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Reasons Black people have been murdered in 21st century America:

Praying, biking, driving, running, lying down, holding skittles, breathing, being home.

And while we're contemplating the injustice of #AtatianaJefferson's killing, think of #OscarGrant, shot in the back as he lay face down.

#PhilandoCastile, shot to death inside his car for NO reason.

Or #TamirRice, gunned down for holding a toy, which I describe in my book...
Think of #SandraBland, #EricGarner, #BothamJean.

Think of being Black and living in a nation where you're safe NOWHERE. Not at home. Not in church. Not on the street.

And where law enforcement can gun you down without consequences.

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I wrote about the death of #SandraBland when it happened. There were myriad questions. We heard the cop say he would light her up--it was on the initial video. Now we know more.

What Killed Sandra Bland?…
Over and over and over again we see that in the extrajudicial killings of black people, the police narrative is not what happened. The list is so long. #SandraBland is one more who did not have to die.
#SandraBland's death stayed with me. We saw her alive in that original video. We heard her and the police officer. And then she was dead--for want of cash bail, btw. Which is part of her story as well--she could be alive now, despite her (false) arrest.…
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There will be more of an outcry on the right over #JussieSmollett allegedly staging his own attack than on the drive-by killing of 12-year-old #TamirRice by cops who left him dying in the snow.
I'll elaborate: If it's true that #JussieSmollett staged his attack, that's horrible and reprehensible. But my point stands: there is no moral equivalence between one individual perpetrating a hoax and the racist and homophobic violence that elicits far less outrage on the right.
Tamir Rice is a perfect example of extreme injustice that receives little more than shrugs among right-wingers. Yet the Smollett case will have them jumping up and down crying foul. What kind of priorities are those?
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If the #CovingtonBoys were BLACK, y’all would be calling them thugs and animals. No way would you be defending them.

Just STOP.
Same folks crying #CovingtonBays are being mislabeled had no problem labeling #TrayvonMartin & #MichaelBrown ‘thugs’ or blaming 12 yr old #TamirRice for his own death.

When innocent unarmed white boys start getting murdered for being white you can talk.

Until then, SHUT UP!
Here are the #CovingtonBoys harassing women in video taken by @roflinds right before they mocked the Native American elder. Guess they were ‘provoked’ here too, right.

(White) boys will be (white) boys, right? Black boys woulda been accused of assault.

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.@TuckerCarlson I'm not in Antifa. No reasonable person thinks I peddle hate. But you told your audience those things. & then I received a barrage of threats & hate. & I had to take major steps to protect my family. So I can imagine how you feel right now.
And if anyone wants to learn about Antifa here is an interview I did with historian Mark Bray on my old podcast w/ @harikondabolu, #PoliticallyReactive.

on @iTunes…

on not iTunes…
Lot of people on both sides are rushing to Tucker Carlson's defense like there are prizes involved. How about you have the same energy when he targets people, especially when those people don't have the privilege or the budgets to defend themselves.
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The former Cleveland police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old #TamirRice has decided not to accept a position with the Bellaire, Ohio, police force. The police chief said he offered the former officer a job because he “believes in second chances.”…
The officer was cleared by a grand jury in the shooting of #TamirRice - because America - but was fired in 2017 for failing to disclose that he'd been forced out of a prior police department for instances of insubordination, lying and an “inability to emotionally function.”
Samaria Rice, Tamir’s mother, said she hopes the man will never again be a police officer.
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“If you have burglaries that are not solved, if you see anybody black walking through our streets and they have somewhat of a record, arrest them so we can pin them for all the burglaries”

Police chief told cops to frame random black people to boost stats…
“You’re not supposed to be here. This is a good neighborhood"

White woman calls cops on black man for listening to yoga CD in his car
University of Louisville announced that the school's football stadium will no longer carry the Papa John's name after founder John Schnatter admitted to using the n-word during a conference call…
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White people get told they aren’t welcome in a restaurant and it’s a national boycott. Imagine for a moment if our privilege allows you to, that you’re stopped in traffic for nothing, they arrest you, find a way to hit you, put you in jail, then kill you. #SandraBland
Or you’re a white person calling the cops for selling water on the corner causes this uproar, but imagine if you’re playing in a park with a toy gun, you’re a tiny 12 year old boy, cops come and they shoot you inside 2 seconds and you die. #TamirRice
I could go on for days. Imagine you are simply walking along the side walk after a “report” that you stole from a store and cops roll up and immediately find you so dangerous, you’ve got 40 seconds to live. #KajiemePowell
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This bill to change the California police deadly force standard is the most important legislation to address police violence in America right now.…
The first part of the bill limits deadly force to cases “where necessary” after all reasonable alternatives are exhausted. There are currently 4 states with similar (but not as strong) laws in place: DE, IA, TN and RI. They have 20% fewer killings by police than other states.
Police departments that have adopted this standard in their use of force policies (even where it’s not required by state law) have 25% fewer killings by police. Significant.
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1. THREAD: What does it mean to be American?

I've posted several recent tweets about the difficult process of grappling with my mixed Lebanese-American identity in the Trump era. It's the culmination of two years that have been a shock to the system for all of us... (1/10)
2. I'm increasingly questioning my assumptions about the future (and present) of our nation. Who are we as a people? How have we reached a point where children being slaughtered in schools and churches is tolerated? Where healthcare for the poor/sick funds tax cuts for the rich?
3. My childhood was shattered by war, but as a kid with big dreams, I struggled to work through the trauma of what I experienced, and had the blessing of success in more than one career. But my youthful idealism about America was necessarily tempered over the years. Until 2016...
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