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The way to win an argument by cheating is to willfully misrepresent an opponent's view to something objectionable. #DignidadLiteraria challenges systemic racism in the publishing industry but racism apologists insist we are mad at a white woman writing Mexican characters.
First of all, you are late. POC settled THAT argument years ago. Anyone can write anyone, but you need to:
which Jeanine Cummins didn't do+this is why we are in this mess.…

@djolder (previous tweet) wrote about it in 2104.

I weighed in in 2017.…

@alexanderchee added this in 2019…

Once more for the racism apologists: no one is saying white people can't write POC characters.
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THREAD re some of what #DignidadLiteraria just accomplished:
-bringing Macmillan, 1 of the most powerful publishing powers on earth to unprecedented negotiation of measurable outcomes w a long-ignored community of almost 60 million.
2) -expose & challenge other Publishing Powers—@Oprah, literary critics, other Big Publishers, agents, editors, bookstores—to reconsider their outdated notions of the "literary," & to do so in ways that include us
@Oprah 3) organizing 1000s online to take action on and offline
4) stage events and actions in at least 13 cities—in less than a week
5) build a broad front of different Latinx subgroups (nationality, racial, sexual orientation, migration status, geographical,) that don't always do so.
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Congratulations to #DignidadLiteraria who despite being smeared as a mob have converted the American Dirt fiasco into positive and progressive action
The rest of the publishing industry has been watching this, and will surely be following the outcome of Macmillan’s commitment to increasing Latinx presence.
Don’t know if you’re following all this in the UK @nikeshshukla @renireni but it’s a model of how to do this work
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They’ve been targeting Mexicans. Whole states have banned our books and classes in the last decade! “The banned books by mainly Chicano/Latino authors including author @Urrealism , came from a larger attack targeting the Mexican American Studies Program in TUSD...”
“This targeting of Mexican American Studies in TUSD led to the approval of the 2010 State of Arizona S.B. 2281 which outlawed classes or courses that:”
“(1) promote the overthrow of the United States government; (2) promote resentment toward a race or class of people; (3) are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group or (4) advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.”
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If you’ve been following the debate around #AmericanDirt, #ownvoices and #dignidadliteraria, this is a must-listen.
And as a Latina writer whose first book was published by @Flatironbooks, I have some thoughts to share. 1/
.@Flatironbooks was a brand new division of @MacmillanUSA when it took a chance on me, a novice book writer whose first language isn’t English, and published “The Fire Line,” where I write about people who are very different than me: firefighters who fight wildfires. 2/
I got a lot of support from @Flatironbooks as I wrote and as I navigated the skepticism of wildland firefighters—white men, mostly—who doubted a woman and an immigrant from Brazil could capture their world. I worked hard to prove them wrong and 3/
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Serious question: I have spoken to people who attended #AmericanDirt book events last week, I have also seen videos of those events and have also spoken with #DignidadLiteraria. Nobody has told me about specific threats that @milleria of @Flatironbooks is claiming.
Wondering if @Flatironbooks could be share more about this, since right now, many think the statement is just playing up on the very tired trope that these events will be disrupted by a Latino "mob."
@Flatironbooks Like I have said before, #DignidadLiteraria organizers have said that they do not support the decision by @Flatironbooks to cancel the book events.
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A topic in the American Dirt controversy was the ways in which Mexican, Mexican American and Chicanx literatures are marginalized from publishing. But as a scholar of Mexican literature written in Mexico in Spanish, there are complexities here (thread with book recommendations)
As a I mentioned elsewhere, the Mexican and the Mexican American literary fields are distinct and often even unfamiliar with each other. And the colleagues of #DignidadLiteraria are doing an admirable work in addressing the marginalization of Mexican American lit.
But the fact is that Mexican literature written in Spanish, most of it from Mexico (the literature in indigenous languages is a very complex theme that would require a thread by am expert) is by and large unknown in the US, and was unavailable until very recently.
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