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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/02/2020-2…

Nathaniel Cline and Nathan Tankus: Fiscal Systems, Organizational Capacity, and Crisis: A Political Balance of Payments Approach…

#crisis #payments #balance #systems #capitalism #capacity
We might finally know why the coronavirus spread is out of control again…

#coronavirus #spread
Did protests drive more Covid-19 cases? New research reveals a surprising answer…

#COVID19Cases #research #protests
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/01/2020-2…

CRISPR gene editing in human embryos wreaks chromosomal mayhem…
#human #editing #mayhem #CRISPR #gene
Distributed consent and its impact on privacy and observability in social networks

#distributed #networks #SocialNetworks
Irving Wladawsky-Berger: How Will Covid-19 Transform Urban Life?…

#urban #coronavirus #cities #change
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/30/2020-2…

Shrinkflation: Why Everything From Tuna Cans To Toilet Paper Is Shrinking, But Prices Are Not | Endless Thread…

Reliance Looks To Conquer Farm-To-Fork Supply Chain Market With JioKrishi…

#SupplyChain #farmtofork
Twitter Thread by Eric Feigl-Ding: Worrisome Virus Mutation…

#virus #coronavirus #mutation
#dna #change #CRISPR
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How to use #CRISPR gene editing to fight heart disease, the #1 killer worldwide:

A thread 10+ years in the making.

This one starts in 2009 when I was a postdoc in @skathire lab @MassGeneralNews/@broadinstitute studying ❤ risk factors like cholesterol & triglycerides.


Inspired by work from Boileau/Seidah/Breslow/Horton/Hobbs/Cohen/et al.:

1. Activating PCSK9 mutations = ⬆️LDL cholesterol

2. Inactivating mutations = ⬇️LDL & ⬇️heart disease

3. People with no PCSK9 = ⬇️⬇️LDL & *healthy*!

We asked: are there more PCSK9’s to be discovered?

We scoured the literature and found that Dr. Gustav Schonfeld @WUSTLendo—an Auschwitz survivor, an immigrant to the US, a foremost expert on lipid metabolism—had identified 4 *healthy* siblings with a “double whammy”:

⬇️⬇️LDL & ⬇️⬇️triglycerides (TG)…
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Intro/1 Lo Stato italiano spende ogni anno in ricerca di
base €6 MLD e in ricerca applicata €3 MLD - in tutto lo
0,5% del PIL - che è la metà di quello che spendono i
Paesi del Nord Europa #UgoAmaldi
Intro/2 Ciò ha conseguenze deleterie sulla nostra
competitività perché la ricerca pubblica è il motore
dell’innovazione tecnologica e dell’introduzione di
nuove forme di lavoro #UgoAmaldi
Intro/3 Il dopo-pandemia è il momento opportuno per
colmare il ritardo italiano nella ricerca pubblica
cominciando con l’aggiungere €1,5 MLD al bilancio 2021
della ricerca pubblica e continuando negli anni
successivi in modo da raggiungere l’1,1% del PIL nel
2026 #UgoAmaldi
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If you blinked this week, you might have missed that #CRISPR went to very fast vfCRISPR: genome editing at much higher resolution in time and also in space… @ScienceMagazine by @yliu_jhu @taekjip @HopkinsMedicine
Summary of this work with the double entendre of light…
by Darpan Medhi and Maria Jasin @sloan_kettering
with @ScienceVisuals
A video of photoactivation genome editing at work
A precise path towards understanding DNA repair pathways
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/03/2020-2…

An interpretable mortality prediction model for COVID-19 patients | Nature Machine Intelligence…
#model #intelligence #machine #prediction #mortality
“Immune to Evidence”: How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread — ProPublica…

#conspiracy #evidence #immune #spread
The public do not understand logarithmic graphs used to portray COVID-19 | LSE Covid-19…

#public #Graphics
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Review articles have hinted that #mRNA vaccines are probably safe short-term

That aligns w past $MRNA/ $BNTX Ph1/2 trials of <50 patients & yesterday's Ph1 $MRNA data (8 patients)

Why could mRNA short term safety be plausible? (Compare to early GTx/#CRISPR)

Things working in #mRNA's favor?

1). Non-integrating platform. No risk of insertional mutagenesis. Just instructs ribosomes to make proteins
2). No off target effects? (see #CRISPR)
3). Degraded by normal processes & half-life can be regulated w delivery

^ Links to review articles mentioned in first post

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Alright everyone! It's been a long time, but here's a tweetstorm on the 2d oral argument in the #CRISPR #patent case between the Broad Institute and U.C.—it just concluded minutes ago. /1
For those who have been following this second round, this second interference concerns several of Broad's patents—and UC patents—issued *after* the first interference. Here's the docket:… it's Interference No. 106,115 /2
The core of this 2d interference concerns who can claim priority to using a *single guide RNA* in a generic system, i.e., one piece of RNA for both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. /3
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#CRISPR + #COVID19= cheaper, better, faster, point-of-care diagnosis of infection?
Preliminary data in 12 people encouraging, especially in context of who's doing the work, much more pending… by @carlzimmer by @zhangf and team
Feng's thread this morning on this, w/ goal of an at-home test
That was 2 days ago.
Now it's the 1st #CRISPR diagnostic test (of any kind) that has a @US_FDA clearance (EUA)… @Sherlock_Bio
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I was writing a rebuttal to Dr Grum’s article “The Case for GMOs” @Ethiobserver . But I have to break my silence as some people, out of their utter ignorance, are relentlessly making ad hominem attacks on #GMO opponents. #Ethiopia
You can search “@kebyes GMO” so that you will learn how enthusiastic I am about the issue. Unlike others who are bashing every opinion/evidence, I like to ask questions first. That is how you learn. So please ask before resorting to attacks, PEOPLE. #Ethiopia
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A new and promising #CRISPR-based #COVID19 diagnostic test that is much faster than the current @CDCgov standard… @NatureBiotech by @UCSFMedicine's @cychiu98 and colleagues @UCSF
BTW the 40 min test took only 3 weeks to develop… by @erbrod @statnews @mammothbiosci
Just 4 days ago @AnnalsofIM reviewed > 25 diagnostic tests, not including this new one or the saliva test
@IEEESpectrum just published a review…
There are >300 worldwide, being assessed by @FINDdx
Accuracy is still a big question.
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Hello, my name is Chris Willmott (usual handle @cjrw) and I’ve been given the keys to officially drive the @LearnOnScreen account for the next two hours #TV4Teaching
I'm an Associate Professor in Biochemistry at @uniofleicester with a long-standing interest in use of #BroadcastMedia in Teaching & Learning #TV4Teaching
This is a new venture for @LearnOnScreen and they’re trusting me to take good care of their account. I promise I’ll endeavour to do so! @cjrw #TV4Teaching
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watching #TheGenePBS Part2
going from #single_gene_disorders to multi-factorial, multigene disorders #TheGenePBS
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Important thread.

Q: What does #Imperial College, the World Economic Forum (#WEF), #Salesforce, #Sinovation Ventures (Chinese technology venture capital), #ABB (#automation technology), global artificial intelligence (#AI), all have in common?
A: #Vaccines, #EmergingMarkets, #gene editing - via the Fourth Industrial Revolution

[It is important to Important to note that on June 13, 2019 WEF officially partnered with the UN. On March 11 2020 it announced partnership w/ WHO to form "COVID Action Platform for business."
Jan 24 2019: "Imperial scientists present #vaccine revolution to world leaders at WEF in Davos"

Academics from Imperial's Network for Vaccine Research, joined heads of G20 & other states, #CEOs of #multinationals, members of int. orgs & other scientists at the #WEF meeting.
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10/2019: UK Genetics Lab Told To Hand Back DNA of African Tribes to Western Cape’s Stellenbosch Univ▫️

Whistleblowers, Formerly of Cambridge-based #WellcomeSanger Institute, Claimed Lab Wanted Use the #DNA to Make Money▫️

“Welcomme Sanger has huge database of DNA in UK”

2020: “Launches Whole Genome Sequence Alliance to Map Spread of Coronavirus”…
“Malaria Experimental Genetics lab course focused on #CRISPR-Cas9 experimental design + hands-on #transfection experience using varied approaches, practical exercises in #genotyping of modified #parasites & more” #Plasmodium
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We are now entering into an exponential phase of #COVID19 in Australia. It is time to seriously act. Besides the official recommendations from WHO, Department of health, the University, it is time to seriously prepare for the outbreak, in short be ready.
The number one recommendation is to of course wash our hands. this is extremely important. Besides going into details, there are series of general recommendations from the department of Health…
Avoid public gathering such as going to conferences and seminar is important. Every hour counts and avoiding this are critical. So awaiting until Monday to ban those doesn't make a lot of sense in my view and will results in spreading #COVID19 more quickly…
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Happy to share our latest work on In Vivo Systematic Mutagenesis of a Human Enhancer @AxelVisel @diane_dickel @LenPennacchio @LBNLBioSci @BerkeleyLab…

Thread👇 (1/12)
A major challenge in human genomics is how to systematically assess the phenotypic impact of enhancer variants identified in human genetics studies. Mouse transgenics is a powerful tool for this purpose but has limited throughput, high cost, and so-called position effects (2/12)
To overcome these limitations, we developed a high-throughput mouse enhancer-reporter assay (enSERT) that relies on #CRISPR/#Cas9-mediated site-specific integration of a transgene into a safe harbor location of the mouse genome and supports expression in all tissues (3/12)
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Da sie nun wissen, dass ihr Ende unausweichlich ist, will die #Kabale die oberirdische menschliche Bevölkerung im Zuge ihres eigenen Untergangs vernichten. Image
Dies versuchten sie im Dezember letzten Jahres durch das Auslösen des finanziellen Zusammenbruchs mittels des Repo-Markts, und das hat nicht funktioniert, sie versuchten dies Anfang Januar durch eine Eskalation mit dem Iran, das hat nicht funktioniert..
sie versuchten, eine Falsche Flagge (#FalseFlag) in Virginia zu inszenieren, das hat nicht funktioniert – was bleibt also übrig?
Die Angst vor einer globalen Pandemie. Also- ethnisch spezifische #Biowaffen /ein „nützliches politisches Instrument“…
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The #CRISPR human genome editing review I've been waiting for, from/by Jennifer @doudna_lab @nature…
@doudna_lab @nature When you're really great in academics, you have 7 superscripts, and everybody wants to claim you :-)
@doudna_lab @nature @UCBerkeley @berkeleyMCB @QB3 @HHMINEWS @igisci @GladstoneInst @LBNLBioSci @UCB_Chemistry @BerkeleyLab "This profound opportunity to change #healthcare
for many people requires scientists, clinicians and bioethicists to work with healthcare economists and regulators to ensure safe, effective and affordable outcomes. The potential impact on patients
is too important to wait."
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Analysis: #NASDAQ $CRSP

Case 149 #CRISPR Therapeutics AG

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#CRSP 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: The strong up move seen in Oct - Nov 2019 was rejected practically at the all time high at 73.90 just topping the level by 10 cents and the subsequent slide from there found #support just ahead of .....

CRSP 2/4
..... the Fib. 0.382.

The immediate trend remains #bearish - a close below 46.10 will immediately target 42.88/76 and below there is #trendline #support at 41.10.

CRSP 3/4
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"Prime" #CRISPR genome editing: a new chapter integrating reverse transcriptase for search and replace that is yet more versatile and precise; might be suitable for approaching 89% of disease-causing mutations…
@nature by David Lui and team @broadinstitute
@nature @broadinstitute 2 different ways to represent this significant advance 😉
1. for the genomics community
by @davidrliu @liugroup @broadinstitute
2. for the uninitiated… by @antonioregalado @techreview
@nature @broadinstitute @davidrliu @liugroup @antonioregalado @techreview And a 3rd representation, explainer by @MeganMolteni and @WIREDScience…
and a very good critique thread by @circuit_logic via @antonioregalado (+1, get rid of the 89%)
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Ein kleiner Exkurs ins #Gentechnik-Recht und warum derzeit so deutlich eine Änderung dieser Regelungen gefordert wird:
Grundlage für die nationalen Regelungne der EU-Mitgliedsstaaten ist die Freisetzungsrichtlinie 2001/18/EG vom 12.03.2001.…
Die GVO-Definition im Sinne der Richtlinie:
""genetisch veränderter Organismus (GVO)": ein Organismus mit Ausnahme des Menschen, dessen genetisches Material so verändert worden ist, wie es auf natürliche Weise durch Kreuzen und/oder natürliche Rekombination nicht möglich ist."
Zunächst fällt auf, dass von einem "genetisch veränderten" und nicht von einem "gentechnisch veränderten" Organismus die Rede ist. Deshalb braucht es auch den Nachsatz, dass die Veränderung nicht auf "natürliche Weise" möglich sein soll.
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