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1/20 This is a Christmas message to my wonderful pro-European friends, especially but not exclusively #FPBE. This is a difficult time for our movement, as it is at last confirmed that the UK will be leaving the EU customs union and single market in a few days time.
2/20 Maybe you are feeling demoralised. Maybe like me you acutely feel the pain of having your European citizenship and identity stolen from you in an act of naked vandalism. Maybe you feel that a hole has been torn in your heart that will never be repaired.
3/20 At this time, it would be easy to rant about the economic lunacy of cutting ourselves off from our nearest, biggest market, or about huge losses that we will suffer in excluding ourselves from EU projects like Erasmus, Galileo and REACH. But that can wait for another day.
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Thread!! Big thread! Oh, coffee! Don’t go any further without coffee! This is an 80+ tweet thread about tax! People with goldfish-type attention spans, or people with no interest in tax or #Brexit need not even attempt. You have been warned!! There are three facets…
…to the “Brexit was about tax avoidance” conspiracy theories. We have “Brexit was brought in after the EU introduced the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive”, “Brexiteers want to keep details of their tax avoidance schemes secret from the EU” and “Brexit is about protecting…
…the UK’s tax havens. Did you know Mogg’s firm made £103million profit and paid zero tax?! Shocking!” The success of the conspiracy theory lies in the complexity of the truth. “The truth is out there” as they say. Well in this case, it’s in here. For the first time all…
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Let’s imagine, hypothetically – just for argument’s sake – that the Leave campaign did break electoral law. Apart from prosecutions and fines, what should happen as a consequence of that? 1/13 (yes, 13, sorry)…
If an MP breaks the law to get elected, the result can be annulled: they lose their seat and the voters get a by-election. But a referendum result isn’t a person, doesn’t hold an elected post, and can’t be held accountable. 2/13
There’s no equivalent law for annulling referendum results – partly because the referendum was, as the #FPBE crowd love to say, “advisory”. It has no legal force, so there’s nothing to annul. It has always been entirely up to MPs whether they implement the result. 3/13
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Listen, please. I think this is important, crucial even.

I assembled this thread of #FBPE people attacking tories. It repeats the same point over and over and over. I tried to be somewhat entertaining in my presentation, but there is basically only one thing demonstrated. 1/
It was very easy to do; part of the material simply came to me while establishing the thread, and the rest was easy to find. I could literally go on with it forever and ever, and if I feel like it, I might still add new material; easy piece. 2/
But since every tweet basically demonstrated the same point: #FBPE person attacking tories, it only gets more trite tweet by tweet. @audreidana said I was boring, and she was spot on. 3/
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#FPBE - couple of good sites with stuff about how the EU works which is quick & easy to access. A few #leave voters could do worse than have a look - but that is just a suggestion. Most of the stuff that people get wrong repeatedly is called out in these & explained well. 1/n
1) Richard Corbett - Labour MEP for Yorkshire & known as an expert (sorry) on the EU. Has a website & a linked app you can access on a phone. He is leader of Labour in the EU.
a) website
b) app

Good up to date stuff - well indexed.
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