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Get a job where you can work from anywhere in the world. Don't be tied down here

A couple of my friends are earning in dollars and spending in Naira, get the skills, work for a while... Japa.

These days, it's skills over degrees, especially undergraduate degrees here in Nigeria
We have people stuck in jobs with no clear career path, some because they can't afford to upgrade their skill set, others don't know what clear path to take.

One job in high demand today is data analysis. The world now makes decisions based on data except "coughs"
Data analysis spans every sector, yes including football, It was a data analyst that recommended Mo Salah to Liverpool based on data.

We already do it at some level, especially the people comparing Ronaldo and Messi. Why not earn from it instead.

The question is how?
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It was the first week of #BBNaija
I have never had a fav n honestly wasn’t interested. As a virgo I am way to analytical and almost impossible to please. So I was watching the housemates to spot out the fake acts etc. Then the task came, that week… #LiquoroseForThe90M #EmmaRose
That week was honestly the worse, and I applaud Peace just for being the HOH that week. Then came this quiet shy lady who hadn’t rly adjusted yet, I thot ok, that’s quiet natural. Normal pple learn their environment before opening up. 👀 #LiquoroseForThe90M #BBNaija #EmmaRose
So I watched her, oh and she is a Tom boy, I thot that was bold in this part of the world we find ourselves. Stereotypes alone. I mean it’s never happened on this show or any show this big. From the yelling, arguments, butting heads. #LiquoroseForThe90M #BBNaija #EmmaRose
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*For every time pple saw our breasts before our brains
*For every time we lost an opportunity cos we are females
*For every time we are undermined in our field of work
* For every time we were called a witch, a born 1, born 2 …
#EmmaRose #LiquoroseForThe90M
..ashawo, proud, bitch cos we
Stood up for ourselves
*For every time we were judged just for hvn a vagina

Women have had to fight all our lives and still fight just for a seat at the table. Our voices hv been stifled for so long #BBNaija #LiquoroseForThe90M #EmmaRose
A win for @LiquoroseAfije_ is a win for every woman
An Intelligent woman who is accommodative. An assertive woman who is humble. An independent woman fearless enough to share her spotlight. A woman who fought her way to the top and …
#LiquoroseForThe90M #BBNaija #EmmaRose
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The Tan Episode 5.

#BBNaija #FocusOnMaria #comics TL Asleep Whitemoney Queen Saskay Pere Jaypaul IPOB Akara Wike Annie Fela Rivers Kano ImageImageImageImage
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The Tan episode 4.

#BBNaija6 #BBNaija #EricaWon Pere Queen Saga Whitemoney PDP and APC Aisha yesufu IPOB Arya starr Patriots Guinea el rufai Northern Essence Justin Bieber ImageImageImageImage
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50 Early morning Affirmations For Success And Self-confidence

Do you often find on your own having a hard time to find affirmations that you could use? Perhaps you're uncertain of what affirmations also are?
I have lots of articles available on how you can produce your own affirmations that should have the ability to help you start by yourself.

Here are 50 early morning affirmations that you could use for success and self-confidence:
1. "I have the knowledge to earn wise choices for myself.

2. "I have all that I need to earn today a great day."

3. "I am, and constantly will be, enough."

4. "I recognize my own self-respect - my self-confidence is rising."
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Tega said that she does not mind if her husband ends the marriage after she goes back home; that after all na she get the fame and money. When a typical Nigerian woman thinks she can afford the basic things of life, she feels she doesn’t need a man anymore
#BBNaija #BBNaija6
Most Nigerian Women don’t love unconditionally. They love because of what they are getting out of the relationship. That is why they want out as soon as they feel they can provide for themselves
The Nigerian society has been structured in such a way that the man’s value is measured based on the material things he can provide. A man who cannot provide material things is constantly shamed and tagged to be undeserving of love hence the popular clause “broke boys avoid me”
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This is Ikanna Okim. She just broke the record as the first graduate to bag a First Class in Law from University of Uyo. This lady just broke a 36 years jinx effortlessly. She graduated with a CGPA of 4.67/5. Women are truly the soul of our society. Ikanna is a great woman!!!!!
There are stories of lecturers in that faculty boasting that no one can ever have a first class, that first class belongs to God and them and that the students can scramble for second class upper and below.
Ikanna came in silently and worked her way to the top. She hid her CGPA like a cat hides his shit. We all know how Nigerian Universities work. If she had exposed herself early, probably she would have been frustrated by one lecturer for no reason.
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This is a case of Intimidation, Attempted Kidnapping, Assassination and Threat to Life. Please don't Ignore, comment, tag, retweet and help save my life.
@segalink @aproko_doctor @jidesanwoolu @fkeyamo @HQNigerianArmy @PoliceNG @OgbeniDipo ImageImageImage
My family and I are currently being harassed by a man who believes that his money can help him intimidate and stifle the life of a young family to satisfy his puffed ego.
I appeal to you reading this to stand for justice, fairness and due process. I am a young man with a wife and daughter of less than 3 years old doing all I can to protect and provide for my family.
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Nini said she's in a relationship. A man stuck by and is comfortable in the friend zone and around her but y'all want her to say 'Yes' to him at all cost for your viewing and shipping pleasure?

Make me understand? #BBNaija
Some say Nini refused to kiss during Truth or dare game? Are you kidding? Y'all want loyal people but don't respect other people's loyalty? What is wrong with us humans? #BBNaija
If we talk about content in that house and even despite her situation with her friend in the house always hovering around, I can't name 3 ladies in that house with more content than Nini. And that me being conservative tbh. She's fun and bubbly #BBNaija
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Sammie in his 1st diary session

- He said Day 1 was a bit shaky. That he got intimidated by the caliber of people he first met in the house

- he said he’s fitting in now ans the men in the house are “great” and he feels “great” - a man of few words I assume 😒😂
- He said he bonds well with the ladies and because he’s a talker, he just vibes with the ladies.. Thay the ladies don’t know much about him yet but that he loves the ladies and the Guy too but he’s a ladies guy (who ask you? 😂)
- He said he’s bonding with those who pretty straight forward like ANGEL (because she had bad girl Vibe.. WhT does that mean?🌚 but Okay)

- For Isolation- He said he has spent his 26 years of living going up and down from school, market and all..

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- she feels great being in the #BBNaija house

- The experience for her so far: she’s still adapting and she thinks the house is beautiful ,everyone is amazing and they are getting along for now

#BBnaija #MARIA
- on her fellow housemates: She feels like everyone is REALLY mature and everyone is experienced in the house..

- On Bonding: She’s still trying to
bond with everyone and it’s still day 2.. said the guys are really nice and she feels at home with Them and she’s comfortable.
On isolation- Said she’s not a social media perosn so she didn’t feel the absence.. however the limitation was not being able to walk from her room to a kitchen..
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TEGA on her 1st Diary session:

She first tells Biggie she’s having a crazy tooth ache, and needs her meds.. Yess queen!
- On being in the #BBNaija house, she said it feels “goooood, Like oh my God” and she wished she wasn’t having “mad pain”, she would have expressed it more😂
- Her thoughts on fellow housemates: She said “biggie you know how it is.. first week, everyone is United and stuff” basically for now, she’s getting to like some of them and gradually others will come thru..

- On Bonding: shes said “Biggie you are so Nosey” 😂 onibaje omo! and said She’s bonded with SAGA, Jackie B (and she’s getting to Penetrate Jackie B more 🌚🌚 Okay girl…), also MARIA, JAYPAUL and most of the guys

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1- He said he’s nervous and overwhelmed

2- He said he hopes he doesn’t make any of the housemates uncomfortable based on how he is and where He’s for… awww.. Biggie had to ask him to take a Deep breath & Relax..

#BBNajia #BBNaijaShineYaEye
3- Biggie saw how overwhelmed He was and asked if He needed a minute to gather himself and reminded him that #BBnaija is a social experiment… and he doesn’t need m to walk on egg shells around fellow housemates

4- He feels a lot of people in the House are pretending and lying in the house..

5- He’s trying to find a way to connect with everyone in the house, but he needs more than 3-5 days to know them better so as to free himself and His soul..

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Saturday, May 29, 2021

#Ijaw youths suspend protest over NDDC board.
#Again, Okorocha accuses Uzodinma of project demolition.
#Supreme Court dismisses certificate forgery case against Obaseki

#Atiku #Adeherself Davido Image
…as JUSUN members lock journalists out.
#Garba Shehu: Buhari administration healthiest since 1999—we respect citizens’ rights.
#REPORT CARD:Presidency lists Buhari’s achievements in 6 years.
#6 years of failure: PDP cautions Buhari against empty speech, false performance claims

#Reps minority caucus to Buhari: Nigeria becoming a failed state… tackle insecurity now.
#APC group: Nigeria’s problems not caused by our party.
#Nigeria can’t develop without restructuring – Peter Obi.
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You all remember this nigga? 😷

#BBNaija Image
Even Biggie called Eric.
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In my morning devotion today, I read Genesis chapter 22.

We all know the story.
God told Abraham in verse 2:

"And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of."

Abraham was obedient. Of course, before now, my concentration or let me say, our concentration has always been on Abraham on how He is the father of faith but little have we also attributed greatness to Isaac's perception about God in the early stage of his life.

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Office Wear Tips

Casual Wear:

For Women

✅ Nicely fitted tops and blouses, although shirts should never be tight or revealing.

✅ Skirts can be knee-length or 3/4 length



#BBNaijaLockdown #Nigerian PSG
Bill Gates Dubai Kanye Obaseki Kidd ImageImageImageImage
✅Slacks or skirts in more casual fabrics, such as cotton. If denim is permitted, dark-wash only. Avoid overly casual denim cuts, like cutoffs or flare jeans.

✅Open-toed shoes are permitted. Avoid casual shoes such as sneakers or flip-flops.



#bbnajia2020 ImageImageImageImage
✅Casual accessories, such as scarves. Larger rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are fine, and may be of any quality.

✅More leeway with hair length, style, and color. More adventurous styles and colors are typically fine.



#Nigerian #bbnaija2020 ImageImageImage
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