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Mother/Strategic Planner/Public Servant. Democratic candidate for Virginia's 1st Congressional District (VA-01). RT’s/mentions are not endorsements.
21 Jun 20
What I have to say is very important and I ask you to read this all the way through.

About half of our district is the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. This is where our aquaculture is and it is very strong.


This area makes its living from the hard labor of our Watermen. They need our support now more than ever. Our Watermen catch and raise marine life from rockfish to oysters. They are small businesses that keep the region going.


They keep many more small businesses thriving. Restaurants, local grocery stores, roadside stands and more sell the fresh catches they bring to us.


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16 Jun 20
We've been asking for broadband for years and we're still getting nothing.

The internet was created in 1983. The World Wide Web in 1991 and Broadband right after that. So, if the internet is world wide, why can't we have broadband Nationwide?

We need last mile broadband internet now. 

We are a rural district and we have examples that show we need broadband. We have people who hop with their phone in the air to get connected. They don't even joke about this in commercials. It's been decades and we've gotten nowhere?
I said this a month ago, but I feel we aren't being heard. Broadband expansion not only increases business and job growth, but also growth in population, per capita income and even GDP. It's a simple solution and yet, I still have broadband infrastructure as a legislative issue.
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3 Jun 20
I will speak the truth.

It seems many think that every protest is a violent riot, when actually most of the demonstrations across the US are peaceful. Folks need to take time to understand why people are angry. I’m angry. We are also trying to avoid black kids getting killed.
We’re angry not just because of this one murder by a Minneapolis police officer, but because of the ongoing racist violence against black people conducted by people with authority. Why don't folks understand? Because it's been made common place wrapped in a cloak.
Floyd’s final words echo the last words of Eric Garner, whose 2014 death at the hands of New York policemen catalyzed the Black Lives Matter movement. Floyd’s death came days after three men were arrested for killing a young black man, Ahmaud Arbery, whom they saw out running.
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