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As part of our ongoing advocacy, #ACNAtoo offers our platform to ACNA survivors who choose to tell their abuse stories publicly.

We have compiled guidelines for stories of sexual abuse (and soon for spiritual abuse as well) to help survivors navigate this process.
What happens when you reach out with a story? Let's walk together through our sexual abuse survivor story guidelines:…
When survivors reach out to share their stories with us privately, our first step is to listen to and validate their experiences. Next, as appropriate, we offer peer support (connections with fellow #ACNAtoo survivors) and direct them to qualified professional resources.
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1) I said I wanted to respond, so here goes. I deeply desire to know more about, engage with, and respect those I don't agree with. This is hopefully a good faith exercise in that, if not please let me know.
2) RE: the word "defending". There's room to argue semantics here and it might not have been my first choice in words but I have no problem with Rev. Rutledge using it.
3) If the docesis was coordinating legal help and loans for MR's legal DEFENSE, "defending" doesn't seem egregious. And all while not communicating the extent of this situation to their parishioners? If not "defending", can we say at least "covering for"?
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Dear @The_ACNA:

As the most outspoken victim of former ACNA Catechist Mark Rivera, as the de facto primary survivor-advocate in this situation for the last 8 months, and as the reluctant founder of #ACNAtoo, I'm begging you:

Please do better than this.
This July, when Bishop @StewartRuch went on leave (after 2 years of grievously mishandling multiple sexual abuse allegations), you, @The_ACNA, via @ArchbishopFoley's office, finally reached out to say you wanted to listen to ex-Catechist Mark Rivera's victims.
On July 9, @The_ACNA COO Alan Hawkins promised me personally that the Province's "highest aim will be to see this done rightly and with great involvement from all the survivors."
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We're publishing this guest thread by A&L (Angela & Laura), two #ACNAtoo survivors from All Souls Anglican Church in Wheaton, IL (Diocese of Pittsburgh). You can also read their expanded post on our blog:…
A&L: While the hashtag is #ACNAToo, some of you might be under the impression that a more accurate hashtag would be #UpperMidwestToo. But we know better. We, Angela and Laura, are two survivors at @AllSoulsWheaton in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
A&L: Beginning in Feb ‘20, at least 10 women including us reported clergy misconduct to our diocese. Our ecclesiastical investigation concluded in Mar '21. This process compounded the harm our former priest caused us, and we don't want that kind of experience for anyone else.
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With the open letter to @ArchbishopFoley published, it's time for me to clarify some things about my personal position within #ACNAtoo.

I hear predictable murmurs of an "outside-agitator-run" campaign.

So to be clear: I do not run #ACNAtoo.
I am not in @The_ACNA and never have been.

A now-former ACNA catechist raped and abused me, and my coming forward about that last November brought with it a moral imperative that I advocate for his other victims.

All his other known victims do/did attend ACNA churches.
I went to @MidwestAnglican leadership to advocate for Mark Rivera's other victims because Mark had long used his various roles within @The_ACNA and the social credibility he borrowed from good Anglicans as sheep's clothing to prey on vulnerable congregants of COLA and @ChurchRez.
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I am grateful to stand with @Weejenbug and @ACNAtoo to encourage these stories to continue to be told and heard. Here's what really disappoints me most though about @anglicanchicago and @aarondamiani's response.
@anglicanchicago posted three blog updates in response to @MidwestAnglican's letters about the mishandling of sexual abuse by @StewartRuch
The first minimized the situation and avoiding mentioning the word "abuse"
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A thread in support of #ACNAtoo

Why has public accountability via twitter and become necessary in the case of #ACNAtoo? Largely because there is no safe, survivor centred, whistle-blowing procedure available within the Upper Midwest Diocese.
Their leaders are quick to speak words that affirm 'policies and procedures are in place to help the abused' - but scratch under the surface of this sincerity posturing and those policies are non-existent.
Many concerned @MidwestAnglican congregants want to see #ACNAtoo issues handled 'internally' so that the witness of Jesus will be least harmed. Understandable, if a fair 'internal' process exists. But it does not.
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Interesting that within two weeks of the public becoming aware of their mishandling, @ChurchRez is able to put out a full list of resources, but sat on these for two years when they knew there were more potential victims in their church. #acnatoo…
...despite survivors and their advocates having been pleading for them to provide resources of this kind from the very beginning.
I am glad they realize they need to provide resources. I am galled at how quickly they can put it together when the urgency is there. And that this is what it took for the urgency to be there.
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Hey, @ACNAtoo #ACNAtoo allies looking how to help. We are trying to get the website up as fast as possible I need someone to help me with the Recommended Resource page so people who want to learn how to do better can get what they need & avoid the unhelpful stuff. Who can help?
I have a list of materials but need someone to type it out, add hyperlinks to the titles, and send it to @Weejenbug so she can add it to the site. DM me if you can do it today.
@Wevans0987 , #ACNAtoo MVP for helping Heather finish her web content when all she has left in her are Arrested Development tweets so @ladyjessicahaze & CM can have a good laugh today.

@Weejenbug , #ACNAtoo MVP for taking website building off my plate & getting FB groups started
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Thread 1: I want to zoom in on a particular point. As a pastoral resident at @ChurchRez for two years I can confirm multiple statements said by Katharine Ruch that match the horrifying rumor that reached CM, that KR indicated a “bad home” could dismiss allegations
Katharine Ruch (and therefore @StewartRuch by extension) repeatedly in private dismissed family and parenting models that don’t mirror their own. This creates a toxic elitism and spiritual pride by extension for those who adopt their views.
These views often remained private and largely unkonwn by @ChurchRez congregants. However in 2019 Rez hosted #fullyaliveconference in which Katharine Ruch revealed some (though not all) of her views on motherhood
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We’re publishing this guest thread from the mother of the 9yo victim of sexual assaults by Mark Rivera. We’ll be using her initials to protect her & her daughter’s identity. She wants to correct the record about public statements put out by @ChurchRez & @MidwestAnglican. #ACNAtoo
Who’s who:
@StewartRuch: Bishop of @MidwestAnglican
@ChurchRez: Diocesan headquarters in Wheaton, IL, where CM, the victim's mother, attended for 18 years
Christ Our Light Anglican Church (COLA): small church in Big Rock, IL that CM helped plant in 2013
Dean William Beasley: @MidwestAnglican Missioner General, Dean & former head of Greenhouse Movement
Greenhouse: @greenhousemove is a church planting organization that planted Christ Our Light Church (COLA) in 2013 & approved Mark Rivera to become a COLA Church Catechist in 2014
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Are there any @The_ACNA children's ministers, volunteers, or clergy who have some experience w/abuse prevention training & would be willing to step it up and lead an FB group of ACNA people interested in collaborating on improved abuse prevention & response policies? #ACNAtoo
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So I am still learning a lot about the details. And I am probably too close to many involved the controversy to have a clear view of all the facts.

But I do want to say that as of now I disagree with the calls for @StewartRuch to resign. That outcome seems premature. #acnatoo
I absolutely believe the allegations against Mark Riverra. I say this as someone who once knew him and his family very well, over a period of several years. I believe the victims deserve truth, transparency, and justice. I think they deserve to be heard.
But I disagree that the complete picture of everything that has transpired in the last two years has been made public.

As best as I understand, numerous mistakes were made. I believe some form of correction from the college of bishops and ecclesial restructuring is in order.
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1/ I am incredibly grateful to @scotmcknight for his timely and well informed effort to produce this in light of the #acnatoo concerns @ladyjessicahaze brought to light via her Twitter thread.
2/ Many people at @ChurchRez have been concerned over the nature of this discussion ‘being taken public’ on social media instead of kept private within the church walls and processes.
3/ Unfortunately because the church has shown a confirmed pattern of being church centric in its handling of abuse concerns rather than survivor centric - I believe public accountability is (sadly) warranted.
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My #ChurchToo story thread:

This is a brief overview of how @MidwestAnglican / @ChurchRez has mishandled church leader sexual abuse and assault allegations for 2+ years and counting.

(I will write about my personal experience within the story in greater detail soon.)

who's who:

@The_ACNA: Anglican Church in North America under @ArchbishopFoley

@MidwestAnglican: 35-church ACNA diocese under Bp. Stewart Ruch

@ChurchRez: largest church & diocesan headquarters, Wheaton, IL

Christ Our Light Anglican Church (COLA): small church, Big Rock, IL
My neighbor Mark Rivera raped me twice, pressured me to keep this secret, and repeatedly propositioned me to have an affair.

Mark was the catechist (lay pastor) at Christ Our Light Anglican. My godfather, Rand York, was the priest. COLA members were my neighbors and friends.
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