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Derek Jarman´s "Caravaggio": Chiaroscuro, Baroque and the ashes of Pasolini.
#DerekJarman, was a bold and unapologetic filmmaker and artist, highly influenced by Pier Paolo #Pasolini, whose work he emulated in his career. 1.- Image
@Dexfletch 2.-His films, such as "#Caravaggio," pay homage to Pasolini's aesthetic and thematic concerns, while also reflecting his experiences and perspectives as a #gay artist living in #Thatcher's #Britain.
3.-"Caravaggio" is a visually stunning and thematically rich film that remains a highlight of Jarman's career. It is a meditation on the power of #art to transcend time and space, as well as the ephimeral nature of #fame and #celebrity.
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There were many discussions if #Laravel's facades implement GoF's Facade Pattern, but I think it does not matter at this point - the team won't change naming convention anyway. Naming is not a problem, I see other issues with facades - a #PHP thread 🧵
1) They're basically magic 🪄 Some may see it as advantage, but I consider it as drawback. You don't execute exact code you're calling, but your call is proxied to some underlying service. It strictly couples your code with the framework, which handles it.
Facades' API has to be added as comments in PHPDoc (with `@Method`) which is error prone because it's easy to forget to update facade's phpdoc when underlying service (accessor) is changed. But even if autocompletion in IDE works, you just can't simply navigate to method's code.
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Toy MuJoCo + Box2d envs in OpenAI Gym are moving to #brax! 100x GPU/TPU speedup + purely pythonic + jax/pytorch-enabled ready to be unleashed! An exciting news for #brax #braxlines #jax teams. Also check out #composer, where I am adding more demos…



#brax still cannot (and probably won't ever) match the full specs with mujoco/pybullet. But esp with open-sourcing plans of mujoco, excited to see where could be synergies.
Good to see a lot of large-scale, algorithmic deep RL researchers are aligned: "I personally believe that hardware accelerator support is more important, hence choosing Brax."
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Ok, time for the big one. What are appropriate rates for #gameaudio/#gamedev composers? How do you calculate what to charge? What is everyone ELSE charging? What do the numbers look like in AAA, midcore, indie, and so on? Let's deep-dive. #GameDevPaidMe

Sources: 1. I'm gonna be referencing stats from the Game Audio Industry survey by @GameSound. This is wonderful, but is biased in that respondents are folks who are well-enmeshed in this community. They are likely more successful than the average.…

I'll also be sourcing convos w/ other studios, composers, etc. To protect privacy, I will not be providing names or identifying details. You'll kinda just need to trust me that these equal real people who replied. I don't want folks to get in trouble!

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🗓 Efemérides musicales: 12 de mayo

1842: #TalDíaComoHoy nace Jules Massenet compositor francés del Romanticismo conocido principalmente por sus óperas.
#JulesMassenet #Composer #MúsicaClásica
1753: #TalDĂ­aComoHoy nace Giovanni Viotti, violinista, compositor y pedagogo italiano.
#GiovanniViotti #Violín #Composer #MúsicaClásica
1845: #TalDíaComoHoy nace Gabriel Fauré, compositor, pedagogo, organista y pianista francés, uno de los compositores franceses más destacados de su generación.
#GabrielFauré #Composer #MúsicaClásica
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Thank you to everyone who came to our INTERFACE: Science + Art + Health event last week. We are pleased to share our virtual #ArtExhibition & the video recordings of the talks given by our artist & researcher duos! Visit our @Artsteps_ #ArtGallery now: 1/6
Video 1 features @SMQB_UoB Research Fellow Dr Leandro Junges & #LivedExperience artist @MellEJFisher talking about their joint art project which explores #Papilledema #Papilloedema #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension @DrMollan @IIHUK @IIHDrBirmingham 2/6
In Video 2 @SMQB_UoB Research Fellow Danny Galvis & #Composer Pietro Bardini explore recovery response following #CardiacSurgery through a multi-channel #Soundpiece that mimics the interaction model between hormones & inflammatory mediators @ederzavala 3/6
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🎵To understand range and tessitura, look at standard vocal repertoire by master composers, such as An Die Musik by Franz Schubert.


1. The vocal range is an octave plus a perfect forth, much more conservative than the entire possible range of a professional classical singer, which is 2-2 ½ octaves or more. Most art song fits within a vocal range of no more than an octave plus perfect fifth.
2. Schubert doesn’t use the most extreme high or extreme low notes of the singer. The notes fit into the medium low zone of a singer’s range.
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Composers always ask me…

*How can I write music singers will love?
*What’s a safe range for a singer where I can write whatever I want?
*My mezzo friend told me she has a high B-flat but then I wrote one and she said she can’t sing that word on it. What’s going on? Image
*Why can’t I understand the words in my own piece?

*Why do I need to worry about text setting when I’m writing experimental music using noises and vowel sounds?

Here’s the thing…
Here’s the thing:

Unlike instruments, singers perform TEXT—combinations of vowels and consonants that require different movements of the lips, teeth, tongue, jaw…the SPACE in our mouths.

That means there are SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS to sing EVERY SINGLE PITCH in a singer’s range
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