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In honor of #Juneteenth2023 I just cracked open "The Purpose of Power" by Alicia Garza. Her take on power? It's about making decisions for yourself and others. Got me thinking already. 🧵1/18
There's a quote in here, "Anger is not a sustainable emotion... It has to be transformed into a deep love for the possibility of who we can be." Wow, that hits deep. 🧵2/18
Garza isn't pulling any punches. Change is tough. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but the vision of a better world is so worth it. #ChangeIsComing 🧵3/18
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You can remove Trump or he can stay until January 20th.

You can remove him from social media.

His ideology is American, because white supremacy was in the fabric of the founding documents of this nation.

Trump is & always has been an example of what is beneath the surface.
Millions of Americans voted for this man.

Millions of Americans believe that if Black people are voting at high numbers it’s rigged.

Their ancestors worked hard to restrict our vote, because they understood the power that came with giving us the ballot.
The question becomes, not what to do with Trump.

There are Trumps at every layer of government, nationally & locally.

The question is when do we get serious about ending the systems of white supremacy?

The time is now. #KeepPushing #ChangeisComing
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In 2016 when we attempted police reform there was a critical vote and Tara Wicker abstained from several votes to reform the police department. It lead to those issues being deferred until after the 2016 elections, the council ended up not approving a single reform to the police
department, in part because of Wickers votes or lack thereof. Then they created a group that has no power to be “ambassadors” for the department.

In 2018 there was a vacancy on the council. For the first time in HISTORY there was an opportunity to balance the Metro Council
here in Baton Rouge. Wicker went with “council tradition” against the overwhelming will of the Black community to send the vacancy appointment to the governor instead of allowing a bias council to decide. Tara Wicker voted against the majority of voices that appeared that night,
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Grateful to God is an understatement. Thankful for each of you and your many showers of birthday love today.

My whole life I’ve been the person who spoke out of turn. The one who just couldn’t listen to something wrong and be silent. Image
They said I was disrespectful as a child. Some think I’m disrespectful now.

In these 35 years I survived attempting suicide. Broke the generational curse that took my mother’s life 2 months after I was born. The struggles of life have a way of refining us. Image
My being here is proof to me that God’s plan is bigger than my thoughts. So I’ve learned to trust things will work out how they should — if I do what I should.

On this journey I’ve hurt people and been hurt. I learned from both. I’ve loved and I’ve lost. Image
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So this is totally outside of my norm, but I figured the only way to show you is to show you. This work is heavy. Fighting for real systemic change and dedicating your energy to that can be a lot to manage.
One of the ways I decompress is to take a ride, listen to good music, and block out everything else.

I believe we can be as Sen. Kamala Harris calls it, “joyful warriors” as we do this work. Yes it gets hard. Yes it’s serious.
Literally life and death often, yet we must find a way to press on.

So I’m going to do these Justice and Jams rides, might even invite some friends on live with me. I just want you to #KeepPushing, and like my
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I’ve received hundreds if not thousands of comments, messages, emails asking me to run for office. I ran for State Senate last year. We lost. But we learned. I’m on here ballot in July. Read the full caption on IG.…
I’ve received hundreds if not thousands of comments, messages, emails asking me to run for office. Most of you are new to this journey with me and don’t know, but I did run for office. I ran for State Senate last year. Not because I wanted a title, but because I wanted to make
change happen. We lost. •

Losing the election was a hard thing for me, it cost me far more to run for office than most. My friends were intimidated, we struggled to raise funds, and while we ran a hell of a race we came up way short. But I wouldn’t change it for anything.
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I have witnessed the truth.

Yesterday, Glenn and I spent the day delivering signs throughout the district. Our last stops had us in Prince William and to our surprise too close for comfort to the protest in Manassas.

I took these photos last night

May 30th, 2020 was meant to be the day where the United States and our space capabilities reached new heights. However, this day won't be remembered for that, because while our rockets have never reached higher heights, our country has hit an all-time low. Image
If you want to know what an angry black woman sounds like, this is it.

I'm angry that another black person was killed by someone who was sworn to protect. I'm angry that this man's name will be added to the seemingly never-ending list of black people killed by police brutality. Image
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UXBRIDGE & RUISLIP with @ARMilani_ Thread(1/4) 😁
One Week to Make History!!! #ChangeIsComing .

Tuesday 3rd December

Meeting at the corner of Station Road and Cowley High Road, UB8 3AA.

Meeting at the corner of Granville Road and Long Lane, UB10 9PG
Wednesday 4th December

12pm Leafletting
Meeting outside Tesco on Pield Heath Rd, Uxbridge UB8 3NJ

6pm Canvassing
Meeting at the corner of Haig Road and Green Lane, UB8 3EE
Thursday 5th December

12pm Leafletting
Meeting outside Tesco on Pield Heath Rd, Uxbridge UB8 3NJ

6pm Canvassing
Meeting at the corner of Haig Road and Green Lane, UB8 3EE
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A) I couldn’t have imagined when I was introduced to the work of Thomas Kuhn and Michel Foucault in 1980 that I would actually experience a paradigm shift or an episteme change respectively. However, major change is now occurring in economics due to Modern Monetary Theory...
B) ..(MMT) - initially the work of Warren Mosler, aided by social media - made available by the internet innovation of Tim Berners-Lee. I wonder if it is a true paradigm shift though as it is the replacement of a body of contrived fantasy and knowingly dishonest information...
C) ..supported by a false infrastructure and camouflaging awards by a clear set of empirical observations, rational historical analysis and robust deductions. However, when enough people grasp the previously concealed, truthful observations and insights of MMT and demand the...
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This State has always been synonymous with the interests of the English Norman-Westminster/City of London Regime via the issuance, control and taxation of ‘money’ and the violent separation of the people from the natural means of meeting their needs...
..Shaken slightly between 1945-1979: it regained control with the neoliberal project and the systematic proliferation of conservative metaphors. Its Achilles Heel is the obfuscated and inverted fact of Spend and Tax (by Tax to Spend myth) with its supporting toothless bogeymen...
..‘Deficit' and ‘National Debt’. Only awareness of these major MMT insights could subvert this process to be utilised explicitly for the public good - to address the naturally evolved physical, emotional and intellectual needs of us all...
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1/ The effects of gender imbalance in the VC industry have been well documented. Recent data suggests women represent just 9% of the VC industry, and there are 16x more male founded startups than female founded startups backed by VCs
2/ Many studies have highlighted the historic implicit bias against female entrepreneurs from VCs. But I was excited to learn this past week from Professor Ilya Strebulaev @StanfordGSB that there is new data to suggest behavior is changing
3/ In one of the largest randomized trials ever conducted last month, researchers sent >80k cold emails from 200 fake entrepreneurs to ~30k VCs and angels. If you are a VC, it is highly likely you got one of their pitch emails and participated in the trial #brilliant Image
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[Thread] When the minimum wage was introduced by a @UKLabour Government in April 1999, it was seen as a major achievement. Trade unions had campaigned for it, as a basic minimum for all workers. Unfortunately, in many sectors, it became a ceiling, not a floor. (1/9)
Over time, the minimum wage has not kept pace with the rising cost of housing, heating & food. Recent research by @jrf_uk shows that two thirds of children & working age adults in poverty belong to working households. More workers are dropping below the poverty line weekly (2/9)
.@LivingWageUK have, over the years, worked out a model for a ‘real’ living wage, currently set at £8.75 across the UK & £10.20 in London. The number of jobs that pay below that wage has now hit 6.3 million, marking an increase of more than 300,000 on last year. (3/9)
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Here's a THREAD on the #USS Trustees, powerful individuals whose role has been insufficiently examined, and who have been operating without the full benefits of public scrutiny.

#USSstrikes #USSstrike #WeAreTheUniversity #StrikeForUSS #DemocratiseUSS #DemocratizeUSS

As the #USS dispute goes on, it's clearer than ever that the institutions that govern our pensions have been failing us in multiple ways. They are secretive, non-transparent, marked by conflicts of interest and revolving doors. We need to open up and #DemocratizeUSS.
Of the 5 “independent” Trustees of #USS, 4 have a background working for investment and financial services companies, the 5th used to work for Rio Tinto, the mining company, running their gold mines in Papua New Guinea.

Let's have a look at them.
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