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Finally starting my #citeblackwomen project: a bibliography of all the papers by Black women with PhDs from North American departments of physics, astronomy, and physics and astronomy

I guess I’m almost a real #HistSTM person now that I’m hanging around in the archives
Things I’ve learned along the way: Janet Rae Smith-Kintner, who seems to have been the first Black woman PhD in particle physics experiment (1976, U of Minnesota) died at age 46 in 1992 from cancer, 10 years after publishing her last paper.
Willie Hobbs Moore, the first Black woman PhD in physics (Michigan, 1972) published various manuals for Ford Motor Company’s Qualify Education and Training Center on topics like process control and quality management (cc @AustinMcCoy3)
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So it has come to my attention that Clarence Thomas has decided to save us from eugenics, which is both terrifying and adorable.…

I have a few comments:
*cracks knuckles*
Let’s begin 1/14
After today’s SCOTUS ruling on Indiana’s law to force people to bury or cremate fetal remains (which is its own flavor of heinous), Thomas wrote a 20 page opinion on why abortion access is just a hop skip and a jump from eugenics… 2/14
He stated that “use of abortion to achieve eugenic goals is not merely hypothetical,’ and of course blamed Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood for his misinformed opinion that abortion was a “tool of eugenic manipulation” 3/14
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We had a great conversation @UNCWomensCtr about the politics of citation a black women’s knowledge production. One of the things that came up was this issue of action. How do we begin to systematically change the culture of citation that erases Black women? #citeblackwomen
One of the things that we discussed was pushback. Oftentimes the decision to #CiteBlackWomen gets pushback from professors, reviewers and colleagues. How do you deal with this pushback? What are your strategies?
So one piece of advice that came out of our conversation yesterday was mentorship. We need to create networks of support inside and outside of academic spaces-but particularly within the university-to be able to 1) teach students how to cite properly;
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I want to name a phenomenon I have experienced multiple times. I am reaching out to find out if others have written about what I’m calling #WhiteFeministGaslighting. Is there already another name for this? If so, can someone point me to them? 1/
So here are the steps of #WhiteFeministGaslighting:
white feminist is friends with BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, Woman of Color). She doesn’t position herself as white feminist and may even use the word intersectionality. #WhiteFeministGaslighting 2/
white feminist believes that she understands race and racism, and goes out of her way to prove this in multiple conversations. BIWOC acknowledges & possibly appreciates this #WhiteFeministGaslighting 3/
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Today is the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I woke up and thanked the 1973 Supreme Court for making abortion legal, preventing women’s deaths, and making reproductive autonomy possible. Here’s to hoping the current and future Courts don’t take away that right.
Every Roe day, I see many Tweets about the anniversary or the Jane collective that helped women get abortions pre-Roe in Chicago. And I sigh because, y’all, there’s more to abortion history than Roe or Jane. #twitterstorians
That’s not to say that Roe and Jane aren’t important. But legalizing abortion was a long process with many actors. Change doesn’t just happen in courts. And (white) feminists weren’t the only people pushing it (and, yes, there were a few Black Janes). #twitterstorians
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#SeptimaClark's papers at @avery_tweets and LDHI are two important archives of her intellectual production. Her writings reflect the depth of her brilliance and political savvy.… #MLKDay #CiteBlackWomen
For example, her handwritten essay "Good-bye Jim Crow" encapsulates her analysis of the political reverberations of the Civil Rights Movement and its impact on U.S. society. #MLKDay #CiteBlackWomen…
Black women wrote, theorized, and organized throughout the 1960's with Dr. King, not in his shadow. It's important to remember that, and remember that the ideas and politics that emerged from this moment that we celebrate today were built out of community. #Mlk #CiteBlackWomen
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I want to talk about the millenial burnout article through the lens of disability and chronic illness. I think the article has many valid points about say, capitalism and the need for unions, but makes some missteps.
First off, I absolutely believe that workers today (and particularly millenials) need greater labor protections. Reagan/Thatcher eroded a lot of the ones people fought and died for, and there are too many loopholes in ones we still have (like the 35 hour week).
But I'm...uncomfortable with how the author of the millenial burnout piece seems to be taking a systemic problem with capitalism and using the language of disability/chronic illness/neurodivergence to describe it.
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We must discuss how police violence against Black people impacts the mental health & health outcomes of Black people.

First @profsassy's research shows how police violence against Black family members impacts the health of Black women. Think Erica Garner.…
Second, research conducted by social scientists at the University of Pennsylvania shows that after police violence against Black people, there is a mental health toll that is exacted. Black mental health is affected.…
Third, work by @safiyanoble shows that mass media often profits from the circulation of images and video of Black death, but white media outlets are not concerned about the health impacts. Think CNN replaying police brutality videos on a repeated loop.
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