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Extendiendo los tentáculos del Terrorismo Iraní

El Presidente de Irán realizará una gira por Venezuela, Cuba y Nicaragua. Ebrahim Raisi empezará mañana una gira que lo llevará a visitar Venezuela, Cuba y Nicaragua.

Una alianza de extrema gravedad para la región.

Abro hilo 🧵 Image
El régimen iraní pretende consolidar su influencia en la región.

El mandatario iraní viajará acompañado de una “delegación de altos cargos”. Se trata del primer viaje de Raisi a Latinoamérica desde que tomó posesión en agosto de 2021.
Irán se ha convertido en uno de los principales aliados del régimen de Nicolás Maduro durante los últimos años, particularmente desde 2020 cuando en Venezuela hubo una escasez de gasolina y Caracas acudió a Teherán para comprar combustible. Image
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War on the Kinahan cartel: ‘Fear of financing terrorism spurred US to join forces with gardaí’

Former top garda John O’Driscoll reveals concerns that #moneylaundering by Daniel Kinahan’s gang could fund terror groups.

#Ireland #OrganizedCrime…
Daniel Kinahan: The cartel boss is believed to have moved to #Iran - a place where 'organised crime groups are going to launder money'
Kinahan cartel used tiny Iranian island to launder dirty money and for holidays

It is understood that Christy Kinahan discovered Kish when he was first travelling in the Gulf.

#KinahanCartel #Iran…
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The American Jewish Congress released a statement on May 8, 2023 on Bashar Al Assad rejoining the Arab League. This is a good time to recall why this is not a good idea after #Assad attended an Arab Summit in #SaudiArabia over the weekend. Read this #thread⬇️/1

The #AmericanJewishCongress is alarmed that efforts are underway to rehabilitate #BasharAssad. Before any normalization, Assad needs to talk to the opposition, eliminate #Iran presence in #Syria, and initiate a political transition in accordance with UNSCR 2254. /2
Sharing our concerns about rehabilitating #BasharAlAssad is more than half of Syria’s population displaced by #Assad’s actions over the past decade, says @JackRosenNYC, President of #AmericanJewishCongress. /3
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Half of the Israelis are either in the shelter, by the door of the shelters on standby or have all activities paralysed, and the Palestinians haven't fired one single bullet yet in retaliation for #Israel's crimes triggered by @netanyahu. +
The Palestinians discuss the best way to retaliate to stop #Israel's assassinations policy. The Palestinian response is expected to be heavy and painful to prevent @netanyahu from capitalising on his crimes when he faces a severe domestic crisis.+
The Palestinians will have to think about the best response to impose deterrence over @netanyahu, who is expected to refrain from further killing or continue if the Palestinian retaliation is not harsh enough. The "Axis of the Resistance" is brainstorming together the best plan.
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Russian flyovers of US illegal occupation bases in Syria risk escalation: US general

☑️ US🇺🇸 has no UN mandate;
☑️ US🇺🇸 has no authorization from the Syrian government;
☑️ Syria's allies are #Russia, #Iran, #Hezbollah, NOT US🇺🇲.…
Around 900 #US illegal occupation forces are still deployed in the Levantine nation, controlling nearly a third of the country and a large portion of its oil fields.… Image
Their deployment is illegal under international law as it was not approved by the government in Damascus and was launched by abusing Washington’s Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF).…
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Since Russian funded terrorists from #Hezbollah are killing Jews in #Israel today and both Russia and #Palestine cheer, it’s time to revisit this special antisemitic brotherhood. 🧵

So I supported Palestine on human rights argument. Among my friends much support also for 🇵🇸
1. Because we believed that this generation should not be guilty for crimes of its people in past. And what of these crimes? #Palestine and it’s supporters will tell you that all of this violence is because Israel stole land almost 80 years ago. Land that has been in dispute
2. Among three religions for eons by way. But what they leave out is that Palestinian territory was home of both Jews and Muslims during WWII. It is these Muslims who sided with Nazi Germany to eradicate, genocide Palestinian Jews. ImageImage
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Less than 100 rockets were fired from south of #Lebanon against settlements in northern #Israel where sirens sounded across the targetted area.

A warning that the Palestinians are not left alone.
The Israeli cabinet is not in a position to start a war with #Lebanon or with #Gaza. #Hezbollah and #Hamas promised to retaliate on both fronts.

#Israel has lost deterrence.
In #Lebanon, al-Manar TV said only 20 rockets were fired against #Israel.
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En #Belgique, depuis des années, le parti @Ecolo est accusé d'entretenir des liens étroits et privilégiés avec l'#islamisme, en particulier les #FrèresMusulmans.
1⃣ En septembre 2021, @ladh publie une interview explosive de Josy DUBIÉ, ex-sénateur et figure historique de @Ecolo.

L’ancien cadre du parti accuse Rajae MAOUANE, actuelle co-présidente, de faire partie de la dérive communautariste de @Ecolo. Image
2⃣ En mai 2021, Rajae MAOUANE avait été accusée d’#antisémitisme, après avoir publié une photo d'un combatant #palestinien, accompagné d’une chanson de Julia BOUTROS, réputée proche du #Hezbollah, qui incite à la lutte armée contre les “fils de Sion”.…
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1. 🤔 ¿Qué significa realmente “pro-palestino”? 🤔 ¿Es apoyar a grupos terroristas o es buscar una buena vida para los 𝘱𝘢𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘰𝘴?
2. 💣 La participación de líderes terroristas en eventos como la “Semana del Apartheid Israelí” muestra que no se trata de críticas a Israel, sino de su eliminación.
3. 🚫 Si los grupos “pro-𝘱𝘢𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘰𝘴” realmente se preocuparan por los 𝘱𝘢𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘰𝘴, hablarían en contra de las medidas represivas y violaciones de derechos humanos de #Hamas.
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🇱🇧 | THREAD : Présidentielles libanaises — Quelle est l’actualité récente ? 🧵
▪️Depuis que Michel Aoun a quitté le palais présidentiel fin octobre, les députés se sont réunis à 11 reprises pour élire un nouveau chef de la république.

La dernière réunion de ce type a eu lieu en janvier.
Pendant ce temps, le #Liban n'a toujours ni président ni gouvernement, et la situation économique continue de se détériorer : la monnaie nationale est récemment tombée à 100 000 lires pour un dollar (fin 2019, le dollar valait 1 500 lires).
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🔴🇱🇧 The S.G. #Hezbollah, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, will deliver a speech at the honoring ceremony for commander Haj Asad Mahmoud Sagheer. The ceremony will take place on Friday afternoon at 3:30 in the Imam Al-Mujtaba Complex (Peace be upon him).

#نصرالله #الحاج_صالح
🔴🇱🇧 The beginning of the speech of the Secretary-General of #Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, at the anniversary of the departure of the commander leader Hajj Asad Mahmoud Sagheer (#حاج_صالح) in the Al-Mujtaba Complex in the southern suburbs of Beirut
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: We extend our condolences to the family of the late fighter leader Hajj Asad Mahmoud Sagheer and his brothers who worked with him
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🔴 Live | Speech of the #Hezbollah S.G, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah, during the honorary ceremony held by the "Islamic Institution for Education" on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Imam Al-Mahdi Schools (may God hasten his reappearance)
🔴🇱🇧 #Nasrallah: I congratulate you and all male and female teachers on Teacher’s Day, and I congratulate the anniversary of the founding of Al-Mahdi Schools (pbuh) and the Islamic Foundation for Education
#Nasrallah: I extend my thanks and appreciation to all the curators and workers in the Islamic Institution for Learning and Education, because what we are in is the result of everyone’s sacrifice and efforts.
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#Hezbollah Rouhama aid convoy arrives in Latakia

The Rouhama convoy, the convoy sent by #Hezbollah from
#Lebanon 🇱🇧 to help those affected by the earthquake in #Syria 🇸🇾, arrived in Latakia, after its departure earlier on Sunday morning.
The head of the Hezbollah Executive Council, Hashim Safi Al-Din, announced sending the first batch of aid to Latakia, to be followed by other convoys to Aleppo and other Syrian regions.
Safi Al-Din said, "The affected people need all the help they can get, and Syria has always stood by Lebanon in its ordeals," He also pledged to the Syrian people to "always stand by them, and with them in this disastrous challenge."
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NEW: US facing "diverse, geographically dispersed & highly unpredictable threat environment" Nat'l Counterterrorism Center Dir. Christine Abizaid tells @WashInstitute
Attack/threat "most likely to occur in the #UnitedStates from lone actors...motivated by a range of ideologies" from #ISIS #alQaida to racism & white supremacy, sometimes a combination, per NCTC's Abizaid

"The threat is unpredictable" both in US & the Western world, she says
As far as non-US based groups/actors, #alQaida & #ISIS continue to pose top threats to the US homeland, per NCTC's Abizaid
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#BREAKING: According to my sources in #Iran, #MahanAir, an #IRGC affiliated airline, received four ex-#Turkish Airlines Airbus A340-311/313 widebody passenger aircraft via #SouthAfrica.They are TC-JDM, TC-JDN, TC-JIH & TC-JII. #Turkey helps #MahanAir to circumvent #US sanctions. ImageImageImageImage
The four A340-311/313s of #Turkish Airlines which were delivered #MahanAir a few minutes ago are not the only aircraft that the airline has sold to the #US sanctioned & #IRGC affiliated airline. The not only have sold more aircraft but are helping MahanAir to get parts for them. ImageImageImageImage
At-least two of these ex-#TurkishAirlines Airbus A340-311/313s aircraft will be delivered to #SyrianAir & #ConViasa, the #Syria & #Venezuela flag carriers, which currently are using four A340s of #MahanAir for passenger flights and also to carry members of #Hezbollah. ImageImageImageImage
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Lebanese officials react to the #UNIFIL incident

Nabih Berri, Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament and head of the #Amal movement (#Hezbollah's ally): "This is an unfortunate incident, which should be condemned."

Ashraf Rifi, former Lebanese Minister of Justice and now... (1/4)
a Member of Parliament: "The attack against UNIFIL is another crime committed by Hezbollah, hiding behind the term: 'local residents'."

The Lebanese Minister of the Interior, Bassam Mawlawi: "The culprits behind the attack on UNIFIL forces will be held... (2/4)

Media outlets affiliated with Hezbollah attacked the Lebanese Minister of the Interior for his remarks today, also condemning the remarks made by the Prime Minister of Ireland, according to which its troops are operating in a "hostile environment".

To... (3/4)
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#Lebanon: A second #UNIFIL peacekeeping soldiers dead after succumbing to his wounds

The Irish Ministry of Defense officially announced that its soldiers, who were taking part in the peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon, were fired at.

#Hezbollah's public... (1/3)
relations officer Wafiq Safa told Reuters that Hezbollah "expresses its condolences to UNIFIL and wishes a speedy recovery to those injured", adding "We call on Lebanon's security services to investigate the incident, and demand that Hezbollah's name not be carelessly... (2/3)
brought up in the process".

Attached is a map of southern Lebanon, with al-Aaqbiyeh highlighted.

To comment, follow this link (3/3)
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South #Lebanon: #UNIFIL soldier killed, three others injured in a confrontation with #Hezbollah militants

Last night close to midnight, a UNIFIL peacekeeping vehicle driving from #Beirut to the south of Lebanon passed through the town of al-Aaqbiyeh, a Hezbollah... (1/4)
stronghold located south of Sidon.

Residents of the town were "called to the scene" to try and stop the vehicle, claiming that it deviated from the usual route UNIFIL forces take. The driver refused to stop and locals opened fire on the vehicle, which lost control and... (2/4)
crashed, killing one of the soldiers and inuring three (the attached clip shows one of the wounded UNIFIL soldiers).

Sources supporting Hezbollah are trying to portray the incident as an "unfortunate car accident". UNIFIL announced that it will investigate the... (3/4)
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1/10 Sur la révolution #Iran l'engrenage qui se met en place rappelle les débuts de la révolution #Syrie. J'ai fait ce fil il y a quelques temps sur l'enchaînement des événements en 2011.
Sur les similarités d'abord il y a l'étincelle:
2/10 en Iran sept 2022 Mahsa Amini est tué après avoir été arrêtée par la police des moeurs pour le non port du voile, en Syrie c'est l'arrestation et la torture d’enfants par le cousin d'Assad. Ces actes déclenchent les 1ere manifestations, manifestations qui sont immédiatement
3/10 réprimées dans le sang et via des tirs à balles réelles. Iran après 2 mois de contestation 400 manifestants morts tués. Syrie fin mai 2011, 2 mois après les premières manifestations environ 1000 manifestants tués.
Ce qui est très similaire c'est que les premiers morts
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The external relations unit of Hezbollah’s executive council serves as Hezbollah’s “foreign ministry” and works with government bodies, political parties, etc. One of the unit’s main functions is to assist #Hezbollah operatives operating abroad, including members of Unit 910.1/3 Khaleel Rizk head of Hezbollah’s Foreign Relations Unit
Unit 910, which operates under the auspices of the Jihad Council/Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, is the unit responsible for carrying out external operations and directing terrorist attacks around the world. 2/3…
The assistance provided by the External Relations Unit includes recruiting and operating assistants, logistical support, and securing activities. In addition, the unit organizes demonstrations in support of Hezbollah and Iran among Shiite communities worldwide. #Iran #KhaleelRizk
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NEW: A ground-breaking global investigation by @ICIJorg & @propublica has found arms & drug traffickers, murderers & sex offenders among at least 500 current & former honorary consuls who've engaged in questionable activities. #ShadowDiplomats… via @ICIJorg
@ICIJorg & @propublica have identified nine current & former honorary consuls who have been linked to terrorist groups by law enforcement & governments. Most were tied to #Hezbollah, which the U.S. and other countries have branded a terrorist organization. #ShadowDiplomats
Thirty honorary consuls have been sanctioned by the U.S. & other governments, including 17 while they held their posts. Some were members of Russian President Vladimir #Putin’s inner circle, blacklisted after #Russia invaded #Ukraine in February. #ShadowDiplomats
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🧵 🇮🇱 🇱🇧 THREAD : L’élection de #Netanyahu va-t-elle remettre en cause l'accord historique entre #Israël et le #Liban sur la délimitation des frontières maritimes ? ImageImage
Le traité, signé jeudi dernier, a pour but de résoudre un différend de longue date entre #Israël et le #Liban au sujet de gisements de gaz situés sur la côte méditerranéenne au large de leurs côtes.…
Binyamin #Netanyahou, ancien PM et chef du bloc victorieux du Likoud, a exprimé à plusieurs reprises son désir de se retirer du traité.

Il estime que l'accord n'est pas dans l'intérêt d'#Israël et accorde trop de concessions au #Liban.…
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#American and #Saudi officials warned of an imminent #Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia and possibly #Erbil, according to the @WSJ. Here’s what else you need to know today from CTP and @TheStudyofWar’s daily Iran Crisis Update:…
At least 30 protests took place in 15 cities across 11 provinces on November 1. #IranProtests #مهسا_امینی
Unsubstantiated reports circulated that the regime flew around 150 personnel from Kataib #Hezbollah and other Iraqi proxies from Baghdad to Mashhad to support the protest crackdown.
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1- The Maritime Agreement between Israel and Lebanon deserves support for 2 main reasons: First, No matter how you look at it, this is an agreement between #Lebanon and #Israel, and an actual recognition of Israel by #Hezbollah. #ترسيم_الحدود_البحرية
2- The rhetoric of “Israel does not exist and this is an occupied land etc…” will become irrelevant under the new reality. Hezbollah cannot say they will never negotiate with an enemy/occupier, because they just did.
3- Second, an agreement that focuses on the econ. interests of the 2 countries will elevate stability. Hezbollah’s war rhetoric will eventually fade out. On the long run, the resistance narrative will be outdated – the group itself chose the benefits of negotiations with Israel.
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