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Today, a young Czech analyst stated that since the information warfare began, politics perverted to a self-serving cycle operated by entertainment means. Spot on. That’s why I decided write strong stories instead of social science studies. #Storytelling is a powerful tool.
We live in an information environment which has been build and operated by Big Dirty Money and Silicon Valey beautiful minds, mildly put. Our natural information exchange was stuffed into the new “distribution model” and bent to their pathological desire to transform the world.
A lot of power brokers of our old cultural roots was tempted to surf the wave of technology and power, reckless with consequences. Surveillance, data, cults, behavioural wizards for sale, rainmakers of all kind. Buying and selling our brain, neurology and reactions on the market.
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Son comes to me running: Daddy, give me a story/plot idea. I told him: it’s for you to find. Read hundreds and thousands, meet, interact with people, get to know their stories and one / two ideas may click sparking a story. ...1/n
Instead of catching fish for him, I taught him how to fish. In our context, it’s about how to develop a storyline.
I taught him what I learnt 1.5 years back as part of a scholarship program conducted by @HimalayanWrite under the aegis of @IndicAcademy. ...2/n
It’s called the Freytag Pyramid or Freytag Model!
The Freytag Model goes like this: it tells us that every story worth telling must have an inciting incident called Exposition. It leads to a process of Rising Action like the build-up of bubbles in a pot of water being warmed..3/n
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“Storytelling is Life.”

Our power constellation of Imagination, Empathy, Connection; all revolve around it. It is the most human and most essential tool for innovation and for social change.


#storytelling #fiction #innovation #metaverse
The ability and power to create and believe in mass fictions - money, geographical boundaries, religions - and then use them to organize & in turn to shape & change our reality is what differentiates humans from other animals. Brains 🧠 manifest.


#storytelling #innovation
Yuval Harari. Neil Gaiman. Kurt Vonnegut. Leslie Marmon Silko. Amanda Gorman.

@harari_yuval @neilhimself @Kurt_Vonnegut @TheAmandaGorman

I think they all believe this about the great power of our stories and fictions.

I sure do. 🤷‍♂️

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Sitting in the cramped high school library I sat a table chicken scratching a script outline for a Western style video game.

Hampsterdance plays endlessly on loop as a bunch of freshman giggle uncontrollably at the classic meme.
The principle big bellies up to my desk and asks me to explain what I was doing.

I tell him, “I’ve got this cool idea for a video game. These rough sketches are storyboarding the major plot points… I think there’s room for deeper storytelling in video games.”
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Did you know customers stood by the Coffee Brand @sleepyowlcoffee when it delivered products in the wrong packaging?

Wrong packaging could've resulted in a deluge of bad customer reviews - But this BRAND HACK saved them.
Read the amazing story of Sleepy Owl's #brandloyalty Image
When the #pandemic hit the world in 2020, businesses were caught off-guard. Sleep Owl was no different. From their Inventory getting stuck on the highway for 45 days to running out of packaging -The new coffee brand was navigating a host of operational & financial problems.(1/9)
When @sleepyowlcoffee ran out of packaging for their hero product i.e. the original cold brew with which they entered the coffee market, the brand had 2 choices - And NEITHER of them were easy.
#branding #storytelling (2/9)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/18/2022…
Euler’s 243-Year-Old ‘Impossible’ Puzzle Gets a Quantum Solution | Quanta Magazine…

#EncodedInformation, #QuantumMechanics, #EulerPuzzleSolution, #Mathematics
Transmission T-026: Eric Maskin on mechanism design for the market | Santa Fe Institute…

#MechanismDesign, #ExtraordinaryCircumstances, #ComplexityScience
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Is your Procrastination killing your Dreams?
I guess, we spend more time thinking about things that are out of our control. Some things that we have not seen. Thus, we never move forward.

~ *thread* ~

There is a simple ideology that I follow, first, try to start with a small thing. Small enough to experiment out everything that you would have done all the way if you were the one.
There is a story behind how I came up with this.
1/ My friend always thought of becoming a CEO, starting his own company, and stuff like that. But, it is definitely not easy.
The tension of finding the right idea for the people along with a good business model always kept him stuck. I guess everyone faces this once.
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🧵 Sharing snippets and my reflections from the [[Book/Storyworthy]] by [[Author/Matthew Dicks]].
🎬 Start Date: [[December 24th, 2021]]
🏁 Finish Date: [[December 26th, 2021]]
📚 Genre: #NonFiction #Storytelling #PersonalHacks #Writing
1/#Storytelling helps you realise that the biggest, scariest, most painful or regretful things in your head get small and surmountable when you share them with others.
2/#Storytelling is a favour to yourself because you are taking a moment to write your name in the wet cement of life before you head to whatever is next.
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What did @zomato do better than @swiggy_in, @ubereats in terms of marketing?

A Thread on how @zomato used the power of #Storytelling to encourage orderers to tip the delivery guys.
#branding #marketing #startup
It all started with a random catch up with friends over cafe. We were talking about how habitual we've become w.r.t ordering food. Be it a coffee or bhelpuri, everything's just a tap away (1/9)
Gradually, we started discussing which app we prefer to order often -@zomato, @swiggy_in or @UberEats. While most of us used all 3, there was an Uncanny pattern wrt to delivery tips: Most of us have tipped @zomato delivery guys more than the delivers from other platforms. (2/9)
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#India is home to many storytelling #traditions. Each artform narrates a beautiful #story.

In this #series, we bring to you the different modes of #storytelling.

The first in the series is #Kolam.
In this post, #Kolam is drawn by expert Hema Kannan @lotus_shakti. She very beautifully has drawn a cradle & Krishna's little feet popping out of it. This elaborate Kolam aesthetically narrates the story of Janmashtami. This is the power of Kolam & the stories it carries with it.
#Kolam #art is drawn using rice flour, as per age-old conventions, on any flat surface using bare fingers. The #pattern begins with a #series of #dots that are interconnected with each other through #geometric #lines & #curves.
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I think it's clear now: #storytelling is a superpower in business, in careers, in life.

If you can convey your ideas well, you get a lot more than if you can't.

So, I teamed up with @jpkinggg to create a course on how to tell your story:

@jpkinggg We took the lessons I've learned from @ThisAmerLife @NewYorker and my baby, @planetmoney about how to powerfully, effectively, consistently tell your story.

@jpkinggg @ThisAmerLife @NewYorker @planetmoney I am so excited about this course.

JP and I spent months turning the lessons of my 30-year-career into clear frameworks you can use quickly.

We ran our first group and it went beautifully.

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I think it's clear now: #storytelling is a superpower in business, in careers, in life.

If you can convey your ideas well, you get a lot more than if you can't.

So, I teamed up with @jpkinggg to create a course on how to tell your story:

@jpkinggg We took the lessons I've learned from @ThisAmerLife @NewYorker and my baby, @planetmoney about how to powerfully, effectively, consistently tell your story.

@jpkinggg @ThisAmerLife @NewYorker @planetmoney I am so excited about this course.

JP and I spent months turning the lessons of my 30-year-career into clear frameworks you can use quickly.

We ran our first group and it went beautifully.

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Kickass #Storytelling Made Easy,

with legendary #Bollywood movie @DDLJ.

Dig in to discover the framework: Image
Stage 1: Expose character, setting and conflict Image
Main #Character: Raj - A happy-go-lucky college lad who doesn't take anyting seriously Image
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@chudders Thank you for the RT @WorldOK_
I was involved in India's largest open source digital education platform. Target audience-millions of Govt and aided school children K-1 to 4 then 2015. I started by framing as how do you 'design participation' where the issue was dropouts. 1/n Image
@chudders @WorldOK_ Field studies and other sources pointed to planning engagement by exploring #touchpoints on a typical day. 2/n Image
@chudders @WorldOK_ Since it was conceptualized as a digital platform, while education, like news media, was actively adapting from physical to digitization (CD roms, PDFs etc) to digital (platform, data driven), I explored service map to trigger interactions, leading to data, feeds to analysis. 3/n Image
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"Co-hosted by Richard Curtis & Mark #Carney – & featuring senior leaders from the financial world – the summit discussed how the $50 trillion invested by #pension funds globally can help tackle the #climate #emergency."

#COP26 #SavingCapitalism

"...with 47 trillion dollars in #pension funds globally this sector plays a major role we need to get our savings for the future shaping the future."

#TheyMeanBusiness #EmergingMarkets #COP26
If recent history serves as a barometer for public embrace of corporate "solutions" (marketed via #storytelling & #NGOs), it is not difficult to envision whole societies soon demanding their #pensions be "unlocked" by those attempting to save the faltering #capitalist system.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/14/2021…
A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Instructional Videos with Jonathan Halls…

#InstructionalVideos #HowTo
Moscow's QR Code Passes Get the Tattoo Treatment…

#QRCodes #tattoos #consequences
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/10/2021…
Food systems offer huge opportunities to cut emissions, study finds…

#FoodSystems #opportunities #GreenhouseGasEmissions #reduction #ClimateChange
Community assembly and coexistence in communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi…

#CommunityAssembly #MycorrhizalFungi #coexistence
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Es tendencia en #MarketingDigital el #StoryDoing que es lo mismo que el #StoryTelling pero de verdad, es decir, se acaba el blablabla para quiero verte hacerlo. Los #Millenials quieren menos postureo y más acción.

Cualquier parecido con la realidad es coincidencia.
Olvídese de él o la modelo perfecta, porque la gente quiere ver realidades, prepárese a más inclusión, incluya a los "discapacitados en sus campañas" Apoye los problemas reales que tenemos en la sociedad a su marca y hágalos visible.
Las experiencias móviles deben ser más audaces, en tiempos de pandemia el usuario aumentó el gusto por ellas y se volvió exigente, no vamos a dejar la quincena a cualquiera, lo queremos fast and furious.
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How do you build story-based advocacy campaigns that can have real impact? My friends @samleewright, @msteinman, @aechristiano & I pulled together what we know from social impact entertainment campaigns & the science of social change in this four part series with @SSIR.
Storytelling is the most powerful tool we have, but only when crafted and deployed in the right ways. We offer a model for building campaigns and highlight three critical roles: funder, storyteller and strategist. #narrativepower…
You are in on stories, but which stories should you tell? We share strategies for building or choosing transformative, counternarratives that can bring people together on divisive issues. #storytelling…
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Anyone who tells you Mobile Journalism, or Mojo, is a trend hasn’t been paying attention. Today, the majority of technical and financial barriers between you becoming a professional journalist have been largely swept away. What you need is dedication and knowledge. @GlenBMulcahy
Glen Mulcahy, sometimes referred to as the father of Mojo, is ready to share his years of knowledge with you.

Glen is the founder of Mojofest and the former head of innovation with RTÉ, Ireland’s national public broadcaster.

Glen’s been at the forefront of Mojo before it was even called Mojo. If you have a passion for Mobile Journalism, then the LumaFusion for Mobile Journalists course will set you on a path to success.

#LumaFusion #Mojo
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"Prince" Harry, CIO of BetterUp, joins #VaxLive. BetterUp, partner of #Salesforce, valued at 1.73 billion, is premised on behavioral change via #AI & #data. Psychological resilience/support for chosen ones, which is recognized as an imperative, to transition to & endure #4IR. ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen model: nurturing of #celebrity worship as a "pop & policy" model to harvest/exploit targeted youth demographic.

#VaxLive #Gates #VaccineUptake #Biotech #India #PrinceHarry #Salesforce #4IR

Learning thread:

"Credible #celebrity endorsers can be deadly efficient in cutting into the toughest #markets & combating the fiercest consumer #resistance." —Celebrity Culture, 2006

#VaxLive #VaxLies #Gates #WorldBank #4IR #Biotech #VaccineUptake #Marketing ImageImageImageImage
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