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I knew it!!!
What if other AG equivalent(s) in foreign countries are also currently investigating use of their intel apparatus for illegal purposes?
DOJ plane(s).
Clinton Foundation + is going down‼️
#SundayMorning #SundayMotivation #Covington
Merry Q Mas!!
Same residence that Q took pics of before w decorations/flags?

They NEVER thought HRC would lose! Election rigged

And this is JUST the beginning.


Fisa brings down the house, Obama White House!


#SundayMorning #SundayMotivation #Covington
FAKE NEWS hiding the TRUTH?
We, the People.
Enjoy the show!

#SundayMorning #SundayMotivation #Covington #Usman
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Trump Deleted Tweet Comms - Deleted/Retweeted
"I AM DRAINING THE SWAMP!" - With that Joe Biden clip where he admits to his corruption. 4 times - each time of course right next to other tweets about this boomeranging "Scandal". #Qanon #GreatAwakening
I suspect this is a reminder to friendlies that this path of manipulating Deep State into stupid chess moves Like #UkraineGate - is literally how we drain the swamp. Partly by running MSM off a cliff as they are forced to promote ever more obvious lies
On the surface it looks like they are brain dead time after time - Remember #Covington? - I doubt they would have ran that hoax and demonized a child over the exact opposite of what happened if they knew there was video.… #Qanon
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TRUMP @ WAR - Full Movie Explicit Version. For all those talking about Trump being the one inciting violence... are they serious? Do they think we don’t remember the past 3 years? via @YouTube
@donlemon @CNN @TheDemocrats @IlhanMN @Ilhan @SpeakerPelosi @AOC @MSNBC @CBS

Show them this.
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Teen in Lincoln Memorial protest sues Washington Post for $250 million #Covington
The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Kentucky by Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, 16, seeks $250 million in damages, the amount that @JeffBezos, founder of and the world’s richest person, paid for the Post in 2013.
The lawsuit claims that the newspaper “wrongfully targeted and bullied” the teen to advance its bias against President Trump because Sandmann is a white Catholic who wore a Make America Great Again souvenir cap on a school field trip to the #MarchforLife rally in D.C.
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1) Within 24 hours of these two meeting (Ohr in both) Crossfire Hurricane ALLEGEDLY commenced @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1
In my opinion, this is a big deal. #TimelinesMatter
2) Who accompanied Steele to the meeting with Bruce and Nellie on July 30, 2016?…
2) "Steele was terminated as a source by the FBI on Nov. 1, 2016, for communicating with the media. Despite this, Bruce Ohr and Steele communicated regularly for another full year."…
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So, @NYMag’s @nhannahjones (with 100K followers) implies “the MAGA kid” was treated with “grace”, “benefit of the doubt” & ability to be “viewed as a child”

She actually R/T’d that #Covington was a case of “white supremacy”

And journalists wonder why they’re viewed negatively?
The idea of giving both kids (she cites the case of Kalief Browder) the benefit of the doubt, treating them with grace and as kids **regardless of race** doesn’t seem to have crossed her mind
Also, spoiler alert: Browder plead guilty to grand larceny. And came from a broken family with no father figure (thanks Dems and welfare state)

He later committed suicide after a lengthy stay in prison after being accused - possibly falsely - of another crime
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1) I've tweeted already about why the contrition & apologies towards the #Covington kids is misplaced and wrong. But their Trump-inspired racism & bullying is not new - we've seen this in schools across the country since Trump's emergence in 2015. Here's some evidence:
2) In March 2016, high school basketball fans in Indiana chanted ‘Build A Wall’ at their Latino opponents.…
3) In April 2016, in Wisconsin, a girls soccer team, a majority of which were black and Latina, were taunted by opposing students who chanted: “Donald Trump, build that wall".…
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Trump is the subtext to the rage you're seeing...

Normal Americans know that face is Who We Are. The Damaged are Triggered

Images of election night 2016, the image of smiling #MAGA fratboys next to images dejected sacks of lard at Hilloory headquarters were burned into their minds, and since then they've been looking for revenge. The #Covington kid is another outlet for their titanic rage
the hatred of Trump itself proxy for very old personal and often ethnic resentments. Cowards like @BenHowe are driven to a rage by that smirk because they remember guys who shoved them in high skrewl (and who they lusted for). Trump as "80s movie bully" for such types
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Ok, so it turns out the #Covington kids might have been riled up by the other group of black demonstrators close to them. THAT SAID............
1. Why did the ADULT chaperones with the #Covington students not move them to a different spot? That's kinda their job in such situations.
2. In what way does that excuse the confrontational tactic employed by the boy in the viral video? If you want to claim the high road, then TAKE the high road.
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09/28/14 BEIJING (Reuters) -Lenovo says $2.1 billion IBM x86 server deal via #Covington

" the Chinese tech firm the firepower to win business clients from U.S. rivals..."
@BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport…
01/29/13 Wanxiang Group closes deal to acquire assets of A123 Systems. China's Wanxiang Group Corp. won U.S. government approval Tuesday to acquire the assets of A123 Systems Inc., including its plants in Livonia and Romulus via #Covington @BenKTallmadge…
10/23/13 TIMCO Aviation Services Agrees to be Acquired by 🇨🇳HAECO via #Covington @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport
Creating One of the World's Largest Airframe MRO Providers and a Leading Aircraft Interiors Company…
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