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Para ser justos, el #NarcoEstado no se creó en el gobierno de @FelipeCalderon sino que se gestó durante todo el ciclo de gobiernos oligárquicos neoliberales, en los cuales la delincuencia organizada (DO) fue convertida en un sector económico por derecho propio.
La DO logró ser una de las primeras generadoras de divisas y una de las fuentes principales de creación de empleos, y se articuló con el resto de la economía: la industria de la construcción, la turística, las entidades financieras, fueron infiltradas o colaboraron lavando $.
En forma paralela, las organizaciones de la DO pasaron de ser súbditas a patronas de poderes estatales y municipales, tomaron el control directo de grandes regiones y operaron como recaudadoras de impuestos, instancias de bienestar y hasta procuradoras e impartidoras de justicia.
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(1) .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump No one from a solitary Racketeer-Influenced Corrupt Federal Agency (such as the FBI for example) has been locked up.

America is quickly morphing into a police state on your watch & all you do is talk about how you've been targeted & attacked by ....
(2) the #FBI and #DOJ.

What about the rest of America .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump .@EricTrump .@DonaldJTrumpJr, which is now subject to vicious and corrupt #FBI #InfraGard and #JTTF units, coordinated thru #DHS-funded #FusionCenters with the assistance of #NSA & possibly ....
(3) #CyberCommand?

So while you keep on talking about how you are "under attack" by rogue elements in the federal government, tens of thousands of innocent Americans have been placed on bogus watch-lists, to profit retired #FBI #DHS #DEA personnel who run private security ....
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Let’s have some straight talk on #Soleimani, shall we?
1. Suleimani took command of the Quds Force over 20 years ago and his job is to reshape the Middle East in Iran’s favor: thru military force, by assassinating rivals and arming allies.
2. His twenty year focus is directing
a network of militant groups that has killed hundreds of U.S in #Iraq and others.
3. I know of only ONE American who has ever met him, John Maguire, describing him as soft-spoken yet the most powerful man in the MidEast. Thoughtful, strategic, smart, charismatic - 100% dedicated
4. He personally runs #Iran’s war in #Syria and brought in thousands of #Quds Force when #Assad’s army began to fail.
5. Suleimani and #Nasrallah of #Hezbollah #Lebanon are old friends and cooperate globally where Hezbollah has performed terrorist acts at Iran’s behest.
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Sen. @RonWyden and @SenatorLeahy Request Ethics Investigation of AG Barr’s Approval of Illegal #DEA Mass Surveillance Program:…
.@JusticeOIG found that AG Barr previously approved an ILLEGAL mass surveillance program run by the #DEA that swept up BILLIONS of phone records over 20+ years.
Sen. @RonWyden and I are asking for a misconduct investigation into AG’s Barr decision to approve it WITHOUT ANY LEGAL ANALYSIS.……
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Docs you all write brilliant articles, but unless they're affected people don't read them.

PLEASE watch this 2 min video, this is URGENT! There are articles attached to prove this is critical. This can affect every #American. People are needlessly dying, We need your #Help
Almost 6 decades ago the UN addressed the under-treatment of pain, despite narcotic pain relief many people around the world suffer needlessly. In 1961 we recognized the undertreatment of #pain is a #HumanRights abuse. #RNC & #DNC are you listening?…
The #DEA is arguably waging a war against the weakest members of society These are #HumanRights abuses! #Trump Administration you think #KidsInCages was bad!

Plz, use the link in the article to let the DEA know what you think about more cuts to supplies…
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A ver, la historia y el vínculo de los hermanitos Eduardo y Juan Pablo Larrea con el delincuente @MashiRafael comenzó antes del año 2014 de la siguiente manera: Abro hilo...
Me había radicado en EEUU tras una persecución del gobierno de Correa hacia toda mi familia; un día me encontré con un piloto amigo, quien me advirtió que en un tal avión de matrícula #N378MB viajaba el ladrón de @mashirafael e incluso a veces lo hacia su familia...
Me puse entonces a investigar al dichoso avión y resultó que éste estaba a nombre de una empresa domiciliada en la Florida llamada SkyJet Elite Corp, cuyo presidente era Juan Pablo Larrea Cruz,hoy preso por narcotráfico en Belize...
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The “thing” is, unfortunately, those document No longer serve as “insurance policy”- Those days are over. Untouchability supplemented by public apathy & desensitization been the trend for almost two decades now. Take it from “one” who knows this intimately😉 @officialmcafee
#Snowden show had this objective all along on #NSA. As the founder-director of the National Security Whistleblowers group made of Only Real NS whistleblowers (159+ of them: #FBI #CIA #NSA #DIA #DEA ...) for 15+ years, we watched it happen before our eyes...
One way to see this clearly: Check out the number of National Security area #whistleblowers surfacing between 2002-2010.Then compare the number to those becoming public between 2010-2019. You see the ratio? And it is not because Gov abuse-corruption-Criminal incidents decreased😉
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Sé que es tema muerto, pero igual voy a abrir hilo sobre el descaro de las Naciones Unidas en alcahuetear al régimen.

Y para este truco de magia voy a usarlos a ellos mismos como fuentes @UN. 🎩✨
Desde el 2002 las Naciones Unidas vienen reportando un alarmante aumento del narcotráfico en Venezuela. Luego en 2005, Chávez expulsa a la DEA (con su clásico discurso paranoico:"Me espían!"). Se da una de las primeras sanciones por fallar básicos estándares de control. 2005-2008
En palabras de JIFE (en inglés INCB): más de la mitad (51%) de todos los envíos de drogas interceptados en el Atlántico durante el período 2006-2008 eran originarios de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela.
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(1) #DHS #FBI #JTTF force an individual to fight for their life once they have been watch-listed. Death-threat e-mails, vandalism, break-ins, slander, hacked accounts, stolen mail, stalking, harassment, assaults & battery

They unleash a panoply of criminal acts on the "target."
(2) They approach all family members, friends, neighbors and fellow church-goers, flash their "License-to-Kill" National Security Letters and then begin to take down the target who is usually oblivious to the onset of this federally-funded, criminal tsunami.
(3) Recently-arrived immigrants are assisted with vehicle leases, immigration/naturalization issues and compensated via home/vehicle repairs and gift cards (not traceable) if they agree to "assist" #DHS #FBI #JTTF #InfraGard with "maintaining public safety."
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1/This care partner's tale in 9 tweets.
Son 35 yrs. Undetected spondylolysthesis and other musculoskeletal issues uncovered at 13 yrs due primarily to onset of pain during a period of rapid growth.
2/ First emergency spine fusion at 15 yrs after 2 yrs of medical profession denying that kids have pain. Teens are an invisible health care population.
Columbine happened in this period.
Every teenage boy in America had a target on their forehead.
Pain became 'kid wants drugs"
3/ Fusion failed. #FailedBackSurgerySyndrome
Blame the kid for failure to heal. Medical message: Shift the blame. Teach the kid that cure is his fault.
Teenage cutting, self-harm distracts from daily pain.
Back into surgical revision2 @ 16.
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(1) .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump .@EricTrump .@realDonaldTrump .@IvankaTrump .@SaraCarterDC

#DOD or #DOJ developed an #encrypted #PokemonGO-styled #smartphone app, which is utilized by #DOJ-funded #SurveillanceRolePlayers & #FEMA-compensated #CitizensCorps members to ....
(2) extra-judicially target innocent Americans, with said targeting operations being coordinated through #ThreatFusionCenters with the support of #NSA #DIA & #CyberCommand.


The #BushCheneyCabal's #PatriotAct opened the door for multi-trillion dollar #racketeering ....
(3) operations, in which patriotic Americans are labeled as #threats (and by #FBI as #NonInvestigativeSubjects) & then targeted for profit - by Private Intel Agencies & Private Security Contractors - which organize #CitizensCorps members & #SurveillanceRolePlayers into #MILITIAS
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🗣#Minnesota @FBI is an arm of the #Elite #CriminalCabal #ChildTrafficking #PedophileRing faction. You'll never hear our local #DEA or the Chicago Office complain because they're in on it❗They show lieniency to dope feinds & pushers to recruit❗👈#PedoGate
In fact, the #Minnesota @FBI are so much the bad guys, I've had they're Twitter acct blocked for years. I just unblocked the @DMNnews when Andrew Luger resigned❗ Dangerous bunch when you have prestigous credentials, a badge & a gun & control of the crime scene & investigators❗
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