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Thread on the aftermath of #Idlib's deal between #Russia-#Iran-#Turkey and its ramifications on Arab states, Europe and US, and the involvement of #Terrorist #Islamist orgs like #Hezbollah and #MuslimBrotherhood.
#Idlib's not only a province in #Syria. Idlib is the last fiefdom of opposition for #Assad which lets #Syrian #Sunni feel they were somehow victorious against Assad, alas this pushes them further to embrace #Turkey as they falsely think that it saved them. But what is reality?
In reality, #Turkey sold out the #Syrian #Sunni several times incl. in #Idlib as I will prove in coming tweets, and Turkey radicalized them as Erdogan declared himself the "savior" of #Sunni #Islam and abolished the last features of a secular Turkey.
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@DGisSERIOUS @jimmy_dore @SusanSarandon @ejbeals Ma'am, kindly answer. You state: #US media is not comparable to journalists on the field in #Syria.
But #Hezbollah @sahouraxo quoted by @jimmyDore is neither a journalist nor in Syria, she's a terrorist spreading lies & disinformation. Are u defending her?
@DGisSERIOUS @jimmy_dore @SusanSarandon @ejbeals @sahouraxo @JimmyDore Mrs. Sarandon, I am aware that you're not aware of reality as you praise Jimmy Dore who is the Alex Jones of the Alt Left. Reality is that Assad waged a war in Lebanon to fight Israel NATO. He still is meddling in Lebanon. Did you condemn pro-war Assad?
@DGisSERIOUS @jimmy_dore @SusanSarandon @ejbeals @sahouraxo @JimmyDore If you're against wars, then kindly do not sponsor #Assad who back warmongerer #Hezbollah and #Iran who arrived till #Yemen and are killing its children just to take over it, its ports and be its hegemonial force to disrupt world trade & impose their Jizya
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As I feared and tracked, #RIAH [#Russia-#Iran-#Assad-#Hezbollah] is going to kill a lot of #Syrian people in #Idlib with CW and without CW then falsely claim that RIAH is innocent, its CW as well as all its killing is fabricated.
Why I am saying this?
I clarify in this thread
#RIAH [#Russia-#Iran-#Assad-#Hezbollah] prepared #Idlib Ops almost to perfection. But every criminal commits a mistake which exposes his crime. And RIAH committed a huge mistake. But first let me dive into RIAH's criminal mind.
I grew up in war in #Lebanon and witnessed it, it took me time in retrospect to understand what happened. The disinformation campaign by Assad was huge I'll explain few things so that you understand RIAH's modus operandi and psychological warfare, its raison d'etre and effect.
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Iranian militias in #Syria
By the beginning of 2012, with the increasing peaceful demonstrations the #IRGC began to feel the danger to the regime of its ally Assad and the major schisms within the #Assad army. Opposition sources estimate the number of dissidents at 150,000.1/12
Because of Assad's field losses, Tehran gave orders to #Hezbollah terrorist militia to conduct military intervention to save #Assad. It was the first direct military presence of the militia in southern #Damascus and the vicinity of Damascus International Airport.2/12
#Iran #USA
Over time, the #IRGC has established a number of trained, financially and militarily supported militias from #Tehran that are spread over a number of Syrian provinces from #Aleppo to #Daraa.3/12
#Iran #Syria #USA #Israel #IDF #Russia
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In this thread I will explain the importance of #Tanf #AlTanf #التنف

PS: Russia will always attack #US & #SDF whether there's Tanf or not. #RIAH [#Russia-#Iran-#Assad-#Hezbollah] wants US out of #Syria, all of Syria & will use all legal/illegal means
You know the proverb: All roads lead to Rome.

Already 1000s of year ago, expansionists knew that hegemony requires take over of:

1- Infrastructure:
-land routes
-border crossings (later when airplanes were invented also airports)
2- Locals
3- Resources
Roman/Byzantine Empire took over countries & created an infrastructure network leading to its HQ. This facilitated transport of military & resources.
Today also other countries use same strategy. First thing is take over of infrastructure: sea/airports/land routes/crossings.
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I will publish one the parts which proves that #Russia's #SAA's staged #ISIS video in which they also mention that ISIS will commit CW attack in #Idlib. Here I amplified what SAA is telling him at low voice what to say.
In part II
SAA: who gave you weapons?
(Important: You can hear a third person telling him to say: AlAmerkan)
Then the pseudo-ISIS says: Ma.... [he wanted to say Ma ba3ref = I dont know, but corrects it and says: AlAmerkan Sidi (The American Sir)
SAA: Say it loud and clear
Part III
SAA Russia culminate the lies
Pseudo #ISIS: A group of ISIS photographers was sent to #Idlib to stage an attack, CW & I dont know what.

In other words, there wont be a real CW attack, all is staged by ISIS photographers, no one will die, its all a movie. Good to know eh
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Profile for al-Komeet Forces: a #Tiger_Forces "storming unit" from Tartous led by Firas Issa (pic 1).

Group is approx company-sized (~80 men) and is the *only* known TF unit fighting IS in south Syria (now moving to Lajat).
Al-Komeet is particularly interesting bc they have close ties to both #Hezbollah and Bustan Association.

While Tigers fought IS in Reef #Aleppo in Jan 2017, al-Komeet was fighting in #Qaryatayn w/ #Hezbollah & al-Rashashat Battalion of the Bustan Association.
Firas & al-Komeet also fought with #Hezbollah in #Boukamal #DeirEzZor in Dec 2017 (pic) and likely w/ them in #Suwayda now where they cont to operate alongside Bustan’s al-Rashashat Battalion.
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Thread Upsum
#IRGC and #Hezbollah have trained hundreds of #SDF fighters who will be joining the #SAA offensive on the W. #Aleppo - #Saraqeb Axis. The deal was forged in August and immediately put to work.
It began back in July when an #SDF delegation met Gen. Ali Mamlouk in #Damascus. His coterie included the #SAA Coordination officer with #Iran-ian forces. He berated the SDF for dealing with Americans, called them “US agents” and asked them to "show loyalty" to #Syria.
Then, negotiations began when #SDF offered to take part in the forthcoming #Idlib offensive, as a way of building trust between both parties. In return, the #SAA would have to back up their claim for #Afrin. The idea sounded agreeable and tweaks began.
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#EXCLUSIVE | #Iran's secret weapons-smuggling air route to #Lebanon revealed by intel sources @FoxNews
#Qeshm Fars Air, an Iranian civil aviation company, is suspected of smuggling arms into #Lebanon, destined for the militant group #Hezbollah and #Iranian weapons factories.
On July 9, involved a #Boeing 747 that departed from an air force base in #Tehran, stopped for a short layover at the international airport in #Damascus, #Syria,
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In this thread I will clarify few things vis-a-vis #Turkey in #Lebanon

1/ I tweeted few days ago that #Lebanese in North #Lebanon are backing the Turkish Lira. I will explain the background.
In North Lebanon, most Sunni support #Turkey, not Saudi.
They're the Sunni led by Mikati.
They're allies with #Hezbollah.
Pro-Saudi Hariri lost in N. #Lebanon.
Hezbollah is trying to substitute Hariri & get a Sunni Prime Minister who is a staunch pro-Hezbollah like Mikati.
The other point is, that Tripoli has now a sea port. Hezbollah has prohibited anyone from having a sea port as they want to rule over all infrastructure, trade routes, border check-points, sea and airports but they allowed Tripoli in a deal that Sunni would be their allies.
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Twelveth anniversary of the divine victory. #Lebanon #Hezbollah #Israel
Here he is. #Nasrallah
The crowd is chanting 'Abu Hadi'.
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Preparations appear to be underway for a pro-#Assad offensive on #Idlib.

12hrs of on/off air & artillery strikes vs. southeastern & western #Idlib & northern #Hama - see marks on map (original by @ETANA_Syria + my additions).

+ multiple large pro-regime convoys moving north.
@ETANA_Syria #pt: If/when any major military campaign gets underway, expect the #Assad regime (+ #Russia & #Iran-backed militias) to focus on these 2 fronts:

1) West #Idlib (Jisr al-Shughour)
2) N. #Hama/#SE #Idlib (Latamineh, Khan Sheikhoun, Kafrazita)

-> a gradual push ‘inland’ & north.
@ETANA_Syria Very good by @theIRC’s @DMiliband:

- The West must “re-assert” itself & protect civilians in NW #Syria & as a backstop, safe-routes should be opened for civilians to flee into #Turkey.

- UNSC must demand full access to S #Syria; for aid, monitoring etc.…
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Thread on Iranian diplomats playing hands-on roles in acts of terrorism & assassination plots across Europe, from my new @CTCWP Sentinel piece on "Iran's Deadly Diplomats" @WashInstitute 👇
2. According to German prosecutors, Assadollha Assadi was no run-of-the-mill diplomat but an Iranian intelligence officer operating under diplomatic cover.
3. In a statement, prosecutors tied Assadi to Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), whose tasks “primarily include the intensive observation and combatting of opposition groups inside and outside Iran
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Acc. to @BarakRavid sources, #Russia has told #Israel that it'll seek to force #Iran 100km away from #Israeli-held 1974 #Golan line.

That means all territory west of the red line on map (L).

= A truly wild fantasy.

Look where #Iran is now (R); per @ETANA_Syria:
@BarakRavid @ETANA_Syria #Israel has shot down an #Assad regime Sukhoi fighter jet, which took off from T4 Airbase & flew 2km into Israeli airspace.

x2 Patriot SAM missiles were used & multiple messages sent in multiple languages prior to shoot-down.

Another example of #Russia’s value in de-escalation.
@BarakRavid @ETANA_Syria #pt: Just 36hrs ago was #Israel's first operational use of the "David’s Sling" SAM system, used to down #Assad ballistic missiles.

Yesterday, #Russia’s MFA & MOD visited #Jerusalem to firm-up their security arrangements with #Israel.

I wrote that #Moscow is incapable - clearly.
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In @KimStrassel’s latest piece, she points out that John Brennan was the first major member of the IC community to come up with the baseless Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory. Clapper and Comey didn’t buy it.…
Then, he contacted Harry Reid, who famously made stuff up to smear Mitt Romney in 2012, to bail him out and help spread the hoax.

Brennan has been acting like a lunatic on Twitter recently. He’s scared too death that the truth will come out - Trump didn’t collude. /2
Why did Brennan hate Trump so much? So much more than the others?

Did Hillary Clinton promise to appoint him to something?

Is he scared of a Republican President uncovering his corruption?

Or is Brennan simply a deranged lunatic who wanted to cheat to stop Trump? /3
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An Egyptian al-Qaeda foreign Fighter based in #Idlib, telling Syrians from Fua and Kfarya there is no place for you in #Syria: is this what the world and MSM supported for 7 Years?
Fua and Kfarya evacuation was completed following #Turkey, the guarantor, intervention putting pressure on Jihadists to release the 900 detained.
#Damascus released additional 250 prisoners to compensate the 700 who refused to go to #Idlib.

Jihadists ignored the presence of 6 #Hezbollah commanders/trainers in the last busses held among the 900 inhabitants of Fua and Fkarya. These were responsible for creating a defence plan since 2015, preventing Jihadists from occupying besieged cities.

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Top international adviser to #Iran's SP Ali Akbar Velayati speaking @ValdaiClub now:says term #MiddleEast is British concept, he'd rather use West Asia/North Africa,argues due to #US influence some countries seek to play greater regional role (than they can)
Velayati:*throughout history external powers sought to dominate Mideast, #US no exception here, #Libya, #Somalia brought manifestations of western FP,#Trump seeks to undermine region,he wants to partition #Syria as they did w/ 🇱🇾 & #Iraq - bith once big, important states
Velayati: New element is after Islamic Revolution #Iran able to conduct policies independent of Western states, this is real reason why #US seeks to counter IRN.But if ot were not for #Russia & IRN, Leader of Nusra would be ruling today in #Damascus, head of #ISIS-in #Baghdad.
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New evergreen Tweet? "Netanyahu asks Putin to remove #Iran's forces from #Syria."

@AcrossTheBay @JSchanzer & I describe the stakes & provide policy options in @FDD's "Controlled Chaos: The Escalation of Conflict between #Israel & Iran in War-Torn Syria"…
The need for our new report and recommendations therein is best summed up two maps indicating today's developments in #Syria:
It's a few hours after Putin & Netanyahu met in #Moscow to discuss the removal of #Iran from #Syria. #Israel responded to the UAV that crossed into its airspace from Syria with strikes at 3 military posts near its border.
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1-The #Awan Brothers.
I haven’t followed the story closely, so I am no expert in the matter. I am just going to give you the highlights along with some sources of information for you to investigate.
But here is what I have:
2-Four brothers: Abid, Jamal, Rao and Imran Awan performed IT for the members of the House of Representatives & were abruptly fired on suspicion that they accessed congressional computers without permission. Hina Alvi, Imram Awan’s wife is also involved &likely a second wife too
3-According to various sources, they stole a bunch of equipment, which is the least of the problem. They have access to a lot of classified information, including war on terrorism and what not. What did they do with that information?
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Time has come for the serious confrontation with #ISIS "soldiers of the Caliphate" in Quneitra (Jaish Khaled bin al Waleed) bordering the occupied Golan heights as the Syrian Army, Hezbollah & allies reached the territory occupied by the group as part of south #Syria liberation.
#Damascus soldiers & allies are aware of the necessity of this inevitable battle that is supposed to begin as soon as the preparation of attack from different fronts is completed. This can be achieved when more territories under Nusra and FSA are cleared.

90 cities & villages and 27 border positions are liberated in south #Syria in the provinces of Suweida and #Daraa.

Syrian Army is on the borders, once again, with #Israel and the occupied territory.

Israel T4 attack last night is an insignificant move.

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The Syrian Army agreed with the Russian suggesting to ship all Syrians refusing to reconcile with the government to #Idlib: green busses (or whatever colour it is going to be) are prepared to go to #Daraa #Syria.
Over 100 busses are reaching #Daraa to carry over 1500 Jabhat al-Nusra aka Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and their families who rather stay under Turkish control the north of #Syria.

The #Damascus-Amman road is clear and safe now and Naseeb crossing is expected to reopen soon.
Syrian Army is clearing up east of #Daraa where the Russian Military police is tasking position.
The enormous quantity of weapons recovered by the Syrian army is filling up the army's warehouses, thanks to Arab and the west generous donations to Jihadists

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@noamchomskyT at his best. On #Israel, #Hezbollah, #Hamas & #America
"#Hamas policies are more conducive to peace than #US's or #Israel's"
By criticizing state policies, you become a hater of #Israel or a hater of #America & I am delighted to be so
George Bush: "Any state harbors terrorists, is a terrorist stare" & must be treated accordingly by bombing & invasion"

GB is calling for bombing of #US as US harbors violent #Terrorists who are regarded by the #FBI & Justice Department as #Terrorists

George Bush called for the bombing of #US as The US Harbors violent #terrorists regarded by #FBI & Justice Department as Terrorists such as Orlando Busch, an anti #Cuban terrorist accused by FBI of 30 acts of terrorism such as blowing up of the Cubana Airline killing 73 people
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As expected, the #Assad regime - supported by #Russia & yes, #Iran-backed militias - is well into a pre-planned offensive vs. opposition-held areas in S/SW #Syria.

= Violating de-escalation zone agreement & with little/no word/response from the opposition’s foreign backers.
#pt: At least one pro-#Assad Shia militia group overtly backed by #Iran/#IRGC -- Liwa Zulfiqar -- has publicly proclaimed its ongoing role in the offensive in south #Syria.

No word or response from #Israel, as yet.

[via @hadialbahra]
@hadialbahra #pt: The U.S’s impotent role in #Syria has again been revealed for all to see & exploit…

June 21: @StateDept threatens “serious repercussions” for any offensive in the south.

June 23: @USEmbassyJordan tells FSA 'we don’t have your back' [via @AbuJamajem]

June 25-27: Silence.
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If the #USA is worried about south #Syria ops it means the establishment is afraid of #SAA's success. Obviously, #SAA took eastern Ghouta with 35K jihadists and the south today has with 20k-25k jihadists & FSA and the geography is much easier.
Actually, the #USA has nothing to do in the south of #Syria. the area is not part of US national security nor it affects #US citizens or interest. It is #Israel that is extremely worried about #SAA regaining demarcation line with #IDF.

#Israel is aware #SAA and its #NDF have gained enough experience and is afraid the long 30-40 years of "peace on the borders" is over: #Damascus next step after the war will be the #GolanHeights, an area rich of oil and exploited by #US companies.

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