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Data Feminism

Catherine D'Ignazio & Lauren F. Klein

Feminism must be intersectional if it seeks to address the challenges of the present moment.

What is intersectionality?

The effects of privilege & oppression are not distributed evenly across all individuals and groups, however. For some, they become an obvious & unavoidable part of daily life, particularly for women & people of color & queer people & immigrants: the list goes on.

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NEW PROJECT ALERT! Introducing the Gender and Covid-19 Reading List. I've pulled together readings to help us keep track of how old scripts about gender rewrite themselves in the age of pandemic.…
The Gender and Covid-19 Reading list itself is housed at the @WomenLawWCL #gender #womensrights 2/…
Because this is a crisis-in-progress, the Gender and Covid-19 Reading List is a work-in-progress. If you've written something you'd like to see on the list, ping 3/
@womenknowlaw @WomenAlso @womenalsoknow @IFESGender @OsgoodeIFLS @onGender @GenderSexLaw
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How is it that I haven’t read this til now? #mapoli must read! Green book cover with white...
(Okay, I always intended to tweet about this!) #amreading
What’s it about? Route 128
“...demonstrates the reorientation of modern liberalism and the Democratic Party away from their roots in the labor union halls of northern cities, and towards white-collar suburbanites in the postindustrial metropolitan periphery.”
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Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World. Meredith #Broussard

#amreading Image
Captivating and personal opening paragraphs. Gives you insight into the authors background. #Broussard ImageImage
For youthful idealists of my generation, it was easy to believe that the world we were creating online would be better and more just than the world we already had. #Broussard
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We're doing a thread of ten recommendations for awesome sci-fi, fantasy, and WTF eBooks you can get from @angryrobotbooks for half off during the #Quarantine. Let's get started. In no particular order... #amreading #amwriting.
STEAL THE SKY. @MeganEOKeefe's steampunk airship heist.

SIXTEEN WATCH. @MykeCole's US Coast Guard in space military sci-fi.

THE BURIED LIFE. @Carrie_Patel's post-apocalyptic underground Victorian murder mystery.

OUTRIDERS. @HiJayPosey's A-Team in space spec-ops spectacular.
AN ACCIDENT OF STARS. @fozmeadows awesome queer portal fantasy.

UNITED STATES OF JAPAN. @TieryasXu's ode to The Man in the High Castle with mecha

NECROTECH. @kacealexander's cyberpunk opus.

HUNGER MAKES THE WOLF: @katsudonburi's corporate-smashing extrasolar witch biker gang.
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Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code - Ruha #Benjamin #amreading
Reality is something we create together, except that so few people have a genuine say in the world in which they are forced to live. Amid so much suffering and injustice, we cannot resign ourselves to this reality we have inherited. It is time to reimagine what is possible.
Names are racially coded... What’s in a name? Your family story, your religion, your nationality, your gender identity, your race and ethnicity? What assumptions do you think people make about you on the basis of your name? #Benjamin
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A diversity website w/DEI mission & goals, fully populated committee, & plans for or initiated programming are something, but I'd feel infinitely better knowing those in charge had an equity reading list & reflection plan.
What would you recommend for a robust #EquityReadingList?
I'll start:
@SaraNAhmed's "On Being Included"
DEI #EquityReadingList #DEIReadingList
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Complexity and Postmodernism: Understanding complex systems. Paul #Cilliers #amreading
‘Complex’ and ‘complicated’: If a system—despite the fact that it may consist of a huge number of components—can be given a complete description in terms of its individual constituents, such a system is merely complicated. #Cilliers
In a complex system, the interaction among constituents of the system and the interaction between the system and its environment, are of such a nature that the system as a whole cannot be fully understood simply by analysing its components. #Cilliers
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#SundayRead by Eyala is back by popular demand (well, kinda: @Asmaaouu asked and I'd never dare say no to her).

As usual, this week I've read a ton of articles about women's rights and #feminism (especially in Africa) this week. Let me share 5 pieces that stood out for me.
In the seven years I lived in #Senegal I often wondered, where are the queer women? I figured they were being silenced, but this intriguing piece by @africasacountry suggests that queer women's silence may be a strategic choice.

#amreading #SundayRead
The sisters @MAKEDAComms wrote about how social media is affecting the #feminist struggle in Africa. We stan a PR firm that delivers products and contributes to the movement's strategic thinking!

#amreading #SundayRead…
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Okay guys... here we go... wish me luck. #puppetgate #allinarowplay #livetweet #amreading #ActuallyAutistic

Image Description: a copy of the play “All in a Row” lying on a blue pillow.
TW: #puppetgate

Okay, let’s start with the cover. My husband pointed out that the image has three upright cakes neatly lined up and the one blue cake that is fallen over. I assume that since there are four characters, the blue one is the autistic character. Out of place.
TW: #PuppetGate

Next you have big bios of all the cast and crew. Then there’s a two page preface written by Alex Oates and by golly he is TRYING. He uses identity first language (brownie points for that) and tries to explain everything including the puppet.
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Now, if you'd like to see what and who in our community is up to no good, please refer to the following tweets with vital information so we can STOP attacking the victims involved in this situation.
First up! Introducing Author Lissa Gromley (@AuthorLissa) who was part of the Sassy Literary Ladies, a group consisting of several authors across genres that eventually turned on her and caused the chaos taking over the #writingcommunity today, see here:
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Black History Fact for 1 February (Pre-1492)

Source: Urban Intellectuals

#blackhistory #FridayFeeling #BlackHistoryMonth #blackhistorymonth2019 Black History Fact for 1 February (Pre-1492)
Black History Fact for 2 February (STEM):

#STEM #blackhistorymonth #blackhistorymonth2019 #SocialMedia Black History Fact for 2 February.
Black History Fact for 3 February (Pre-1492):

Queen Candace was an Ethiopian Queen who ruled the Kingdom of Kush.

Legend says that her real name was Amanirenas and that she was a fierce warrior.

#BlackHistoryMonth #blackhistorymonth2019 Black History Fact for 3 Feb: Queen Candace of Kush.
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THREAD Here are the 10 writing-related books on my 2019 to-read list I'm most looking fwd to reading... #AmReading #AmWriting #AmCoaching
10) _The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life_, by Twyla Tharp (2006)…
9) _The writer's diet : a guide to fit prose_, by Helen Sword (2016)…
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What are you reading over the holidays? I'm reading 'A Man of Misconceptions: the Life of an Eccentric in an Age of Change' by John Glassie. The eccentric being Athanasius Kircher, 17th century priest and scientist.
Did you know that the book Galileo published his telescopic observations in was called 'Starry Messenger'?
"For (17th century scholar) Pico, magic was 'the practical part of natural science,' and also the 'noblest part.'" ~ from 'A Man of Misconceptions' by John Glassie
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Next up in #amreading: “White Kids: Growing Up With Privilege in a Racially Divided America” by Margaret Hagerman.
(And yes, this one I bought. Usually, I am a devoted @CWMARSinfo user.)
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Welcome to #NATO 101. Lesson 1
"The mere lack of #military #power is, in itself, not enough to cause a nation to lose its position vis-à-vis other states. That only happens when the people lose their individual integrity and the country gradually loses its national #integrity...
#NATO 101, Lesson 2
"No-one wants to cooperate with a country that has lost its integrity. [Even when] other countries have dealt unreasonably... who would want to damage the amity extant between [us, just by] sticking up for a state that has no national #integrity to begin with?
#NATO 101, Lesson 3.
"Many countries haven’t lost their international #prestige merely because of #poverty and #weakness... natural #disaster and poor #geography are enough to make a country weak and poor, and that can move others to sympathy. But lack of #integrity?
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Really love #StevenUniverse in case you haven't noticed…
Add some Lit to your cosplay…
Got to interview one of my heros about her fabulous new book! (Highly recommend Starless)…
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#amwritingromance #DolphinWriters #turtlewriters
#erotica #HistoricalRomance #amreading

This happened last September and I never got a notice or email from @Smashwords

I'm glad they clarified the process, but I'm still confused by some stuff.
Only #Smashwords and #AmazonKindle allow step-relations?

I don't understand why.

Example is "In the Distance There is Light" by #HarperBliss

One of our WIPs is a reworking of Greek Mythology. GM has nearly all taboos, yet is carried everywhere!
Other markets are "officially" banning Bestiality, but let it slide under the name of Paranormal.

@smashwords (and Amazon, apparently) claims mermaids, werewolves, bigfoot, or aliens are NOT considered "Beastiality".
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We are so excited to announce the #CityofStories comp results - lots of #writers to celebrate #ACEsupported @londonlibraries #THREAD 👇🏽
For @brentculture, congrats to winner @LizRandomSpaces & highly commended @the_vajabond #CityofStories
For @lovecamden, congrats winner @sinb & highly commended @Forfieh & Kim Horrocks #writingcomp
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