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This is Sheriff Paul Penzone of .@mcsoaz in .@maricopacounty

Apparently is is a Democrat, and has surrounded the tabulator center, and removing people who have questions.

I think the .@NationalGuard gonna have to move in.

They got the evidence now...

The head law man in .@maricopacounty also put security around ballot boxes when people were watching for ballot mules.

It appears he is protecting the cheaters.

The .@NationalGuard had a cyber team monitoring the private logs and found proof of connectivity to internet...
They had to shut down the machines so that the .@NationalGuard could not collect the communication between the the voting machines.

Immediately the propaganda wing started to do work.

.@Google is complicit and is helping to steal the elections too.

Will justice be served?...
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Parlimen Bakal Bubar? Perdana Menteri Menghadap Agong Hari Ini
Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob mengesahkan bahawa beliau akan menghadap Yang di- pertemuan bersama Yang di-Pertuan Agong

Diramalkan pertemuan antara Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah dan Perdana Menteri Malaysia hari ini bakal menjawab sama ada

ia rutin biasa bagi menyembah maklum keputusan yang dibuat dalam Mesyuarat Kabinet termasuk Bajet 2023, atau pun turut mempersembahkan tarikh pembubaran kepada Baginda.

Sumber: Astro Awani

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Isu yang diketengahkan MEDIA VARIASI adalah nasib seorang ibu yang ada hak menyelamatkan anaknya, isu penderaan, isu madrasah yang tidak berdaftar, isu pusat pemulihan tidak diwartakan, dan isu pelanggaran hak asasi manusia.
#NewsBreak #Trending…
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🚨🚨🚨 Please retweet! 🚨🚨🚨

Below is link to the copy of the report about the REAL Origin of SARS-CoV2 sent to the US Senate and Congress last week.

My declaration in the document was provided under oath with penalty of perjury.… ImageImageImage
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Bengaluru's infamous traffic, which usually triggers memes and on worse days causes delays in ambulances reaching critical patients, has thrown up an inspiring story.
On August 30, Dr Govind Nandakumar, a gastroenterology surgeon with Manipal hospitals, got stuck in traffic in the Sarjapur-Marathahalli stretch while he was on his way to perform a scheduled gallbladder surgery.
Mindful that his first patient for the day was already prepped for surgery and there were others who were also expecting their procedures to be performed later, Nandakumar got out of his car and ran to the hospital, which was around 3km away.
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Here is the thread🧵 of our most viewed blog on algorithmic trading which we think will be helpful for you.

Part 1

#Thread #StockMarket #algotrading #trading #blog #Trending #Python #career #MachineLearning
1 -…
Learn how to install the Ta-Lib python library on Windows, macOS as well as Linux. Also, create technical indicators using Ta-Lib and plot them.

#Python #Linux
2 -
This blog will empower you to be able to use the Python codes to fetch the stock market data of your favourites stocks, build the strategies using this stock market data and analyse this data.
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IF trader, then study "Hour chart" of at least 30 trading days
Watch how #prices are #Trending & you take a position when trend changes, say, from making "LH & LL" to "HL & HH" & Vice Versa
This is the 1st & foremost step & absolutely noiseless
#Retracement helps🙏 Image
#Priceaction Step:2
All traders know Demand & Supply to exploit the difference - a basic trait of any trader/ businessman.
What captures this absolutely is #Trendline & #Channel
For Eg: When prices break out of a falling T.Line/ Channel, it means demand has overpowered supply Image
That's first clue-buyers are asserting. LH & LL would soon change.
Next step is to look for a Fibonacci #retracement to hold @ 38% or 50% or 61.8% (to make HL) with a bullish candle like #Bullishengulfing or #Bullishpinbar @ a % of previous rise which is your perfect LRHR entry
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Pengacara keluarga Brigadir J menduga kliennya dihabisi atau dianiaya di tempat lain selain rumah Kadiv Propim Polri, Irjen Pol Ferdy Sambo. Berikut utas mengenai update kasusnya.

[A THREAD] #Update
Menurut Pengacara Kamaruddin Simanjuntak, locus delictinya adalah kemungkinan besar antara Magelang dan Jakarta, itu alternatif pertama. Alternatif kedua, locus delictinya di rumah Kadiv Propam di Duren Tiga, Jakarta Selatan.
Saat itu, Brigadir J dikatakan sedang mengawal Irjen Pol Ferdy Sambo dari Magelang ke Jakarta. Pada pukul 10.00 WIB, Brigadir J disebut meminta izin ke keluarganya lewat WhatsApp untuk mengawal Kadiv Propam dari Magelang ke Jakarta dengan estimasi perjalanan selama tujuh jam.
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#Simple #Fresh #Beautiful..🦋
#Crushed 💝 I #Enjoyed a Web
Series Called #Crushed that is
on #AmazonMiniTV , 3 Episodes
A Romantic Comedy Series Where
The First Love of High School
#highschool #LoveStory #Trending
Just watched the Crushed web
series on #AmazonminiTV the
ending was quite heart breaking
💔💔 Wo kehte hai na "Hum Ladke
hai, Humare sath esehi hota hai 💔
I felt it right after seeing this.
🇷 🇺 🇸 🇦 🇳 🇹 🇺 🇸 🇭 🇹
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On the fifth day of the eighth month of 2016, an audience in Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics, Brazil, marvelled at the soothing sounds of ‘Koth Biro,’ a hit song by the late Ayub Ogada, upon the collision of its waves with their ears.
Black and white ears alike. For the first time in the history of Twitter, Ayub Ogada’s name together with his song, topped the #trending list. This is a Luo Affair. Let’s get to it.
More ears got attentive, mouths went agape, and eyes widened as the event beamed live across the world. ‘Koth Biro’ pierced across the air, maneuvered through the thick Kodera forest, scaled over Got Ramogi,
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No doubt, 2022 has been the year of the #NFTCommunity , and, of course, the iGaming industry could not stay aside from the global #Trending , bringing NFT Megaways, the first online casino slot with unique crypto pixelated characters.… Created by Red Tiger and announced as a game the likes of which the world has never seen before, it did make a splash in the gambling universe. Players hurried to see the wonder and luckily, were not disappointed. Even those completely new to… the concept of non-fungible tokens appreciated the colorfulPunk-themed story illuminated by neon lights and packed with free spins and multipliers.

What to know more about this one-of-its-kind 6-reeler able to generate up to 200,704 ways to win and
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I am Rafee. An indigenous activist and herbalist.
My mission is reconnecting the indigenous American, falsely classified as black, back to land history and culture through the use of indigenous remedies. #FBA #ADOS #SaveMasonTN #SecureTheTribe order here👉🏾
Read 42 tweets… : Thank you, Carol Ruth Weber, for your continuous collaboration, standing up for peace, democracy and understanding the imperativeness and necessity of the democratization process in our world.
The Iranian populace's freedom quest is not just for the sake of the brave people of Iran who have endured an oppressive regime through the years. It is also an area and a region that must have peace and cooperation amongst nations post the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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In #Dänemark steigen die #Todeszahlen. So massives Infektionsgeschehen dass >15% der Bevölkerung in BA.2 Welle infiziert, bei BA.1& BA.1.1 Welle waren es schon über 10%. Mit Omicron ist #Covid so omnipräsent. Todeszahlen werden auf >300 tgl ansteigen und 60 % der Bevölkerung
+/- 25% werden sich mit Omicron Infiziert haben wenn Saisonalitätseffekt Besserung bringt. Jetzt für Deutschland gedacht. Todeszahlen werden jetzt steigen weil Welle die Älteren und Vulnerablen erreicht & Lockerungen stattfinden."Es geht ja gut mit der Krankheitslast auf ITS
wir können #mehr Infektionen zulassen." Wer in dem #Narrativ drin, sieht weder dass so #Risikogruppenschutz nicht mgl. Es sind noch wenige Wochen bis Frühling und einige Monate bis zum angepassten Impfstoff der wieder gut vor #Infektion schürzt und damit Infektionen verhindert
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I’ll help you learn how to go viral on TikTok ✅

/// THREAD ///
Statistics and data can help you replicate the success formula. That’s why I love analyzing them.

Here are the KEY DRIVERS TO VIRALITY that SEMRush found in common after analyzing 600 viral TikToks:
➤ Emotion

Primary emotional responses of viral TikToks:

- Happiness - 58%
- Surprise - 24%
- Anger - 9%

The rest were sadness - 4%, fear - 3%, and embarrassment - <1%.

LESSON: Provoke happiness or surprises in your TikToks.
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Who's dragging Toronto now? It's @MerriamWebster Dictionary, criticizing a city bylaw dog sign for sounding "weird."…
The sign reads: "Dog that dig holes must have owners fill them immediately.

Merriam-Webster says: Reword this sign to make it sound less weird.

The preferred (but not the only) solution will fill in these blanks:
“Owners ___ ___ fill ___ ___ ___ dig”…
People chimed in with plenty of clever answers. For example, "Owners must fill in dogs on the inappropriateness of the holes they dig," @evilplasticfork tweeted.… Image
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Is this grocery haul worth $95?

A photo of an Ontario Reddit user's grocery haul is going viral, and many are criticizing their choice of 'brand name' products, from Balderson cheese to Lindt chocolate:…
"This was $95"

The photo shows bagged salad, packs of Lindt chocolate, boxes of cream cheese, $8 ham, ketchup, cat litter, cans of cat food, bacon, Balderson cheese, a 3-pack of peppers, 2 Dempster Pumpernickel loafs and bagels and Lays Original chips.…
This has other users in Ontario's subreddit sharing their own grocery tips, including another person sharing their grocery haul: “This was $34.86 — a juxtaposition to the ridiculous $95.00 post."…
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How I went from 0 to 70,000 followers on TikTok in under 30 days


I won't drop my specific niche but it's VERYY focused and passionate.

Here's how I found it:

I found a sub-reddit around a monetizable niche and started repurposing the 'top content' for TikTok.

Having that built-in audience definitely helped.

The audience I'm targeting is VERY passionate and I don't think I'll have many problems with monetization.

I've looked into it a lot and I've found the BEST way to monetize is to:
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This is hard to write but it is true for many. What I’m about to say is a harsh reality of what people go through.

What I am about to say is also the reason why a lot of people don’t ask for help.

People do not ask for help because of the fears and stigmas that exist.

Here Is Something to think about,

What if you were a #singleparent with a #child

You work full time for $15.00/hr

You take home roughly $960.00 per paycheck (bi-weekly after taxes)

#singleparent #parenting #Blessed #grateful #calgary #calgarylife #alberta #yyc

Your bills per month:

$1,000 or more for rent
$150 or more for cable/internet
$250 or more for utilities
$150 per month for car insurance

So let’s do the math

You bring home about
$1,920.00 a month

Your bills average about $1,500(give or take)

@GrannyGTArp @BallerGearCA
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@NICEComms have ‘paused’ publication of #MECFS guidelines due tomorrow (already delay since April)
There must be real concern that’s due to expected withdrawal of #GET & #CBT, shown in evidence reanalysis to be ineffective & harmful by patient report 1/…
@NICEComms is held as the arbiter of evidence based medicine & consensus.
I fear that in this case, Eminence based medicine has instead prevailed.
Can it really be the case that @NICEComms can be influenced by reputation, power & connections, to go against science, evidence? 2/
#ForwardME a group of #ME #MECFS charities, professional bodies & services have released the following statement expressing their concern 3/
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#Trending #Karabo

Akulaleki. Indaba zishubile in the #Cyan and #Karabo saga.

Read more about it here.
Apparently, the #cyan backlash started after she sent a voice note asking why #Karabo was posting her story of the accident.

The last time #Karabo posted on Twitter was months ago. In February. #cyan
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Just hit the home page of @withFND for #trending auctions 🤯🤯

CURRENT BID : 10 eth 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Thank you to everyone out here living in #crypto Twitter for the memories of my 28th birthday 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Eyyy , if you got a second I thought you might be interested in this crazy collab drop we did ✨🙏🏽@hunterorrell
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