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I think Nollywood is trying and improving with the kinda quality movies we’ve been seeing since the last 5-10yrs. Gangs of Lagos, Brotherhood, Rattlesnake: The Aham Story, King of Boys, Blood Sisters, etc… Great acting, sleek visuals and believable storylines, to say the least. Image
If you ask me, I think also that perhaps it’s high time we ventured into animation/fantasy films as well, with epic storytelling and likable stock characters that have the capability to blossom into cult-like followings and household names among both adults and children alike.
Take for example, Hollywood’s Marvel and DC Comics. I believe it must’ve taken massive lots of creativity, vision and of course funding for something like DCverse to be what it is today. You’ve got great fictional characters like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Green Lantern,
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Book proposals: What’s involved? How do you write them? Here are 14 tips from editors Emily Andrew of @McGillQueensUP, Randy Schmidt of @UBCPress and Dan Quinlan of @utpress. They’ll have more to say at a panel at #congressh in Toronto. A thread… 🧵 Image
1. Before you submit a book proposal, meet with an acquisition editor to form a relationship. This way when the proposal arrives it will have a face and a conversation attached. 🤝(@eandreweditor) #bookproposal
2. There is no protocol to contacting an acquisitions editor. Reach out to them by name. Our contact information is online, we will know many of your colleagues and peers, and we are approachable. Leverage mutual contacts and relationships. (Dan Quinlan, @utpress) 📧📞#Editors
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/10 🚀 "Powering Up Your Tech Startup: Crafting Compelling Pitch Decks"

Navigating the world of #startups?

Your pitch deck can make or break your big break. Let's dive into some effective writing strategies with real-world examples. 🧵

#TechStartups #PitchDeck
1. Remember, your pitch deck is a STORY.
2. Talk about the PROBLEM.
3. Then showcase your SOLUTION.
4. Be upfront about your BUSINESS MODEL.
5. Provide a clear MARKETING & SALES STRATEGY.
6. Prove why your TEAM is the best to solve this problem.
7. Your FINANCIALS matter.
8. And finally, ask for the INVESTMENT.
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कहते है कि टी एन शेषन मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त थे तब एक बार वे #उत्तरप्रदेश की यात्रा पर गए। उनके साथ उनकी पत्नी भी थीं। रास्ते में एक बाग के पास वे लोग रुके। बाग के पेड़ पर बया पक्षियों के घोसले थे। उनकी पत्नी ने कहा दो घोसले मंगवा दीजिए मैं इन्हें घर की Image
सज्जा के लिए ले चलूंगी। उन्होंने साथ चल रहे पुलिस वालों से घोसला लाने के लिए कहा। पुलिस वाले वहीं पास में गाय चरा रहे एक बालक से पेड़ पर चढ़कर घोसला लाने के बदले दस रुपये देने की बात कहे, लेकिन वह लड़का घोसला तोड़ कर लाने के लिए तैयार नहीं हुआ। टी एन शेषन उसे दस की
जगह पचास रुपए देने की बात कहे फिर भी वह लड़का तैयार नहीं हुआ। उसने शेषन से कहा साहब जी! घोसले में चिड़िया के बच्चे हैं शाम को जब वह भोजन लेकर आएगी तब अपने बच्चों को न देख कर बहुत दुखी होगी, इसलिए आप चाहे जितना पैसा दें मैं घोसला नहीं तोड़ सकता।
इस घटना के बाद टी.एन. शेषन को
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Here at @LearnTechUK about to discover how L&D can actively contribute to #sustainability and the green agenda. I know nothing about it - so I can’t wait for speakers Brittany Sage Brown @Brittany_Sage_B & Tess Robinson @tessrobinsonLAS to blow my mind. Bring it! #LT23UK #T5S1
Did you know that Louisiana in the US is the first place in the world to have climate refugees due to flooding. They may be the first but @tessrobinsonLAS tells us they won’t be the last. #LT23UK #T5S1 Image
We just got asked how people in the room feel about #climatechange. Here are some of the answers from Menti. #LT23UK #T5S1 Image
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The Role of #Emotion in #Copywriting: How to Use Emotion to Connect with Your #Audience Image
1. Emotion plays a critical role in copywriting. When you connect with your audience on an emotional level, they're more likely to engage with your message and take action. #copywriting #emotion
2. To use emotion effectively in your copywriting, you need to understand your audience's pain points, desires & aspirations. What motivates them? What keeps them up at night? #copywriting #audience
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Creating #Compelling #Storytelling: How to Make Your #Brand Story Memorable Image
1. Creating a memorable brand story starts with understanding your audience. Who are they, what are their needs and desires, and how can your brand fulfill those needs? Your brand story should be tailored to resonate with your target audience.
2. Once you understand your audience, it's important to develop a clear and concise brand message. Your brand message should be easy to understand, memorable & align with your brand's values and purpose.
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#Copywriting for #Video: Tips for #Writing Engaging Video Scripts Image
1. When writing a video script, it's important to understand that you're not just writing words on a page. You're crafting a story that will captivate & engage your audience. #copywriting #videoscripting
2. Start your video script with a strong hook that grabs your viewer's attention from the very beginning. A good hook can make the difference between someone clicking away or sticking around to watch the whole thing. #hook #videoscripting
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🌟 Small Talk Mastery

Unlock the art of engaging, meaningful conversations, and elevate your social interactions. Ready to dive into the world of captivating small talk? Let's get started! 🚀 #SmallTalk #Thread

2/ 🧠 Mindset Shift

Embrace the idea that small talk is an opportunity to connect, learn, and share. By refining your small talk skills, you can create more meaningful relationships and enhance your social life. #MindsetMatters
3/ 🎯 Strategy #1

Be genuinely interested. Listen attentively to the person you're speaking with, and show curiosity in their thoughts and experiences. People love to be heard and valued. #ActiveListening
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😮 So excited that a major TV production company approached me to help them develop prompts & workflows for story development using #GPT4. 🚀

⏰ For #screenwriters & #filmmakers, this is a wake-up call

💰💻💡 The industry is eager to save money & resources /w AI efficiency + #GPT4 is leading the charge. I expect production processes to be changed within a year.

The infamous #OpenAI study has shown: Creative tasks are the most exposed to AI automation

The consequences of AI are real, and they're coming to town. Now, how can AI improve the creative process? By helping with structural groundwork, for example:…
#AI #storytelling
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🧵Video Marketing: Captivate Your Audience with Visuals🎥

Video content has become a powerful marketing tool, offering engaging and accessible ways to tell your brand's story. Let's explore the potential of video marketing with examples and best practices.🌟👇

1️⃣ 🚀Product Demos & Tutorials: Show, Don't Tell📚

Demonstrate how your product or service works, providing value and addressing common pain points.

Example: @Apple's product launch events showcase new features, designs, and use cases for their devices.
2️⃣ 🎬Brand Videos: Share Your Vision & Values🌈

Create compelling narratives that showcase your brand's mission, values, and personality.

Example: @Nike's "Just Do It" campaign uses powerful storytelling to inspire and motivate viewers.

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Derek Jarman´s "Caravaggio": Chiaroscuro, Baroque and the ashes of Pasolini.
#DerekJarman, was a bold and unapologetic filmmaker and artist, highly influenced by Pier Paolo #Pasolini, whose work he emulated in his career. 1.- Image
@Dexfletch 2.-His films, such as "#Caravaggio," pay homage to Pasolini's aesthetic and thematic concerns, while also reflecting his experiences and perspectives as a #gay artist living in #Thatcher's #Britain.
3.-"Caravaggio" is a visually stunning and thematically rich film that remains a highlight of Jarman's career. It is a meditation on the power of #art to transcend time and space, as well as the ephimeral nature of #fame and #celebrity.
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1/ 🧵 Discover the Hidden Gems of ChatGPT-4 💎: A thread on lesser-known but valuable tasks that ChatGPT-4 can perform

Unleash the full potential of this powerful AI! #ChatGPT4 #AI
2/ 💡 Brainstorming Partner: Struggling with creative ideas?

ChatGPT-4 can generate unique concepts for business names, marketing campaigns, product features, or story plots

Turn to this AI for inspiration! #Brainstorming #Creativity
3/ 📚 Summarizing Complexity: Need to grasp key points from lengthy documents quickly?

ChatGPT-4 can condense complex information into concise summaries, saving you time and effort #Summarization #TimeSaver
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The power to create reality lies in the STORIES we tell.

With major media outlets increasingly controlled or unaccessible to many, it's more important than ever to take control of the narrative.

Here's why storytelling is essential for #SBCWorks:
a twitter thread 🧵
Non-professionals telling their personal stories.

#Digitalstorytelling videos give ordinary citizens the power to shape reality with their narratives.

Their charm is in their authenticity and originality: homemade videos are intentionally subjective.

Smartphones with cameras and social media platforms like #YouTube/ #Instagram have made it easier than ever to share your unique perspective with the world.

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#storytelling #narrativapública

1. realización por encima de la media 🇦🇷
2. guión pobre y con resoluciones amateurs
3. influenciado MUY fuertemente por un spot multipremiado de #JohnieWalker

Vamos de a poco 👇 Image

¿Intentaron hacer de @horaciorlarreta un @robertcarlyle_? Si, lo intentaron😅

Van las tomas de cierre del spot "The man who walked around the world" oro en cannes y van las tomas de cierre del spot de Larreta


La otra influencia MUUUY directa con el spot del whisky es la utilización del plano secuencia única toma sin cortar)

Intenta mostrar un @horaciorlarreta vivo, cercano y "sin editar"

Fueron a la segura: Imitan fuerte la dirección de arte del spot (nublado y lugar remoto)…
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🇺🇦🇷🇺 Hace un año que comenzó la #UkraineRussianWar y es la oportunidad perfecta para ver como el #storytelling puede hacer de un actor convertido en presidente un referente a nivel mundial.

¿Listos para un hilo sobre el arquetipo del héroe? Come on! 🧵👇🏾
💥 Febrero de 2022 . Comenzamos con el advenimiento de un suceso inesperado que cambia diametralmente el escenario y la vida del protagonista: la invasión rusa del territorio ucraniano. ImageImage
🤔 Esta irrupción pone al personaje ante la decisión de huir o resisitir. ¿Se enfrentará al viaje?

#Zelensky, actor convertido en político, para sorpresa de muchos, dio un rotundo sí que resonó en las #RRSS y, por ende, en todo el mundo. Se quedó en #Ucrania, decidió resistir. ImageImageImageImage
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🚀 You can become a data analyst in 90 days without spending a cent! Yes, you heard that right.

With the right approach and dedication, anyone can become a #dataanalyst . Here are the steps to follow( Make sure the order is maintained)

Learn Excel - Time : 12 days
🎙️ Tutorials -
🏗️ Projects -
Learn Basic Statistics - Time : 3 days
🎙️ Tutorials -
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Hello Data Analyst,

Do you want to captivate your stakeholders and keep them glued to your reports?

Use these 4 story arcs to transform your storytelling skill. The 4th story arc is my favourite.
A story arc is the overall structure of a story while a plot diagram is the visual representation of the structure.

Story arcs can help data analysts to structure their data-driven stories in a way that is interesting and easy for their audience to understand.

Shall we?
There are different types of story arcs/plot diagrams but I will be discussing my favourite 4.

1. Rags to Riches Plot Diagram: this story structure describes the journey of a character/company from a state of hardship (rags) to a state of success (riches).
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#animation #film #storyboard #directing #ScreenwritingTwitter #art #drawing #cartoon #cartoons #CartoonArt #storytelling #storyteller #Animations #animation2d #animation3d #tutorial #Students #filmstudent #animationstudent


John "F" Fountain

cont. Image
This tutorial is being sponsored by MY PRECIOUS TIME.
I want to keep creating free stuff, so I'm not using paywalls, but if you'd like to support me - LIKE, SHARE, SPREAD THE WORD & SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

on to the tutorial...…

Storyboarding is hard.

Really, really, REALLY hard.

Twenty-Five years ago I went in for a job interview at Klasky Csupo for a character design gig and met with Mitch Watson - a producer for their new show, “The Wild Thornberrys”.

cont. Image
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“La persona más poderosa del mundo es aquella que sabe contar historias.”
— Steve Jobs

Pero el #Storytelling no es un superpoder.

Es una habilidad muy rentable que cualquiera puede aprender.

Aquí tienes los 6 pasos para empezar y 4 regalos para simplificarte la vida 👇
PASO 1⃣ ↴

Empieza por el final...

¿Qué quieres que haga la gente después de leer tu historia?


✔️ Comprar tu producto o servicio
✔️ Consumir otro contenido
✔️ Responder algo
PASO 2⃣ ↴

Ahora encuentra una historia.

Están por todas partes pero al principio te costará verlas.

Estas preguntas te ayudarán:

😬 Cuándo has sentido miedo ❓
😭 Cuándo has llorado ❓
😤 Cuándo te has cabreado ❓
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#CrushingIt is a great book for anyone looking to grow their personal brand and build a successful business. Here are ten key takeaways:

1/ The power of social media - Social media is a powerful tool for building and promoting your brand. #SocialMediaMarketing
2/ The importance of authenticity - Being authentic and genuine is key to building a loyal following. #Authenticity
3/ The role of content - Creating valuable content is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. #ContentMarketing
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Just had another chat session with OpenAI's ChatGPT system; that stuff is incredibly fascinating and thought-provoking. Literally feels like talking to alien intelligence. Go on an adventure with us about a human astronaut, Captain Nova. Check it out 🧵
#storytelling #chatgpt
Here, ChatGPT just started the story, but I actually liked its first suggestion so let's just go with it!🧵
Getting a bit too generic? Just ask the system to give it a more original spin.. I'm blown away by how coherent and well-formulated this is. Game-changer..🧵
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was sympatischer ist an #RogerSchawinski?
- er warnte alle, welche lesen können, dass seine #EgoGeneration bis 100 spass haben wird. 😵‍💫😨😰

freut euch auch 30 weitere jahre... @Weckr in den Vorstand @RepublikMagazin gewählt… @persoenlichcom
warum erzählt @persoenlichcom nicht die geschichte, wie @SRGSSR @srg_d @SRF in der zeit, in welcher die computer so klein wie stecknadeln wurden, #leutschenbach in einen betonierten unter⤵️haltungs apparat verwandelte? #newsundsportcenter

#ServicePublic = #propaganda?
wenn es zu einem contest der miesesten profeten käme, würde ich mich selbst anzeigen. diese verharmlosung um 2010 ist unerträglich. (so?)

"Man schickt Geld zu @Tamedia und hinten raus kommt Information"… @persoenlichcom
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You must have come across these famous brand mascots in #advertisements, but did you know the stories behind their conceptualisation?
Swipe to find out>>>
#Brands #Famous #Mascots #StoryTelling #Nostalgia #India Image
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