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THREAD: The one thing people who leave the church don’t have. #DezNat #churchofjesuschrist 1/16
A while back, when many around me were dropping like proverbial flies, right out of the church, I was very troubled by their declarations of happiness. I’d think “How can they say they’ve never been happier?? Wickedness never was happiness!” 2/
I prayed to know the answer and line upon line, I have truly been taught. I am finally at peace with it. 3/
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People have enjoyed a condition in society (and on social media especially) that "SHAME ON YOU!" is an acceptable and effective tool for forcing someone into a position of submission and conformity...
Then someone comes along and says "you cant shame me, I know where I stand" and the people who have, up until that point, enjoyed relative success with that tactic are left dumbfounded, flustered and ultimately angry...
They then seek to amplify that shame. They organize others to create a chorus of "SHAME ON YOU!!!" because it has always worked before, it will surely work with others behind me!

But then it doesnt. So they escalate. They enlist your employers, your friends, the news etc..
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I'm a bit tired of the Johnny-Come-lately types that complain about #DezNat. That find fault with the methods it uses. That take potshots at its foibles and failures from the safety of the sidelines. Ever willing to denigrate those defending the faith.
Rarely raising the same objections at the ravenous wolves trying to devour the sheep, while angrily throwing stones at sheep dogs that at times nip a sheep, maybe too hard, to urge it to safety.
Theodore Roosevelt had a bit to say on this kind of thing:

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better...
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The scriptures are full of numbers. Numbers many of us may overlook without even realizing they were there.

Recently, @LeilandTanner brought up the number 17. He piqued my curiosity and I decided to dig a little deeper into the number 17 ...

First, the definition: 17 is symbolic of "overcoming the enemy" or "complete victory."

Let's start with the bible - When the earth was flooded because the world had grown so wicked, it began on the 17th of the 2nd Hebrew month. The ark then landed on the 17th of the 7th month...
Hm, maybe that's all coincidence?

Let's keep going.

In the Book of Daniel, the beasts have 7 heads and 10 horns .. 7+10=17. In the Book of Revelations, the same thing. 7 heads, 10 horns, representing the kingdoms controlled by Satan, as he deceives men and works "miracles."
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One of the talking points of those who wish to cheapen the doctrines and revelations of the Latter-days, is to point and scoff and ridicule & mockingly state that members of our faith believe they will receive their own planet.

I will explain why this is. Fools mock.
We believe that Celestially/spiritually, we are literal Children of God - passing through a test of incarnation through lower states (a fall).

In mortality:
Chicks become chickens
Calves become cows
Seeds become the parent plant
Children become men
-Like after likeness-
Here is a doctrine that we believe that makes the contemporary "Christians" indignant and blinds their understanding of God's covenant promises to become "joint-heirs" with Christ in ALL.

"As man is now, God once was -
As God is now, man may become"

- Lorenzo Snow
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Jesus Christ orchestrated the creation all things we see.

All the stars and their planets in nursery that we can comprehend are the workmanship of that Holy Son.

So why is OUR Earth so special as to be the only sphere to which Jehova came to perform his probation of flesh?
How special does that make you?

You who was born to the same planet that is to be crowned with the highest Celestial Glory and be the abode of the Eternal Savior.

Why are you here? Why you?
From Marion G. Romney:

"Jesus Christ, in the sense of being its Creator and Redeemer, is the Lord of the whole universe.
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My initial thoughts on the new unforgettable @Ch_JesusChrist symbol as a faithful Elder in the testimony of Jesus Christ and in sustaining his prophet on the Earth today @NelsonRussellM
This is not exhaustive. These are just some thoughts that increase my faith.
I will start by stating that symbols are eternal. They are the language of the divine.

Symbols are powerful REMEMBERING and thought control tools. This is why Temples and prophecy are full of symbols. Even the child or the unlearned will still understand great wisdom in symbol
"This symbol should feel familiar to many, as we have long identified the restored gospel with the living, resurrected Christ."
- Pres. Nelson

Familiar.. symbols echo from the eternal truths they foundationally represent, things you shouted for joy about in the pre-existence
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To all my friends of many faiths around the world: I invite you to join me in a day of worldwide fast & prayer being organized for tomorrow, April 10th, Good Friday.

Purpose: To stop this pandemic & bring healing to all.

(please watch video 👇)

#Coronavirus #COVID19 #DezNat
If you'd like to share this #WorldwideFast video onto other platforms, here's the YouTube link.

#DezNat #Coronavirus #COVID19

If you'd like to join the worldwide online community talking about this #WorldwideFast on Good Friday (tomorrow), there's a massive group over on Facebook.

#Coronavirus #COVID19 #DezNat…
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#CFM Deep Thoughts:
Anyone who paints this [Jacob 3:8] as a modern racist thing fails to understand the true nature of our bodies and our post-mortal destiny - the Resurrection.

Let me go step by step
The nature of God is misunderstood by all because of the Fall and Apostasy.

Joseph Smith's First Vision restored specific truths about the nature of Celestial Beings.

A major heresy to the Christian world is Joseph's claim that God the Father is a GLORIFIED MAN.
Doctrine and Covenants 130: 22

"The Father has a body of flesh and bone as tangible as man's; the Son also"

God is not an amorphous blob or some unknowable mystery. We are literally his offspring and created in the Likeness of his species - we are Gods in embryo
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Alma 1:23-25, 4:9-10 (thread)
"Now there was a strict law among the people of the church, that there should not any man, belonging to the church, arise and persecute those that did not belong to the church, and that there should be no persecution among themselves.
"Nevertheless, there were many among them [members of the church] who began to be proud, and began to contend warmly with their adversaries, even unto blows; yea, they would smite one another with their fists... and it was the cause of much trial with the church.
"For the hearts of many were hardened, and their names were blotted out, that they were remembered no more among the people of God. And also many withdrew themselves from among them. Now this was a great trial to those that did stand fast in the faith."
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Short thread in development touching on "cloven tongues", the flux capacitor and Joseph Smith's prophetic calling.

Hang on to your shorts Morty, I mean Marty.

Here we go -

"On a subsequent visit to Hiram, I arrived at Father Johnson's just as Joseph and Sidney were coming out of the vision alluded to in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants [D&C 76], in which mention is made of the three glories. ...
Joseph wore black clothes, but at this time seemed to be dressed in an element of glorious white, and his face shone AS IF IT WERE TRANSPARENT, but I did not see the same glory attending Sidney [Rigdon].
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Planeta = Wandering STAR. Let's talk literal interpretation. God wins.

Abraham and Lot were saved by a planet. [Destruction of Sodom..]

Moses and Israel were saved by a Planet.

Joshua stopped the Earth and parted the sea, as Moses was taken up to walk with God, by a Planet.
There are more - but skip ahead - what was the SIGN of Jesus' birth that was obvious to the Wise Magi and the secret societies of sorcerers of Herod that prompted mass infanticide [like Nimrod and Abram, Pharaoh and Moses and the heathen and their molochs]?

A star. A Planet.
The Jews were expecting a COSMIC REDEEMER. A Planetary Savior. A force from Heaven to break the yoke of their Roman oppressors.

The weren't expecting the Son of God in his mortal form. Why do you think it was so hard for them to believe?

It is not random that He was CRUCIFIED
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Deep thoughts on Amos 7
*A thread on the plumbline*

I will share why to me this is more than a metaphor for building our "Temple" (personal body, actual edifices or social body [like the church]) to a celestial standard of verticality.

The root of the symbol is cosmic.
Consider the JST of Amos 7:6.

This part of the book of Amos is a sequence of 5 recorded visions in short paragraphs.

I will focus on these 2 visions
[4-6] & [7-9] for now - though I believe all are prophetic snippets and have Latter-day apocalyptic/cosmic applications
When the Lord God calls to "contend by fire", the wicked are consumed and made as stubble while the righteous, or those who repent and seek the covenant path are spared.

This fire is the same fire mentioned in all prophetic language that comes from HEAVEN - it is CAT-ASTRO-PHE
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If you could hie to Kolob, in the twinkling of an eye.

This was FIXED in the northern sky. The immovable Sun - the first Sun/Son.

This was visible in the sky during the Terrestrial phase of the planetary Fall - the Patriarchal Era from Adam to Noah. The Land before Time... at least as we know it according to a new star.
D&C 130
I believe this formation will return to the sky as part of the restoration of all things - the Last Sign of the Son of Man.

It is what is depicted on the roof of the Conference Center and soon will be manifest in the sky
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#DezNat thoughts? I know there is zero scriptural proof for this, but my take on the curse of the Lamanites is that members of Lehi's fam were well aware that they weren't supposed to be "marrying" (i.e. banging) outside of the covenant
But I suspect L&L (and/or their kids) were doing just that, with whatever dark-skinned native women were already inhabiting the promised land. Maybe, as Israelites, they saw themselves as "God's chosen elite" and felt that taking concubines of colonized natives didn't count
One of Nephi's biggest lessons is that tribal affiliation is ultimately meaningless. From the first chapter, the BOM gives reminder after reminder that breaking the commandments will cause followers to be cut off from God. He doesn't care if you're his "chosen race" of people
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What is desire? Belief?
What is pondering in the heart?

Why does the angel ask so much after Nephi's desires?

How are DESIRE and BELIEF and the HEART directly connected to SEEING?

This is my favorite doctrinal topic. No sunday school answers. Deep we go. Stay tuned.
Be patient please - I will make this a long thread over the week.

After the Atonement of Jesus Christ, no longer was the shedding of BLOOD required for remission of sin.

What is the requirement according to the new Covenant?

A BROKEN HEART for one. Remind yourself.
But when did the shedding of blood as sacrificial offerings begin and WHY?

It was a similitude of the purifed and perfect sacrificial blood that Jesus Christ would freely give for all who would choose to repent and follow Him, Be LIKE Him, CONSUME HIM. Of Light.
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The following opinion I hold has enhanced my faith in Christ and worship in the Temple.

What does the tassel of the Temple robe symbolically represent?

It can have many layered interpretations that are valid - I will illuminate some the cosmic, the 'Grand Key' layer.
Joseph Smith drew a diagram for his body guard Philo Dibble [pictured], of the polar congregation of close and interactive planets above the Earth's poles - connected by what they called "narrow necks of land" [glowing plasma], as was the ancient heavens before the Flood of Noah
At some declining paradaisical point in Earth's literal fall from the Father's Star nursery, but before the Flood of Noah when all the planets would be spread about and captured by Sol - seeming to hang then as from 'nothing' laments Joel - Mars, Venus and Saturn were always seen
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“The Priesthood Deeply affects all heavenly father’s children, male and female, and both men and women need to understand it.” @DaleGRenlund #Priesthood #ChurchofJesusChrist #DezNat 1/
“Our Heavenly Father’s power is both awesome and delicate. It is awesome because it is all-encompassing, omnipotent, and omniscient. It is delicate because its use is carefully controlled by eternal laws and principles.” @DaleGRenlund #Priesthood #ChurchofJesusChrist #DezNat 2/
“The powers of heaven are delicate. To be effective in gaining access to them, we need to learn and apply a set of principles that govern the use of heavenly father’s delegated power.… It takes practice and self-control to be a world-class priesthood holder.” @DaleGRenlund 3/
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Let me tell you about why I love Twitter dot com

In March 2017 I made the foolhardy decision to leave a job and team I loved to pursue working for myself full time.

In 2016, Masculine Style brought in a total of about $16k - hardly enough to support a family of five.
But I knew I was on to something, I could go back to work if I had to, and decided to make the leap.

Most guys who talk about men's style generate their revenue via ebooks and sponsorships.

Something I had played a bit with but needed to go all in on.
My YouTube channel at the time had about 20k subscribers and I had enough brands that were interested in me (especially because I was associated with some bigger names) that I was getting a couple of offers for sponsored posts a month.

There were three problems though
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I am often see folks asking, "What is #DezNat?" Let me answer by using their own content:
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I started using Twitter in 2012 as a huge Mitt Romney fan. (I know, I'm sorry)

I had ~2500 followers and was quite engaged politically on various subjects of politics.

That carried on through the Obama years...
During the course of that time I met several other Latter-day Saints online, though we were not all very overt in our beliefs and practices. Still, it was obvious and we connected in various DM groups...
After the 2016 election I scuttled my political account and went all in on my "Latter-day Saint" identity and followed all of the LDS accounts I could find. I was indiscriminate in who I followed. If you had "mormon" in your bio, I smashed that button...
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PPl of #DezNat, I just had an insight while skimming through tweets from one "Papa Ostler" (who is wack, btw). My acquaintance with porn and the sleaze of the internet informs my personal understanding of human sexuality, maybe in a way that it doesn't for older generations,
or for the type of strait-laced LDS men that I would have referred to as "Peter Priesthood" types in my youth. Like so many men born after 1980, I came of age with unlimited access to porn and all manner of sexual temptations, both digital and real. I know first-hand
what it means to burn with the flame of unquenchable lust. And it is because I know this feeling, and the feeling of deliverance that comes from the Atonement, that I, and others like me, are deeply skeptical of most LGBTQ claims on human sexuality.
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Well the damage control on Facebook was inevitable.

@SISTASinZion are making claims and I just want this thread to be a collection of what we’ve seen recently that has caused so much concern on our part.

Screenshots below in no particular order.

No commentary, just screenshots. I think they speak for themselves.
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This the last tweet I’m going to engage with specific #DezNat things. I’ll still call out hateful individuals, but really this is shite behavior. Don’t try and deny it.Most of y’all are homophobic, misogynistic, transphobic, racist individuals — whether you “think” you are or not
Feel free if you’ve received hate from #Deznat to post it here. I figure we need a thread about it. #callthemout
Jus because someone calls out your shitty behavior doesn’t make them hateful. @lennie_mennie And see how deftly he dismisses the harassment of feminists and the meme that was made? #misogyny
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