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1/ The Chequers Accord was dead before it was written. There are important factors that verify that statement and it is important for both Remainers and Leavers to come to terms with that reality. This thread explains what I mean.

#FBPE #WATON @theresa_may @jeremycorbyn
2/ The 4 pillars of the EU are indivisible. The EU and other States can't cherry pick those pillars (people, goods, services and capital). IF the EU decided to allow the UK to split the freedoms it would also have to make the same allowances for 50 plus other countries.
3/ In order for the EU to accept the Chequers Accord they'd be in breach of their own international Treaties. This is extremly impropable. Not just that, WTO RULES state that you cannot provide a better deal for one nation over others.
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Something is happening out there in #Brexit Britain [thread] 1/
Following all the ballyhoo from the #chequers cabinet & resultant white paper, something has changed. Finally the penny is beginning to drop. What is my evidence? Well of course its anecdotal but here are a few bits 2/
Watching #bbcqt last night from Brexity Dartford, there seemed to be a clear change of mood. There were the usual calls of "just leave" but the audience response was muted. @claireperrymp gave an admission - a 1st for Govt Minister of how difficult the process of leaving is. 3/
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I get why Corbyn went solely on buses last week at #pmqs now - to leave @EmilyThornberry the space this week to set out Labour's CU/SM bilateral position very clearly for pre-election record. She's better at this detail than him. This is the key bit from Hansard today
In an ideal world, this would be going viral on the #fbpe hashtag as, short of full Remain, it's what they've been demanding - full compliance with CU/SM conditions as set by EU to secure a deal, including on FoM controls as currently set in EU law.
But as with the @JPonpolitics example, any such wave of #fbpe virality is hampered by the commentariat's refusal/inability to understand/portray Labour's position on a a bilateral deal.
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Blocking accounts (trolls & bots) thread
A lot of #remain ers don't really understand the situation they are facing on Twitter, they see an online debate where #Leave and #Remain put their points forward and whoever has the best logic wins.


#stopbrexit #FBPE #PeoplesVote
That isn't what's happening. At this point #Leave (left or right) don't need to convince people of anything, they don't need to win debates.

All they need to do to win is to stop #Remain from reaching people and the tactics they are using are designed to do that.

Those tactics are to distract, discredit & disrupt Remain attempts to convince people.

They use name calling & insults. This is to discredit #Remain.

Also they hope to goad Remainers into an emotional response so they appear overly motivated and therefore less convincing.
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Your daily reminder that if we leave the EU, we wouldn't be able to rejoin until the end of the next EU legislative period in 2024, at the earliest. But more likely at the end of the following period in 2029.
That means at least 10 years of economic isolation and decay.

For clarity:
Members can officially join the EU any time. But practically, witth 27/28 members, the preparation period takes several years, and is timed now to coincide with the start or ends of the 5 year budget periods.
Juncker has said, for instance, that Serbia and Montenegro would join "by" 2024, meaning in election year 2024. This policy makes sense for the following two reasons
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1/ Why is Brexit so complicated? A trade thread. (Warning: Long)

The trade details of Brexit are critical, but there's confusion about what's going on.

Since I'm followed by both @LeaveHQ folks and thanks to @mrjamesob, half of #FBPE, a maximally neutral explanation thread ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป
2/ Post-Brexit, trade relations between the UK and the EU will fall on a spectrum which runs from complete separation (Hard Brexit: trading under only @WTO rules) on one end and remaining in the EU for trade purposes (Soft Brexit) on the other.
3/ What is that spectrum all about?

The closer the UK is to the 'only @WTO side', the more barriers it'll face in trading with the EU, both in goods like cars and services like accounting and finance, but the more trade policy and regulatory independence the UK will have.
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The disgraceful bullying of @BBC to give credence to the fact-free reporting of fantasist @PeterJukes, a troll, and his writing partner continues as @Guardian delete and correct entire premise of its latest โ€œWrongshellโ€ on #Brexit - that @Arron_banks lied about # of meetings
The @guardianโ€™s @Carolecadwalla and @peterjukes used an organized botnet #FBPE against decent, well-respected BBC journalists tagging then AND THEIR BOSSES, demanding air time for Cadwalla. Report @Arron_Banks lied to @CommonsCMS over number of meetings was false now retracted
The muddy report had said in the vaguest language the @Guardian @peterjukes @carolecadwalla had โ€œseen evidenceโ€ Banks went to @RussianEmbassy seven more times than he said to @CommonsCMS. But then some fact checker realized it could be any staffers, Banks had not lied about this
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1/ Thread on our new #Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab:
Raab was a member of a closed Facebook group that called for privatising healthcare and the return of workhouses for debtorsโ€ฆ
#StopBrexit #FBPE
2/ Raab was one of a group of Tory MPs including Liz Truss & Priti Patel who described British workers as "among the worst idlers in the world" and called for the emulation of the work ethic (long unregulated hours) and low tax (for the rich) culture to be found in parts of Asia.
3/ Before the referendum Dominic Raab was one of the Tory MPs making it clear that there would be Tory calls for a 2nd referendum (a straight replay) in the event of a #Remain victory. He had the generosity to say that it shouldn't take place for at least 2 years.
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Depressing that someone who actually knows the facts is so delusional about the chances of the EU giving up on the agreed four principles. Still, sometimes you have to put your desperate attempts to get re-elected before the interests of the country.
The position taken by @iainastewart and others is essentially that of a drunk pitching up to Currys and screaming "BUT I'LL GIVE YOU TEN QUID FOR THE TELLY! WHY ARE YOU BEING SO BLOODY MINDED? TAKE THE TEN QUID!"

It's a pretty pathetic but standard delusion for the quitters.
For background, @iainastewart's seat is likely not to exist much longer and so he needs to position himself as a hard right Leaver to get a safe seat somewhere else. If he didn't, he'd have trouble getting selected. (The internal politics are vital to understand)
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Rant time.

Hey #Brexit people, or those who don't like #immigration, those who think that immigrants are #TakingOurJobs, I have words for you;

They're not. Those jobs were never going to be yours anyway.

Really want to know why they get all the great jobs and you don't?

Immigrants have guts. We're talking about people who pack up their lives and head to a completely new country. People who, the moment they step off the plane, know they have every pillar of security, whether welfare or mum's couch, knocked out from under them.
Immigrants have confidence. They know that, wherever they're going, they'll do well for themselves. Whatever job they're going to, they're going to knock it out of the park, whatever it might be. Because to an immigrant, their skill and ability is their security.
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I've been seeing my #FBPE and FB Remain-y friends enthusiastically share an @Independent piece that says "EU negotiators will offer Brits an individual opt-in to remain EU citizens, chief negotiator confirms" with a pic of @guyverhofstadt. Alas it's from Dec 2016. 1/
We're now 1.5 years further and it's clear that my British friends in the UK and @BritishInEurope friends are set to lose massive rights. Their EU citizenship rights are stripped away (and of course also environmental protection, worker's rights etc.) 2/
Meanwhile the UK wants a bilateral deal with the US. With Trump - a great replacement for existing trade partners (ask China, or Canada how that worked out for them!) Of course the UK will have to decrease animal welfare and food standards (bring in the chlorinated chicken) 3/
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Great to see our #FBPE community has already achieved a sort of mythical conspiracy status amongst the likes of Julia Hartley-Brewer, Nadine Dorries & Louise Mensch.

You really couldnโ€™t ask for more.
And the most recent JHB one. Do a search on her name and #FBPE. Sheโ€™s quite obsessed.

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Our country is sleep walking to disaster. We were captured by a Hard Right cabal which manipulated societal discontent with lies & fraud to win a narrow referendum. The horrific consequences of #Brexit are as plain as day. Yet our thick self serving politicians give not one
damn as long as they maintain their power and perks. So We, the People must take back control.

There are other centres of power in our society. Parts of the press, notable @guardian & @ChannelDash are TRYING to hold the corrupt MPs to account, they cannot trigger any change.
The enquiries run by @CommonsCMS & @ElectoralCommUK have no power, so are used by @theresa_may as long grass. However, real and significant crimes have been committed, and it is within the remit if the police to decide to investigate. I believe that a #FBPE campaign to
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Follow -up from my tweet to @guyverhofstadt & for all the 'doubters'
"Home Office faces legal challenge over UK child citizenship fees"
#fbpe #citizenship #stopbrexit #immigration #children
These are not, as someone has complained: 'immigrats'flooding in, taking our benefits and driving down wages (sic). They work hard, have NEVER claimed a penny (tho lots of UK families in their street do...). They don't want to go home coz of the Hungarian Govt.
when you hear @sajidjavid going on about a 'compliant' attitude, etc, remember this. I am a pensioner, I earn little from my writing, but I BELIEVE children deserve to live in families. Not in cages. Not in deportation units.
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Just too many things still that #remain ers are finding incredible. (thread). So I am going to invite people to step away & do that Sherlock Holmes thing for a moment.

When you have elimated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

That one. 1/n
1) That person is just stupid / how stupid can you get? / (s)he's not very clever.

Said about lots of them.

Change the question / assumption.

Consider here that they might be clever.

Their goal may not be the same as yours, or the one you think they should have.

2) Logically they will have to.......

resign/ keep the CU / hold a vote / sack that person / adopt that plan / etc

This assumes that their plan coincides with what we think it should be. It is ONLY logical if they want to end up where you want to end up.

This is unlikely
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You make a very common mistake in thinking that everyone that votes in a Labour constituency is a Labour voter. In the vast majority of constituencies, the majority of #leave voters were habitually voters for other parties. Labour voters voted #remain - even in #leave constits
The small % of them that voted #leave may have tipped the balance in the referendum, but they are by no means the majority of the voter base in most constituencies. It could be argued that Labour has already lost those seats, in losing 4 seats in GE2017.
In all of those seats Labour still increased its vote, it was simply that an overwhelming UKIP vote returned to the Tories, which was too big, when combined with the Tory vote, to overturn.
#stopbrexit #FBPE
The Ukip vote can do little more damage, as it has already moved.
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European integration was very much about establishing peace after WW2 and the formation of a trading union was a way of cementing that peace because nations who trade with each other rarely go to war with each other. It would seem people have forgotten the horrors of war. #FBPE
If it isn't obvious already. This is why Trump/Putin/Bannon, Mercer/Farage/Banks/Rees Fuck are behind Brexit, this and money. That's all it's ever been. And for brexiters to think otherwise on the knowledge of the evidence is makes ostriches look positively courageous.
I have thought much about those that gave their lives in WW2 fighting against the nazi plague that descended on humanity. I see people supporting the rise of #fascism again, fanning the flames of war and division. I pray for peace and unity. Shine the light. #FBPE
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Financial crisis in 2008 was caused by bankers.
Brexit was corrupted by a foreign power and bankers.
The superrich hedge funds are making money from uk crashing.
Yet people think @Nigel_Farage @johnredwood
Are looking after them?
Farmers supported by eu.
Used seasonal migrant workers to pick crops who travelled across the eu as crops matured.
Believed tory government would replace eu grants and support.
Didnt realise single market helped them sell goods.
Nissan,bmw, toyota, honda, airbus workers who voted leave against advice of their bosses.
People living there.
Did not believe big companies could leave or see themselves working with a superfactory of 27 countries.
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Hmmmm, I am running too many threads already. But how about a "#FBPE-people attacking Tories"-thread? It's clearly a worthwhile endeavor. Feel free to pitch in.
Exhibit one is a complete Role Playing Game adventure. Man. did they have an anti-tory blast with that one:

Just copying in from old threads. Exhibit two #FBPE-person stomping a tory. Well-deserved I might add.

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1/ Dear Hard Brexiteers...we have a question... #Brexit
2/ do you think that if the UK had gone down the efta/EEA route that there would have been such a backlash against brexit? We don't. If you had promoted a EFTA based brexit we would probably be out of the EU by now.
3/ ...businesses would be breathing a sigh of relief, the economy would be booming, the #ofoc and #fbpe crowd would struggle to fill a taxi and would be seen as a fringe of dinosaur europhiles. The UK would be preparing to sign FTAs with countries around the globe.
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@BasedChara @MerryMichaelW @blueunicornmoon @MagpiesView You do know that the referendum was not intended as a binding instruction, yes? That the referendum was enabled by an act that explicitly laid out its advisory nature?
@BasedChara @MerryMichaelW @blueunicornmoon @MagpiesView Yes, Cameron said he'd enact it but that's all he did, say. Theresa May said she would not hold an election in 2017, but she did. Should the current government dissolve itself because of what she said? (Don't answer that)
@BasedChara @MerryMichaelW @blueunicornmoon @MagpiesView Do you know what's damaged our vote?

The ref may have been advisory but it was a legitimate democratic exercise, governed by electoral law.

The leave campaign broke all kinds of electoral laws.

If a GE was won after a corrupt campaign, for how long would the new govt last?
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1. I am concerned that a deal may have been done about the Tory leadership post March next year when the Tories will have orchestrated a no deal situation leading to a "wartime" gov with special powers. We have always known Johnson wants a Churchill moment...
2. Remember that there were no elections in WW2. The gov sat for 10 yrs with two leadership changes. It was called a gov of unity. Can you imagine what a Tory led "unity" gov will be? They have already parroted Goebbels. It won't be "a" Party, it will be "the" Party.
3. Special powers would enable them to implement a firesale of the national assets to private bidders to raise brexit emergency funds. It would enable them to complete their mission according to their doctrine, a privatised country, everything, capitalist totalitarianism. #FBPE
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Well good folks of #FBPE and fellow Europhiles, it's not looking good in old Blighty, is it? At the time of this tweet things are falling apart. The economy is heading south already and the UK hasn't even left the building. Is it time for a #BrExodus? Or a #Brescape?

Read on...
Reports of a "doomsday scenario" do not sound appealing. The government are behaving in both a delusional and a xenophobic manner, and huge numbers of British people are about to have their European rights striped from them. This Brexit thing clearly has no upside.
But it's worse. May is not only trying to leave the EU, she's trying to leave the ECJ and ECHR. What this mad woman has planned that would contravene the ECHR one can only guess. But it can't be good.

I won't be there to see it, I've already gone. Perhaps you should also?
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I want to address this tweet and the comments that followed. It seems that some of you did not get the point.

#NHS #StopBrexit #FBPE #PeoplesVote
The point is this:

The UK has access to technetium-99m because it's a member of an international treaty facilitating its trade & movement. Without it, treatment & detection of certain cancers is much harder, waiting lists will grow and people will die.

The further point is this:

There are 9.5 months to go until the UK drops out of EURATOM. 9.5 months is not enough to negotiate a brand new treaty or to join an existing one on another continent.

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