeps moving and how the White Helmets just dump him on top of the other "dead".
Notice all the photographers

#thread of badly staged #WhiteHelmets videos

Rural Damascus, 8 March 2016,
White Helmets rescue a man wounded by artillery shelling.
#thread of badly staged #WhiteHelmets videos

Douma, 2 October 2016
White Helmets squeeze a man "injured" by cluster bombs into the front of the ambulance

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9 Sep 18
This is a thread confirming once again the duplicity of the White Helmets AND that they are allied to al-Qaeda

8 Sept 2018
"Hass Hospital", Idlib
We're told that White Helmets are trying to evacuate civilians and that several people have been killed
#Thread on "Hass Hospital"

White Helmets tweet that they rescued the injured from "a medical point in the outskirts of Hass" without ANY casualties
#Syria #Idlib
#Thread on "Hass Hospital"

HTS (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) news channel in Telegram releases a video claiming that Russia's Air Force targeted their field hospital near city of #Hass, near #Idlib
Note: HTS is al-Qaeda in Syria
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24 Aug 18

This is a thread showing how those who told the truth about Syria were targeted and are still being targeted today

In June 2012 gunmen attacked pro-Syrian government TV station al-Ikhbariya. They killed 7 employees and kidnapped others.…

In Aug 2012 US/UK backed "rebels" kidnapped a al-Ikhbariya TV crew while they were filming near Damascus. "Rebels" later executed the driver. The rest of the crew were rescued by the Syrian Army one week later
16 August 2012
Al-Akhbariya journalist Yarah Saleh and her crew are welcomed back after having being been rescued by the Syrian Army from the US/UK-backed "rebels" of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) who kidnapped them

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22 Aug 18
This is a thread revisiting the horrific false flag chemical attack on Ghouta in August 2013

Leaked documents have shown that Obama's administration supported a plan for "rebels" in Syria to launch a chemical attack which would be blamed on the Assad govt…
May 2013
Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder containing sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian Nusra Front "rebels" in Turkey…
#Ghouta #FalseFlag #Syria
Two months before the 2013 Ghouta chemical attack an FSA general blackmails "the international community", saying that unless "rebels" are provided with weapons/ammo within one month, FSA will reveal all they know about the use of chemical weapons in Syria
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