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**Public Service Announcement**

Please note #FBPE #Remain #RejoinEU #StopBrexit campaigners.

This will be a thread..

I wanted to warn you all about four individuals that I've encountered on my travels and battles against Brexit.. Image
The first is Roger Powell. First ancountered in 2016. Current Twitter account @E8Powell
Previous accounts;
This man is well known for abusing people, and thus as lost several accounts already. If you see him please REPORT (for violating his permanent suspension from Twitter for abuse) and block.
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Disappointing news for Piers Morgan, the Daily Mail, #FBPE weirdos, and indeed the Guardian.…
Look at the state of this from the Guardian's editorial on Friday ('The Guardian view on reopened pubs: a reckless risk to a cautious nation'). Cummings Derangement Syndrome is a serious brain disease.…
A genuine letter to Private Eye. 🥴
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4 years ago there was a political disaster, which has damaged the UK and it’s standing in the world, brought about by liars and charlatans and snake oil salesmen who pulled off a massive con. thread /1. #BrexitShambles
They have kept none of their promises. Project fear is most definitely project reality. But their con brought a massive group of us together and we turned our collective pain and anger and the attack on our lives into a European movement of epic proportions #FBPE . /2
We taught ourselves about aspects of the EU and trade that we didn’t even understand before, we learned how to network, how to form alliances. We made friends with people who we would never have had the opportunity to meet in our ordinary lives. /3
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I can't believe I have to clarify this but: My explanation of a policy isn't an endorsement of it.
Me: Here's how the Government's dual tariff chlorinated chicken proposal would work.

I've screenshotted and anonymised it for a reason, please don't go track them down and pile on.
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VAT on derivatives is weapons grade stupid. EU banks that trade derivatives in London will be praising Brexit
This is even more crazy than I thought THREAD
1/ The UK is being pulled up because they didn't charge VAT on derivatives transactions without making the appropriate request to the commission. So it would have been ok had they made that request
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THREAD - #EuropeDay

To celebrate what should be more appropriately called #EUDay I want to pass on the best wishes of some of Europe’s most prominent politicians over the years
I especially dedicate this to all my 🔶🕷🇪🇺🥀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪 & #FBPE friends. 👇 /1
A day will come when we shall see the United States of America and the United States of Europe face to face, reaching out for each other across the seas - Victor Hugo 1849 /2
We must create an EEA through common customs treaties. All members will be formally equal but in practice under German leadership and must stabilise Germany’s dominance over central Europe - Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg 9/9/1914 /3
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1) @Keir_Starmer I know I'm only an invaluable footsoldier valuable only at election times for getting the vote out but that changed with @jeremycorbyn I felt needed & valued my opinions counted. So it's with the greatest sadness that I have decided to leave the Labour party of
2) which I have been a member since I was 18 (I'm 68 now) my subs may be peanuts to you and my opinions worth even less but I can't stay in a party that licks Johnson nasty fat backside. I'm not going to help fight the next election with people slamming doors in my face angry
3) with Labour because they think that they are just another Tory party "why should I vote Labour they're no better than the Tories" repeated over and over again. The last election was fought on your ludicrous insistence that we held another referendum to appease people that
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Well those “Susan“ tweets are something.
Here is what looks like a poll attempt...
Here “Susan“ blames journalists for apparently lobbying for lockdown and retweets someone calling for them to ask about lack of PPE instead...
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-- Je quitte l'UPR --

Bonjour à tous. Tout d’abord, j’espère que votre confinement se déroule au mieux et que vos proches se portent bien. Une cohésion nationale en bonne forme est essentielle dans la perspective de vaincre le coronavirus.
Si j’écris ce thread, c’est pour annoncer publiquement mon départ de l’Union Populaire Républicaine de François Asselineau. Si vous voulez en savoir plus, n’hésitez pas à dérouler.
Par avance, merci de considérer que chaque raison évoquée doit s’inscrire dans un ensemble plus large. C’est une accumulation de problèmes qui m’a conduit à écrire ce thread, et non un problème unique.
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Dear #FBPE friends,
are you #Covid_19 + at home, with mild or no symptoms? This excercize, explained by an ITA ICU doctor, could help you to prevent getting worse and necessity of ventilation. ITA lang, watch, then I'll try to explain in ENG
The virus works narrowing the lungs' alveoli, and today the main care is using ventilation and oxygen to keep them enlarged with a positive extra pressure
This simple exercize makes the lungs work enlarged with a little pressure to fight against the disease effect
This is important for Covid+ people even if with mild or no symptoms so that they can protect the lungs to try not to get worse and need mechanical support. We don't still know how the virus works so better to prevent even if you don't feel bad
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Taken on Golders Green high street by a friend of my uncle's: cop writes up shopkeeper for drawing *in chalk* lines to keep her customers two metres apart.
sorry, not Golders Green - Edgware.
The combination of #FBPE #GetBrexitDone #JC4PM and #ACAB people agreeing over this in my mentions is... almost beautiful...?
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I feel I need to tell all the #FBPE and other Pro-EU Brits something, and it might not be popular.

There'll be a lot of different responses to BJ getting ill, and YOU DO NOT GET TO TELL ME WHAT MINE WILL BE.

Let me explain:
This man is PM due to his scheming, sociopathy, and open readiness to deceive. His sidekicks are eugenicists, and are continuing with the "herd immunity" myth by another name, and it will kill thousands.

They've invited Palantir to root through YOUR NHS records. Google them.
BJ knowingly burned the UK to ash in order to satisfy his lust for power.

He knowingly lies every. single. day. and enjoys the thrill of getting away with it.

He's sold your childrens' future for his career.
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A few words of Amazon & their CEO "donating" to climate change. Let's be clear on this, when Amazon don't pay tax they are defunding the state, defunding society. Society is in fact subsidizing them. So when they "donate" money to a cause it is in part out money. #FBPE
And it is our money that is being directed by a CEO of a big US corporation. Why is this significant? Because in a functioning democracy we as a society decide how our tax money is directed by electing governments that decide on spending. 2/
So normally.. society decides through the democratic process how it cares for and supports society, for example, providing welfare, supporting culture, sport, building roads etc. However we are moving to a malfunctioning democracy whereby business decides. 3/
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The mission of the AltRight has always been to radicalize the country to their way of thinking. It has been a plague in this land for years. Brexit part of the attack, an event to create a societal civil war. And now we see the consequences of that radicalization. #FBPE 1/
Think about their tactics, their use of inflammatory propaganda, the lies, the imagery to create an enemy, the racism, xenophobia, the anti-Muslim rhetoric of LeaveEU and other Leave campaign fronts. It has been said already but the Nazi parallels and methodology are clear. 2/
Then let's think about the protagonists & preachers, Baker, McVey, Patel to name just a few. Looking at their rantings over the years they could easily have come from religious fundamentalist any where in the world. These are ideological preachers... hate preachers. 3/
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9-15feb 1
It's your #Bonkersbrexit weekly roundup of just how much #Brexitnotdone we've had over the past week.

And wow what a week it was. Crazy actually.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's not us they're trying to convince but themselves...

9-15feb 2
First, we had the endlessly entertaining Barry from Basildon. Who (un)fortunately is a parody

Then like a gift from #Brexit Gods, we got the very real (confirmed by Indy) clueless Colin reinforcing all stereotypes

9-15feb 3
Then we had Dr Sune's informative ad-lib history of populism, with a detailed description of the Danish Brexit and how they had managed to step back from the breach away from their Siren's call.

Sadly we looked painfully naive in comparison.
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Lamenting the future after the #WithdrawalAgreement? Done with #Brexit? Tired of the fight? Sad?

Either way, if you've got the #brexitblues #FBPE don't lose hope.

Instead, kick back, get popcorn and join me in a thread of #NotBrexitDone.

Because we need you even more
You see for 3.5 years we've been fighting. Two groups in an endless war of not listening to each other.

But wherever this goes now, there is no #Remain anymore. So say goodbye to it. Have a funeral for it.

Don't think for a moment I mean giving up 😍. It's move ⏭
Did you notice?
In the blink of an eye you turned from resistance to participant.

How will you play this new game? IMHO you have 4 options

1. Make sure they keep their promises
2. Remind them they were stupid/wrong
3. Check Out
4. Their bed...

Which do you choose?
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The conveniently simplistic narrative that blames Corbyn for GE2019, ignores the unprecedented multitude of actors & agencies who worked to prevent democracy, here in no particular order of (none) merit, the list of shame:-
(1 of 4)
12.The TPA
13.Israel lobby
15.BBC bias
16.BBC fake News
19.Hodges (Dan & Margaret)
22.Our scum print media
(2 of 4)
25.Cambridge Analytica II
29.Brexit Party
31.Lib Dems
34.Russian money
35.Billionaire Tory donors
36.Integrity Initiative
37.Certain blue tick z lister “celebs”
38.The Guardian
(3 of 4)
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This government is made up of religious fantasists who worship capitalism. They are ultra capitalists who care about profit and not people. This ideology will make most people poorer in real terms & the very few very wealthy at the world's expense. #FBPE 1/
When a fanatic government believes in this ideology they do not care of the consequences. The consequences are this. Society gets poorer, the state is defunded, society degrades and we see a rise in societal ills, for example crime or violence. It is inevitable. 2/
It is therefore no surprise that we see a predictable headline on the cover of the right wing comic the evening standard screaming about record levels of knife crime. No shit. That will happen. Financial oppression fuels it. It also fuels nationalism, as we know. 3/
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Before #Brexit we had
1. "journalists" who would ask
2. "politicians"
3. "questions" about their
4. "ideas".


What should they have asked? #FBPE

Sajid does an economy doo doo…
Mr Javid,

#Frictionlesstrade is a core promise of #Brexit.

Would you dictate that remaining in the Single Market is the wish of the British People?

So how did you arbitrarily dictate that frictionless trade ISN'T a condition of their agreement for us to #Brexit?
You've said that some industries will benefit while some will suffer. It's a simple question, but one quite important for a $2.6T economy


Yes, who benefits, who suffers? You must know, right? To make that statement?
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For a laugh I bought the @TheNewEuropean Special Edition titled "What Comes After Remain?"
It’s a bird’s eye view into the hearts & minds of the cultist #FBPE & many of the usual suspects are featured. It really is no wonder they seem to be permanently suicidal /1
Front page. I like Repent. They should definitely Repent /2
Do you think this might be deemed offensive by some passport controllers? They are a pretty serious bunch. /3
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Brought to tears listening to the excellent @JanCarson7280 on #Brexit #stateofthenation on Radio 4. You must make time to listen #FBPE.

Jan's whole stance is entirely dialogue, listening, mediation. She's therefore too diplomatic to point out the underlying tragedy.
NI is the best example for #Brexit to learn from. Years of bitter sectarian conflict with no chance of solution, finally resolved by a people who understand political dialogue and bridge-building better than anyone in the UK.

They are our experts. Our trump card (no pun)
So we
Disenfranchise them
Impose messy solutions on them that they didn't vote for
Learn nothing from how they dealt with a worse problem
Don't call on their experts
And even undermine their Peace
The final irony ignore their success, instead export sectarianism for #Brexit
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Let's look at confirmation bias. As you know this is where people find stuff to support their own agenda or opinion. Leave voters were provided with lots of lies & memes to help them "believe" they were right... #FBPE 1/
This misinformation was of course thrown at them by lying politicians and lying media. They had zero remorse at lying & there are no controls of the lies the press can tell. Forget the faux apology corrections. The damage is done. 2/
However the key to conditioning people was to make them think they had found the information themselves. It had to be surreptitiously placed in front of them to find. That's where covert targeting comes in where people's online world is laced with lies they think are facts. 3/
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Since @bbclaurak proclaimed, history would be unkind to those who objected to EU manufactured xenophobia I've been thinking about how to remove the @BBC entirely from my life.

Naturally, you should remove all billionaire owned press FIRST; they're worse.

How to banish BBC🔽

Probably the hardest for complete replacement.

@Bloomberg will give you objective news coverage without a xenophobic slant.

For more in-depth documentaries, try podcasts from @IrishTimes, @FT or @TheEconomist #FBPE.

Then for general interest @NPR works well.
Radio - Music

Any of the music stations can be replaced by a plethora of commercial or online streaming services; I won't try to list them all.

@BBC6Music is, IMHO, hardest to replace. But most music discovery streaming services will do it.
Or maybe try:…
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@Spoonhead8 @redgreenaction So create our own Bristol News Facebook page clocked up 71,000 views in last week - simply by reposting news with a tiny bit of comment. Imagine a #FBPE Network with sites like these in every town, sharing tips, coordinating FOIs, collaborating on investigations
@Spoonhead8 @redgreenaction Here's the page
'Repeat formula on all social networks' and we become MORE powerful than the media (perhaps?)
@Spoonhead8 @redgreenaction Also built a global news tracking engine, streams global content, make own newsletters, email newsletter distribution, create sites on the fly with a click - could feed such a network. When each site boss is ready could hand them a site to support them - UK wide press network
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