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The possible collapse of twitter has made me super sad and reflective about what this site has meant to me and how it shaped my work as a literacy researcher and educator and now as an early platform ceo.

i have 45 minutes and i'm about to tweet my guts out.
i was thinking of pitching like a "eulogy for twitter" to @TeenVogue but i'm gonna tweet first instead, unroll it later, and see what i can do with it.

this is off the dome first draft material, we'll see what themes come out. stay with me.
i want to think through how i've used twitter since i made my first account in 2008, how it impacted my teaching and research, what i wish this site could've been, the rise of the multiracial patriarchy whitelash, and ultimately how and why i founded @germnetwork this year
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Today we honor Victoria Eugenia Santa Cruz (1922-2014) an Afro-Peruvian choreographer, composer and activist.
Me gritaron negra (1978)- poem/spoken word.
Santa Cruz founded Cumanana, a theater company (1958-1961). In 1966 she founded teatro y Danzas del Perú a group of Afro-Peruvian dancers reclaiming lost heritage through performance. Their goal a type of recovery and recreation of their culture.
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This 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻 This is why #BLM exists & why “implicit bias” is not only real but it kills

Why, when you see it, say something, do something
The system changes not by sharing tweets & hashtags but actions & consequences & removal of toxicity from the system

Follow #BlackTwitter
Above #MedEd #TikTok improvement: #citeblackwomen who lead this work (not only utilized the savior mindset of Black & brown as victims) #Blackexcellence @citeblackwomen center Black women
Send #SoMe traffic to Black creators & activists. #healthcare…
Take #sharethemic initiative. It allowed #Blackexcellence to speak thru #influencer accounts to large followings for a day. I looked at before/after numbers, it did NOT drive any additional traffic to the actual accounts of those voices. Resurfacing this:
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Yes. I'm *supposed* to be presenting at #NCA. But due to "technical difficulties," I will not be able to deliver to #NCA21 this morning. Presenting live now on #mediadeserts in TikTok-ese for the research-averse out there #citeBlackwomen #mediadeserts:…
Just presented my live presentation via Projector via #NCA21. I'll post the pics in this thread on "Media Deserts/Media Seeds" ...framing matters and here's why...
Before there were snooze deserts there were media deserts and the research methodology/model I was developing with communities back in 2010 at @jtmstream events where I was workshopping my "News as Food" model...more on that later. Yes, that IS my map of North Carolina BTW🧐🧐
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Academic writing is wild bc you’ll read four articles just to write one sentence.

Anyway, here’s a thread of resources I’ve been using to speed through this review I’m working on:
First up: Connected Papers

This outputs a network graphic, list of titles and abstracts of the most relevant prior and derivative research papers connected to the one you type into the search bar. SO SO useful and much more than just a network of connected citations Image
Next we have the Scholarcy plug-in for Chrome. I'll note that there's a paid option that's slightly more functional, but the free version has been a Godsend for me. Pin it to your browser, open a paper, hit the button and it outputs a summary of the most important points. ImageImageImage
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Reading Dr. Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje's "The (Mis)Representation of African American Music: The Role of the Fiddle" again because it's so good and I can't wait for her book on African American Fiddling to come out.

#CiteBlackWomen… Image
And part of that highlighted quote: "rural-based musical traditions continued to be ignored because researchers tended to be music historians who relied almost exclusively on print or sound materials for analyses." rings so true in light of the Decolonizing DAW discussion.
Representation matters, but as Dr. DjeDje says, how that representation happens (and what's excluded) matters especially when we're talking about skills that are invisible to the criteria of traditional music programs like Black fiddling traditions.… Image
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Just so my non-academic friends are clear: no one, absolutely no one, wants to be the chair of an academic department. ESPECIALLY an English department.
Reasons you might do it anyway:

- you’re in a decent dept that takes turns (uncommonish)
- your school calculates retirement based on highest earning years & the temporary bump will mean something (slightly more common)
- the alternative is a nightmare (often)
Also, it’s kinda like electing a Pope: you really, really don’t want to elect anyone who jumps at the “opportunity” quickly & without hesitation.
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On Sunday night, @60Minutes aired an episode on facial recognition and #algorithmicbias, and excluded the groundbreaking work of prominent Black female AI scientists: @jovialjoy, @rajiinio, and @timnitGebru.

#CiteBlackWomen 1/6
Instead, @60Minutes featured another study — calling it “groundbreaking” — even though the study itself explicitly cited both @jovialjoy's and @rajiinio's algorithmic bias work as its motivation. 2/6
And it gets worse.

Our founder @jovialjoy spent hours with @60Minutes producers before the show aired, built a custom demo for @andersoncooper, and recommended research to feature. 3/6
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BREAKING: Last night during @60Minutes’ episode on facial recognition, the Black women who co-authored pioneering research on #AlgorithmicBias were completely erased.

Read what happened below then take action by joining our fight to be heard ➡️…
While talking about how AI development often leaves out the marginalized (which leads to incredible harm), @60Minutes not only excluded @jovialjoy, @rajiinio, and @timnitGebru — but miscredited their seminal work on #AiBias.

The irony is too much to stomach. #CiteBlackWomen 2/4
This isn't new.

Far too often, we still face erasure.

Read more from our founder @jovialjoy who spent hours with @60Minutes developing the @AndersonCooper interview (and a lifetime uncovering bias in AI) ⬇️ #CiteBlackWomen #VoicingErasure 3/4
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Struck just now by this "Deep Nostalgia" tech, which algorithmically animates photos. My colleague @Afromanticist has used it with this photo of #FrederickDouglass. It is amazing. And also terrifying. My first book was about haunting as praxis in Black lifeworlds, so thoughts +
My book is about memory & loss in AfAm life, and it ends with a consideration of Beloved coupled w/ James Van Der Zee's Harlem Book of the Dead (work that structured my pivot into #BlackDH). I'm also thinking now about @toniasutherland's writing on postmortem holograms of Tupac +
In this case Deep Nostalgia works by mapping an image onto a set of templated movements. The image is algorithmically re-mastered (*shuddersincontext*) around those movements, like any computer-generated animation. Of course much of the terror is generated by the fact that +
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Passing along some good advice: When entering grad school, a friend told me to write down the non-negotiable things that sustained my well-being and joy. She said no matter how difficult and hard things get, never negotiate on your list. that list kept me going all six years.
Important! @SoWrightUrWrong gave me this invaluable advice #citeblackwomen
So this tweet spurred a lot conversation. I want to pull together some additional advice from Twitter and Instagram. A thread:

1. Having a list of non-negotiables and personal priorities is important for LIFE! (Grad school, tenure track, business, relationships, etc)
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Just as politics has destroyed our ability to respond equitably and appropriately to #Covid, politics is keeping Black moms and babies from thriving. If you haven’t read the new @Surgeon_General reports take a look:… A thread…1/7
The health and wellbeing before during and after pregnancy of Black women is not a political issue it is a Public Health issue. Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play. 2/7
And to be clear, POLICY is needed to uphold and move forward the mission of public health but policy is very different than politics. 3/7
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I want to talk about indexing and #CiteBlackWomen. Finishing a book? INDEXING can erase or *highlight* emerging + the most established scholars. We had to point to where @marthasjones_, Frances Smith Foster, Carla Peterson and @dgburgher should appear and hadn’t fully or at all.
The *practices* of indexing almost erasedFrances Foster’s contribution to this volume there. She had been cited by half the contributors but mostly in their endnotes—which were not as closely indexed. Not any more. 👉🏽We have to pay attention and advocate to #CiteBlackWomen.👈🏾
Indexing practices also deny collective work—clusters of names—a place in their precious pages. This book highlights *networks* of Black influence, Black debates and Black collective writing. 👉🏽But indexing is structured to highlight individualism.👈🏾…
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Born #tdih Sept. 23: Mary Church Terrell (1863), John Coltrane (1926), Ray Charles (1930), and Bruce Springsteen (1949). #teachoutsidetextbook ImageImageImageImage
“Nobody wants to know a colored woman's opinion about her own status or that of her group. When she dares express it, no matter how mild or tactful it may be, it is called 'propaganda,' or is labeled 'controversial.” -- Mary Church Terrell born #tdih 1863 #CiteBlackWomen
"[Howard Zinn's A People’s History] made me feel that I was a player in this moment in history, as we all are. . . that in my small way, I had something to say, I could do something.” -- Bruce Springsteen born #tdih 1949 See:… (in photo with Pete Seeger) Image
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Next up is "Visibly Inscribed in the Annals of History: A Tribute to Dr. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn" with Toya Corbett, John H. Bracey, Jr., Bettye Collier-Thomas, Sharon Harley, and Robert L. Harris, Jr. #asalh2020
Natanya Duncan: Dr. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn was a role model, friend, and teacher for many, including the panelists today. She was a pioneer in our field and paved the way for us to do the work we do. #ASALH2020
Terborg-Penn's groundbreaking book was "African American Women and the Struggle for the Vote, 1850-1920" [BUY IT]. #ASALH2020
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When I first heard about Rhiannon Giddens' opera about Omar Ibn Said, it was a couple months after the premiere had been cancelled due to Covid. I was both bummed and elated--this means I might be able to see it now when it premiere's next year!…
"Omar Ibn Said was an enslaved Muslim-African man brought to Charleston in 1807. The opera’s story traces his spiritual journey fr Africa to his capture & enslavement in the Carolinas. Much of what we know about Ibn Said comes fr his autobio., which he penned in Arabic in 1831."
We don't generally think of Muslims as having been in the Americas in any great numbers, but an estimated 30% of African slaves are now thought to have been Muslim.…
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For #literacy educators, teacher educators & researchers participating in #ScholarStrike some curated resources from the #MarginalSyllabus project including blog posts, author webinars & annotated articles about the lives and #literacies of Black learners and educators. Thread >
In “The Stories They Tell: Mainstream Media, Pedagogies of Healing and Critical Media Literacy" @aprilbakerbell @RavenForevamore @SakeenaEverett describe how Black youth use social media as counterspaces for critical literacy… #ScholarStrike #CiteBlackWomen
In “What’s Radical about Youth Writing?: Seeing and Honoring Youth Writers & Their Literacies” @MarcelleHaddix describes her work with young writers leveraging their stories & voices to advance critical cultural conversations… #ScholarStrike #CiteBlackWomen
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I will be tweeting this session next - looking forward to this one for weeks. Alabama is in the (virtual) house! #asalh2020 @ASALH @AsalhConvention
.@ProfJeffries is moderating this session with Angela Y Davis, @TaranaBurke, Ruby Sales, Sonia Sanchez, @DeJuanaT. "From the Front Porch: What Alabama Teaches the World" is starting now. #ASALH2020
Jeffries: The in-person conference would've been held in Montgomery, AL. The front porch is a space for convening, dialoging, coming together. It's a private and public place. Where organizers and children and farmers and neighbors all planned and organized. #ASALH2020
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Albright: When trying to get people involved, don't just consider them lazy or uninformed if they express lack of interest in voting. Acknowledge their fatigue, affirm their frustration. Then build the bridge, that's the tricky part. #asalh2020
Anderson: Too easy to consider people lazy or uninterested. We must look deeper to bureaucratic violence and barriers to voting and engaging. This is trying to participate in a system and getting blocked every step of the way. It's not that people just don't care. #asalh2020
What a great session! Please support the panelists: @BlackVotersMtr @RepTerriSewell @Dr_JZ @ProfCAnderson @harris_duchess @cliff_notes
Follow them, buy their books, share their work!
#asalh2020 @ASALH @AsalhConvention #citeblackwomen #blackvotersmatter
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Next up at #asalh2020 @AsalhConvention is a plenary featuring @MsLaToshaBrown @ProfCAnderson @cliff_notes @RepTerriSewell @Dr_JZ "The Ballot is Our Bullet: The Power of the African American Vote"
#citeblackwomen @BlackVotersMtr
.@harris_duchess is also here moderating. @RepTerriSewell starts off: acknowledges centennial of 19th Amendment despite all women not being included. Black women's participation threatened some. #asalh2020
Rep. Sewell: We must know our history. For Black women, suffrage history is one of great pain and great progress. Sewell is Alabama's first Black congresswoman. Represents Selma. Honors Barbara Jordan and Sojourner Truth. #asalh2020
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Super excited to attend this @AsalhConvention roundtable for @marthasjones_ new book VANGUARD. Also on the panel: @SoulistaPhD @ProfessorCrunk @Drsharonharley. Will try to live tweet. #ASALH2020 #citeblackwomen
And be sure to check out @marthasjones_ books and 39 others on my latest Reads for the Rest of Us list @MsMagazine…
.@ProfessorCrunk is up first: Jones gives African American women's history through the fight to vote. Doesn't frame it solely through white women's framework. Voting is but one avenue that they demand to be heard. #asalh2020
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Naming, identifying and removing all forms of racism cannot be understated & I will continue to uplift work dismantling structural oppression and health inequity. This includes naming Black scholars like @aasewell & #CiteBlackWomen also leading this work & BIPOC /1
I will start with colleague and brilliant Black scholar Dr. Sewell @aasewell… /2
Would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dr. Gilbert Gee who conducted early work on redlining in Cali that inspired some of my own work that lead to these 3: (2011)… /3
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