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The @diversebooks team asks the room to imagine a world where books have representation of all people. Imagine a world
The goals of #WNDB #weneeddiversebooks and the data driving the movement. Emphathy self determination
There is a need to have positive messaging about LGBTQIA+ experience and make ability/disability visible. Rep is better but we have a long way to go. #wndb #weneeddiversebooks
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Upcoming science fiction and fantasy books with a queer protagonist! These include both YA and adult.

I'll share my Goodreads lists at the end of the thread.
MALICE by Heather Walters
- 2021
- Queer Sleeping Beauty retelling

"A sorceress whose dark gifts earn her the hatred of a realm, finds an unexpected bond with the last surviving heir whose curse can only be lifted by true love's kiss"…
- 2019
- F/F

"Rapunzel is a young woman who has retreated from the world by choice. Her older lover, a female professor of anthropology, is a witch only in the eyes of her suitor"…
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64% of teachers use "Teachers Pay Teachers" website.

What will I find if I search there, using "Native American" as the search term?
I entered the phrase and got this far:

"Native American"

The autofill gave me "Native Americans" (obvious) but the second one is "Native Americans totem pole."

Does that mean that queries about totem poles are popular on this site?
For now, I'll do the "Native Americans" search and see what teachers are sharing on that site. Having been on the site before, I'm not optimistic.
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Oh boy. My daughter is at a pre-college writing camp and a visiting (white woman) author told the class, in regards to a book she wrote with an Asian character, “This #OwnVoices thing is like #MeToo - It’s going too far. White authors are SCARED.”
2/ And so my daughter raised her hand and said “As a person of color, I think it’s important that authors of color tell our own stories. That’s not ‘going too far’.” AND A WHITE GIRL CUT MY DAUGHTER OFF TO DEFEND WHITE AUTHORS.
3/ The white girl went on about how white authors should be able to write any POC characters they want “as long as the book doesn’t focus on race” Like what the fuck word salad bullshit is that and THE CLASS ERUPTED IN APPLAUSE. FOR THE WHITE GIRL.
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Have you seen this infographic? It uses data generated by the Cooperative Children's Book Center at Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, and the idea that bks with good representations can be mirrors.
We did a similar infographic in 2015. This time we wanted to show the idea of bad representation, so we have shards of the mirrors at the kids' feet. Details, and downloadable copies of the infographic, are here:… When we made this one public, we...
... got a lot of blowback from people who wondered why we didn't include this or that demographic. The ppl who worked on it (including me) have been collaborating for years in our respective areas of research/teaching.
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LRT It is impossible for us white queer folks to divorce our whiteness from how we navigate the world. Unlike people of color, we can hide who we are, and many of us do. It's not a pleasant thing, but we can hide for our safety. Poc don't get that option.
And us white queer folks always seem to forget that there are queer people of color out here dealing with racism AND the difficult decision to stay closeted or come out, who deal with stuff that we will never have to go through as WHITE PEOPLE.
Critisizing #OwnVoices for boosting+supporting marginalized folks cos it forces ppl to out themselves ignores the reality that MANY marginalized ppl cant hide or come out with their identity because it is just there for everyone to see. It shows a lack of understanding of others
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Thinking about the importance of #ownvoices to me as an #actuallyautistic reader. Keep in mind, I love so many non-own voices books and authors. But for those who are neurotypical, cis het white readers, this might help you understand the movement from a different perspective.
I grew up surviving by mimicry while also afraid to be seen by people. My wife, also #autistic, is an observer. I am a hider. I was afraid to be a target. So I learned to be neurotypical by reading anything and everything I could. I didn't know that was my reason though.
Now, as a 40 year old, I understand and do it purposely. I've learned to act more sexually interested than I may be, not as a negative, but to make my wife (or partner at the time) know that I do want to be there, but #asexuality means I experience it differently.
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The response to my thread has me thinking that there needs to be a book translating clinical diagnostic criteria into relatable subjective stories. 5 chapters, one for each DSM criteria, then a bunch more to show how reductive DSM actually is. #actuallyAutistic
Chapter 1: "Persistent deficits in social communication" - a chapter talking about all the ways we work really hard to understand NT people around us and how they never extend that same courtesy to us. How weird it is to me that my 'normal' is a 'deficit'.
Chapter 2:"Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior" - many people see this and can't relate to it. But a chapter explaining how stimming and special interests feel would translate that pathologizing medical term into a relatable human description.
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1/ i wanna talk about white writers and creating work that centers POC, without speaking over POC, and while giving POC credit for the labor, trust, and sharing that makes us able to write about characters of colour in the first place.

2/ the other day i was excitedly informing a new friend of getting a MS accepted. i told them of the "diversity" in the novel, thinking they'd be excited to see the representation in an upcoming novel. the response surprised me.

"that's cool. who helped you?"
3/ i was taken aback. sure, i did my research, but no one /helped/ me. i did this writing by myself. i plotted by myself. i spent hours (many of them at my traumatizingly horrid job) editing, structuring, making notes, and re-reading.

how could they just assume i had help?
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Current state: thinking of starting a personal project of actively reading & promoting #ownvoices women’s fiction & #romance.

That would probably include reviews, blogs, interviews, social media posts on the books I read. Hmm... 🤔🤔🤔

This may become a thing. I skimmed my bookshelf, and I have 15 #ownvoices books to start. They're in different genres but most are women's fiction, romance, 1 young adult, & upmarket fiction. So maybe the common theme will be own voices but across different genres.
@threadreaderapp please unroll 😊
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A thread of #JenReadsRitas books, bc that's a thing I'm going to do.
Just yesterday I read THE LAST WOLF by Maria Vale. It's so strong. I bought the 2nd book on spec last week, and now I'm so glad I have it ready to go.
It's honestly so fresh for a book about wolves. Silver, our heroines is a wolf who has never been offland--she's way more comfortable as a wolf than in "skins." The hero, Tiberius, is a shifter who will be killed if she doesn't help him.

Really interesting world-building.
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A thread about adults in [especially Latinx] middle-grade books.

I've been thinking about things people have said over the past 4 years about family dynamics in my MG work. Some folx want MG to give almost all the agency to the children, especially in speculative fiction.

When I've not contrived to do away with the adults or depict them as useless bumblers kids must work around, there's been a little push-back (from a small minority of folx). Such readers don't want involved, wise (if flawed) adults who overtly guide kids & help resolve crises. 2/
For them, including responsible adults as actual mentors for children (the way life literally is, especially in communities of color), is boring & predictable. Kids should ditch the adults & figure stuff out on their own. Growth comes through independence.

That's privilege. 3/
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1/ Okay so here is the latest YA Twitter blowup. It's quite cannibalistic. All social-media screencaps sent in by anonymous tipsters and independently confirmed. Please do NOT insert yourself into any of this drama -- as I'll demonstrate (not for the first time), one of the ways
2/ this community shields itself from criticism is by portraying anyone who shines a light on its internecine unpersoning/career-wrecking campaigns as a "harasser," a "stalker," or whatever other scary term is entirely inappropriate to describe, well, reading and responding to
3/to things that people have chosen to publicly post to social media. Don't give them ammo by sticking your noses into their feeds.

ANYWAY: The victim this time around is Kosoko Jackson, an author who is black and gay (matters in this context) and who has a book coming out soon
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I was much younger when I recall learning, from my mother, that her beloved grandparents were big fans of Al Jolson of "Mammy" fame. She loved them very much and told me many stories of what they taught her and how they loved her. So one day, I asked her why were 1/?
these grandparents fans of someone who performed in blackface? Didn't they see that he was someone who got rich off of parodying black folks? She shook her head and said no. "They were so happy to have some type of representation, to see what they thought of as a blackface in 2/?
the movies that they were fans." So I find myself thinking about my great-grandparents today, about 100 years later, wondering what they might think of that representation now that we've had a Black president, mayors, senators, entertainment figures, etc. I wonder if they 3/?
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Thread: The “dark side” of autism isn’t your kid not verbally saying “I love you”. The dark side of autism is the suicide rates among autistic ppl. The dark side of autism is the rates of abuse by caregivers. The dark side of autism is the rate of autistic victims of sexual abuse
Often by family members or carers. The dark side of autism is the rate of autistic CHILDREN being murdered by their own parents. The dark side of autism is how many autistic ppl have ptsd caused by bullying and abuse and mistreatment
The dark side of autism is how we are never listened to by abled people, how we’re passed off as either too high or low functioning to know what we’re talking about. How abusive carers and neurotypicals can speak on our behalf, but other autistic ppl who understand can’t.
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Desde 2016 eu escrevo ficção quase que exclusivamente em inglês. Então...

Isso mesmo!

1 like = 1 curiosidade sobre escrever ficção em inglês
1. O mercado de FC/F anglófono é muito maior que o nosso e com muitas oportunidades, mas os problemas que temos aqui não são nossa exclusividade. Vanity press, golpes, prêmios forjados, gráficas que se chamam de editoras, cursos caros e de conteúdo duvidoso, e por aí vai.
2. Muitas revistas e antologias estão sempre abertas para submissões do mundo inteiro. Muitas pagam e muitas querem ver mais histórias de autores de outras partes do mundo (EUA/Canadá/Europa ainda domina o mercado).
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IT'S TIME! This week I'll be sharing exclusive sneak peeks at illustration spreads from WHEN AIDAN BECAME A BIG BROTHER by @Shekels_Library, illustrations by Kaylani Juanita. This is an adorable #ownvoices picture book about a trans boy from @LEEandLOW coming in May. #AidanBook
Kyle was also kind enough to answer some questions about the illustrations and the book so with every illustration I'll also share some thoughts from him. #AidanBook
Don't forget you can add #AidanBook to your GoodReads shelf here… and now onto today's illustration!!! 😁😁😮😮🕺🕺
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Ok, a friend of mine just got a novel rejection saying that their #ownvoices autistic protagonist wasn't "autistic enough."

The editor's basis for saying this was that they, the editor, had been watching the show "Atypical."

Buckle up: I am going to talk about this AT LENGTH.
In this thread, if you are NT, I am going to explain several reasons why you SHOULD NOT EVER judge if a character is "autistic enough" by how well they match autistic characters on TV. Any TV.

Then when I am done with that I will suggest some things you can do instead.
Why should you not judge autistic characters by what you see on TV? There are several reasons.

There are several types of autistic representation on TV, from good to horrible. None of them should be used as a litmus test for another character's autisticness.
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Front and center for #disrupttexts. This room is PACKED, y’all! So many disruptors in here! @nenagerman, @triciaebarvia, @juliaerin80, & @TchKimPossible are gonna be, and we all know it!🔥 #ncte18
@triciaebarvia asking us why we are here. I am here because the canon needs to be reimagined. I am here because oppressive systems must be disrupted and dismantled. I am here because none of us are free until we all are free. #disrupttexts #ncte
Fellow disruptors, why are you here? #disrupttexts #ncte18
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Here's a challenge for all #NCTE18 Ts.

As you walk the exhibit hall and grab all the titles you'll bring back to your classrooms, stop and ask the vendors this question:

Can you tell me how your organization is anti-racist? In what ways is your group committed to equity?
Other questions for the #NCTE18 exhibit hall:

✔️How diverse are the decision-makers in your organization?
✔️How many of your titles are #ownvoices?
✔️What are you doing to find and publish authors of color?
✔️How are you reaching Ts and Ss in underserved communities? #NCTE18
☝🏽And if you are a White educator especially... please #spendyourprivilege and ask these questions. #NCTE18
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Let's talk about the tale of two Romancelandias.

For background, Rhonda Merwarth sent out a tweet.

I replied back with someone sarcastic but honest then we got into a discussion.
Bottom line is that despite the many hot-takes, most often call-out culture is valid. Call-out culture also paints WOC as the bad guys.
And the thing is the brunt of call-outs come from WOC. It comes with a price.
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It's fucking appalling how many fantasy worlds seem to be occupied entirely by white people (with perhaps a few POC crammed in a distant jungle across the sea-- Christ!). Fantasy has possibly the lowest bar to clear for diversity of ANY genre, and yet fails to do so CONSTANTLY.
As diversity becomes a more mainstream subject it also becomes a more nuanced one, with people taking up discussions around #ownvoices and wanting to see their lives and experiences portrayed by people who have... lived them, rather than as imagined by some white guy. Wild.
Which does not, of course, absolve us white guys of a moral obligation to make things better on this front, it just reveals the complexity that was always there.

But! O, fantasy to the rescue!
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A Taverna é mais um site brasileiro, parece que tá surgindo agora e no momento que escrevo este tweet está procurando autores pra sua primeira edição. Mas jpa tem alguns contos lá, resenhas, além de dicas de escrita.
Pra quem gosta de Contos rápidinhos de ler, se liga aí na sequência de links que eu vou postar.
O primeiro é o Every Day Fiction:

Que tem várias histórias curtas de Flash Fiction (ou Ficção Relâmpago) todos os dias pra você conferir. Eles também fazem um ranking das hist[orias mais bem votadas por gênero. Ótimo pra você não se perder.
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Nah. I have serious issues with this article. I am not sure whether or not I was approached but yeah....I see issues.…
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