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You know what you tell him @BernieSanders? That it isn't his fault he got pulled over for failing to signal, and that the cop didn't have the right to arrest you for not putting out the cigarette that calms your anxiety. #SandraBland
You know what you tell him @BernieSanders? That it should be ok for him to be in his own house watching TV in his underwear and that the cop shouldn't have been in his home in the first place. #BothamJean
You know what you tell him @BernieSanders? That him playing at the nearby schoolyard by himself isn't reason enough for him to be the victim of a state-sanctioned drive by. #TamirRice
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Truth matters. President Obama's own Justice Department (headed by a person of color- black) ruled that #MichaelBrown death was not a homicide. He wasn't murdered.
#MichaelBrown was not a saint. His death was unfortunate, but he could have lived to see another day had he walked away and followed police instructions. It's time black people and white liberals stop lying and face FACTS. Michael Brown acted badly that day.
All he had to do was stand down, but he thought he was invincible like so many others before him who are dead. Interesting many of the deaths took place under 2 black attorney generals and a black president. Aint that something. #TravyonMartin #FreddyGrey #MichaelBrown
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.@ryanpoe says racism is a “distraction” from the “everyday” problems Memphians face around jobs, education, and crime. 🧐

Let’s explore that (note: I have 2 mtgs upcoming, so this may finish much later).
To state that any problem in this city is divorced from racism is completely devoid of any historical analysis or present understanding of what’s in the lives of everyday (mostly Black & Brown) Memphians.
The KKK’s founder sold slaves here. Two of the primary squares downtown are STILL called Auction and Exchange. This same slavetrader was responsible for one of the worst war crimes on American soil at Ft. Pillow. Until recently, we know famously he had a whole statue here.
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Earlier today @PattyArquette responded to a woman who claimed that she had never met a white supremacist despite having lived in the Deep South for 20 years...Ms. Arquette correctly pointed out that white supremacists live everywhere...
It goes to show you just how completely white Americans have scapegoated white Southerners for racism. This attitude also proves that too many people in this country are unable to recognize the more subtle forms white supremacy often takes...
I have time and I'm feeling generous so I'll list some more subtle manifestations of this ideology. Please feel free to add...
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If the #CovingtonBoys were BLACK, y’all would be calling them thugs and animals. No way would you be defending them.

Just STOP.
Same folks crying #CovingtonBays are being mislabeled had no problem labeling #TrayvonMartin & #MichaelBrown ‘thugs’ or blaming 12 yr old #TamirRice for his own death.

When innocent unarmed white boys start getting murdered for being white you can talk.

Until then, SHUT UP!
Here are the #CovingtonBoys harassing women in video taken by @roflinds right before they mocked the Native American elder. Guess they were ‘provoked’ here too, right.

(White) boys will be (white) boys, right? Black boys woulda been accused of assault.

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#BothamJean was murdered in his apartment by a white woman police officer whose name I've yet to see in print. Ok, press. Protect her identity as long as possible even though she entered the wrong apartment, pulled her gun and shot a man minding his own damn business.
By all accounts, a very good man who was minding his own damn business. #BothamJean earned a bachelor's degree from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. There's a reason you've never heard of it--it's a tiny private Christian college run by the Church of Christ.
And if you've never heard of THAT denomination, well, how can I explain the church I grew up in? Imagine the Puritans--stoic, sober and austere in their worship and expression, in their decorum. #BothamJean attended one of the few CoC unis in the US, on purpose.
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Deandre Joshua - Nov 25 2014 - Shot and burned in car. Homicide.

Darren Seals - Sept 2 2016 - Shot and burned in car. Homicide.

Edward Crawford - May 5 2017 - Reportedly shot himself accidentally in car.

Antonio Sterling - April 11 2018 - Burned in car. Unknown.
#DeandreJoshua was the only person killed during the uprising that happened in #Ferguson as a result of the murder of #MichaelBrown.

Deandre was a close friend of Dorian Johnson who was with #MichaelBrown when he was killed.…
#DarrenSeals was a prominent activist in #Ferguson, and one of the first to take to the streets after #MikeBrown was killed. He was one of the main contacts for the Brown family.…
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