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#VitalikButerin tweeted about a possible path to build #AccountAbstraction with ERC-4337

Here is a quick Twitter Thread 🧵 on what is #AccountAbstraction and why it is important? 👇

⚡Timeline of #AccountAbstraction Proposals⚡
#VitalikButerin proposed initial abstraction changes for #Metropolis in 2016

The goal was to prepare an account security abstraction.

In traditional model, ECDSA and the default nonce scheme are the only way to secure an account.
In the model discussed by #VitalikButerin, all accounts are contracts, contracts can pay for gas, and users are free to define their security model.
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What happened to @solendprotocol?

It is a decentralized lending platform on #Solana that has been facing community backlash after its recent actions that seem to go against the ethos of decentralization. A summary 🧵👇

#WebTr3e 🌳 #DeFi #Crypto #Solend
Just 2-3 weeks ago, $BTC’s poor price action led to a massive sell-off in major altcoins such as $ETH and $SOL, which reached lows of $881.56 and $25.86, respectively. This also led to on-chain liquidations at the $1K-$1.1K level, according to @parsec_finance.

/1 Image
One prominent potential liquidation that stood out was a $108M $USDC debt on the #Solend platform where a user deposited 5.7M $SOL, worth $170M at the time, as collateral. The liquidation price of $22.27 was very close to the $SOL price then.

/2 Image
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Are you an extrovert, conversationalist, or people-oriented?

How can Solidsocial benefit you?

Let's find out.

A 🧵
As early as 2006,

the vision of having a fairer and more transparent internet existed, but the tools and technologies weren’t available for it to materialize.

Bitcoin hasn’t been introduced then, bringing with it the notion of a distributed ledger, or blockchain,
for peer-to-peer digital storage and movement of assets.

#Decentralization was the idea, while blockchain was the means.

Today we have human-centered internet.

Because users control their data, they gradually move their internet activities from #Web2 to #Web3 applications.
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Has anyone started paying more attention to the scalable #POW blockchain, #Kadena?

$KDA @kadena_io inherits the #security, #stability, and #decentralization of #Bitcoin
The biggest difference is that it is #scalable and has Turing's incomplete readability contract language #Pact
Please read it ...

#PoS != #Crypto

Nothing is worse than Proof of Stake ...


$BTC #Bitcoin $ETH #Ethereum $AVAX #Avalanche $SOL #Solana

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1/ Imagine:

A perfect #DEX world where you set limit orders & walk away confident in the #dapp's automation and execution of trades.

Imagine if you didn't need to sit in front of the screen to remove liquidity manually, or wait for orders to be filled.🤯

Sounds magical❓💫
2/ Imagine:

➡️BOTs cannot touch your trades.
➡️No slippage or swap fees to be paid.
➡️No requirement to touch your #ETH investment to cover gas fees.

Is this too good to be true in the current #DEX space? <a href="
3/ Now, listen 👂

We are firm believers in blockchain and decentralization but we also felt the pinch when placing #decentralized trades.

Like we were being robbed of our #crypto value when placing trades (BOT attack, slippage, swap fees etc)

So we got to work...😤
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Let´s talk about @Kiltprotocol $KILT, an open source BC protocol for issuing decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials who intends to become the identity solution for Web 3.0 Currently running in #Kusama plans to get a Parachain slot in #Polkadot.

$KILT is a decentralized blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous and verifiable credentials, enabling trust market business models in Web 3. KILT’s mission is to return control over personal data to its owner, restoring privacy to the individual.

Internet users need to register for using services. If those services become successful, they accumulate millions of logins and often collect data on users. This leads to three major problems:

1. The data silos are honeypots for hackers and thus a high security risk.

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1/15 GM anon, we hope you didn't get rekt by the recent market events 😭 - we are back with some 🔝 alpha: earn NFTs 🖼️, Token rewards 🤑 and maybe even #airdrops 🪂 on @arbitrum

🧵👇 Image
@arbitrum 2/15 Last few days showed us that #decentralization IS important. The recent narrative of scalable but affordable alt #L1 blockchains is now under question. Now comes the time for a better solution - #L222 on top of the arguably most secure L1, @ethereum Image
@arbitrum @ethereum 3/15 Assume by now you've heard about the upcoming #ArbitrumOdyssey? This 🧵 will drop some alpha about it 🤫 that not many are talking about yet. Read on if you want to find additional ways to earn and get yourself some potential rewards 🤑 Image
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I keep getting sucked into discussions of #web3, #decentralization and #cryptocurrency. 1/ The OED definition of 'dece...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
It's only natural: much of the rhetoric and stated goals of the people behind these technologies intersect with my longstanding causes, like access to cryptography and decentralized communities (what we used to call #P2P). 3/
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Every time I read things like this, I think “those poor $SHEN holding suckers bear all the risk.” Another #crypto #cardano #DeFi #djed #thread: 1 / 🧵
Why would someone buy $SHEN and hold those downside risks? The attitude in some #Cardano circles must be “Oh well they’re all rich dudes - VCs and corporations - with unlimited wealth. Fu*k ‘em and stick ‘em with the losses.” 2/🧵
That’s wrongheaded. The reason to buy $SHEN is that $SHEN holders get any $ADA gains from $DJED buyers. People who buy and use $DJED are giving free $ADA loans to $SHEN holders. 3/🧵
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In case you missed it! 👀

🎙️ @DXdao_ contributor @sminert on the @GnosisDAO Community Call 🦉

A short thread 1/9 🧵 that sums up all the decentralized details that they covered 🌐👇

TL;DR next

Tease: @SwaprEth, @MEVprotection mentions and more!

@sminert was invited by @GnosisDAO to discuss @DXdao_'s connection and parallels to @gnosischain 🦉:

• DXdao and Gnosis Chain are committed to #decentralization
• DXdao uses GC because it is fast, cheap, eco friendly, scalable and prominent in the community
2/9 🧵

⭐ What is @DXdao_ and its connection to @gnosischain? (1/2)

• Birthed by Gnosis and Daostack in 2019 to govern #decentralized products in a decentralized manner
• One of the 1st DAOs and decentralized from the start, currently forging its own path and identity
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1) A short 🧵 on why I remain very bullish on $HBAR. 🧐

Let’s recap just some of #Hedera network growth from 2021-22.

Do yourself a favor & watch @JeffBezos words of wisdom👇…

#crypto #cryptocurrency 🧠 Image
2) Infrastructure growth
✅ Smart Contracts 2.0
✅ Atomic swaps
@Swirlds explorer
✅ Partnered w/ @IntWorkAll @GBBCouncil @TexasBlockchain
✅ Multiple HTS projects
✅ New HIPs like HIP-410 👀👇
3) Network #decentralization
#Hedera open source
✅ Now 26 GC members
✅ Staking w/ #TVL increasing
✅ Various #HBAR wallets
✅ More HBAR circulating (necessary)
✅ Increasing mainnet accounts ImageImageImageImage
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Here are some of the big reasons #ensdomains have been getting so much attention!

For those who are wondering:

1a. - DNS

To really understand #ensdomain you first need to know their web2 counterpart: #dns, which means "domain name system". We take for granted what it does for us because we don't have to remember numbers like "" in order to get to

But, without DNS, we would have to (sort of; there were other protocols developed as solutions before DNS, but DNS is what we have been using since 1983. The previous solutions were not very efficient, but I won't go into a tangent about them).
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(1/6)💪It is time to build a decentralized reserve dedicated to the blockchain industry.

🚀The #TRON network is now taking a step further to found the TRON DAO Reserve, the #blockchain industry’s first decentralized reserve. #TRONDAOReserve
(2/6)⚒️#Blockchain today is undergoing a laissez-faire market of more than $1 trillion. With no constraint from macroprudential regulation, it will only end up damaging crypto stakeholders’ interests.

🙌The time has come for a decentralized reserve.…
(3/6)👏Four years into its inception, #TRON has grown into the world’s largest stablecoin network. It boasts over $55 billion in financial assets, including stablecoins on-chain, and has settled and cleared total financial assets of over $4 trillion.…
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🧵 After days of digesting .@punk6529’s insights w/ .@RaoulGMI on .@RealVision, I found it valuable to share a thread with some takeaways… 👇
.@punk6529's big “AHA! moment” emerged since he realized that all modern society runs on database.

#Bitcoin is a deep idea in the social context. It allowed people who don’t know and trust each other, to agree on a set of facts and information that’s not stored in a database...
Furthermore, big data and machine learning, tend to be centralized.

Plus, we have economies of scope, scale, and data, and all of these lead to centralization… 🧐
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1/ 🎯 DAO Vulnerabilities Report: Exploring & Mapping Lido Governance

The results of a resilience assessment of @LidoFinance liquid #ETH staking protocol governance.

🧵 A TL;DR tweet thread of the findings, relevant to all in #Web3 & #DAOs…
2/ Based on @kelsiemvn's #DAO vulnerabilities piece, @LidoFinance asked us to undertake a governance assessment of its DAO.…
3/ IDing vulnerabilities can produce opportunities to improve adaptive capacity, resilience & growth - essential for true DAO autonomy.

This requires understanding both human stakeholders & technical mechanisms, and using controls to align incentives between stakeholders.
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This week on my podcast, I read my @Medium column, "The Best Defense Against Rubber-Hose Cryptanalysis," about what the cypherpunks got wrong, what they got right, and what that says about claims that cryptocurrency will defend us from tyranny:… 1/ A medieval engraving of a prisoner being tortured on a rack;
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
30 years ago, the cypherpunks - forerunners of the cryptocurrency movement - waged an epic battle to ensure that we could all access working cryptography. 3/
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🚨Massive droppage of Alpha detected🚨

in today's podcast between @APompliano and @stablekwon!

$BTC x $LUNA will kickstart the next paradigm shift in crypto🤝

Missed it? Don't worry, here's a quick summary. A short thread🧵
1/ What was the idea behind starting @terra_money ?

Stablecoins make up 80% of crypto trading volume👀.

Current gen stablecoins are however either centralized or based on leverage and thus not scaleable.

@terra_money is a new way to scale stablecoins, using an algorithm.
2/ How does this algorithm secure the peg?

The $LUNA token absorbs volatility in price demand💡

- $UST above peg = $1 of $LUNA can be burned to mint UST, increasing $UST supply .

- $UST below peg = $UST can be burned to receive $ 1 of $LUNA , decreasing $UST supply.
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Following up on my last tweet on the masterclass by @5aitec @0xPolygon on ‘Metaverse 101’, hosted by amazing people @adityamohanty_ @abhayjani4 at @0xTPH

If you are new to the metaverse world like me, dive into my thread🧵

Here are my learnings, hope it helps🙏🏼

#Metaverse Image
The session started with defining the ‘Metaverse’
how a user being just a ‘Spectator’ in Web2 will transform into an ‘Active Participant’ in Web3/Metaverse.
The ‘7 Layers of Metaverse’ gives a detail idea of what it takes to build a Metaverse, few of them being :-

Infrastructure - GPU, Cloud, 5G-6G

Decentralisation - Blockchain

Experience - Games, ESports,shopping etc.

#blockchain #5G #cloud #esports #neural Image
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#CryptoEducation Gems [Mega Thread]

A navigational aid for the variety of projects featured in current @gitcoin #GR13:

A curated list of projects that are helping blockchains become an integral part of the world by empowering people with knowledge and education. 🤓🔖💪

🔎 @LearnWeb3DAO / @haardikkk
(education system)

For open-minded individuals, interested in everything they need to know in order to become a #Web3 native.

A very rich resource with a fast-growing userbase of Web3 students.


2/N #GR13
🔎 Odyssey DAO / @odyssey_dao
(Educational DAO / resource)

For #Web3 newcomers interested in high-quality learning material with a variety of learning paths.


3/N #GR13
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1/ I just read #KuCoin's 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Forecast on the Crypto Industry.

Here are my key takeaways, a thread. 🧵

Lets go! 👇👇👇

#DeFI / #NFT / #DAO / #Stablescoins / #Memecoins / #Risks Image
2/ #BTC and #ETH remain the undisputed market leaders.

🔸BTC was the best performing major asset in 2021
🔹ETH has also been gaining traction as a store of value

ETH becoming deflationary is a big change (pictured).

More on ETH next 👇 Image
3/ #ETH Gas Fees

ETH network occupancy rate was over 98% in 2021 (pictured)!

This is close to its resource critical point leading to high gas fees / the scaling problem.

#DeFI ecosystem is limited by the performance of ETH.

ETH2.0 is expected in 2022. Next, #shitcoins 👇 Image
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1/ Why is #blockchain scaling so controversial? From the #blocksizewars to #Alt L1s and #rollups.

Is it really that hard?!

🧵 time...
2/ Blockchains like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum strive for maximum #decentralization and #censorship-resistance while remaining totally open and inclusive networks. However, they also want to scale to accommodate billions of users.
3/ As they stand right now, their limited capacity to process transactions at the base layer (~7 and ~20 TPS, respectively) are in direct opposition to achieving that goal.

The question is “What is the best method of scaling a blockchain?” 🧐
@TrustlessState @sassal0x
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As a term, the word 'Metaverse’ was coined over thirty years ago, but it is only now being brought to mass public awareness, due in no small part to #Facebook’s recent name change.

But what exactly is the #Metaverse, how did we get here, and why does it matter? 👇

Simply speaking, the #Metaverse is an online realm in which you can interact with people or products using your digital identity, better known as your #avatar. In the Metaverse, you will be able to shop, use #streaming services, play games, hang out with friends, and more.

But what's so new about this? The difference that the #Metaverse is bringing lies in how we access this digital realm. Currently, that’s through a #Web2 interface. This means that we have to use multiple access points (usually email addresses) to access different services.

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1/ @avalancheavax is a highly customizable #Layer0 that enables the development of an infinite number of #blockchains on top.

It can support the adoption of #EVM for any custom VM that implements the innovative #AVAX consensus. Image
2/ The #AVAX #protocol has the only #consensus capable of #scaling the active validator list while maintaining high transaction performance, sub-second finality, and unmatched #decentralization.

It is composed of four mechanisms: Slush, Snowflake ❄️, Snowball, and Avalanche
3/ #Avalanche #Consensus uses “repeated random subsampling” to vote: when a validator #node receives a transaction, it randomly queries other validators until the network achieves consensus.

X-Chain, C-Chain, and Platform Chain are 3 #blockchains making the Primary Network Image
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The first @OpenWebFoundry event of the year was PACKED full of updates and information on the biggest projects building on @ArweaveTeam

Recording 👉

I have extracted some of the highlights from @al_koii's presentation of @KoiiNetwork in a🧵.. enjoy!
1/ The OWF presentation started with a brief overview of @KoiiNetwork. Founder @al_koii explained that while the world is full of people the attention they have available is actually very limited, making it the scarcest resource in the world.
2/ @KoiiNetwork is working to create a world where creators create content and mine $KOII tokens based on the amount of attention their content receives. That attention is then verified cryptographically through the PoRT (Proofs of Real Traffic) consensus mechanism. Image
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