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ONLINE Now: "The Ethics of Human Genome Editing"
Very pleased to share our first special issue.
Guest editors: @sarahwchan @shsternberg; cover art by @monooyee
@sarahwchan @shsternberg @monooyee The first of nine Perspectives is from @HankGreelyLSJU, who argues that germline editing is not inherently bad or unethical, but the technology is unlikely to be particularly useful in the near future.…
@sarahwchan @shsternberg @monooyee @HankGreelyLSJU In "Democratic Governance of Human GGE", @sahakris, Ben Hurlbut and @SJasanoff argue that new commissions to study GGE are "premature and problematic" and offer six recommendations.…
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A social background on #CRISPRbabies as a few friends asked 1. Q: how’s the gov didn’t find out abt it? A: there is a systemic problem with the entire pharma value chain of China and major malfunction of CFDA, a recent case is a massive vaccine scandal…
2. Q: What action will be taken by the gov? A: most likely nothing, as the case is more of a “moral discussion” which will not spur “social unrest” or mount of anger like the vaccine case that was taken seriously eventually
3. Q: So the chinese government is going to make super soilder now? A: Most likely there won’t be a top down official initiative but might be illegally “commercialized” quickly as chinese parents are paranoid about making their kids successful, if it markets well to them (cont.
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Here's my take on the protein sequences encoded by the alleles reported at #geneeditsummit for #CRISPRbabies. Lulu's mutation (delta15) leads to a five amino acid deletion, but the protein largely resembles wild type. The consequence of this mutation is unknown... (1) Thread
Nana has two different mutations (excluding possible mosaicity). The first (ins1) leads to a variant that is similar to the well-studied delta 32 variant, except it has an additional 11 amino acids that are neither in WT or delta 32... (2) Thread
Her second mutation (delta 4) produces an even shorter protein than wild-type or delta 32. It also contains nine amino acids not present in any of the other variants. The phenotypic consequence of either of these mutations (ins1 or delta4) is unknown to my knowledge. (3) Thread
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😱HOLY CRAP. A scientist in China claims to have genetically edited HEALTHY babies using #CRISPR. He Jiankui says he altered a gene in HEALTHY embryos before implanting them in the mother’s womb, with the goal of making babies resistant to HIV infection.…
#CRISPR is a powerful gene editing tool that targets a gene to be "edited" and have its sequence changed. For several years, scientists have feared that CRISPR might be used to create "designer babies," in a new form of eugenics.😱

I can think of MULTIPLE genes that could be genetically altered to create "Super Humans" who have vastly increased strength and endurance. Forget performance enhancing drugs: if this report is true (and I have every reason to think that it is), then we've entered a whole new era.
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Has the brave new world of designer babies arrived? by @picardonhealth… via @GlobeDebate #CRISPR #bioethics #genomics
'Pandora’s box has been opened’: Scientist's baby gene-editing claim fuels backlash, by @KirstyLNeedham… via @smh @Kaubo #CRISPRbabies #genomics
Chinese scientist provokes furor with claim of world’s first genetically edited babies, by @nvanderklippe via @globeandmail #CRISPRbabies #genomics #bioethics
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HISTORIC Livestream Tonight: 7:30pm ET, Nov 26


In vitro (in the glass) genetic manipulation of artificially inseminated human eggs and sperms.

2nd: Hong Kong -- Nov, 27-29, 2018…

1st: Wash DC -- Dec, 1-3, 2015…
#GeneEditSummit Update 1 for citizen journalists covering 'medical': Definitely listen Dana Carroll's presentation (when archived). After listening, if it still seems too technical, then also read this book (learn their 'terms of art'!):…
#GeneEditSummit Update 2 for citizen journalists: transcript of Dana Carroll's presentation -- "genes genomes genetic variation" -- here:…

HT to @kanzure for the transcript.
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