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This deal is no #Labour #Brexit @FitzMP @SKinnock your support is either stunning disingnuity or incompetence #FBPE

Lost non-EU FTAs ⏬list
Is a Treasury impact of MOD size. Then removal of workers rights, anti-tax evasion/money laundering?
@jeremycorbyn fire them.
If you like to see how destructive the removal of 30 US Sector Free Trade deals could be long term, why not ask Scottish Whisky makers?

Then the little problem of how certain we are about the Europe FTA even passing?
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So #FBPE update on BJs #Brexidiocy.
While claiming Trade Deals, Brexiters are demolishing them
Our current position is 70% Global (not just EU) FTAs, 80% from 2020 EU.
Look where these offshore backed idiots are taking us.
This is schools and hospitals p1ssed away
EU Trade - Dead
EU FTA S.Korea, Japan - Dead
EU US Bilaterals - Dead
2020 EU LATM, AUs/NZ, IND - Dead
Commonwealth EPAs - Dead (45 countries)
EU Partnership for China - Dead

Current GDP deals "rolled over" 6% GDP
From 80% FTA to 6% overnight.

It is a crime committed on us all.
And it has ZERO mandate.
In 2016
We were promised frictionless trade
We were promised to be part of a Europe Great Trading Zone from Iceland to Russia
And we were told all this would be negotiated BEFORE Article 50⬇️

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So we need to talk about the #englandvsbulgaria football match. There are many who will look at it and believe it is just a local group of racist fucks acting independently. But as we know, this is not the case. It is part of a much bigger attack on global society. #FBPE
I do not have time to go into all the details but those of us h re are fully aware on the international AltRight network & the characters involved, many of them British. It is a network of hate stirring up hate & bigotry across the world supporting Far Right politicians. 2/
It should be no surprise that there are 3 politicians in the Bulgarian gov who have made public comments against people based on ethnicity. Who do you think helped them get there? Who do you think is supporting the people at that football match? 3/
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#FBPE. Thread ⏬

With the latest Chaos we've reached #RefFraudDay.

That's when you look at the 2016 Referedum and you can't find a single promise that 2019 Brexit is delivering.

In most cases Brexit makes things worse.

My view. That invalidates A50 without a revoke vote.
Let's look at 2016 Brexit promises surviving. How is A50 Valid? #FBPE

For 3 years Brexiters told us NI was an EU Plot.
⏩Reality Brexiters forgot about NI

May said no PM would ever divide the UK down the Irish Sea.
⏩"Patriotic" BJ then proposed just that. As a deal?
These "Patriots"

Dumped the most complicated Political Project since...forever

Into the most sensitive part of UK

With the most TROUBLED past

And fragile failing devolution

Without thinking it through

Then blamed EVERYONE except themselves?

For their fatal Brexit flaw?
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#FBPE We're in the end game and are being pushed into face-saving moves by brexiters.

In the thread below I assert we can prove A50 is invalidated. I'm doubling down. We breached A50 in 2017 and we are not in the process.

Any lawyers wanna play?⏬

Here's the case. In addition to the points in the thread, I've now been through all 180 leaflets from the 2016 referendum. Plus hours & hours of film.

While the single market is occasionally mentioned I find no reference to leaving Customs Union anywhere

I find the opposite. ⏬
It's therefore entirely possible that a voter would have concluded that an FTA deal would be the Brexit result in order to vote leave. We know this is true as it's already the basis for no-deal invalidity above

But I want now to dispute the Miller 1 objections coming at me.
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#FBPE I'm calling it. BJ removed backstop as predicted for 'A' customs union

Trade alignment & modified Freedom of Movement.

Suffice as to say the exact opposite will be the positioning. And we have to decide do we let them get away with it for the greater good? Film Analogy⏬
There's a lot to get into here. Those who follow this handle know we've been in 2 major negotiations. EU and US.
That the EU had "won" was resolved with Bolton's visit last month

Now we must leave the EU while not leaving it and somehow leavers AND remainers must BOTH accept it
Obviously, BJ won't present it that way. You can't tell the country that Brexit is one thing for 3 years when it's something else and not continue the lie.

My bet was a "New EEC" route, elegant and simple. Spiffing nostalgia of the 70s. Trade as it used to be. Theatrical. Boris
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Please retweet and action #FBPE. 5 minutes to object to Julia HB on any questions. This is the spiteful K Hopkins equivalent who is publishing remain lawyers addresses

This is the form…

Use "offence" category
text to copy paste in replies
I strongly object to the selection of Julia Hartley-Brewer as a panelist for BBC QT. This individual is guilty of incitement to violence on the subject of Brexit and is under criminal investigation for publishing the private address of a leading remain lawyer in public as an act
of revenge and spite.

This is a Katie Hopkins level panellist with no legitimacy and nothing to add to public debate

That's it. Submit the form and please ask friends to and retweet.
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Fundamental Leave Fallacies Thread.

I've researched this with 100+ Leavers, as an archive for #FBPE and a reference point for myself.

Feel free to share/use as appropriate. It's divided into sections:
Sovereignty etc
So that I can add any missed or for future additions.
The "leavers are stupid" meme is unhelpful. The issue is misinformation & cognitive denial. It's easier to believe lies than difficult truths.
If I've missed any arguments let me know #FBPE

This is also Emotion not facts so these threads also highlights big Emotional issues.
These are the primary arguments and misunderstandings I've found on the subject of UK trade.

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A suggestion #FBPE. Next time you hear "remainers blocked #Brexit" or "remainers in charge stopped #Brexit", ask a simple question.

Which Brexit solution that was consistent with the mandate from 2016, did remainers prevent?
How did remainers prevent Northern Ireland solutions?
And No, No Deal is not part of the mandate

You can't add something by omission to a mandate (Magna Carta)
Wasn't promised in any 2017 General Election manifesto (Tory manifesto was a quote, not plan)
Pamphlets don't beat bills or MP advice, they knew what they were voting for...
and No remainers didn't undermine No Deal Negotiations, No Deal did that. It's left us weak and looking like we have no options.

NOT speculation.

We know that due to Canada failed FTA
And S.Korea almost failure until we agreed to EU Terms (and yes, that alone is Vassal State)
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#FBPE A US-UK trade deal that puts the Good Friday Agreement in jeopardy is not worth having… #stopbrexit @atatimelikethis
And two more reasons.

1. Congress won't let it happen
2. It would mean agreeing to concessions on areas such as agriculture and pharmaceuticals that we have resisted for years. And that nutters are using brexit to try to slip under the back door.
When I say nutters please read

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For weeks I've read with horror the screenshots and accounts of harassment and bullying of @SheRa_Marley, a thoroughly decent person, by a tiny minority within the #FBPE movement.

I have no view on the proper way to campaign, but as a matter of basic human decency, it appals me.
The price paid by women in the public square is unbearably high to begin with.

I get abused once a month and it bothers me for hours. The DMs and notifications of a woman with a public profile would probably drive me to alcoholism in a day.
Movements about important issues can motivate and enflame passions, but they also exacerbate human tendencies toward purity tests, hierarchy building and out group antipathy.

Decent people in such movements need to be vigilant. Banners can hide many sins.
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The rise of this #tag is so interesting.

Because surely, if you're going to use it, the first thing you should ask is, will we be independent?

Im afraid the answer is more 👇 which you won't like, but #fbpe will feel guilty if we don't try to tell you.
Laws. Will we have more control?

No. Categorically not

We will have no more or less ability to set British law after "independence"

Nothing will change. We'll just have more work and a less efficient state and we'll struggle to influence international stuff like air pollution.
Looking like less control. At one time we were throwing them wide open with no controls. We still are in NI.

We wont put visas in for EU because we don't want them for our citizens. So borders. Nothing changes with #BritishIndependence
Wasn't immigration the big thing?
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#FBPE With the frankly bizarre news today that Northern Ireland is the latest sacrificial lamb to #Brexit, let's talk seriously about Open-Ended Mandates, Article 50 Validity and resetting the ratchet

Brexit has become a farce which no-one voted for. And *that* BREAKS Article 50
For context on Northern Ireland, read Peter Foster's thread. The unmasking helps because the most ardent Brexiter can't claim Northern Ireland was part of the Brexit mandate

Why? They famously forgot about NI in 2016. We did NOT vote to split the UK

Now let's talk "Consent of the Governed". In Summary and in thread:

Monarchs had divine power, which was limited by consent

Brexiters cannot behave like divine monarchs, stretching definitions of consent infinitely or saying consent was given by omission
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Hey, many #FBPE people seem to have been targeted by odd Twitter activity lately.

I’ve been following it and replying to many questions. I'm not claiming to know everything, but here's what I've learnt, all in one Thread. It might help those feeling attacked.
A. If you can’t post/repost/ it’s probably twitter doing admin, it’ll last a few hours. You might have been followed by a lot of bots.

B. If you have lost all followers (so no one sees you), it’s a soft ban restriction. They are still there but hiding. Causes seem to be:
.. following back a lot in a short time, following back lots that have been flagged as bots, and being targeted & reported as suspicious/bot/troll. You will need to take a Captcha test to get back in. Help prevent it by verifying your account, checking out people you follow &
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Want to #getbrexitdone? Another lie. We want to #getbrexitgone, never see it again.

But imagine Boris really does want to get it out of the way. Why then is he choosing the #Brexit path guaranteed to make Brexit go on for decades? Short Thread #FBPE⬇️ with links to back it up
In 2016 Brexit was not "anything Tories want". If votes worked that way, they'd enable divine rule. No leaver wants more Government. We've opposed that corruption since Magna Carta, let's not stop now
The result - #NOTBrexitdone - Years of Legal Opposition
In 2016 we voted for frictionless trade.
No Deal throws 70 trade deals, 50 trade arrangements and 750 contracts under the Boris Bus. That's 80% of GLOBAL trade, not just EU

The result - #NOTBrexitdone. Years of Trade Chaos, endless deals, for no reason

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Hi #FBPE, we need to talk about #bots, I know many of you are informed and aware, but many more of us are not, and the whole #bot thing has got to a stage that IMHO we need more general awareness - thread⏬
Please share and RT
TLDR Summary
This thread isn't technical
It has some basic education
And then deals with strategic and political issues
IMHO bots are a bigger threat than many understand
Some networking across #FBPE could help
And maybe you can help
The rest of the thread explores these issues
Three steps for everyone
1. Education
Bots (& trolls, farms) are there to spread propaganda and fake news, to create dissent, undermine. Your first protection is knowing they exist and that you’ll meet them. Just reading this makes you safer. Be suspicious of unendorsed "friends"
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As far as I can tell you can swap #FiftyYearsFromNow for 500 and #brexit still doesn't make sense. And you don't need projections, maths, economics.
Just open-mindedness and willingness to look at the evidence. And not being in denial. eh #BritishIndependence?
Short thread #FBPE
Economically the case for Brexit is "because trade deals" (unclear).
Unfortunately, there are no new trade deals as there are no new Planet Earths. We already have deals that amount to 80% of our Global trade either through the EU, or based on the EU. I'll handle disputes at end.
If it's not more trade deals it must be better deals?

Well 2 years ago maybe you could have made that fly, but now we have Canada. If we hadn't done No Deal it might have been a win.

But No Deal makes us desperate, and like we would in reverse, they're waiting for surrender
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One of the mantras of this gov is that "poor people are lazy". It's part of their ideology. In reality it is that the capitalist machine does what it can to keep people poor, break them & demonize because they do not conform to machine's agenda. 1/
This is one of the aspects of capitalist totalitarianism. It seeks to use all resources for profit production and anything that is superfluous or not of use will be destroyed in favour of resources that are of use. It will kill people without remorse. 2/
And the followers of that ideology, the functionaries in the machine will also not care if people die. They have faith in their machine, their system, their false gods. They believe it is not only "right" but also "righteous"... amazing isn't it, but true. 3/
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Dear friends, let us always remember that this group of criminals masquerading as gov are being seen for what they are because of the actions of protest & opposition against them, whether big or small, whether online or offline, we are all part of a wave seeking justice. #FBPE 1/
Whether it is a placard on the streets or a tweet here it all goes toward supporting the call for justice. Do you think so many would have taken high profile action against the gov if there was not overwhelming public support for it? 2/
And that is why we must never lose heart or lose faith because every act adds to the wave, every one will help to change opinion and help to reach one more person who will wake up to see the vile network behind brexshit, their ruthless ideology, their disdain for the people. 3/
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So much misinformation, if I missed something let me know.

1. The ruling has no basis in law?
This is deep reading, not Daily Mail. But it's neutral…

2. More elite manipulation (⏬Brexiter Spectator)…
3. Judges Got involved in Politics
Yes, BECAUSE politics trampled on the law

"If you do something sufficiently shocking, expect a vindication" of our flexible constitution to push the boundaries out. That is exactly what UKSC has done Lord Sumption

Or simply...⏬
And see 3,⏫
Remainers are supporting leave in droves thanks to this elite crime.

I've got about 10 of these from yesterday and didn't even try⏬

4. The Government should push on and have GE/Queen's/Speech etc.

Listen to Gove on Today, his eyes are watering. Even he can't justify it.
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#BritishIndependence the bots are out in full tonight, all primed with the same script. I recorded one for you just to demonstrate.

Let's think about this for a moment. These are not remain bots targeting leave. These are leave targeting leave on leave hashtags
...made me think
...why would anyone do that?
Unfortunately, this has been going on for a long time, there's just been no way to point it out you on mass before the #BritishIndependence flag

The remainers are targeted too. And you know the really conspiratorial thing? #fbpe
I think they're being targetted with the same stories but with mutually incompatible "facts". I mean, almost like someone was deliberately trying to manipulate you all.

Stories like this from right wing publications should circle but don't
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@POCX100 @SydesJokes @AcademyOfRock @VeroVero777 @carolJhedges #FBPE @fascinatorfun @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @RichardBentall @Keir_Starmer @joswinson

SAYING THIS LOUDLY, pls l help. No Deal has no consent. There MUST be no GE or Queen's Speech to give consent. It's a trap.👇
I know all tagged know this - but more need to know.

#UKSC has very clearly stated we are NOT in a new Parliament. Yet, in just two hours, we've had.
1. PM asserting UKSC allows QS AND that he has a mandate for No Deal exit ⬇️
2. Steve Baker continuing Remainer Plot nonsense
I count 8 crimes against #Democracy to 1 SB alleged

No Deal:
1 NO Consent, explicit or derived
2 Is contrary to Deal promised in this QS.
Boris target is 2nd. The coup was designed for him to LOSE No confidence #Thread⬇️
@syrpis @broosterM what say you?
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well, that was a #hairy #few #minutes, I have no #hashtags left to use about the #uksc.

The UK if you've missed it, is, possibly surprisingly, a #democracy and #democracyisnotdead

Should we talk about consequences? implications and links? might go into threads from here on in
I'm making this thread up as I go, but since about 90% of the population think the only Democratic problem is the speed of #Brexit, and #conspiracy about #RemainerNow delays, maybe someone should list all the attacks - most of which are far more serious. I'll justify that #uksc
Here's my view, feel free to add. I'll put this in normal language first, and add relevant legals after.

1) UK Executive and Tories (UKET) attempt Rule by Edict
2) UKET attempt a Parliamentary Coup (we may now legitimately describe it that way)
3) UKET illegally suspend Parl'
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#ThomasCook has gone bust, thousands of jobs will be lost and it is yet another casualty of brexshit. Of course those responsible for brexshit will say it's other things. They'll blame anything! They'll blame tourists, or the weather, or Saturn. Fuck knows... 1/ #FBPE
They will also say that if brexshit is responsible it is worth the sacrifice. They will say that brexshit may be painful in the short term but in the long run it will be better for the country. This of course is an out and out lie, an utter fabrication to perpetuate the con. 2/
So for the benefit of people who astonishingly still believe brexshit is a good idea let's make it very clear. There IS NO SILVER LINING. Brexshit is damaging and that damage is permanent. It is structural destruction. It is deliberate and it is designed to break the country. 3/
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