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23 Sep
🚨BREAKING: Massive study of more than 5,000 genetic sequences of the #coronavirus reveals continual viral mutations—one mutation in the gene encoding its spike protein may have made the virus MORE CONTAGIOUS.🧬

This mutation affects the #coronavirus spike protein—changes amino acid 614 from “D” (aspartic acid) to “G” (glycine)—and is associated with a higher viral load in #COVID19 patients on initial diagnosis.

A larger study in the UK had similar findings.

All viruses accumulate genetic mutations, and most are insignificant. #SARSCoV2 is relatively stable as viruses go.
But every mutation is a roll of the dice, and with widespread transmission in the US, the virus has had abundant opportunities to change.🤬
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23 Sep
#Russian🇷🇺trolls are using Trump’s own LIES—including about #MailInBallots—to spread disinformation and interfere in the election.

US Cyber Command‘s mission in the next 6 weeks involves taking down #Russian🇷🇺posts *quoting their own boss, Trump*.💥
FBI & @DHSgov warn that foreigners may exploit the time to count #MailInBallots & hackers may amplify “disinformation...reports of voter suppression, cyberattacks targeting election infrastructure, voter or ballot fraud...to convince the public of the elections’ illegitimacy.”
Unlike in 2016,when the Russians had to make false news stories or manipulated truths to power their narratives, multiple US officials with access to the intelligence say “Trump has been doing the job of the #Russian🇷🇺propagandists for them.”🤬

#TrumpRussia #PutinsPuppet
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22 Sep
🚨Deutsche Bank showed “reckless disregard” & played a key role in helping Igor Kolomoisky launder >$750 million into the US, leading to dangerous factory conditions, unemployed workers and at least 4 steel mills that filed for bankruptcy.
Deutsche Bank has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties in the past 3 years for violations of anti-#moneylaundering laws in the US, including moving suspicious payments for convicted pedophile Jeffrey #Epstein AFTER its own experts deemed him to be a high-risk.🤬
“It’s a reckless disregard of what the bank should be doing. They were looking at hundreds of millions of dollars. The bank was like the getaway car in a robbery.”~Thomas Creal, a forensic accountant who has assisted the @UN and the @DeptofDefense on #moneylaundering inquiries.
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22 Sep
‼️A case of #coronavirus reinfection reported in a healthy young US military healthcare provider, who was first infected in March and fully recovered within 10 days. 51 days later, he was reinfected with a DIFFERENT strain by a household member.

The man was SICKER the 2nd time, perhaps because the 2nd strain was more potent, or the household contact infected him with a higher load of virus, or antibodies from the 1st infection may have triggered his immune system to respond more strongly to the virus the 2nd time.🧐
Only a very small number of #coronavirus reinfection cases have been documented. The vast majority of suspected reinfection cases were deemed due to reactivation of the virus, rather than true reinfection.
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22 Sep
🚨@CIA with input from @NSAGov & @FBI: Putin and his top aides are “probably directing” a #Russian🇷🇺foreign influence op to interfere in the 2020 election against Joe Biden, which involves a Kremlin-connected Ukrainian lawmaker connected to Rudy Giuliani.
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence and @USTreasury have identified the Ukrainian Derkach as a #Russian🇷🇺agent, but it has not been publicly reported that the CIA, NSA and FBI believed Putin may be **personally directing** the op.
US Treasury sanctioned Derkach, alleging he “has been an active #Russian🇷🇺agent for over a decade, maintaining close connections with the #Russian Intelligence Services.”
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21 Sep
🚨ALERT: @HHSGov @SecAzar made a *power grab* of FDA and now can overrule FDA scientists to grant emergency-use authorization (EUA) of a #coronavirus #vaccine with only minimal data showing it “may be effective.”


A #vaccine must be PROVEN SAFE + EFFECTIVE before broad use.
Link to report of Azar’s power grab.🤬

⚠️As @EricTopol warns—HHS’ new emergency-use authorization (EUA) criteria are *so minimal* that early data from previously published Phase 1/2 studies already demonstrate that several vaccines “may be effective.”

This is a similarly low bar as for the #Russian🇷🇺#vaccine!
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20 Sep
Laws meant to stop financial crimes instead allow it to flourish. If a bank files a notice that it may be facilitating criminal activity, it's all but immunized from prosecution, effectively allowing them to keep moving the money and collecting the fees.🤬
Some banks treat suspicious-activity reports (SARs) as a get-out-of-jail-free card, filing SARs about transactions without halting them. Banks have filed numerous reports on the SAME clients, detailing their suspected crimes over YEARS while continuing to profit off them.
By December 2013, JPMorgan Chase had filed at least 8 SARs on accounts & companies controlled by Paul Manafort, flagging >$10 million, according to a #FinCEN research report. Paulie Walnuts was convicted of bank and tax fraud in 2018.🙄
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19 Sep
And so it begins.

Making progress. 🥑

The pups decided to “help” us make the #guac.🐶😅🥑

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18 Sep
🚨BREAKING: @HHSGov spokesman Michael Caputo and Dr. Paul Alexander tried to “browbeat” @CDCgov officials at the peak of the #pandemic—challenging the #science behind their public statements + attempting to silence CDC staff—to politically spin the data.
When Dr. Anne Schuchat, CDC principal deputy director, advised Americans to #WearAMask and warned, “We have way too much virus across the country,” Alexander—a part-time assistant professor of health research methods—wrote: “Her aim is to embarrass the president.”🙄

Alexander emailed Caputo, “She is duplicitous,” asking him to “remind” Schuchat that thousands of Americans died “under her work” during the 2009 H1N1 swine flu outbreak.

12,500 Americans died of swine flu in 1 year vs. >200,000 of #COVID19 in 6 months💥
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18 Sep
🚨BREAKING: @CDCgov *reverses* its guidance on #coronavirus testing—it previously advised that asymptomatic people exposed to the virus “do not necessarily need a test,” but now clearly instructs: “You NEED a test.”

Prior guidance came from @HHSGov.🧐

‼️HSS officials bypassed CDC to post the prior DANGEROUS guidance advising NOT to test asymptomatic people exposed to #coronavirus—allowing undetected viral spread➡️MORE #COVID19 cases and deaths—just like last spring!

Trump is trying to spin the data🤬
CDC needs to continue stand for #science against Trump’s dangerous political antics to protect American lives.

This deadly #coronavirus does NOT care about politics. No matter how Trump spins it: the virus infects, spreads like wildfire, and kills.
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17 Sep
🚨BREAKING: @CDCgov did NOT write a controversial guideline saying that people without #COVID19 symptoms don’t need to get tested for #coronavirus. @HHSGov officials wrote & posted it on CDC’s website, bypassing CDC’s scientific review process.

“That was a doc that came from the top down, from HHS & (Trump’s #coronavirus) task force. That policy does NOT reflect what many people at the CDC feel should be the policy.”

>40% of #COVID19 cases are transmitted by those without symptoms—testing asymptomatic people is CRUCIAL
The document contains “elementary errors”—it refers to “testing for #COVID19”(the illness), rather than for #coronavirus—and has recommendations inconsistent with CDC.’s stance that clearly mark it as not having been written by CDC scientists.🤬

#TrumpLied200KDied #coverup
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17 Sep
🚨Former model Amy Dorris says @realDonaldTrump sexually assaulted her: “He just shoved his tongue down my throat and I was pushing him off...his grip became tighter and his hands were very gropey and all over my butt, my breasts, my back, everything.”🤢🤮
“I was in his grip, and I couldn’t get out of it. I don’t know what you call that when you’re sticking your tongue just down someone’s throat. But I pushed it out with my teeth. I was pushing it. And I think I might have hurt his tongue.”

She says she felt “sick” and “violated”.
Dorris’ account was corroborated by several people she confided in about the assault—a friend in NY and Dorris’s mother, both of whom she called immediately after the incident, as well as a therapist and friends she spoke to in the years since.
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16 Sep
🚨BREAKING: @CDCgov Director Redfield says The US should have enough #COVID19 #vaccine doses for Americans to *begin* to return to "regular life" by the Q3 2021.

Limited vaccinations may begin in Nov/Dec in high-risk people, such as health-care workers. 

"If you're asking me when is it going to be generally available to the American public so we can begin to take advantage of #vaccine to get back to our regular life, I think we're probably looking at 3rd...late 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter 2021.”
As previously warned most Americans likely won't get immunized with a #coronavirus vaccine until mid2021. Even if a #COVID19 #vaccine is authorized by FDA, it will likely be in *short supply* after it's cleared for public distribution.
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12 Sep
🚨BREAKING: Michael Caputo & other Trump appointees interfered with @CDCgov’s weekly reports on #COVID19—and even tried to halt the reports—in an attempt to intimidate scientists to favor Trump’s dangerous views on #coronavirus.🤬

#TrumpVirus #TrumpKnew
Emails from Caputo aides to CDC Director Robert Redfield and other senior CDC officials claimed that CDC’s reports would “undermine” @realDonaldTrump’s dangerously FALSE messages about #coronavirus.🙄


#TrumpLiesPeopleDie #COVID19 #TrumpKnew
CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR) are authored by career scientists and serve to inform doctors, researchers and the public about how #COVID19 is spreading and who is at risk. Historically, these reports have have had NO political interference—they shouldn’t!🤬
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10 Sep
🚨BREAKING: Trump bragged that he protected Saudi Arabia's Mohammed “Bone Saw” bin Salman from congressional scrutiny after the assassination of Jamal #Khashoggi.

"I saved his ass. I was able to get Congress to leave him alone."

Trump also said he doesn't believe that #BoneSaw MbS ordered #Khashoggi's murder, despite the fact that the US and other foreign intelligence services concluded he personally ordered the attack.

Just like Trump took #Putin’s word over our entire intelligence community.🤬
After #Khashoggi's murder, Trump bypassed Congress to sell ~$8 billion in arms to the Saudis and the UAE, and vetoed 3 resolutions blocking the sale as well as a resolution to end US support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.🤬

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9 Sep
🚨BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump admitted he *knew in FEBRUARY* that the #coronavirus was dangerous, airborne, highly contagious and "more deadly than even your strenuous flus,” adding that it was ~5 times "more deadly" than the flu.


‼️"I wanted to always play it down," Trump told Bob Woodward on March 19.

As a consequence, over 6,000,000 Americans have been infected with #coronavirus and nearly 200,000 are DEAD.🤬

#TrumpVirus #COVID19
I began warning about this #coronavirus in JANUARY. If, instead of LYING about the threat, Trump had acted decisively in early February with a #lockdown and a consistent message to #WearAMask, social distance and wash hands, MANY THOUSANDS of American lives could have been saved.
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9 Sep
🚨BREAKING: Phase 3 study of a #coronavirus vaccine by AstraZeneca & @UniofOxford put on hold due to a suspected unexpected serious adverse reaction (symptoms that require hospitalization or cause life-threatening illness or death).

The person reportedly enrolled in a Phase 2/3 trial in the UK and had transverse myelitis—inflammation of the spinal cord that can be sparked by viral infections. The timing of this diagnosis, and whether it was directly linked to the vaccine, is unclear.

This vaccine uses a chimpanzee adenovirus to deliver #coronavirus genes into human cells. Adenovirus is typically harmless, but can sometimes trigger immune responses, which can harm the patient without generating the intended form of protection from the #coronavirus genes.
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25 Aug
🔥Former Rep @JimGreenwood–pro-choice @GOP from #PA–endorses @JoeBiden.

"Donald Trump has proven himself to be a small-minded, uncaring, self-aggrandizing, compulsive liar—a @POTUS who divides our nation by inflaming fear, suspicion, and contempt."💥

"The #CoronavirusPandemic has laid bare & magnified how unfit @realDonaldTrump is to serve...His failure to read, to lead & his refusal to heed the advice of experts, and his consistent denial of scientific reality has resulted in...incalculable, preventable suffering and death."
"By his erratic & unconscionable behavior & by virtually every word he has spoken or tweeted, Trump has clearly disqualified himself for a 2nd term.

We must put party politics aside & change course. The risks...are too grave to continue to blindly support a man so unfit to lead.
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21 Jul
UK’s #Russia🇷🇺report says the pro-#Brexit governments of Theresa May and Boris Johnson did not "seek evidence" of #Russian🇷🇺interference in British politics, including the 2016 #Brexit vote.

They didn’t want to expose it. They wanted to cover it up.🤬
#Russian🇷🇺mob dirty rubles being washed....and the UK turned a blind eye.

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7 Jul
🚨BREAKING: Deutsche Bank admits to enabling Jeffrey #Epstein in a $150 million settlement. Epstein engaged in suspicious transactions for YEARS—including wiring $ to co-conspirators—even though Deutsche Bank deemed him “high risk” in 2013.

Deutsche Bank allowed #Epstein’s suspicious activity to proceed largely unchecked. Instead of doing due diligence on Epstein and his banking activity, the bank focused on his potential to “generate millions of dollars of revenue as well as leads for other lucrative clients.”🤬
Epstein sent $2.65 million in 120 wire transfers through accounts established in the name of an entity called the Butterfly Trust. Some of those payments—plus money from other accounts—went to 3 co-conspirators related to his 2008 guilty plea in Florida.
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3 Jul
⚠️THREAD: New study suggests that a mutant #coronavirus strain spread from Europe to the US—more likely to infect but NOT more deadly.

The G614 spike protein mutant has nearly replaced the D614 version—1st to spread in Europe and the US.

This new mutant appears to multiply faster in the upper respiratory tract👉🏼perhaps why it infects more easily.

Tests on 1,000 hospitalized #coronavirus patients in Britain showed those infected with the new mutant did not fare any worse than those who had the original strain.🤞🏼
Good news: Research shows that the new G614 mutant *can be neutralized* by convalescent serum taken from people who have recovered from a #coronavirus infection.
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