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1.#A50Challenge disputes the govt's claims that a 'decision' to leave the EU has been made 'in accordance with [our] constitutional requirements'. The underlying assumptions of that decision haven't been tested in court. THREAD explaining why the ref result isn't a decision #FBPE
2. In 2011 the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act was legislated during the 1st Cameroon govt. It was unique as it was a 'madatory' referendum. The same administration legislated for the Referendum Act 2015 as an 'advisory' ref; 2011 bound parliament 2015 didn't.
3. The 1975 ref process was different. It was, what's termed as, a post-legislative ref. In other words, Parliament voted for EC membership, then legislated for the Referendum Act 1975. The assent of the people (67% to 33%) then made that result binding; theoretically.
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Thread: The is one mistake that too many "nice" people in the UK made in the referendum, & they are still making it now. That is to think that things that are happening are happening because:
a) Someone made a mistake - & didn't think something through
b) Someone was just not very clever - or not very good at their job
c) The outcomes of X couldn't have been predicted
d) The outcomes of Y were not predicted bc they were thought so insignificant or unlikely.

Any of the above is a denigration. It makes the assumption that the person responsible was not capable, or intelligent. By doing this you under-estimate willful intention.

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To those who believe we should roll over and "accept" the ref/vote... Do you know how democracy works? #ABTV #FBPE #BrexitIsPersonal
It's a PROCESS. Not an end product. You don't do it just the once. Remainers/leavers who insist we should respect the vote are either not aware of the threat democracy is currently under or they don't understand the concept of democracy.
"You don't get to keep voting until you get what you want". Well actually that IS kinda the point. You want your vote to count. And you want your values and policies to be realised.
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Odious man with exactly the same profits ftom backing brexit as rees mogg.
We need to be clear they will make a huge profit selling you out and damaging our countries.
Holiday in Caledonia
Dead democracies

So, you've been to school
For a year or two
And you know you've seen it all
In daddy's car
Thinking you'll go far
At Eton your type don't crawl
Collect Bagpuss dolls
To parade your snazz
in your 7 mill mansion house
Braggin' that you knowHow the poor feel coldAnd the scum got so much soul

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I've seen a few tweets recently from #AntiBrexit campaigners feeling a little on the down side... A little fatigued and weary of this big battle we are fighting. #FBPE #ABTV
I have been feeling it too. First of all I want to say very emphatically that it's OK to feel this way. Any feelings about being one of ca 20m people sidelined, abused, denied and rejected are totally valid. #FBPE #ABTV
This is an important point. We're not just "moaning". We have been systematically marginalised and silenced. It's no small thing. #ABTV #FBPE
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It's excruciatingly embarrassing that our press has pumped out so much bilge about the EU that .@EUlondonrep had to have a page on its website dedicated to "A-Z of Euromyths".

As it's Friday, I've picked out my top-ten stupid stories by the British press on the EU #Thread
In at N°10 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The S*n claimed the EU wanted to ban BAGPIPES. I'm sure Her Majesty the Queen would have had something to say about that, of whom more anon...

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
At N°9 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The Daily Telegraph, which is now almost as bad as red-tops for fake news when it comes to the EU, claimed the EU wanted to ban that most famous of British icons, the doubled-decker bus.

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
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Its a shame its easier to go to war with syria than impact on putins real financial interests in city of london.
Fully implement magisky act now , directly impacts the powerful of russia and makes brexit pointless.....
Then see who is still being paid to support it.
#FBPE interestingly instead of putting soldiers lifes in danger puts the profits of the russian money laden investment firms run by @Jacob_Rees_Mogg
and the pro celeb russian tennis matches and book deals for @BorisJohnson and @LiamFox…
And may impact on rees mogg but austerity for moral high ground is a good thing Jacob.
#StopBrexitStopRussia Reddit - ukpolitics - Rees-Mogg criticised over firm's Russian bank investment…
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At the University of Copenhagen we are going to have SUCH a Brexit dividend when we appropriate your EU-research funding and take away your researchers.

But still, most of us would still rather have you stay.
I've said it before, but I'll repeat it, as it actually makes me slightly agitated: The British public seems to have little-to-no idea about serendipity involved in the prominence of British universities.
Because English has become the international Lingua Franca of research, British researchers and research institutions have an priori advantage over the rest of us that could not be bought for money: They are "International" to start with.
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. @neil_parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton

When you voted to trigger A50 you knew that the
Govt ref. leaflet sent to every household did not mention the
Good Friday Agreement & how leaving the EU will impact it.

Why did you vote to trigger A50?
Ken Clarke MP didn't.

@neil_parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton

When you voted to trigger A50
you knew that regulatory alignment would be required for
Northern Ireland, as highlighted by the phase 1 report from 2017,
requiring both the SM & CU.
Does it not make sense to stay in the CU & SM?

@neil_parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton

When you voted to trigger A50
you knew that it would have customs implications for everything from cars to fresh food.

If there is no deal how long will supermarkets have fresh produce on their shelves?…

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This is gonna be long, but I think it's worth it. A well-regarded twitter poster, let’s call him Giorgio, has recently publish a thread stating among other things as follows. “The pathways to stopping or delaying Brexit are blocked.
But once the mandate is discharged, the pathways to UK rejoining, or being in a close association agreement with EU, within the single market and customs union, will be open, with no obstacles.”
This approach annoys me for two reasons, one because Giorgio seems to be attempting to cajole Remainers to put all activity on hold until we actually leave the #EU.
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1. It is time it is made clear that one limb of our constitution - the judicary - will be thrown into legal chaos on exit day. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts! We all know civilised society depends on a functioning legal system; we're unlikely to have that. #FBPE #lawlessBrexit #FBR
2. Brexit has created divisions in Parliament and the public domain. Regardless of whether someone is Pro-EU or Pro-Brexit, there are far-reaching aftereffects relevant to the UK’s exit that must be addressed to ensure continuity and legal certainty on and after exit day.
3. The UK leaving the EU poses a significant challenge not simply for the Government and Parliament but also for the legal systems in the four Nations; it is a legal undertaking of a type and scale that is unique and unprecedented. Its a nightmare. #ABTV #WATON
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It's easy to forget the problems around brexit when news is short. So here's a quick summary of key issues ahead for the Government and the deal. #fbpe…
Firstly, the NI border. Pretty much everyone except the Government, including Parliament's EU Select Committee, thinks that the only solution is for NI or the entire UK to stay in the SM and CU, breaking remaining red lines.…
Secondly, other borders. Customs checks need infrastructure that is not in place, and would cause massive tailbacks. Is the Government prepared to risk food shortages and wreck manufacturing? Again SM/CU only answer.…
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1. Do you want to HURT the Tories for Brexit?

Well, here's how in a short thread:

The Govt’s proposal to delegate primary law making powers away from the scrutinising gaze of Parliament (thro the EUW Bill) relies heavily on local councils.

#FBR @nickreeves9876 #ABTV #FBPE
2. The legislative task presents at a national level offers an opportunity for Local Government to stake some claims. The local elections give US the opportunity to scuttle that plan. Put simply, Local Councilors have an eye on a bit of a power grab of their own here. #ABTV
3. Local authorities will have to take powers from Brussels (well, London) if Brexit plans are to be successful - the Govt doesn't have many options to implement the legislative power grab from our sovereign parliament - the task is just too vast. #ABTV
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Professional: @AdamBienkov 😎
"The 'Brexit dividend' is a myth and the media should stop pretending it exists"…

Brexit Laura: @bbclaurak 🤡
"Those pesky forecasts?
Well, they turn out to be wrong most of the time."…

Reality. Now:
Brexit Laura @bbclaurak

This company is having trouble understanding how Brexit not imposing sanctions on UK firms compared to EU rivals?

Perhaps you could explain that: "pesky forecasts"
are: "wrong most of the time".

Brexit Laura @bbclaurak

This company has moved 75% to the EU due to the future loss of access to the Single Market.

He probable beens you to explain about those "pesky forecasts"
being: "wrong most of the time".

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It looks likely that both Conservative and Labour will try to force hard brexit through without a #finalsay or #optiontoremain.

How do we respond?
Thread for discussion! #waton #fbpe #stopbrexit
1/ Problem: If we have a fragmented collection of smaller efforts and parties, we will never get the gravity. We need a single political entity which stands solely for saving the country - an Emergency Alliance to Save Britain.
2/ This alliance could be formed from @libdems, @TheGreenParty , @theSNP, @Plaid_Cymru, @Renew_Britain, with help from all the campaigning groups: @ofoc @ffs @bestforbritain etc. but most importantly, MPs from Conservative and Labour who prepared to jump ship to join the effort.
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1/ No Madam you are wrong. This goes to the heart of & undermines the very essence of what it means to be #British. Our sense of #fairplay , playing by the rules, and above all to our model of #democracy based on free & fair elections. #FBPE #CambridgeAnalytics #BrexitGate
2/ If we ignore this blatant cheating & interference by a foreign power in the British Democratic process then we throw away all that is best about Britain, our history. #FBPE #CambridgeAnalytics #BrexitGate #BrexitWhistleblower #PMQs
3/ If we ignore this election fixing & cheating we betray our ancestors, grandparents, great grandparents who sacrificed & gave so much to preserve our democracy & way of life. #FBPE #CambridgeAnalytics #BrexitGate #BrexitWhistleblower #PMQs #Brexit #EUReferendum
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Follow the money…
and the link to SCL…

Canada office listing on SCL archived site link to Cambridge Analtica via office information tab…

#DUP #AggregateIQ……
The invoices are being burned so here's an archive of them…
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This thread contains excepts from the Japan Business Council in Europe (JBCE) and Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) joint statement on Brexit.

The full text can be found here:…
“A ‘no-deal’ Brexit remains the worst possible scenario. We strongly urge the EU and the UK to make the utmost effort to negotiate by putting the economy first so that any adverse impacts - not only on Europe but also on the global economy - be limited as much as possible.”
Transition period: "The entire EU acquis should remain in force in the UK such that all economic activities may be maintained under the status quo. Above all, this necessitates the UK's continued participation in the Single Market and the EU Customs Union."
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a. The HoLs Constitution Committee stated the EUW Bill ‘risks fundamentally undermining legal certainty’. The statement echoes concerns that are reverberating through the UK legal system whilst being overlooked in the Brexit debate. Here are the issues:
b. The Committee’s view echoes mine: crucial sections of the Bill are ‘conceptually flawed’ & that ‘retained EU law’ should form part of an Act of Parliament on Brexit day in order to safeguard legal certainty.
c. There is an insidious fallacy from Brexiteers that we are returning sovereignty to Parliament and 'taking back control' of our laws. The harsh legal and constitutional reality of the Bill demonstrates this to be nothing but a fetish. We will be doing nothing of the sort. #FBR
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We need to talk about my friend Dave. He's 26 and from Gloucester. He messed up his A-Levels and couldn't afford to go to university in the UK. 😭

1/ #Brexit #FBPE @BritishInEurope @OFOCBrexit @Femi_Sorry @BestForBritain
So Dave looked at his options and discovered that as part of the UK's EU membership he could go and study at first rate European universities at local rates. Way hay for Dave. 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🍾🍾🍾

2/ #FBPE #FinalSayForAll #Brexit
So that's exactly what Dave did. He took himself off to Leiden in the Netherlands, which also included semesters in Germany, France and Oxford. 🇳🇱🇩🇪🇫🇷

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As an Eu citizen I’ve been through a rocky 18 months. I went from just being a Dutch woman married to a Brit living my life in the UK as part of the furniture, to being shocked & baffled by a referendum in which I had no voice, to... 1/5 #InLimboBrexit #FBPE
...discovering I couldn’t secure a Permanent Residency in order to gain British citizenship, to realising I just had to wait till politicians would stop using me as bargaining chip and guarantee my existing rights, which they didn’t, ... 2/5 #the3million #brexit @theresa_may
to internalising an avalanche of anti immigrant rhetoric in the media to hearing on social media I wasn’t integrated because I never become British and I should go back etc. but mostly people saying it’s not me, it’s the other immigrants; I have nothing to worry about... 3/5
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I was conned and duped by Russia Today this is a short thread for anyone interested in how Russian propaganda is and was in my case used to help change the #Brexit result plus help destabilise western democracies 16 parts

#ABTV #FBPE #brexit #trump #labour #conservaties @LibDems
1 Russia Today was setup and run by the Russian government it`s sole aim is to spread pro Putin propaganda and sow discord in western democracies.
How does it achieve it`s aims ?
2 It has setup this TV channel in many western countries in a number of languages mainly English, French and Spanish to give it the legitimate look of a standard free impartial western news channel with sport, documentaries and so on, this is it`s cover
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A Russian TV presenter mocks the British government for a number of deaths in Britain (graphic). Now read this article on 14 Russian linked deaths the UK authorities have failed to investigate.…
@J_amesp @carolecadwalla
#StopBrexit #Brexit #FBPE
Russian TV is Putin's mouthpiece, his regime operates like a Mafia gang. When a presenter jibes that "traitors" are not safe in England, this is very likely a Mafia style claim of responsibility and a threat to others.
The jibe refers to deaths which foreign intelligence agencies have accused the British of refusing to investigate. So it's not that Putin is mocking Britain for failing to find the guilty party, he's mocking Britain for its failure to investigate.
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1. The EU (Withdrawal) Bill the most important bill Parliament has deliberated for decades; its a constitutional and legal minefield. At present, my job is to amend several modules on an LLB Law course to prepare for Brexit. This thread highlights some issues.

2. The EUW Bill does 3 things: repeals the ECA 1972; turns existing EU law into UK law; and gives govt Ministers the power to amend, discard and replace 'retained EU law' (EU laws converted into domestic law by the Bill). The latter equates to unprecedented Executive power.
3. The Bill's crucial for Brexit to happen, not least because the ECA 1972 has acted as a conduit for EU laws to be enshrined in domestic law for over 40 years. We've not the time to replace them with new legislation between now & March; a cut-and-paste approach has been adopted.
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