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¿Sabías que la inauguración de #mAbxience que hicieron los kirchneristas el 20 de febrero pasado ya se había hecho en 2019 y que la obra y la negociación se hizo en el gobierno anterior?
¿Y sabés quién es el dueño millonario comunista y kirchnerista Hugo Sigman?
#TeLoCuento 😉👋
Podríamos empezar este hilo así: Érase una vez en el país de la mentira, donde el más pinocho es rey, un presidente que inauguraba cosas ya inauguradas.
Donde el dueño de lo inaugurado era un comunista, multimillonario y bastante mafioso.
El 20 de febrero de 2020 Alberto Fernández de Kirchner inauguraba una planta: #mAbxience. Así lo anunciaba en esta red y se colgaba la medalla: "inauguramos"
Aramos dijo el mosquito.
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#IchHabeFragen nach #Hanau. #WieKannEsSein?

(Ein Thread und ich befürchte er ist lang...)

Die Saat geht auf. Das passiert, wenn man mit Rechten redet und sie für die Quote in jede verdammte #Talkshow einlädt, wo sie dann ihren Müll absondern können, der danach von zig... 1/x
Online-Medien mittels #Clickbait verwurstet wird. Das passiert, wenn (#rechts)konservative Medien in ihren Onlineformaten eine #Kommentarfunktion weitestgehend unmoderiert lassen, so dass #Hetzer dort ihren Hass und #Fakenews absondern können. Wir erleben die Ernte, die wir
unkontrollierten asozialen Medien zu verdanken haben.

Wie konnte es sein, dass ein #Lucke und seine auch damals schon rechtsaußen stehenden Kompagnons im Zuge der sogenannten "Griechenland-Krise" so lange wöchentlich in Talkshows eingeladen wurden bis sie in Umfragen eine ...3/x
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A lot of people spend a lot time & energy popping jokes on these usurpers, but did you know as a U.S. Citizen you are their subjects? The people of the several states are property of the foreign corporation The United States and are under a foreign law system....
...."De facto" (Not True Law) - Legislative statutes/codes Corporate policy. Learn why U.S. Citizens DO NOT have rights, but privileges and immunities that can be taken away at anytime via Section 1 of the 14th Amendment.

Click below. 👇
A lot of people use #Twitter or other social media platform form to complain about which master they're not happy with, but failed to understand this system operates by your CONSENT!
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US Ambassador to #Germany, @RichardGrenell, expected to be named DNI, reports @nytimes. He would be the first openly gay cabinet member.…
@RichardGrenell @nytimes "The people familiar with the move cautioned that the president had a history of changing his mind on personnel decisions after they were revealed in the news media."
@RichardGrenell @nytimes This report on @RichardGrenell also confirmed by @CBS, @CNN and @Reuters.
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(1) .@POTUS .@DevinNunes .@ODNIgov .@GOP .@SenateFloor .@seanhannity .@TuckerCarlson .@RonWyden

The #FBI's use of human shields & proxies for their domestic #terrorism ops, coordinated through #FusionCenters across America make the fundamentalist, Middle Eastern imams jealous.
(2) Once someone has been extrajudicially watch-listed, the #FBI #InfraGard #JTTF work with LARPs hired by private contractors to stalk, harass, assault, intimidate & smear innocent "targets."

This is a now a nationwide protocol, targeting hundreds of thousands of Americans.
(3) This program - once again, in part coordinated thru #FusionCenters, is a "joint operation" perpetrated with the collusion of #DOJ #DHS #FBI #InfraGard #JTTFs #LEIUs #NSA #CyberCommand & even US Military.

The #AI-supported #PreCrime protocol is a total farce ....
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In Modi we trust ✊🏼

I am going back home ❤️❤️
Is it weird that I cried after reading this news article ?
Is it weird that I have a lump in my throat ?

#Kashmir #kashmirihinduexodus

Waise is proposal ka vishleshan karke aur post karungi.

After reading the article, here is my analysis:
Pros: Temples will be constructed
The townships will be scattered around 10 districts of #Kashmir and if they are anything like the "modern day concentration camps" in Jagti, then we are doomed. It also makes us sitting ducks
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"WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is no longer being kept in solitary confinement and his health is improving, his spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson told reporters on Tuesday."
"Assange, 48, is in Belmarsh high-security prison in London, fighting an extradition request from the United States where he faces 18 counts including conspiring to hack government computers and violating an espionage law. He could spend decades in prison if convicted."
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It's a new day's #Q!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3856...
Q gives us a re-drop of 802 ==> Definitions of #Patriot & #Traitor.
The text begins with a covert msg.
#Renegade & #Evergreen are 2be defined - see image...
Depopulation - 2be fleshed out in the future.
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse 2) #QAnon 3857...
Anyone that haunts #8kun, knows full well that it's been under attack, or was hit & is limping.

#Corporate, #WeaponizedMedia has been pushing new narratives 4their #Propaganda campaign(s).

The WHY is clear 2those that have 2firing neurons 2rub together!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse 3) Apologies' #Twitter just will not upload #QAnon 3858.
Hours in?
It's a re-drop of 3721 aka 3613.
Will keep trying.
#NotGood [ ! ]😡
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Read sad story last night about Dr. Bucci, 50 year old Phychology & Brain Sciences Dept. Chairman, at Dartmouth that committed #Suicide 11 months after a lawsuit was filed by graduate #students in his department. He
2/ was NOT accused of sexual misconduct, but named in the suit for knowing about the professors’ inappropriate behavior as the Chair.I share many of the same feelings he expressed to friends and colleagues in his emails before he took his own life like: the case was deeply
3/ personal; reputation had been damaged; physical health diminished; false portrayal of his actions; being blamed unfairly; allegations & process “unfair”; how can they ever undo what they did to me & #wronglyaccused. Similarly, how I had reported the #disability
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1. anche se ne ho parlato già ieri sera in inglese, rispondo a chi mi continua a chiedere dell'articolo del #DailyBeast, secondo il quale #ArronBanks avrebbe vantato un canale di comunicazione con Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks, che trovate qui in inglese:…
2. ho spiegato ieri sera perché sono completamente scettica riguardo a gente che va a vantarsi in giro di "un canale" con Julian #Assange: sono anni che #Guardian, #DailyBeast, ecc pubblicano questi articoli senza uno straccio di prova
3. dunque secondo le ricostruzioni giornalistiche, #ArronBanks sarebbe stato l'uomo della #Brexit in combutta con i #russi
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(Thread) 1/8... I’ve thought about doing this for a long time but after yesterday, when all kinds of moron invoked #Auschwitz75 and #HolocaustMemorialDay as some kind of warped justification for spewing their vile hatred across Twitter, I finally realised that the time had...
2/8 ...come to take action. Quite simply, enough is enough.

I voted to leave the EU based primarily on the issue of defence. That decision was made as both a veteran of the armed forces with 18 years service behind me and as a patriot. If you don’t agree with me, fine.
3/8 That’s democracy. I won’t lose any sleep over it and I certainly won’t think any worse of you for voting the other way.

Yet for too many on the remain side, my decision is akin to evidence that I’m stupid or worse, a ‘little Englander’. It also apparently makes me...
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It appears @FlackoSemps #FlackoSemps has #Scammed a lot of ppl. He entices you to buy a shirt with a model discount of 50% off. Once payment method is decided — via his site or @CashApp — he asks for your name/address. Once you pay, he blocks you! #RUB & RT for #ScamAwareness!👁‍🗨
@FlackoSemps #FlackoSemps | @CashApp #Cashapp |@CashSupport #CashSupport, his CashTag is or was -> [ $Semps ] <-SS3. Name is in T3. This happened in 2018. It's possible it's changed by now, but perhaps you keep a record of prev CashTags which can lead you to his new one if so? 👁‍🗨
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"Today, #China faces the spread of another mysterious disease, a #coronavirus, which so far has killed 17 [+] people & infected > 540 [++]. And while Beijing’s response has improved in some ways, it has #regressed in others. It is #censoring criticism."…
"It is detaining people for spreading what it calls 'rumors.' It is suppressing info it deems alarming. Though China’s censors are busily scrubbing the Chinese internet, the... online community is registering its disappointment & alarm over Beijing’s handling of the new virus..."
CCP "has tightened its grip on the & civil society. It has deeper pockets & a greater ability to control the flow of info.[Thus], many of the media outlets, advocacy groups, activists &others who held the gov't accountable in 2003 have been silenced or sidelined."
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24.01.20. #Grundlagenseminar #SocialMedia #Twitter mit der @HeimatNeue in #Berlin-Mitte. Wir lernen für den #HousingActionDay2020 #HDay2020 und für die allgemeine ... (1/6)
... #Vernetzung in #Communities mit hoher #Diversität. Daniel von der @HeimatNeue zeigt anhand des Accounts von @thomas_hocke, wie eine Twitter-Präsenz im Detail aufgebaut ist und weist mit dem Zeigestock auf die Schwachstellen hin. #Follower|s (2/6)
Wie man alles dies und mehr besser macht, lernen wir in den nächsten #Semester|n. Wir brauchen z. B. viel mehr #Hashtags als die Gegenseite, die mit #Rendite, #Profit, #Klassenkampf von #oben gegen #unten locker auskommt, denn der #Mietenwahnsinn hat viele Facetten, wie ... (3/6)
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Y en nuestra mesa de #iSLGT2 no faltaran los principales artículos, dos de ellos presentados recientemente !!!!

Vamos a ponerlos aqui, porque queremos comenzar el debate en #twitter

¿Cual es el perfil de pacientes que mas se beneficia de iSLGT2? ¿Son seguros en IRC?

Estudio EMPA-REG (2015)

▶️ Más de 7.000 pacientes 1:1:1 Empagliflozina 10 mg, 25 mg, o placebo junto a tratamiento antidiabético óptimo.

▶️Pacientes con elevado RCV.

▶️Evaluar tiempo hasta muerte cardiovascular, IAM no fatal, ictus no fatal.

1⃣Disminución de las hospitalizaciones por insuficiencia cardiaca 35%.

2⃣Disminución de la mortalidad cardiovascular 38%.

3⃣Disminución de la mortalidad total 32%.

Primer antidiabético oral que demuestra reducción de eventos cardiovasculares en #diabetes

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Saya bukan penggiat medsos.
Ttapi harus beralih ke medsos krena besarnya kebutuhan adik² yatim yg harus kami cari
Jangan tanya gaji, 8 thn kami berjibaku dalam mengurus mereka, bahkan hanya sekedar maaf, baju sholat saja harus nunggu lebaran karena biasanya ada yg ngasi
2. Bukan promosi kesulitan, sekali lagi BUKAN. KAMI hanya butuh Orang² yg ikut membersamai kami agar semkin banyak mendukung project mulia ini
Follow dulu 👉 @IbrahimAzzaini Dan @AimAzzaini

Karena setiap bulan harus memenuhi kebutuhan mereka yg amat sangat besar
3. Walau kami yakin, PASTI rezeki mreka sudah Allah atur, dan tugas kami hanya mengambil lewat ikhtiar yang luar biasa. 🙂

Walau secara logika ini adlh pekerjaan gila, bagaimana tidak, mmenuhi kbutuhan sendiri saja nyaris belum cukup, tapi malah menanggung jawabi kebutuhan yatim
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* Burnout thread *

Burn-out is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

3 dimensions:

- feeling exhausted

- feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job

- reduced professional efficacy.
Burn-out is included in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as an occupational phenomenon.
Burnout is more likely to happen if we:
1) don't feel valued
2) don't feel like we are making an impact
3) have no autonomy over a situation
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How can [twitter] call it’s site ‘FREEDOM of SPEECH ’ if [they] claim to reserve the right to limit post visibility...⁉️

Seems like a MAJOR conflict, if you ask me‼️

There is no FREEDOM to share KNOWLEDGE — it’s an illusion... 💯

#FactsMatter #Q #QAnon #KnowledgeIsPower
When you try to wake up ‘sheep’ and save them from the devils tricks, but twitter suppresses informative threads... 🤬

#HowDareYou #Twitter #ThisIsBullshit #Meme #Q #Stated #ClassActionLawsuitsAreEffective #FactsMatter #QAnon
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#PuertoRico #USA #PuertoRicoEarthquakes

#PuertoRico still doesn't seem calm after so many #storms, and this Saturday there was a new 6.0 MI magnitude #earthquake on the momentum magnitude scale as part of a series of #aftershocks that have intensified since Friday night.
According to Prensa Latina, the meteorological phenomenon occurred in #Guánica, 14.87 kilometers south of #Peñuelas, at a depth of 5.04 kilometers.
On the other hand, the #NationalGuard of #PuertoRico considered declaring the island a #disaster area in order to receive additional funds after the #earthquakes.
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Welcome to our twitter conversation thread, please retweet to enlighten someone, like & Comment

Topic: Importance of Financial and Tax Management for Startups

#taxmanagement #Andersentax #Nigeria #Startups
1. Startup businesses all over the world are experiencing a boom in various industries ranging from manufacturing, transportation, hospitality and even the financial industry. #taxmanagement #Andersentax #Nigeria
2. In Nigeria, there has been significant increase in small businesses. It is also important to note that small businesses make up a very large portion of the Nigerian economy. #taxmanagement #Andersentax #Nigeria
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Thread on #Twitter Bots:

There are three kinds of tweet by IT Cell/Automated Bots:
1. Abusive replies that scare you.
2. Tweets that hijack Twitter trends to feed you false information.
3. Tweets in large volume that confuses you.
We mostly talk about Problem 1 and 2 but never discuss seriously how massive the problem 3 is.
3 is the reason why it's so difficult for a new user to adopt Twitter as a social platform. 3 is the reason why you find bigots first when you use search and discovery on the platform. 3 is the reason why it's so hard to find specific information on Twitter.
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Doch nochmal zur #Umweltsau und dem Versagen der meisten Medien im Umgang damit. Zur Erinnerung: Der bislang einzige direkte Anhaltspunkt darauf, wie die Umdichtung des Liedes gemeint war, ist die von @uebermedien verlinkte Sendung vom 9. November:…
Die Kollegen von @uebermedien haben die Sendung, "Satire Deluxe - Live beim Köln Comedy Festival" auch verlinkt. Zum Nachhören: ab 34:35 der Abschnitt über Klimagipfel und Greta Thunberg. Dort kommen auch die ersten Strophen des Liedes vor. Kontext: Die Satiriker malen sich
aus, dass es bald eine Fridays-for-Future-Klimasünder-Hotline geben würde, entsprechend Greta Thunbergs "we will not let you get away with this"-Rede. Die sei nämlich ein Aufruf "Kinder bespitzeln ihre Eltern", und in Zukunft würden Kinder ihre Eltern dann bei der erwähnten
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#AUSPOL #ClimateChange radicals
#theirABC institutions @conversationEDU @abcnews @QandA
#ExtinctionRebellion child soldiers
#UN eco-#Socialists
#Twitter activists @slpng_giants_oz
#labor/#lib/#green politicians

All of whom seek to SILENCE debate in our democracy.
@ConversationEDU @abcnews @QandA @slpng_giants_oz "The whole essence of #Freedom is that it is freedom for others as well as for ourselves.

Freedom for people who disagree with us as well as for our supporters.

Freedom for minorities as well as for majorities."
@ConversationEDU @abcnews @QandA @slpng_giants_oz "All things considered, the worst crime of #Fascism and its twin brother, German National #Socialism, is their suppression of #FreeThought & #FreeSpeech.

It is one of the many proofs that, with all their cleverness, they are primitive & reactionary movements."
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Conducting a quick #Twitter focus group study for when I launch my free video platform. Trying to gauge what my followers would like most. Plz RT to grow awareness & comment below if you have specifics. I welcome all ideas. #Trump2020 #Redpill #Qanon #Research #TheGreatAwakening
If I had a vote, I would pick #TheGreatAwakening Redpill videos cuz they’re intended to make the most impact for people who don’t have the time to watch an hr long video. The videos will have a mix of my fave artists music AND original scoring by an amazing composer! Can’t wait!
I also want to point out, every type of video has the sole intention on helping the public get to critical mass thinking for themselves and no longer beholden to constant Psyops every second of their life. Every video will help us achieve our goals of peace, happiness & liberty!
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