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Born #tdih Sept. 23: Mary Church Terrell (1863), John Coltrane (1926), Ray Charles (1930), and Bruce Springsteen (1949). #teachoutsidetextbook ImageImageImageImage
“Nobody wants to know a colored woman's opinion about her own status or that of her group. When she dares express it, no matter how mild or tactful it may be, it is called 'propaganda,' or is labeled 'controversial.” -- Mary Church Terrell born #tdih 1863 #CiteBlackWomen
"[Howard Zinn's A People’s History] made me feel that I was a player in this moment in history, as we all are. . . that in my small way, I had something to say, I could do something.” -- Bruce Springsteen born #tdih 1949 See:… (in photo with Pete Seeger) Image
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I've been meaning to share this video by the fabulous @Prof_Flowers. She put this together for #scholarstrike #scholarstrikecanada & I don't want it to be overlooked. She talks abt anti-Blackness in Children's literature so add this to your syllabuses. 1/
. @Prof_Flowers goes through &explains many of the racist tropes that have been part of children's lit for decades. Many of us grew up w/o representation in children's books, so not only did we have no representation (or very little), what was included was often racist. 2/ Image
Anyway, watch her video and be sure to include relevant reading/watching for your own classrooms. This is also useful if you have children, be sure to check out @Prof_Flowers recommended readings at the end of the video. #scholarstrike #scholarstrikecanada 3/
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Next up is "Visibly Inscribed in the Annals of History: A Tribute to Dr. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn" with Toya Corbett, John H. Bracey, Jr., Bettye Collier-Thomas, Sharon Harley, and Robert L. Harris, Jr. #asalh2020
Natanya Duncan: Dr. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn was a role model, friend, and teacher for many, including the panelists today. She was a pioneer in our field and paved the way for us to do the work we do. #ASALH2020
Terborg-Penn's groundbreaking book was "African American Women and the Struggle for the Vote, 1850-1920" [BUY IT]. #ASALH2020
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YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES & before the ANA public comment deadline please (Sept 16)

AACN Essentials ship may have sailed but operationalizing these categories also VITALLY IMPORTANT. One word: "professionalism". Also the amorphous Essentials theme "social justice".
2/ Cause let's be honest, one nurse's social justice may be emancipatory & the next one's may be violent & racist & oppressive and without some examples/definition of what that looks like "social justice" across vast areas of nursing may be less liberatory than racist and harmful
3/ Cause there are still nurses out there who view withholding abortion care as "social justice".

There are still nurses who view white saviorism as "social justice".

There are programs that declare "social justice" as their mission, then double down on the biological racism.
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For #literacy educators, teacher educators & researchers participating in #ScholarStrike some curated resources from the #MarginalSyllabus project including blog posts, author webinars & annotated articles about the lives and #literacies of Black learners and educators. Thread >
In “The Stories They Tell: Mainstream Media, Pedagogies of Healing and Critical Media Literacy" @aprilbakerbell @RavenForevamore @SakeenaEverett describe how Black youth use social media as counterspaces for critical literacy… #ScholarStrike #CiteBlackWomen
In “What’s Radical about Youth Writing?: Seeing and Honoring Youth Writers & Their Literacies” @MarcelleHaddix describes her work with young writers leveraging their stories & voices to advance critical cultural conversations… #ScholarStrike #CiteBlackWomen
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I will be tweeting this session next - looking forward to this one for weeks. Alabama is in the (virtual) house! #asalh2020 @ASALH @AsalhConvention
.@ProfJeffries is moderating this session with Angela Y Davis, @TaranaBurke, Ruby Sales, Sonia Sanchez, @DeJuanaT. "From the Front Porch: What Alabama Teaches the World" is starting now. #ASALH2020
Jeffries: The in-person conference would've been held in Montgomery, AL. The front porch is a space for convening, dialoging, coming together. It's a private and public place. Where organizers and children and farmers and neighbors all planned and organized. #ASALH2020
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Albright: When trying to get people involved, don't just consider them lazy or uninformed if they express lack of interest in voting. Acknowledge their fatigue, affirm their frustration. Then build the bridge, that's the tricky part. #asalh2020
Anderson: Too easy to consider people lazy or uninterested. We must look deeper to bureaucratic violence and barriers to voting and engaging. This is trying to participate in a system and getting blocked every step of the way. It's not that people just don't care. #asalh2020
What a great session! Please support the panelists: @BlackVotersMtr @RepTerriSewell @Dr_JZ @ProfCAnderson @harris_duchess @cliff_notes
Follow them, buy their books, share their work!
#asalh2020 @ASALH @AsalhConvention #citeblackwomen #blackvotersmatter
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Next up at #asalh2020 @AsalhConvention is a plenary featuring @MsLaToshaBrown @ProfCAnderson @cliff_notes @RepTerriSewell @Dr_JZ "The Ballot is Our Bullet: The Power of the African American Vote"
#citeblackwomen @BlackVotersMtr
.@harris_duchess is also here moderating. @RepTerriSewell starts off: acknowledges centennial of 19th Amendment despite all women not being included. Black women's participation threatened some. #asalh2020
Rep. Sewell: We must know our history. For Black women, suffrage history is one of great pain and great progress. Sewell is Alabama's first Black congresswoman. Represents Selma. Honors Barbara Jordan and Sojourner Truth. #asalh2020
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Super excited to attend this @AsalhConvention roundtable for @marthasjones_ new book VANGUARD. Also on the panel: @SoulistaPhD @ProfessorCrunk @Drsharonharley. Will try to live tweet. #ASALH2020 #citeblackwomen
And be sure to check out @marthasjones_ books and 39 others on my latest Reads for the Rest of Us list @MsMagazine…
.@ProfessorCrunk is up first: Jones gives African American women's history through the fight to vote. Doesn't frame it solely through white women's framework. Voting is but one avenue that they demand to be heard. #asalh2020
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Briefly interrupting my break to share some interesting things! First, read this powerful piece by @law_writes:…
And this powerful piece by @ksbaumg. Did you know about Negro Election Day? I did not.…
My latest column for @newscientist is out! It’s on my favorite subject and gives a little preview of things to come in #DisorderedCosmos which is available for preorder everywhere!…
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Naming, identifying and removing all forms of racism cannot be understated & I will continue to uplift work dismantling structural oppression and health inequity. This includes naming Black scholars like @aasewell & #CiteBlackWomen also leading this work & BIPOC /1
I will start with colleague and brilliant Black scholar Dr. Sewell @aasewell… /2
Would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dr. Gilbert Gee who conducted early work on redlining in Cali that inspired some of my own work that lead to these 3: (2011)… /3
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Ok... for #BlackInNursing Week who wants to colllab? We need a bomb logo design, a schedule for the week, and come up with an officsl@hashtag if we don’t want to use Black In Nursing. Could also use Nursing While Black, but could be confused with breastfeeding? 🤔 #NurseTwitter
@TheLifestyleBae @PhotoChikk sorry, tagged y’all in the wrong place.
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Hi Folks! I'm still on break. However, I have received lots of messages & emails over the past few days requesting scholarly book & article recommendations to help contextualize the contemporary moment re: the #CatholicChurch & #BLM. So, here you go:
The story of the rise & fall of the #FederatedColoredCatholics of the US-esp. the clerical supplanting of Black lay leader Dr. Thomas W. Turner-is ESSENTIAL reading for these times. Start w/ Marilyn Nickels & David Southern. Links are provided below. #BlackCatholicHistoryMatters
1. David Southern, *John LaFarge and the Limits of Catholic Interracialism,* 1996. (esp. chapters 5 & 6)…

2. Marilyn Nickels, *Black Catholic Protest and the Federated Colored Catholics,* 1988.…

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I honestly want to engage with this as a member of the @citeblackwomen collective (since I think this is about that group). I would love to explore this further.
As I always understood, #CiteASista was a planned set of Twitter chats and branding meant to heighten awareness about the lack of citation ethics with Black women's work. Those chats were always amazing and very fruitful.
#CiteBlackWomen was started by a different group of people from #CiteASista. It's meant to be anti-capitalist, inclusive of queer/trans folx, and abolitionist in its effort to disrupt the Academy. It's not as focused on social media but that's an important aspect of this work.
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I see lots of posts about instructors interested in trying #ungrading, or contract-based grading. Here's some materials that showcase how I do it. (Thread)

1) Here's a syllabus that provides some context and the framework I’m operating in:…
2) These are final portfolio templates that illustrate how I ultimately assess students at the end of term. They select most work they want me to review, with exception of the final:

*for FY Writing:…

*for adv. writing courses:…
3) Here are examples of student portfolios from FY Writing and one from an adv. writing course that used a similar template. I'm using Google Forms now too, but I'm deciding which method is better. WPAs might find Google Forms better for research purposes:…
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From 2014, about ⁦@ThePurplePage⁩: “On February 13 at 12:33 p.m., Page tweeted: “‘Role’ call. #BLACKandSTEM what do you do?” She had few followers–even today, she has under 1,000–....

Yet that was enough to start a small Twitter movement.”…
Also from 2014, by @DNLee5, one of the OG pro Black science bloggers: “Ms. Page not only wants to amplify the voices of Black STEMers, she also hopes to connect #BLACKandSTEM individuals across the globe, to expand the picture of what a STEMer looks like.”…
.@ThePurplePage in 2015 on the power of #BlackandSTEM: “Maybe that is the power of #BLACKandSTEM. As a community, we reduce the isolation—someone in Orlando, Florida, can connect with someone in Portland, Oregon.”…
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Thanks for the question, @maravillasband! "Replying all" to share this info more widely. (Mutual aid.) Yes, I assign a small excerpt from @sojournerlife's Scenes of Subjection in which she analyzes Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.
I pair that small excerpt from Scenes—small bc the analysis is at a very high level of critical theory, so I work with my students collectively, line by line, to understand it—with the relevant sections from Incidents.
I always assign all of Incidents, but I discovered many students can't manage all the reading. 🤷‍♂️ So this fall I'll assign about 75% of Incidents, encouraging the students who can to read the whole book. Some of them will and they'll go on to engage it in their final projects.
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THREAD: "Archaeology in the Time of #BlackLivesMatter" event, sponsored by @SbaArch, TAG North America, and the Columbia Center for Archaeology. Starting momentarily!
Facilitators: Maria Franklin & Justin Dunnavant. Panelists: Alexandra Jones (@AITC_DC), @AliciaOdewale, and Tsione Wolde-Michael. Chair: @aflewellen. (livetweets by @lauraheathstout)
There are more than 2600 people registered for this event!
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Hey y'all, I'm back for my final session of this #CiteBlackWomen Twitter takeover. Let's start with more resources.
The Okla. Historical Society @okhistory has put together a fantastic collection of resources about African American history in the state. As they state plainly...
"Black History is Oklahoma History." I’m (@melissanstuckey) looking forward to working with them even more in the future. #Juneteenth #CiteBlackWomen
More for your summer reading list can be found at the end of my blog…

Get yourself all the way together with scholarship by Brittney C. Cooper @professorcrunk, Deirdre Cooper Owens, Kellie Carter Jackson, Sarah Haley @sahaley, and Arica L. Coleman @ALCPHD.
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Hey y'all, @melissanstuckey is back for another session!
#Juneteenth originated in Texas! But Emancipation meant Black people had the freedom to move and they did. In the 1890s and 1900s Black Texans moved to Oklahoma and brought Juneteenth with them.
Take a look at a piece near and dear to my heart. It's called "The Boley Rodeo: A Juneteenth Like No Other" I wrote it for @newterritorymag. Find it here:
Read it and let's talk about it! T/Y @DrMChatelain for connecting me to @Gasconader! #CiteBlackWomen
@DrMChatelain is a brilliant black historian and author of two books!
Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America
South Side Girls: Growing up in the Great Migration.

Add these to your summer reading list.
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