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Nazi German publishing house endorses @JoeBiden.

That headline isn't the one screaming out across #Twitter.

Instead, we have the #lilywhite "@sciam endorses #Biden, a first in its 150 year history."
But the correct news of the day on #ScientificAmerican endorsing #Biden is this:

A company that was founded in the USA and was suffering financially was purchased by a German publishing house, and placed with that publishing house's @SpringerNature division.
But the true truth is that #HoltzbrinckPublishing grew up with and in and supporting the #ThirdReich.
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A post-midnight return to #Delaware for @JoeBiden after a pair of socially distanced campaign events in Tampa and Kissimmee, #Florida. Image
Just as a doctored video of one of the @JoeBiden events is retweeted by @POTUS:
The video replaces the @LuisFonsi song @JoeBiden actually played on his phone with one from #NWA. How do I know this? I was in the room for the Hispanic event in Osceola County, #Florida.
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Why do you think I'm a robot?
This is a new account.
The accounts I'm following only shows 1 but when clicking on following it shows the 300+ accounts. Please fix this asap and restore my account. Thank you! #Twitter #ImNotARobot
Oh now it shows 2 since following Twitter Support.
Looks like you are sorting things out. But still it's touch and go on posting and liking posts. Please see below photo. Please fix this since already verifying that I'm not a robot.
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Nació en 2009 comenzó a popularizarse entre adolescentes, preadolescentes y hasta niños, durante la cuarentena ya que muchos usuarios populares de #TikTok se graban mientras hablan con usuarios de otros países y lo suben a la plataforma china
#Omegle es anónima. Al ingresar no es necesario registrarse ni adjudicarse un nombre. "Si al comenzar a hablar con una persona se aburre o molesta por algo, el usuario simplemente cambia a otra.
"La primera vez que entré con mi prima, que es menor de edad, nos encontramos directamente con pornografía sin ningún tipo de restricción".
Y esto no es solo uno de los peligros de este chat.
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The assistant secretary of public affairs at @HHSGov, @SpoxHHS, said without evidence that @CDCgov was harboring a “resistance unit” determined to undermine @POTUS, reports @nytimes.…
The aforementioned @SpoxHHS also has another #Twitter account, @MichaelRCaputo, but I'm unable to inform you what he's posted there. Image
“If you carry guns, buy ammunition, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s going to be hard to get," said political appointee @SpoxHHS. "You understand that they’re going to have to kill me, and unfortunately, I think that’s where this is going."
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Dr. #Yanlimeng, the whistleblower who fled #HongKong tells the world about the #ChineseCommunistParty (#CCP)’s #coronavirus and its origin.

She shows evidence of lab engineering rather than a natural evolvement of the virus.

Full report is included.…
Uncovering the Truth: Engineering the #Coronavirus in Wuhan Lab by Dr. #YanLimeng…
The #coronavirus was artificially engineered in the P4 lab in Wuhan. - Dr. #YanLimeng

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So, the "real" Brian Williams sent an email to me and others in global health just now saying that he doesn't have #Twitter account and someone purporting to be him has been sending out tweets under @Brianzuluwi. 1/
I quote: "Someone, under the name Brian Williams has been sending out scurulous tweets about Lucica." This is in reference to @LucicaDitiu and @apoorva_nyc's story on her in the @nytimes this weekend. 2/
Brian is a South African scientist and has been a leader in TB for years. It was strange to hear him going after @LucicaDitiu AND @s_keshavjee over the past few days and something didn't seem right. 3/
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Nibiru is Enochian Magick propaganda

D J Profile Picture
Turkic #SCYTHIAN #Twitter social media = #DeepStateInFullOvertPanic
Turkic #SCYTHIAN [DS] Rockefeller BigPharma/ CancerINC deceit and lies about #HCl = #DeepStateInFullOvertPanic
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#TweetStorm - A Quick take on the new #SEBI circular. 1) The new rule states that a Multicap Fund needs to have 25% in #LargeCaps, 25% in #Midcaps. 25% in #Smallcaps. This needs to be aligned before January 2021.
Data Source - MoneyControl 2) The Total AUM of the Multi-Cap Funds is 1.53 lakh crores. 25% allocation to #Smallcap =38300 crores. Current Allocation= 11240 Crores. Potential Buying or Difference to be Aligned = 27062 crores.
3) Why is everyone going mad about it in #Whatsapp and #Twitter. Total Market Cap of 251st to 500th Company is 9 lakh crores. 27000 Cr implies 3% of Equity. In many of smallcaps promoters own 50-75%. That's like 10% of float buying theoretically. Source - AMFI.
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Sharing thread of my thoughts on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay #WSPD #suicidalthoughts_Medical_Emergency what I learnt as Psychiatrist during last 2 decades
1/n Before leaving for hospital, I made my first post on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay as I have strong belief and do practice that #suicidalthoughts_Medical_Emergency
2/n On reaching hospital, saw first patient in emergency who tries to harm herself due to hanging..somehow saved by family member. My first tweet of the day comes into my mind. Patient required admission. Decision was taken to admit for #SuicidePrevention..first step of treatment
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Thread: 1/?

To give everyone an idea of just what we do here at Harvest Hills Cares Calgary......We would like to invite anyone and everyone to join us on a food hamper delivery.

We are always looking for volunteers!

So if you would like to join us, please head on over to our website and click on the contact us button.

However as of late we've seen an increase of requests for food hampers and individuals asking us for assistance with other things such as Utilities, Rent, and Medication.

We have done a little bit of everything to help the people who are struggling, the disadvantaged as well as single families and seniors too.

To give everyone an idea of our hamper program, here is the run down.
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Tried my best to stay away from this whole sordid #SSR drama/ modern day salem witch trial in order to preserve last remaining vestiges of sanity.
What follows is a thread on how bot-like and inauthentic accounts are being mobilised to hack Twitter trending in the country. So heres a 101 on how to spot a manipulated hashtag - #RheaArrested now you're on my turf. #OSINT #socialmediamanipulation
Earlier today, local media reported that #RheaChakraborty was arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau ostensibly for the possession and consumption of marijuana.…
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Hola queridos seguidores. Mi cuenta @ayec98 ha sido suspendida temporalmente por #Twitter ya q valoran q no sea un robot. Ese es el por qué de ponerme este nombre y te pido que si no me sigues aquí lo hagas.
No hay mejor forma para demostrar q no soy robot q abrir hilo👇👇
Hoy vamos a acercarnos a lo que se sabe de este #coronavirus, lo que se hizo para demostrar que era el causante de la enfermedad conocida como Covid19.
Nunca nos cuadraron los tiempos para cumplir los Postulados de Koch en Buscadores de @tecn_preocupado y no, NO se cumplieron.
Así lo dice textualmente este artículo de febrero que describe el proceso de secuenciación del virus en tres muestras de pacientes de Wuhan y que es aplicable al resto. En éste si hubo cultivo previo del virus.…
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CRIMINAL #Twitter ILLEGALLY & Wrongfully suspended us AGAIN locking us out of our account for 12 Hours BASELESSLY BASED ON TOTAL LIES! @RichardGrenell & @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump. They LIED that we breahed their terms but we didn’t. Their terms say NOTHING about stating FACTS.
2/ Twitter is LYING endlessly about everyone SHAMELESSLY boxing anything they want into NON-Descript terms & LYING THROUGH THEIR FACES 🤥 that what ppl say breaks their terms when IT DOESNT, & their terms say NOTHING about such statements in any way, they just LIE its somehowSame
3/ AGAIN #Twitter is weongfully targeting us unfairly & unjustly as they always have, 2+ YEARS of constant Shadowbanning & TOTA REFUSAL to respond to a SINGLE MESSAGE over 200 times sent to them then ILLEGALLY HARRASSING & Interfering with our PRIVATE ACCOUNT, a FEDERAL CRIME
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COVID19 THREAD: As we enter September, and start preparing for whatever the second half of the year throws at us, here are my reflections on responding to the covid19 pandemic so far. #covid19 @CMPHN @ADPHUK @FPH @LGAWellbeing @R_S_P_H @PHE_uk
1) Learning, new virus, considerable amount of learning in first 8 months, and more will continue. Learn from both the #art and the #science as it develops, and respond accordingly.
2) National vs local, Leadership at all levels reqd, however local areas have shown they have the knowledge of their communities & their areas, & the ability to respond quickly and effectively. Not either/or, #national and #local need to be working closely together at all times.
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More Power to you Javagal Srinath - a thread
It was the turn of the century and I had been newly recruited into Ogilvy Bangalore as an Account Executive, cutting my teeth on Unilever mass market teas - particularly a vitaminised tea, called A1 Power.
A first at the time, we decided to use a sportsperson as endorser for the Karnataka based tea brand. And the choice was Javagal Srinath. Being a fledgling brand, we had funds only for a still shoot, but that didn’t dampen my spirit - this was my first shoot with a ‘celebrity’!
Shoot day arrived and we all reached Chinnaswamy Stadium, where we had to shoot a set of still pictures of the man in full bowling action. Srinath was already there, waiting for us and chatting with the ground staff like a friend. Very un-celebrity like.
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“Supporting Joe #Biden- Here’s What It Means with Indisputable FACTS (All in Bold!)- Watch & Share to Inform on the “Real #JoeBiden !
Also, my disclaimer in “Bold”: This report is Funded/Sponsored by Neither “R” or”D”. I am neither a “R” or “D”. My public track record goes back “Two Decades”- it is out there for all to see/check out.
I have to say this a Point where any American who values peace and liberties should say enough is enough. They’ve exhausted the undeserved tolerance and patience level. Enough is enough. No? Enough is enough.
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Since The Blatant Criminals at #twitter shadowban me anyway & no one will see this but a handfull of people, I will just go ahead & say so, it's the truth I should never have to hide it. I'll even do a poll on it. I can make more than 18,000 Times the power per cbm of nuclear.
Contrasts of mentality:

Satanist: (Snarling & attacking & lying "impossible" at the innovator.

Innovator: (Trying to find new ways to open door to 36,000X, failing & iterating & seeking, & avoiding the foul stench mouth & mind of the satanist)

3,945+ vs 0.

U know who has what
I'll do another poll later on how ppl's perceptions of these kinds of issues surrounding how many ppl will for some strange reason be so radical knuckle dragging neo-luddite about such things & thus deciding to deliberately hold back humanity due their mental states &support lack
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A.“Es importante que hablen de ti aunque sea mal
B.Si quieres que hablen mal de ti no hay mejor lugar que #Twitter

Ni estoy de acuerdo con A ni me gusta que hablen mal de mí, así que llevo varios días preguntándome que hago por estos lares. 👇
2/10 El perfil dice que entré en #Twitter en 1/2013 pero mi participación activa no empezó hasta bastantes meses después. Mi motivación fue diseminar un libro de divulgación que escribí por entonces ( y las entradas de @nadaesgratis donde soy editor.
3/10 La experiencia ha sigo magnífica. He encontrado gente que me ha hecho pensar, reír y algunos tan inteligentes que me han hecho sentir idiota. Lamentablemente también hay idiotas que te hacen sentir demasiado inteligente, pretensión que no recomiendo en ningún caso.
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Citing the need to focus on her family, @KellyannePolls, is reportedly leaving the @WhiteHouse at the end of the month.…
Her husband, @gtconway3d, is stepping back from @ProjectLincoln (an outside group of Republicans devoted to defeating @realDonaldTrump ) and he'll also take a hiatus from #Twitter, reports @washingtonpost.
Earlier today, their daughter, @claudiamconwayy (who also spoke out against her mother's politics), announced she was seeking emancipation due to "years of childhood trauma and abuse" and would be "taking a mental health break from social media." Image
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@marwilliamson @claudiamconwayy The "still your parent" refrain, as an automatic defense, should be stopped. Just because one is related to another by blood or by birth, does not mean they are healthy, loving, kind, willing to do a specific act, etc. "But they are your Mom/Dad" can be -
#childabuse 1/
@marwilliamson @claudiamconwayy should be, much of the time - as meaningless as if they were strangers, if - and when - parents are unhealthy or evil. You don't *know,* Marianne, if Claudia's life will be better or not if she addresses any "issues" with her mother "privately." No one does...
#childabuse 2/
@marwilliamson @claudiamconwayy You should not, cannot, promise life will be better. You can't be sure a woman would go to therapy, for any reason, unless you are that woman. No one can be sure.
#childabuse 3/
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Despicable CRIMINALS at #twitter have #Shadowbanned us AGAIN. Why? They don't ever say why, they just do it behind everyones backs like a pack of sneaking thieves in the dark @WhiteHouse when are you going to stop this CRIMINAL behavior at twitter & you too @jack? Commercial DMGS Image
Hey #twitter CRIMINALS! Remove the CRIMINAL ILLEGAL Blocks on my account! WILLFUL COMMERCIAL DAMAGES WITHOUT CAUSE!!! Blocked all my tweets from showing up. Do I have to Sue you??
@TwitterEng Image
Hey #twitter CRIMINALS! Remove the CRIMINAL ILLEGAL Blocks on my account! WILLFUL COMMERCIAL DAMAGES WITHOUT CAUSE!!! Blocked all my tweets from showing up. Do I have to Sue you??
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Last night the Enough 14 #Facebook page was banned. A statement by some of the Enough 14 collective on corporate social media and digital censorship - Read more:… #antireport #FacebookWatch #censorship
German translation of our statement on the #Facebook ban of the @enough14 page:
The #Facebook ban of so many anarchist and antifascist projects once more shows that corporate social media are not our friends (what a surprise). Thats one of the reasons we recommend #Mastodon. We started to build up an account there months ago:
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