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1/6 #OrderBookAnalysis 🧵

TLDR: Liquidity=Sentiment

Liquidity placement in the order book reveals #Sentiment for a price range! 📊📈

💧 When more liquidity is concentrated around a particular price level, it indicates increased confidence or interest from #traders... Image
2/6 Analyzing the order book with a #DataViz tool like #FireCharts helps you mitigate risk by replacing speculative decisions with data based decisions.

No reason to speculate when you can literally see where higher concentrations of liquidity mark resistance and support. #FireCharts 2.0 (beta) show...
3/6 Knowing where liquidity ISN'T, is as important as knowing where it is. Thin liquidity indicates zones with greater potential for volatility since price moves through them with less friction.

But there is one more aspect of #OrderBookAnalysis I personally value the most... Image
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#Bitcoin Back Above $29k After #MtGox False Alert

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What’s #trending in #cryptocurrency? ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
1️⃣ #Bitcoin Slumped and Rebounded in Hours amid False Alarm on #US Government Dump
2️⃣ #Circle Launches Cross-Chain #USDC Transfer Protocol for #Ethereum, #Avalanche
3️⃣ Binance.US Calls off $1.3bn Deal for #Voyager’s #Assets, Citing a “Hostile Environment”
4️⃣ #Arbitrum #Blockchain #Airdrops $120m-worth #ARB #Tokens to Projects in its Ecosystem
5️⃣ #Visa Shares Plans for ‘Ambitious’ #Crypto Product Regarding #Stablecoin #Payments

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A Setback for #Bitcoin, A Chance for #Altcoins?

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What’s #trending in #cryptocurrency? ⬇️ Image
1️⃣ #Bitcoin Slips After a Sudden Sell-off and Release of #UK #Inflation Data
2️⃣ ‘#Pepe the Frog’ #MemeCoins Rocket as #Crypto #Twitter Moves on from #DOGE Obsession
3️⃣ #CMEGroup Set to Expand #ETH, #BTC #Derivatives Product Expiries
4️⃣ #SUINetwork Sets Date for #Mainnet Launch and Plan for #Token Allocation
5️⃣ #Starbucks Introduces a New #NFT Collection on the #Polygon Network

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Significance of Akshaya Tritiya---
(1) Lord Parashurama appeared on this day Image
(2) River Ganges descended to Earth on this day Image
(3) This day marks the beginning of Treta-yuga Image
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The word Parijat is beautifully derived from"Pari Psrsm gatarh jatarh janmasya" means the source or drug which keeps away from the sea of sorrow in the manner of repeated cycle of birth and death. There are 14 Ratna came out of Samudra manthana After the poison.
#India #Hindu
The bright orange corolla tubes of the flowers contain a coloring substance nyctanthin, which is identical with ά-Crocetin (C20H24O4) from Saffron. The corolla tubes were formerly used for dyeing silk
#facts #India
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On the fifth day of the eighth month of 2016, a crowd in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, marveled at the soothing sounds of 'Koth Biro,' a hit song by the late Ayub Ogada, as its waves collided with their ears.
Both black and white ears are alike. For the first time in Twitter history, Ayub Ogada's name, along with his song, topped the #trending list. As the event was broadcast live around the world, more ears perked up, mouths dropped open, and eyes widened.
'Koth Biro' pierced the air, maneuvered through the dense Kodera forest, and scaled Got Ramogi and sailed through Lake Victoria in order to reach more ears, comfort wandering souls, and sell the name of a Luo Legend. The Luo Way of Life. The Kenyan culture.
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Top 7 AI Tools For Twitter Influencers?

🔥Must Read👇This #Threads 🔥

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✓ Check-Out Bio Link 🔗 Top 7 AI Tools For Twitter ...
1/ As a Twitter influencer, it's important to stay on top of trends and conversations in your niche. That's where @trendinalia comes in - it uses AI to analyze Twitter data and identify trending topics and hashtags in real-time. #Trending #trend Trendinalia
2/ @hootsuite is another great tool for Twitter influencers. It uses AI to help you schedule your tweets for maximum engagement, as well as analyze your performance on the platform so you can optimize your content strategy. #AI #tools Hootsuit
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Although physics is not my strong suit and I am a biologist, knowing about retrocausality blew my mind. 🤯
Allow me to explain: In layman's words, what is retrocausality? 1/10
Retrocausality is a contentious idea because it appears to contradict some of our fundamental beliefs about the nature of time and causality. Retrocausality has been theorised to be feasible in some quantum systems, but supporting evidence is still lacking.
The possibility of time travel is one of the retrocausality's most intriguing possibilities. It might be feasible to travel back in time and alter the course of history if it were conceivable for effects to occur before their causes.
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Imagine the number of cases of murders in Malaysia that go past our noses because of the threats, blackmails and bribes that the victims face.


#important #trending #latest #reformasi
We all want a safer Malaysia.


#important #trending #latest #reformasi
Imagine a situation where some of us get killed in our beds. Brutally murdered? Or worse, maybe even raped.

But these cases go unknown because of the threats, blackmails and/or even bribes given to families and maybe even friends of the victims to shut up.

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🔝#Bitcoin Skyrockets to All-Time High in 2023: Is it the Right Time to #Invest?💥

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What’s #trending in #cryptocurrency?
⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
1️⃣ #Bitcoin Rockets Past $24.7K to Reach 2023 High

2️⃣ #Paxos Reportedly Ordered to Stop Issuing #BUSD; #Tether’s #USDT Gains $1b

3️⃣ #Polygon Announces Launch Date for #zkEVM #Mainnet Beta in March
4️⃣ #Binance and #HuobiFreeze $1.4M in #Crypto Tied to #HarmonyBridge Theft

5️⃣ #ConfluxNetwork Partners with #China Telecom to Build #Blockchain-Enabled SIM Cards

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🎯Review @ScienceTM

Allergy: Mechanistic insights into new methods of prevention and therapy

#scicomm #news #Technology #Tech #NewsBreak #Trending #research #science #AcademicTwitter #MedEd #MedTwitter #allergy

Free access…
Molecular mechanisms of IgE-mediated allergic disease.
Molecular mechanisms of tolerance
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#DataPrivacyDay reminds us to treat personal information like money. It has value & we need to protect it as if our lives depended on it bcuz sometimes they do.
Always question why information is required. Identity fraud can mean losing everything.

#dataprotection #Trending Image
* Your date of birth should not be a requirement to purchase something online.
* Never provide personal or banking information during an unsolicited call.
* Never give an unsolicited caller remote access to your computer or online bank accounts

#DataPrivacyDay #Trending
* Never click on links in suspicious emails or text messages
* Always ensure the website you are purchasing from is secure. The web address should begin with https. The “s” in “https” stands for secure, which indicates that all your communication and data is encrypted.
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👉 2023 - Top UI UX Trends you need to know🔥🚀
2nd - Part
👇See Thread
#uiux #Trending #learn #resources #musemind
Top UX Design Trends of 2023🚀

• How we build vs What we build
• Mass migration from Adobe XD to Figma
• Accessibility becomes a legal requirement
• Incorporating AR into everyday life
•Creating values through qualitative UX research
• How we build vs What we build

Itai Vonshak, Head of Google Design Platform, discusses how and what we build, which will shape design in 2023 and beyond. Technology will advance these industry trends in 2023.

Figma, Webflow, Wix Editor X, and Anima will change UX designers'..
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Best #intraday setup

If you are struggling to take entry at the right spot, this will be very helpful for you

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🧵 1/3
Use below mentioned parameters at your charting platform (tradingview).
1. Previous day's close
2.Today's open
3.Previous day, Week & Month High
4.Previous day, Week & Month Low
5.Camerilla pivot level (Only R3,S3)
6.EMA : 9&32
🧵 2/3
In charts, Colours used for:

PINK- R3, S3

🧵 3/3.
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Today we found a thief in our hostel. Goodluck Jonathan hostel, uniport.
Funfact: she’s doesn’t even stay in our hostel, she just comes in to steal. We found her and where she buried 2 phones, one belongs to someone all the way from pharmacy hostel.
She has a court case,
escaped from prison, and her parents have no idea of where she is.
She’s a professional thief and a liar.
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2022 was a full & exciting year for $NFTB 🎉 (thread)

We saw rapid expansion with new features & chains, tighter safety protocols, bigger partnerships & moved to new verticals - GameFi & Metaverse.

We grew 2x & was #trending most of the year

In 2022 we went multichain #ETH #BNB #MATIC #KLAY, launched our gaming MetaMarket, build on our solid collaborations with @binance, @CoinMarketCap and introduced #Metaverse accelerator & #gaming builders grants on @klaytn_official & @0xPolygon.
3/ But the most exciting part of 2022 was IRL events with our community & partners

The identity of NFTb community sets us apart from other #web3 platforms.

Our goal is clearer than ever - our move to community governance system moves in tandem with our new roadmap & tokenomics
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[ Bakhmut-NiuYork Front Analysis ] Why Russia push West from Kurdyumivka/Ozarianivka: Kostyantynivka

#Trending #TrendingNow #UkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar #RussianInvasion #UkraineRussianWar #RussianUkrainianWar #Russia #Ukraine #War #Military

Update from the Bakhmut-NiuYork Front: Russia had been launching major offensive at the southern most end of Bakhmut Front and northern most end of the Niu-York Front.
Fighting had been reported from Zalizne, Pivnichne and Druzhba around Toretsk, to Dyliivka and west of Kurdyumivka towards Bila Hora.
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#Dog #dogs #dogsoftwitter #DOGE #AnimalCrossing #StrayKids #Trending #Viral #Twitter #SAVELIVES #adoptme
Got a call about the baby who met an accident few days ago from a place 70 kms from my place and lying helpless and crying in pain. We immediately started but suddenly got call from reporter that the baby is missing and some devils taken the baby and thrown away somewhere
I requested the reporter to search the baby and finally after long search found the baby near the no man's land in garbage alive and left to die without food and water

We are also on the way same time and went there immediately and found baby hip maybe fractured and needs
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This is Sheriff Paul Penzone of .@mcsoaz in .@maricopacounty

Apparently is is a Democrat, and has surrounded the tabulator center, and removing people who have questions.

I think the .@NationalGuard gonna have to move in.

They got the evidence now...

The head law man in .@maricopacounty also put security around ballot boxes when people were watching for ballot mules.

It appears he is protecting the cheaters.

The .@NationalGuard had a cyber team monitoring the private logs and found proof of connectivity to internet...
They had to shut down the machines so that the .@NationalGuard could not collect the communication between the the voting machines.

Immediately the propaganda wing started to do work.

.@Google is complicit and is helping to steal the elections too.

Will justice be served?...
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