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I love you, @RonaldARasband. I believe you are trying your best. I have felt a strong witness that President Nelson is a prophet of God. I also believe that the church’s messaging around Covid needs to change, especially for the sake of our youth. Hear me out (thread) /
During a recent youth fireside in S Africa, a teen asked if he should get vaccinated. You told him to follow the prophet’s counsel & get vaccinated.

Are you aware of the data that for young men, hospitalization 4 vaccine side effects is more likely than Covid hospitalization?/
In fact, the vax poses more threat than Covid itself for young men in a myriad of ways (see ref)

Statistically, it makes no sense for young men to receive this vax. New data out of Germany suggests /
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Regarding the LDS Family Proclamation:

The statement on gender was not LDS doctrine before 1995 and NO revelation from God exists that declares this. In fact it conflicts with existing doctrine. Image
When he introduced the Family Proclamation to the church, Gordon Hinckley stated it was a “reaffirmation of standards, doctrines, and practices… which the prophets, seers, and revelators of the church have repeatedly stated throughout its history” Image
Dallin Oaks re-confirmed the proclamation was a “reemphasis” and “restatement” of “gospel truths” Image
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Hey fellow #LDS #Mormons, I know this stresses some of you out, but the Church stance is pro-legal abortion. If we want abortions available for incest, rape, or health of the mother, that requires legal abortion. If you agree with the Church, you are also pro-legal abortion.
This may stress you out further, but we could also accurately say the Church is pro-choice — we want those who we think "qualify" for an abortion to be able to choose one if they want. That's pro-choice.
If the Church stance changes, and all abortions are forbidden no matter what — even for cases like: the pregnancy is killing the mother, the fetus has died in utero, or an 11 yr old child was raped and impregnated by her father — then that would be an anti-abortion stance.
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Hey #LDS #Mormons quick question. Our doctrine says our souls existed before we were born, before the earth was created, before our parents ever had sex. But we have no doctrine on when the soul enters the body. When do you personally believe the soul enters the body?
I'm especially interested in hearing from those of you who are #LDS and believe the soul enters the body at conception. If that's the case, then what's your take on the body + soul in a miscarriage? Was that their shot at a body?
Like, a soul is waiting in the pre-existence, their parents have sex, they are officially conceived, and then the pregnancy miscarries at 12 weeks. Is that tough luck for that soul? That was their experience with a body? Or do they get another chance with another body?
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Join us, and our partners on Zoom or Facebook Live for the virtual #Immigrationsummit, Intermountain Rising: Unlocking our Region’s Economic Potential Through Bipartisan Immigration Reform.

Register here 👉
ABIC Board Member @bob_worsley helps us open our summit today as he recounts his experience as a member of the #ArizonaStateSenate, his love for the Hispanic and immigrant community, and his beliefs of the need to create bipartisan commonsense immigration reform.
"Immigration policy is never framed as what it actually is, U.S economic policy. Federal immigration reform is essential for the economic success of the United States." @ASU President @michaelcrow on the impact of bipartisan #immigration reform to America's economic growth.
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Today we’d like to bring you our preliminary review of yesterday’s BYU’s Race, Equity, and Belonging Committee report. Original at…. Thread.
The report was compiled at the request of BYU President Worthen. The Committee is made of nine faculty members from administration and the law, sociology, athletics, and social sciences departments. Religion, STEM, and general education were not represented.
Only one of them, Michalyn Steele, appeared on our list of BYU professors to avoid. We apologize for the omissions.
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"I've chosen Kamala Harris as my running mate," announces @JoeBiden in text message.
The @JoeBiden campaign website has a new look. #Election2020 @TheDemocrats Image
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Sista Kimba
Book of Mormon
Secret Text
Just Believe

Hiya Uganda!
U have a
lovely mud hut.
If u just put down the gun,
oh, I'll leave."

Mormon Drug #Missions
Mexico #SinaloaDrugCartel
Mormon polygamists

*Plural Marriage
Drug Cartels

Church of Later-day Saints
w their *American God,
distancing themselves from
#fundamentalist/polygamist groups
split from Mormon church
who have navigated life
amid #DrugWar
in northern Mexico.

Utah <> Mexico…
Long unaffiliated w
mainstream church,
#polygamist Mormon
communities put down stakes
in N. Mexico
originated in late 1880s,
when # of families moved
2 #Chihuahua + #Sonora.

Incl Miles Park Romney,
great-grandfather of
Senator #MittRomney,
Republican|GOP of #Utah
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An absolutely PACKED room for the hearing on the bill to ban conversion therapy in Utah. I first reported on it here:… @fox13 #utpol #utleg #LGBTQ
BTW, the @LDSchurch (as you know, a powerful influence in the #utleg) has said it will NOT oppose the bill. @Diocese_of_SLC says it has no position on the bill:… @fox13 #utpol #LGBTQ
The committee room is packed with social conservatives, #LGBTQ rights groups and some conversion therapy survivors. So look for this to get interesting:… @fox13 #utpol #utleg
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👏🏿 Listen 👏🏿 Saints. We 'bout to have a whole conversation about these @LDSchurch missionary "farewells" and "homecomings". Cause somebody got to explain to me what in the Army of Helaman is happening in my church right now. THREAD /1 --Zandra
BIG farewells were before my time but I have heard the tales. Apparently back in the day they put the #LDS smack down on the missionary situation cause Saints took up entire sacrament meetings yo momma yo daddy err body in yo family would speak plus like 5 musical numbers. /2 --Z
Now you done took out a payday loan so you could have the Osmonds headline a church talk and you still gotta feed a grip of people at your house after the meeting. Saints dippin into their 401k just have enough fish and loaves to feed 5000. Yo, I heard it was wild! /3 --Z
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FACT: Suicide is the number one cause of death of all #Utah youth; this is not the case nationally. More alarming, the teen suicide rate in Utah has doubled since 2011. #LGBT #UTpol #LDS #Mormon #BYU
Another Fact: Teen suicide is lower when there is an #LGBTQ supportive environment. #Utah is notorious for its lack of support for and acceptance of the #LGBT community. #LDS #Mormon #UTpol #BYU
Relatedly, studies show that in areas where homosexuality is tolerated, mental health outcomes for #LGBTQ are the same as non-LGBTQ people. Elevated risk of suicide correlates w/ elevated risk of mental illness that is prevalent among LGBTs living in areas hostile to them.
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The story of Gobo Fango is a dismal history of slavery and oppression in South Africa, the United States and from members of the #LDS church. For some strange reason it is often contorted into a "faith-affirming" LDS pioneer story as I recently experienced at church. --Zandra /1
The truth ain't always pretty So if you're members of the families that enslaved Gobo Fango then the history I'm about to drop might be uncomfortable but if we keep reworking LDS racial history to make it "comfortable" we never grow in the Gospel and we repeat our mistakes. -Z /2
Some LDS descendants of slave owners spend too much time spreading generational falsehoods about how their families "freed their slaves when they joined the church" but the slaves chose to stay as "family members". --Z /3
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