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1) Thread: Once again, lib media takes aim targeting Trump supporter conservative’s Twitter accounts labeling them Russians bots who spread disinformation. IC sources say Russia’s aim was to divide Americans but that job was taken long ago by the media, socialist Demos, & Rinos.

Politico claim: “A wide-ranging disinformation campaign aimed at Democratic 2020 candidates is already underway on social media, with signs that foreign state actors are driving at least some of the activity.”
3) Everyday people are just expressing opinions on Twitter like lib activists do in the streets. They’re just not burning cars, wielding bats, or bloodying people’s heads w/bike locks like media pals of socialist Democrats who take pictures to spin a story on the 6 o’clock news.
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So it begins.

Now we dive into another entity named in the recent Politico #200list story.

What is a "hoax?"

What is a "story?"

Who are the "narrators?"

#StoryFul 📖
«Storyful» has branded itself as the "world's social media intelligence agency."

Well that's just nifty. As if we needed more intelligence agencies acting like mad scientists on Twitter.

Thanks Jack. 🤨👌
With clients like these what could go wrong?

This is not about "right vs. left" it's about control & censorship. The MSM is all smoke & mirrors. Disinformation is no bueno but worse is the misinformation (or missed information 🤔).
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1) The "investigation" on the #CovingtonBoys was released this week (the report is dated Feb 11, 2019). It says they did nothing wrong. It was done by a detective agency. That finding tells us a lot abt what the investigators know/don't know.
2) From the report: "We found no evidence of offensive or racist statements to Mr. Phillips or members of his group. Some students performed a "tomahawk chop" to the beat of Mr. Phillips' drumming and some joined in Mr. Phillips' chant."

Do you know what the tomahawk chop is?
3) Here's a video of it. With thousands of people doing it, it might seem an okay thing to do.

The tomahawk chop is not ok. It is racist. Look at all the racism in the video. Ppl in headdresses, too. That is racist.

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Owner / producer / child advocate @GabeHoff was included in this article

He tweeted #LearnToCode 1 time & got his account locked

Blue check celebrities can threaten doxxing, violence, even bloody death upon #CovingtonBoys & @jack does nothing
Why is this one ok, @jack
.@jack has a problem with only 1 of these tweets, why is that?

@TwitterSafety @joerogan @Timcast
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Why are liberals allowed to attack teenagers with impunity? Where is the MSM outrage? This has to stop! #nydiavelazquez #CjPearson #CovingtonBoys
Democratic congresswoman threatens a Republican teenager by saying, 'You're right to be afraid of us' |…
Furthermore, why would a Congresswoman want a child to fear her? This is completely unacceptable.
Wait...why are they allowed to attack kids?
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1) Democrat/Rino lawmaker's repeated dismissal of CBP/DHS recommendations to build a wall they once approved to the tune of 45 BILLION is proof that they are more concerned about their politics, power, & money than they are about the safety & $ wellbeing of American citizens.
2) The liberal media sells the illusion that they exist to serve the public when their real goal is raking in ad$ trashing .@potus & conservatives while using their platform as political activists to push Pelosi and Schumer’s deceptive propaganda for the Democratic Party.
3) If average American’s are looking for a more the complete picture on the impact of illegal immigration & crime in America, it’s buried beneath a sea of endless incomplete reports, & purposefully deceptive political news media half-truths, and lies.
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1. Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher, statesmen, rumored a POWERFUL OCCULTIST associated w/ Rosicrucians/ Freemasons, oversaw KING JAMES BIBLE translation: Sent by “HIDDEN ORDER” to influence human history?…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
2. “An Open Secret”: A documentary about the abuse of young boys at the hands of “important men” in Hollywood. It is now available online for free

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Patriots
#WWG1WGA #JustComing #PizzaGate

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Patriots #WWG1WGA
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1/ Who am I?

I'm a #CVE researcher who studies the process of radicalization, social groups, and movements. In short, I look for ways to prevent people like the #CovingtonBoys from swiping even further right & endorsing white nationalism, ethnic separatism, or dom. terrorism.
2/ On Twitter, I identify as a “#ProudBoys Whisperer,” a tongue in cheek reference to the ethnographic fieldwork I do. This work involves many conversations like the one below.

3/ I also look for ways to help men and women innoculate themselves from falling down the #antifeminist/anti-#SJW /conspiratorial rabbit hole.
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1) For one week, most of the US has been riveted to media coverage of the #CovingtonBoys.

Most went from scolding them to praising or defending them.

"They were mistreated!" most said. "Poor boys!" they said.

"Media bias!" so many cried.
2) "Look at the other video!" they shouted.

They apparently think that the Hebrew Israelites presence and speech justified how the boys treated Nathan Phillips.

They're wrong about that. Think about it: would you be ok with your kid behaving badly?
3) What I want people to know is this: Native children are mistreated by adults who hand them assignments and books that denigrate their existence as Native people.

We are still here. I hate saying that, but in this USA, it has to be said.
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So, @NYMag’s @nhannahjones (with 100K followers) implies “the MAGA kid” was treated with “grace”, “benefit of the doubt” & ability to be “viewed as a child”

She actually R/T’d that #Covington was a case of “white supremacy”

And journalists wonder why they’re viewed negatively?
The idea of giving both kids (she cites the case of Kalief Browder) the benefit of the doubt, treating them with grace and as kids **regardless of race** doesn’t seem to have crossed her mind
Also, spoiler alert: Browder plead guilty to grand larceny. And came from a broken family with no father figure (thanks Dems and welfare state)

He later committed suicide after a lengthy stay in prison after being accused - possibly falsely - of another crime
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Here’s what the news won’t tell you but the CONSERVATIVE UNDERGROUND NEWS of TWITTER will
That's right motherfuckers. This is getting busted back out. What's the big fucking deal?
Well it TURNS OUT that a certain BANANA NEWS NETWORK has STRAIGHT UP FIRED somewhere around half of its data analytics department in Chicago.
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Ah, now we're seeing the real narrative emerge... After the confrontation with the #CovingtonBoys #NathanPhillips tried to disrupt a special Mass at the National Shrine in DC.
He read a f*cking list of demands that included reparations.…
Y'all can't possibly believe that #NathanPhillips JUST came up with that list of demands this weekend. 🤔 This man has longstanding animosity towards the Catholic church...
"Nathan's past was a difficult one. He was forced out of his family at the age of 5 to be integrated at a Catholic school like so many other Native Americans- not being allowed to see is family for 10 years." [1:05]…
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The left has made it clear. They intend to destroy the right through whatever means they can. It's time to drop the pretense. The right must seek to destroy the left, utterly and completely. The two cannot coexist. The left has made this crystal clear.
I pray that Robert Barnes will strike a mighty blow by extracting large sums of money from the lying media and movies stars who sought and still seek to destroy the #CovingtonBoys . His lawsuits should rock the foundations of the evil players.
But, much more must be done. People on the right must stop passively accepting the left’s lies. We must confront them at every turn and destroy their efforts to twist reality. We must refuse their attempts to label us and proudly proclaim our beliefs.
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1/ The #CovingtonBoys think blackface is OK (bc their substandard teachers never educated them about the history) & that tomahawk chops & war whooping at indigenous folk is ok (bc again, shitty teachers & parents), & that their ignorance makes them innocent. It does not...
2/ At some point you are responsible for knowing some things. And when you wear MAGA gear to be deliberately provocative, not back in your white small town enclave but a black city, you knew what you were doing...
3/ And yet few if any POC would think to themselves, "I think I'll come to the Covington Catholic football game wearing a hat that says 'America was never great,' or F Trump, bc they'd know there could b consequences...And if they did, Tucker Carlson wouldn't b defending them..
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Just curious, how would beating a drum and signing chants most do not understand defuse a situation?

I've witnessed people stepping in and defusing tense situations, EVERY TIME IT'S WITH WORDS AND COMMUNICATION.

Think about it...
#CovingtonCatholic #CovingtonBoys
Not one word was spoken by #NathanPhillips, it's was Nathan that approached the kids, it's was Nathan that encroached personal space, doing nothing but beating a drum and signing an Indian chant.

For all we know, that could have been a war song. #justSaying
Walking up to someone face, as they are stationary on public land and getting into their personal space just beating a drum and chanting in an unknown language defuses nothing. In fact, it provokes. I beleive Nathan wanted to provoke a negative reaction. #NathanPhillips
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1.) Jan 22, 2019 Pm News ~ Overnight Clashes Follow Venezuelan Officers' Failed Attempt To Lead Anti-Maduro Coup…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
2.) Jan 22, 2019 Pm News ~ Davos Elites Begrudgingly Admit
"It Takes More Than Propping Up The S&P To Drive Global Growth"…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3.) Jan 22, 2019 Pm News ~ A. Wess Mitchell 41, top diplomat in charge of European affairs, will resign from State Department next month according to the WaPo…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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If the #CovingtonBoys were BLACK, y’all would be calling them thugs and animals. No way would you be defending them.

Just STOP.
Same folks crying #CovingtonBays are being mislabeled had no problem labeling #TrayvonMartin & #MichaelBrown ‘thugs’ or blaming 12 yr old #TamirRice for his own death.

When innocent unarmed white boys start getting murdered for being white you can talk.

Until then, SHUT UP!
Here are the #CovingtonBoys harassing women in video taken by @roflinds right before they mocked the Native American elder. Guess they were ‘provoked’ here too, right.

(White) boys will be (white) boys, right? Black boys woulda been accused of assault.

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I've Started Taking Screenshots of well known people in the Media, Hollywood and other outlets Who posted vile and inflammatory false information on the boys from #CovingtonCatholic School. #StandWithCovington
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