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Could Christ's original Church have been lost?

Yes - it was. It was so predicted and prophesied and so also was a glorious Restoration of the same Church, built on the same rock of Revelation in the Latter-days.

A thread: The Great Apostasy: Part 1 - The Introduction 🧵
The Holy Scriptures testify that Jesus Christ did indeed establish an organized religion and a Church body in his Name.

To Peter he said, "Upon this rock will I build my church".

And later Paul declared the Jesus was "the head of the body, the Church"
Jesus Christ is the Revelation
The Revelation is of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is the Rock
The Rock is Revelation

Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Church, the Head of the Body

The Prophets assume the role of Revelation for the Body/Church in proxy of Jesus Christ himself
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“Why do the gays keep doing the flashlight thing on Y mountain?”

Because it’s a grift by Jerilyn Pool (@auntmarvel).

The same Jerilyn Pool who was publicly booted from the defunct blog Feminist Mormon Housewives amid accusations of embezzlement in 2016.

And more.

#DezNat 🧵
To the Twitter mods reviewing this post when it is attacked:

All screenshots and data are from:

- A publicly available blog and comments on the same.

- Public tweets

- Public court records without contact information.
You see, Jerilyn has a history of… well, issues with handling money in the past.

And honestly addressing those issues head on.

Especially charitable donations.…
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So many right-wingers on Twitter scrambling to memory-hole their interactions with Roman McClay today. It’s not going to work. We saw you.
Here’s LambdaConf-keynoting red-pill motherfucker Ed Latimore quoting the Denver mass shooter 50 times (he deleted most of the tweets but missed a couple):…
I’ve got so many more of these coming. This guy (Lyndon James McCleod / Roman McClay) wasn’t really on my radar somehow but apparently all these far-right shitbags loved him.
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《《Read-along and commentary》》

Michael Our Prince
#DezNat Image
We believe that Adam is the name of the first man on every new Earth.
The Adam of this Earth is Michael the Archangel of pre-existence.

You too had a name and title before you were born. Like Jeremiah, we were all known before the womb.

Adam was a man, but different from us ImageImageImage
He was created in immortality - a transfigured state, without blood.

Still, the immortality that Adam experienced originally in Eden was not an immutable one, for he had not yet experienced a death and a resurrection which seals the temporal body to the spirit body permanently. ImageImageImage
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Lets get to know the founder of #DezNat.

Meet Logan Starr Smith aka JPBellum, 40, of Pocatello, ID via Fair Oaks, CA. Logan is a homophobic, misogynistic, antisemitic bigot who has offered "bounties" to get people expelled from @BYU

@Ch_JesusChrist ImageImage
Content Warning: This thread contains queerphobic, misogynistic, and antisemitic statements, and other objectionable language. We feel it is important to show examples of this person’s hateful ideology in his own words, rather than merely describing or characterizing it.
Learn more about Deseret Nationalism / DezNat by reading our Guide
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《《Read-along and commentary》》

The Son of God The Only Begotten Son
Some say that Jesus was fathered of the Holy Ghost - this is not so. He is the Only Begotten Son of the Father *in the flesh*.

Mortal mother - Immortal/Celestial Father, literally.

(Remember, Adam was born immortal, without blood, Celestial Mother and Father)
We do not believe in reincarnation. A resurrected body is NEVER to be again divided, spirit from Temple.

We believe in Eternal Identity and Progression.

I reject vehemently the psuedo-esoteric-LDS doctrine of "multiple probation" - it is in direct opposition to Resurrection.
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《《Read-along and commentary》》

The Character, Attributes, and Perfections of God
#DezNat Image
Who/what is the Godhead?

We believe they are 3 distinct Divine and related individuals who are unified in purpose and nature through a Covenant and who govern the Universe.

Two have bodies of Flesh and Bone while the Holy Ghost only a Spirit Body currently. ImageImageImageImage
The Head Presiding God is God the Eternal Father.

He had a Resurrected and Celestially Glorified body before our spiritual birth to Him. He is literally the Father of our Spirit Bodies which were born into these [temporal] bodies and will be raised to immortality through Christ Image
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1/ Content warning - homophobic slur & disturbing related behavior.

The video below circulated quickly online. This happened at BYU.

Copy posted here (fair use) for redundancy.
2/ BYU put out a statement condemning the behavior and citing the honor code (and how the behavior violates it.

3/ The student was quickly identified by many other aware individuals on multiple social media platforms as Conner Ray Murray of West Plains, MO (currently of Utah)

Conner's Facebook account quickly disappeared.…

Google cache✅:
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Looking forward to seeing #deznat defend this bold, united statement from the Brethren
Update: they're doing it 👏👏👏
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A modest proposal for how to deal with #DezNat, the white supremacist movement in contemporary Latter-day Saint culture: rehabilitate or excommunicate. A thread...
Background: The LDS church has a complicated relationship with racial teachings, but has spent much of the last decade working to improve. In 2017, with the rise of the alt-right, the LDS church issued a condemnation of LDS members affiliated with white supremacy movements.
More recently, this summer the LDS church has partnered with the NAACP to tackle joint initiatives. Certainly this is part of the effort the church has been making to improve its reputation on race issues.…
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Going after @Gregforcouncil as some alt-right white nationalist is as stupid as going after @hankrsmith for the same thing

This has nothing to do with their politics (which are fine) & everything to do with their faith

Its bigotry masquerading as concern. They hate our faith
ANYTHING they can do to give the church a black eye is on the table, and theyll use #DezNat as some manufactured boogeyman to accomplish it

These are grown ass adults throwing temper tantrums
Religious bigotry is religious bigotry, no matter how badly you want to wrap it up in this "anti-fascist" facade

To these people, God is a fascist

In fact families are fascist

Eternal truths are fascist

Unbending commitment to your faith, is fascist
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How many of you own a copy of this book?

If you want to test and learn more about the Restored Cosmology I speak of as "Cosmism" - read it. The term was used by Nibley himself. That's why I use it.

We all can understand Nibley and without 12 PhDs, if we understand Cosmism
A recent conversation I had this week prompted me to revisit a specific article in the "Temple" portion of this book called "The Circle and the Square".

I am putting together a thread as I revisit it to share that article and how it harmonizes with things you get from me
I invite you to read it with me. If you don't have a physical copy of the book - you can read it online in the Deseret Bookshelf Plus app if you have that.

Otherwise - I will post the article in my thread, but you'll have to wait

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If removing weeds from your garden doesn't provide you clarity about the #repentance process, you're either weeding wrong or repenting wrong. 1/

Thread me. #DezNat Image
Everyone knows this, but if you don't get out the entire root structure, it's coming back. (This is also a sin commentary). Roots don't want to give up their ground. That's Satan's whole strategy. 2/ Image
Weeding is simpler when the soil is moist/soft (read: humble) as opposed to scorched/hardened (read: prideful). Get your foundation right first. 3/ Image
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Meet John "Jack" Jerman, 23, of Salt Lake City, UT.

Today we're exposing Jerman as a racist, homophobic & otherwise hateful Latter-day Saint (Mormon) missionary. @Ch_JesusChrist

A member of the original Discord server, some of the most vile & disturbing content comes from Jack

Racism, misogyny, antisemitism, slurs & references to violence such as school shootings & sexual assault. As disturbing as this content is, it's important to show examples of this person’s hateful ideology in his own words, rather than simply describing it.
Going by the name "Brother Jerman" in the Discord server this person was easy to identify as they didn't bother to use a pseudonym: his last name is Jerman

He also posted a selfie in the chat which allowed us to confirm his identity as John "Jack" Jerman of SLC, UT. #DezNat
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New article just dropped: The Official Guide To #DezNat - Deseret Nationalism *LINK IN BIO*

Article covers topics/terms essential to understanding DezNat, a movement founded by Mormon white nationalists.

This is the 1st article we will be publishing. Watch this space.
The purpose of Deseret Nationalism is to create a Mormon ethnostate, or deseretian ethnostate, made up of those from the "deseretian" ethnic group (those descended from Mormon pioneers). Ultimate desire of many to create a theodemocracy in the State of Deseret, proposed in 1849.
#DezNat is known for its hateful, racist, antisemitic, anti-feminist, anti-LGBTQ+ & other offensive content.

It is a loose online network of mostly Mormons @Ch_JesusChrist who use the hashtag.

Many were in an old Discord server together: CONTENT WARNING
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Let's remind ourselves frequently that we are living in extraordinary times. All is not well and at the same time all is to fulfilled and we are to participate and have joy if we so desire and if we pit forth the sickle to reap.

Reap good works, real love for eachother
*all is to be
**put not pit lol, sorry passing a kidney stone and not all here haha
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Today we’d like to bring you our preliminary review of yesterday’s BYU’s Race, Equity, and Belonging Committee report. Original at…. Thread.
The report was compiled at the request of BYU President Worthen. The Committee is made of nine faculty members from administration and the law, sociology, athletics, and social sciences departments. Religion, STEM, and general education were not represented.
Only one of them, Michalyn Steele, appeared on our list of BYU professors to avoid. We apologize for the omissions.
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The 204 most un-popular news stories.
Dating from 2021-02-04 14:40:39 until 2021-02-04 20:42:39 (GMT).
> Third stimulus check updates: Biden flexible on who gets aid, tells lawmakers to ‘go big’ and ‘act fast’ on COVID-19 relief package
LISA MASCARO and JOSH BOAK for Daily Press in Newport News, Virginia…
> This Manhattan family came to rural Pennsylvania to escape COVID-19. Will they stay?
by Jason Nark for Philadelphia Daily News in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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The 229 most un-popular news stories.
Dating from 2021-02-03 23:12:49 until 2021-02-04 05:14:49 (GMT).
> Fauci warns against Super Bowl parties; Biden, Yellen say GOP virus aid too small
Associated Press, CNN for The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin
> Study finds COVID-19 vaccine may reduce virus transmission
By DANICA KIRKA and LAURAN NEERGAARD Associated Press for Waco Tribune-Herald in Waco, Texas
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The 201 most un-popular news stories.
Dating from 2021-02-03 20:04:56 until 2021-02-04 02:06:56 (GMT).
> 1 in 4 Wisconsin residents 65 and older have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, state data shows
None for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
> Biden says he’s open to slight trim of COVID-19 relief package, but wants Democrats to ‘go big’
Chris Sommerfeldt, New York Daily News for Marietta Daily Journal in Atlanta, Georgia
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The 149 most un-popular news stories.
Dating from 2021-02-03 10:45:28 until 2021-02-03 16:47:28 (GMT).…
> Coup a further complication for tricky Myanmar-China ties
By ELAINE KURTENBACH Associated Press for Waco Tribune-Herald in Waco, Texas…
> Wu-Tang Clan or Wuhan? T-shirt ignites new China-Canada tiff
No Author for The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin
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The 202 most un-popular news stories.
Dating from 2021-02-02 22:22:42 until 2021-02-03 04:24:42 (GMT).
> Watch Now: State officials provide update on COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Wisconsin
None for The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin…
> What you need to know about new CDC travel guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic
Amanda Tarlton for The Tennessean in Nashville, Tennessee
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The 106 most un-popular news stories.
Dating from 2021-01-31 11:43:21 until 2021-01-31 17:45:21 (GMT).
> Portman signed up to be a legislator. He was a good one. Thanks to Trump, he ended up in a cult
Brent Larkin, for Marietta Daily Journal in Atlanta, Georgia
> What to know about Scott Perry, Trump’s election plot, and Section 3 of the 14th Amendment
by Jessica Calefati for Philadelphia Daily News in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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A THREAD: Since today brought on a greater desire/focus to follow the prophet, I felt like it was a great time to review some of his many invitations he has given us as the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Keep on the covenant path. Your commitment to follow the Savior by making covenants with Him and then keeping those covenants will open the door to every spiritual blessing and privilege available to men, women, and children everywhere. (“New First Presidency Broadcast”)
I’m extending a prophetic plea to you, the women of the Church, to shape the future by helping to gather scattered Israel. (“Sisters’ Participation in the Gathering of Israel” – Women’s Session)
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