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@AnnCoulter And some orange men prefer golden showers but it doesn't make them experts on sewage?
@AnnCoulter And some presidents get called to army 5 times but doesn't make them military experts.
@AnnCoulter @SPD2212 Some presidents have multiple bankruptcies but doesnt mean they know about business.

Wow this is fun ann thanks for the game.

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Paphos has some continuing benefits from being capital of culture last year. Money became available for renovation particularly the old town. Visitor numbers are up. -
The city held some amazing cultural events and was really put in on the European map. The Berlin Philharmonic played to sell out crowds in Paphos harbour but there were exhibitions of art and history and all kinds of music and theatreโ€ฆ
Perhaps it drew people who had never visited before to enjoy the wealth of history under the sun here. Itโ€™s also the epitome of the joys of Freedom of Movement. -
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So Remainers, here we are. The endgame. Are you ready?

#FBPE and #FBR
Stay focused. Stay tight. Remember who are friends. Remember who the real enemy is. For us it is brexit, not the ppl who voted for it. In the States, it's Trump not the ppl who voted for him
And my dear friends, our enemy certainly isn't each other. Don't let them divide us. They'll try
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Right, so lots going on and I'm thinking of doing some stuff. But I need your advice and feedback! If you could answer the following polls (comments also welcome) that'd help loads!
I am thinking of writing an old skool email newsletter. Probably monthly. It'd be a mix of what is on here but possibly with a bit more #digital, a bit more #France and other things that are interesting. Would you subscribe? (I've not included 'maybe' - I need binary!)
I will be hosting a live podcast all about #Europe and #Brexit with a heavy #FBPE, #StopBrexit, #PeoplesVote slant. Would you be interested in...
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Every now and then, I share some of the daily abuse from #Brexit supporters. Now's as good a time as any for a couple.

They range from simply abusive...

#peoplesvote #Stopbrexit #FBPE
To "not even Google Translate could sort this out"...
Still, lovely to see they are riled. Obviously hitting a nerve. Carry on, everyone! ๐Ÿ‘

#peoplesvote #Stopbrexit #FBPE
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1/ Tory #Brexit is not about immigration or strengthening our borders, it's about getting a tax haven. It's about slashing taxes on business and the rich, slashing regulations and workplace rights and privatising the NHS. A thread.
#PeoplesVote #FBPE
2/ Tory Brexiters have repeatedly called for regulations to be slashed, that means health, safety, food and environmental regulations. Often this is couched in terms of the requirements for a trade deal with the US. We all know about chlorinated chicken.
3/ Right-wing think tanks including leading Brexiter MEP Daniel Hannan's IFT and the US Cato Institute called for the NHS to be opened to foreign competition and a bonfire of consumer and environmental regulationsโ€ฆ
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A little thread on MY personal Brexit "Dividend" ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

I have been waiting patiently & with barely baited breath for someone.. anyone to provide a single benefit to me & mine of #Brexit..
The question has been asked of many MPs & talking heads on both sides of the debateโ€ฆโ“
Andโ€ฆ. Not a scrap, not a trace, not a single little whisper of how I, & people like me, will be โ€œbetter offโ€ due to UK leaving EU SM and CU.. ๐Ÿค”

And I donโ€™t just mean financially before anyone comes at me brandishing a hair shirt & self-flagellating.. ๐Ÿ”จ๐Ÿ”จ
"Sovrinty"? It's just a word & will always be โ€œrelativeโ€..โ€ฆ
Control of our own money, borders & laws?โ€ฆ we already had all that..๐Ÿ‘
So, whilst I waited, I scraped my personal barrel and came up with a single little splinter of a #Brexit Bonanza โ€ฆ๐Ÿคจ

Drum Roll ..๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ
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Alright - I am going to really take a look at this. It is of course more than 2 bits of advice. Probably it is 4 - all from someone not fighting for what I am fighting for, who has changed sides twice in 2.5 years.
#PeoplesVoteMarch #stopbrexit (Thread) 1/
To begin with, the tone. You will not reach many seasoned #remain campaigers by talking to them as if they are stupid or dupes.
#peoplesVoteMarch #FinalSayForAll 2/
Take your own advice Owen - we've been doing this for 2+ years - we are making headway - whilst the Labour party are erm -3 again in the polls.
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This is something that all #remain ers should take on board. This is statistical data drawn from twitter.

It analyses the hashtag #PeoplesVoteMarch for the last week.

This gives the top "influencers" using it

It gives the reach of those people

Reach is calculated by interaction with the tweet -including retweets, replies & quote tweets. It is a calculation of who is using the tag & who is seeing those tweets. #PeoplesVoteMarch #stopbrexit
The top 5 people of influence who are aquiring reach on this tag are:
1) Sky News
2) Owon Jones 84
3) Chuka Umunna
4) Julia Harkley Brewster
5) Peoples Vote UK

#FinalsayforAll #Stopbrexit #PeoplesVoteMarch

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I went on the dreaded Fakenewsbook yesterday and posted a tweet to encourage people to book onto the coaches.


What a glorious reception I got.
One person interacted with my post. A brit in EU27. One person.
I replied to my own post how it was telling that one person reacted to my post... and they are living in a different country.
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As a #leavernow I must acknowledge that if #brexit fails it will be my two years of ceaseless remoaning that will be to blame
The people who warned Communists that their ideas would not work in practice secretly worked to sabotage the idea just to be proved right so they were sent to the gulag as a #leavernow I acknowledge that if Nissan closed it will be the people who warned it would happen 2 blame
every attempt to implement Communism was similarly sabotaged by 5th columnists who warned leaders of the people of problems were proved right even police states and labour camps could not irradcate subversive thought crime
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I have learnt 2 things about "how history happened" as a result of brexit-so-far. Both of them hit hard & if you are reading this - they apply to you to.
1) What were all the nice people in Germany doing when Hitler came to power & started persecuting various groups?
Those groups being the jews, disabled people, foreigners, people with alternate lifestyles, other political views?
(Use that as a ticklist - tick every one off - bc all are now happening).

bc what all the "nice" people were doing were what you are doing now. 1/n
1) Saying that "comic little man" Bojo or JRM or whoever - is unintelligent & just sooooo funny & won't get elected.

2) If he does get elected he is *BOUND TO* calm down a bit when given some responsiblity bc the world will not tolerate that kind of rhetoric...
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I know I tend to harp on about loss of EU funding, but perhaps only those in the North East with political heads know the value of ERDF and ESF funds. The regeneration from the mining and heavy steel and shipbuilding industries came with enormous input from the EU.
It wasn't all them, it would be wrong to claim so, but without their involvement few private companies would have invested. The problem we have now is that those funds are drying up and in the 2019/2020 local authority spending forecasts they will be negligible.
Now many will say, so what, what does it matter. Well 90% of community projects and social projects have had ESF funding, here it has provided over 50% of funding to 1 in 2 projects. All that is ending now.
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1) Was determined to back off Labour & Corbyn this week & support them going forward on #Brexit

But now this, following Corbyn's speech.

Corbyn's team want Brexit. They don't want to listen to the members on a #PeoplesVote & now it's been raised, they are switching position
2) let's just look at the chronology
I) Starmer (but no one else in Leadership) talks occasionally over last 2 years about "exact same benefits" 6 tests
ii) privately, @BarryGardiner describes them as nonsense
@BarryGardiner 3) iii) in run up to conference, probably because they know there is a huge influx of CLP motions asking for an early vote, Corbyn & others start talking about the 6 tests really for the first time.
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Don't think I am far off the mark here; Labour nearly lost around 8 million Socialist voters today. Not necessarily because of individuals representing the party, but because of external aligned beings who are supposedly representing us Socialists 1/10
64% of Labour constituencies voted leave in referendum; over 80% of the electorate in the 2017 general election voted on AT LEAST a ticket of respecting the outcome of the 2016 national referendum where the majority voted leave. 2/10
I don't think you have to be a rocket scientist or Einstein to understand the mass consequences if Labour leave wishes were not fulfilled or completely ignored, but it seems there are some who need some degree of clarity on it... 3/10
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Leave have money, Henry the 8th powers, lies, government, zero opposition, shillbots, MSM, Trump and Putin's "support". They attacked univesities, voters, immigrants, experts and judges.

After 2 years 1 thing is crystal clear. Leave have nothing to offer UK. #PeoplesVote
Real people hounded. Jo Cox murdered. The Brexit Taliban threatened my family, hoped my kids drowned, and my wife raped, said they had "wolves" they "couldnt control" outside the homes of folk who work for my business. #PeoplesVote
I felt totally alone then. I wasn't. The folk who helped get #FBPE off the ground were there too. They suffered too. Remain had nothing. No leaders, no media, attacked on every side. #PeoplesVote
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1) Thread - why do #FBPE peeps attack Corbyn so much?
Many Labour supporters ask, perhaps with some justification, "why do FBPEers go after Labour? This is a Tory problem!"

Here's my personal reasons. I'm guessing however they probably resonate with others
2) firstly, practical, and this is unfair but just how it is.
There is little traction to be gained by attacking the Tory #Brexit position because a majority of Tory voters will simply not care, they support Brexit blindly and won't change their minds easily
3) Labour support however has always been & is increasingly pro remain. Therefore in terms of changing a major party's position on #Brexit (vital to softening or stopping it) it was always going to be far easier attacking Labour Leadership prevarication on #Brexit than Tories
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Little reflective thread. My friend @HaseltonMarlies has been making these poignant, bleak photos of everyday scenes in the UK before it leaves the EU in her #LastMonthsBeforeBrexit series. I've been thinking of where we are now... 1/
I was devastated on 24 June 2016, although I worried Leave might win. In the course of the day I wrote "the UK voted to wreck itself economically to get rid of foreigners". Goodness did I get a lot of grief about that. Lots of people unfriended me, and I unfriended lots others 2/
Including that well-educated (Oxford educated!) white British guy who was joking about that he and others should organize a "leaver's party". Slowly, my anger towards Brexiters has decreased in the a bit over 2 years that followed. However, my anger towards the UK has not. 3/
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1/12 I studied law which included UK constitutional and EU law. I had a fair understanding of the implications of #Brexit. 2 years on and becoming a volunteer legal writer for @infacts I have learned SO much more thanks to #Brexit
2/12 Itโ€™s been a lot of fun going back to the laws and refreshing my memory as well as building on that.
3/12 It is very important to note that the subject of the UK and EU is very complex and itโ€™s reaches are vast. There were areas that we all were not aware of (#Brexiters and #Remainers) until #brexit became a reality.
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1/ Standby. What follows is a thread on today's top #FBPE remoaner insanity.

First up, leave voters should be declared terrorists. How dare we vote differently.
2/ Second, remoaners threatening civil disobedience because the vote didn't go their way, to resist "fascists."
3/ Remoaner threats that politicians will "pay heavily" for #Brexit. Rather sinister..
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๐Ÿ‘‡ We need to Remain in the EU because:
1) The establishment want us to & they always look after the little guy.
2) JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs say it is a good idea.
3) George Soros has tossed ยฃ800k into overturning our Referendum, so we must have got it wrong.
4) Richard Branson wants us to & we need to forgive his VAT Fraud, tax avoidance & tax haven lifestyle.
5) We will run out of sandwiches without the EU.
6) We'll have no medicine & planes will fall from the sky, should we leave the trading bloc.
7) We need to get out of NATO, who have served their purpose at keeping us safe for decades. We can start our own EU army & replace it.
8) London has become too big & we should share it with Frankfurt & Paris. The UK is receiving too much income from London.
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Ahead of the #SwedenElection it looks as if Sverigedemokraterna may be climbing up from the 3rd to the 2nd biggest party. First of all the good news: cirka 75-80% of Swedes do NOT support them. This fact seems to be getting lost in the hype.
First of all let's not beat around the bush. They have neo-nazi roots and their policies support a nationalistic, racist agenda. They dress it up in fancy words and they wear fancy suits but do not be fooled.
The party have branded themselves as a one that listens to people's concerns - who look after the little people. So let's take a look at that, shall we?
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1.This is a thread for my fellow Remainers in the #fbpe movement. There were some threads yesterday which have caused upset in our community and a shaking of peopleโ€™s confidence. Well I awoke his morning with these thoughts on my mind and wanted to get them down on paper.
2. We have the privilege of having some excellent specialists in their fields fighting by our side, I thank each and every one of them. But it is by THEIR SIDE. They know the technocratic stuff and understand the legalities of treaties and trade deals.
3. But all of that on itโ€™s own is not what will get us a peoples vote and our personal opinions, worldview and knowledge and experience should hold equal weight when considering our own positions.
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1. I do not blame #Leavers for believing the lies that were given to them. I do not blame them for believing the years of Right wing propaganda. The originators of those lies, they are the enemy and they want something that is bad for everyone, Remainers and Leaver alike.
2. The originators of those lies want power and the creation of those lies are in themselves proof of guilt. For if #brexit really was best for the country the lies would not be needed, nor would the trolls, nor the illegal funding and methodology, abuse, stalking voters.
3. And now we know the true agenda of those #brextremists, it lies in their doctrine that spurned them to initiate #brexit. It is about control, it's about them having control, it's about them and their corporate paymasters having control. Own everything, own everyone...
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