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Deep thoughts on Amos 7
*A thread on the plumbline*

I will share why to me this is more than a metaphor for building our "Temple" (personal body, actual edifices or social body [like the church]) to a celestial standard of verticality.

The root of the symbol is cosmic.
Consider the JST of Amos 7:6.

This part of the book of Amos is a sequence of 5 recorded visions in short paragraphs.

I will focus on these 2 visions
[4-6] & [7-9] for now - though I believe all are prophetic snippets and have Latter-day apocalyptic/cosmic applications
When the Lord God calls to "contend by fire", the wicked are consumed and made as stubble while the righteous, or those who repent and seek the covenant path are spared.

This fire is the same fire mentioned in all prophetic language that comes from HEAVEN - it is CAT-ASTRO-PHE
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If you could hie to Kolob, in the twinkling of an eye.

This was FIXED in the northern sky. The immovable Sun - the first Sun/Son.

This was visible in the sky during the Terrestrial phase of the planetary Fall - the Patriarchal Era from Adam to Noah. The Land before Time... at least as we know it according to a new star.
D&C 130
I believe this formation will return to the sky as part of the restoration of all things - the Last Sign of the Son of Man.

It is what is depicted on the roof of the Conference Center and soon will be manifest in the sky
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#DezNat thoughts? I know there is zero scriptural proof for this, but my take on the curse of the Lamanites is that members of Lehi's fam were well aware that they weren't supposed to be "marrying" (i.e. banging) outside of the covenant
But I suspect L&L (and/or their kids) were doing just that, with whatever dark-skinned native women were already inhabiting the promised land. Maybe, as Israelites, they saw themselves as "God's chosen elite" and felt that taking concubines of colonized natives didn't count
One of Nephi's biggest lessons is that tribal affiliation is ultimately meaningless. From the first chapter, the BOM gives reminder after reminder that breaking the commandments will cause followers to be cut off from God. He doesn't care if you're his "chosen race" of people
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What is desire? Belief?
What is pondering in the heart?

Why does the angel ask so much after Nephi's desires?

How are DESIRE and BELIEF and the HEART directly connected to SEEING?

This is my favorite doctrinal topic. No sunday school answers. Deep we go. Stay tuned.
Be patient please - I will make this a long thread over the week.

After the Atonement of Jesus Christ, no longer was the shedding of BLOOD required for remission of sin.

What is the requirement according to the new Covenant?

A BROKEN HEART for one. Remind yourself.
But when did the shedding of blood as sacrificial offerings begin and WHY?

It was a similitude of the purifed and perfect sacrificial blood that Jesus Christ would freely give for all who would choose to repent and follow Him, Be LIKE Him, CONSUME HIM. Of Light.
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The following opinion I hold has enhanced my faith in Christ and worship in the Temple.

What does the tassel of the Temple robe symbolically represent?

It can have many layered interpretations that are valid - I will illuminate some the cosmic, the 'Grand Key' layer.
Joseph Smith drew a diagram for his body guard Philo Dibble [pictured], of the polar congregation of close and interactive planets above the Earth's poles - connected by what they called "narrow necks of land" [glowing plasma], as was the ancient heavens before the Flood of Noah
At some declining paradaisical point in Earth's literal fall from the Father's Star nursery, but before the Flood of Noah when all the planets would be spread about and captured by Sol - seeming to hang then as from 'nothing' laments Joel - Mars, Venus and Saturn were always seen
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Let me tell you about why I love Twitter dot com

In March 2017 I made the foolhardy decision to leave a job and team I loved to pursue working for myself full time.

In 2016, Masculine Style brought in a total of about $16k - hardly enough to support a family of five.
But I knew I was on to something, I could go back to work if I had to, and decided to make the leap.

Most guys who talk about men's style generate their revenue via ebooks and sponsorships.

Something I had played a bit with but needed to go all in on.
My YouTube channel at the time had about 20k subscribers and I had enough brands that were interested in me (especially because I was associated with some bigger names) that I was getting a couple of offers for sponsored posts a month.

There were three problems though
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I am often see folks asking, "What is #DezNat?" Let me answer by using their own content:
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I started using Twitter in 2012 as a huge Mitt Romney fan. (I know, I'm sorry)

I had ~2500 followers and was quite engaged politically on various subjects of politics.

That carried on through the Obama years...
During the course of that time I met several other Latter-day Saints online, though we were not all very overt in our beliefs and practices. Still, it was obvious and we connected in various DM groups...
After the 2016 election I scuttled my political account and went all in on my "Latter-day Saint" identity and followed all of the LDS accounts I could find. I was indiscriminate in who I followed. If you had "mormon" in your bio, I smashed that button...
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PPl of #DezNat, I just had an insight while skimming through tweets from one "Papa Ostler" (who is wack, btw). My acquaintance with porn and the sleaze of the internet informs my personal understanding of human sexuality, maybe in a way that it doesn't for older generations,
or for the type of strait-laced LDS men that I would have referred to as "Peter Priesthood" types in my youth. Like so many men born after 1980, I came of age with unlimited access to porn and all manner of sexual temptations, both digital and real. I know first-hand
what it means to burn with the flame of unquenchable lust. And it is because I know this feeling, and the feeling of deliverance that comes from the Atonement, that I, and others like me, are deeply skeptical of most LGBTQ claims on human sexuality.
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Well the damage control on Facebook was inevitable.

@SISTASinZion are making claims and I just want this thread to be a collection of what we’ve seen recently that has caused so much concern on our part.

Screenshots below in no particular order.

No commentary, just screenshots. I think they speak for themselves.
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This the last tweet I’m going to engage with specific #DezNat things. I’ll still call out hateful individuals, but really this is shite behavior. Don’t try and deny it.Most of y’all are homophobic, misogynistic, transphobic, racist individuals — whether you “think” you are or not
Feel free if you’ve received hate from #Deznat to post it here. I figure we need a thread about it. #callthemout
Jus because someone calls out your shitty behavior doesn’t make them hateful. @lennie_mennie And see how deftly he dismisses the harassment of feminists and the meme that was made? #misogyny
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