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enough of my unbecoming sportsball gloating, time to attend to the old #DavesCarIDService inbox: 1926 or 27 Ford Model T roadster, and it looks like that boy is fixin' to R-U-N-N-O-F-T
old car spotting tip: old Fords are ubiquitous, but fairly unique when it comes to suspension. Fords had a single transverse spring pack (as seen on this Model T) where most every other make had a pair of spring packs parallel to the frame rails
1931 Ford Model A coupe, and that's one snazzy chapeau on Grandpa cougar hunter
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Holy shnikeys, that's a 1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 133 roadster, and your aunt must have been a tycoon, funtime flapper heiress, or a notorious gangster's moll. Officially my favorite #DavesCarIDService request ever.

That's about a $3000 car in 1929, when a Ford Model A roadster was $375.
yeah, but inflation works different for cars. Better way to think of it is compared to other cars of the time; a Pierce Arrow was about 8X the price of a new Ford, the everyman's car. More like a $200k car in today's money.
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reminder, if you want a car ID'd, please tag with #DavesCarIDService and I'll try to get to it in order submitted
But I will make an exception in this case, and I am pleased to inform you it is a circa 1911 American Underslung, with its proud patriotic soaring eagle radiator ornament. The first factory low rider, and one of my favorite brass era cars.
If you visit Chicago and want to see some interesting obscure architecture, visit "Motor Row," aka 3 blocks of Michigan Ave south of Cermak. The first car dealership row in USA, & the buildings feature names of their cars - Locomobile, Marmon, Pierce-Arrow, etc
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Since a lot of you have asked about this one, 1953 Lincoln Capri #DavesCarIDService
Slight correction: 1953 Lincoln Cosmopolitan. Look, I don't even know if it's their car, just stating facts
Slight uncorrection: it actually is my original ID, a 1953 Lincoln Capri, as it has the deluxe chrome window moldings only available on the upscale Capri sedan
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hubcap & side trim say 1938 or 1939 Oldsmobile 2 door flatback sedan, and Mom & Pops were quite the dapper duo #DavesCarIDService
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Busy weekend ahead, so doing a little Thursday #DavesCarIDService: 1960 Cadillac Eldorado, and yes, original bumper
1. Corvette XP 700 concept car (1958), one of first Bill Mitchell's first projects as Harley Earl's successor at GM, and led to 61/62 Corvette design

2. Ford FX Atmos concept car (1954)

neat that these cars were still drawing crowds years later.

Really blanking on this, my wild (probably wrong) guess is early postwar Australian Chrysler. The 3 hoodlum drapes in Schott motorcycle jackets are coiffed in Pomp, Pomp, & Jelly Roll
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Now this is a toughie. Best I can guess is '32 Chevy BB panel due to squarish windshield and vented hood doors, but door hinges not quite right. If Canada, might be a Gotfredson? Anyhoo happy to be corrected. #DavesCarIDService
I'll make a wild stab at late '70s Gazelle, but there were so many neoclassic and dune buggy fiberglass replica companies during that era I am henceforth refusing to ID them
1928-ish 4 1/2 liter Bentley, or a very skillful reproduction
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This special midweek episode of #DavesCarIDService is brought to you by Boredom. 1954 Ford, with its wildly optimistic 120 mph speedometer
Body seems 1937 Plymouth 5 window, but appears to be running a Chevy Stovebolt straight 6, and "wide-5" wheels and chassis are definitely 1936-39 Ford
1978-ish, post-Studebaker, Chevy-powered Avanti II, with the uglyass federally dictated 5 mph bumpers mercifully removed
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That'd be a 1932 Ford (aka a "Deuce" and the greatest car ever made btw) Tudor, with the rare 25 louver hood #DavesCarIDService
Another 1932 Ford (which I once again remind you is the greatest car ever made), this time a Roadster, hot rodded, with a Duval windshield, but most likely a fiberglass or possibly steel replica
not exactly, "Little Deuce Coupe" refers to a 1932 Ford 3 window or 5 window coupe whereas this is a Tudor sedan.

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I'm gonna say circa 1917 Buick Model D touring, but back window seems a tad off #DavesCarIDService
1963 Chevy Biscayne, 6 cylinder motor, and the toughest looking toddler I have ever seen #DavesCarIDService
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1949 Oldsmobile 98, but has taken a hit to rear of fender. That stainless steel piece is known as a "gravel guard." #DavesCarIDService
That would be the legendary "Ohio George" Montgomery's "Malco Gasser" 1933 Willys. Ford 427 SOHC motor, magnesium case Robinson-Montgomery blower, and Hillborn fuel injection. One of the chief combatants in 1960s drag racing Gasser Wars
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#DavesCarIDService OK smartass

1 65 Chrysler Newport
2 65-7 AMC Ambassador
3 59-60 Cadillac
4 66-7 Chevy Nova
5 64-6 Ford TBird
6 61-3 Ford TBird
7 65-6 Ford Mustang
8 1960ish SAAB
9 63-5 Buick Riviera
10 65-6 AMC Marlin
Feel free to check my math
a bunch of PT Cruisers, and further ID requests of this nature will probably be ignored
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Kicking off today's #DavesCarIDService with a solution to one that stumped me last week: I can now positively ID as 1937 Oldsmobile coupe. That which I initially though was a gas filler cap is in fact a taillight
for reference, here is a less fuzzy photo of a '37 Olds coupe showing its weird quarter panel-mounted bullet taillights
Both cars are Ford Model T Tourings, and per the 3-rectangle rear windows, both date to 1917-22
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circa 1938 Indian Sport Scout bobber, and if you have one for sale DM me ASAP #DavesCarIDService #DavesMotorcycleIDService
know your biker lingo:

Bobber = removal of fenders and other unnecessary bits but otherwise stock
Chopper = radical modification of frame and/or front forks
Cafe racer = stripped down one-seat usually British street racer, a la the bikes that frequented the Ace Cafe London
visual templates: bobber, chopper, cafe racer
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Today's #DavesCarIDService begins with an appreciative hat tip to Harry Bergeron for solving yesterday's mystery car
I'm gonna say a circa 1910 Cadillac touring, or a circa 1912 E-M-F touring. Accessory headlight gas tank on the running board.
E-M-F was for Everitt-Metzger-Flanders; Metzger was one of the founders of Cadillac, so there's a lot of resemblance between them. E-M-F was bought by Studebaker and name disappeared a few years later. Everitt went on to make cars under his own name.
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Hate to start out today's #DavesCarIDService with uncertainty, but wild guess is 1925-ish Dodge Brothers sedan, with 33% confidence level. Radiator badges & visor are off though, might be a Paige or some rarer make that's escaping me rn

Diamond badge may be from a car club. I welcome a definitive ID; distinguishing characteristics are 1922-28 7 passenger sedan, steel wheels, can shaped lights, marker lights on cowl, split windshield, angled visor, fender shape
ahhhhh, much easier. Two 1918-ish Ford Model T Touring cars.
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1952 Ford Customline driver's side rear quarter panel #DavesCarIDService
Okay, so it's not flying or X-ray vision, but I'll take whatever super powers I can get
And yes, it's a driver's side rear door, not quarter panel, I thought it was a cutout piece of body panel at first. Jeez you people are even more autistic than me
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Both are 1937 Ford Deluxe 4 door sedans, the lighter colored one with the handsome optional "artillery" wheels (ht @RepRepublic) #DavesCarIDService
@RepRepublic Due to 6 bolt hub and 4 bolt rim steel wheels, I'm saying 1926 Chevy Superior landau, but visor seems a bit off
@RepRepublic Also that lady looks exasperated after a long day babysitting the Little Rascals
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1931 or 32 Packard Eight roadster, captured in two boy's ingenious Packard trap #DavesCarIDService
sporting one of my favorite hood ornaments, the Packard Donut Chaser
Some other ginchy hood ornaments:
Ford/Lincoln greyhound
Pontiac amber Indian head
DeSoto De Soto
Lalique crystal eagle (used on Duesenberg, Delahaye & other cars)
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@MattWelch I stand corrected (by @Bill_Abely). It is a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Cartier Edition, the only model available in the exclusive fleshtone & disco lipstick color scheme
@MattWelch @Bill_Abely in my own defense, I was focused on the vinyl top's window edging, which distracted me from the vertical taillights
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Commencin' to do another #DavesCarIDService thread, so mute if it annoys you. <cracks knuckles>
1960-ish Bedford or Commer commercial van, front end a narrowed 1958 Plymouth, quarter panel trim 1955 Mercury, taillights hints of 1959 Ford
1957 Ford station wagon, 1957 Florida postcard cheesecake model, don't know about the snake, I'm not a herpetologist
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