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Here is a round up of our activities today. It was a busy day. We sent volunteers to the Cross in Chester and to Northwich to get out and talk to the people. THREAD
We took our lovely Mascot #EUnice and she really attracted some attention which allowed us to get into conversations with all kinds of people regardless of how they voted in the 2016 referendum.
People wanted to talk to us about how they felt about the #brexitshambles. We asked them what they thought about Mays deal, No-deal or Remain. There was quite a buzz and these were the scores on the doors about half way through.
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The Yellow Vests movement in the UK is getting clamped down by the establishment according to @RaheemKassam
And indeed there have been efforts to silence #YellowVestsUK
If I had to guess, this "Young Labour International Officer. Secretary, London Young Labour" person had something to do with the PayPal removal effort of #YellowVestsUK
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It is difficult to explain in tweets but there is a clear path to fascism linked to the path of capitalism. And what we are seeing on the streets is evidence of that. It is to do with the scale of business, the increased amount of power in corporate hands vs Nation State. 1/
Put it this way if small companies complain about regulations that stop them exploiting customers the regs won't change, but if a huge multinational with revenue of a small country complains they can change regs, change policy, change gov 2/
And in the last 30 yrs we have seen an unprecedented increase in scale of business and size of company. We can relate this to the Big Bang in the financial markets, allowing the use of complex trading instruments to support extraordinary M&A activity creating corporate giants 3/
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1) There is one reason why remainers have "bashed Corbyn" and its this

Because its always been obvious that Labour represented a large & growing Remain group, and that Corbyn was pro #Brexit, working against that Remain attitude

It's not rocket science…
2) Corbyn "Remainers" have continously reinterpreted Corbyn's words, projected their beliefs onto him, pressed on "the long game", stated "he's just following policy", said "he hasn't the numbers" and generally gone through hoops to avoid the obvious truth - Corbyn is a brexiter
3) instead of making statements like "#FBPE is a Corbyn bashing cult" it would be more honest to recognise that Corbyn is against his party & membership on #Brexit, the biggest issue of the age, and always has been. And this is a disgrace

Defending him on this is also a disgrace
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A short list re why a #PeoplesVote #FinalSay is not outrages or unreasonable.

We know more and we deserve to give an informed decision to our politicians based on facts rather than hot air.

No one wants no deal #brexit and no one likes May’s #brexit deal.
Many #Brexiters like to deny it but immigration was a clear concern. The UK has always had control but the Gov never really bothered to implement any control Directive 2004/38
Some were for sovereignty but the media and #Brexiters tried to make it black and white. The UK is sovereign para 67 Miller
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1) Corbyn supporters & adopting the attitude of Brexiters

I appreciate there's been some spats between #FBPE and Corbyn supporters & there's even a #BlockFBPE hashtag going around. Both sides accuse each other of not listening and being abusive

But here's some reflections
2) Remainers can be sympathetic with the Bunker mentality that springs up when a group feels under attack, its what kept Remain going to a certain extent

However, in my own view this is in danger of turning into an adoption of brexiter attitudes & even language,which is worrying
3) Firstly, the very idea of the #BlockFBPE hashtag is itself destructive. We all need to block sometimes but group silencing people as a default just because of a hashtag is a very disturbing action and is reminiscent of similar shutdowns by brexiters
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I actually have his book on the desk behind me. Much like Machiavelli's The Prince, it's a manual on how to be a complete and utter bastard (and win). Many of the chapters point to why Leave won, others to why Remain lost. Based on its content, #FBPE need to get its hands dirty.
The article is very different, and it's Leavers that are the narcissists - they hold a belief in something and won't accept being called up on it, deny any facts they're shown as fake news and propaganda, while never questioning their own sources.
I have #FBPE in my bio, and it's because I value Freedom of Movement. I have benefited from it, as have my friends and family. I want to keep it, I want my fellow UK citizens to keep it, and I want EU residents in the UK to keep it too.
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So No-Deal planning became very real to us this morning. We have to consider seriously where to put our stock and whether to get extra ? Do we move extra stock into the EU in anticipation of customs disruption on the 29th March?
This has significant costs attached, money tied up in over stocking has to come from somewhere and reduces cash available for other activities such as marketing.
It also costs us in terms of warehouse space and extra shipping costs so eating into margins which all feeds into reducing growth, real increases in wages and new jobs all come from growth
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1) Why Labour #Brexit Conference policy is flawed

Unfortunately Ben is wrong here, Corbyn is following the agreed policy here because that policy let's him do exactly what he wants on Brexit, not what the members want

The policy is a well crafted stitch up
2) there's 2 consistent themes from Corbyn supporters
a) this is the policy Labour conference overwhelmingly supported
b) Corbyn's following that policy to the letter
Both of these are true, but neither stand up to critical examination if we're being honest
3) in terms of the first "this is the policy conference supported" well, as a remainer its essentially the same as the non meaningful vote May tried to create
May's choice was her deal or no. Deal which, if true, is no deal at all
It was the same with Labour conference policy
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After 2.5 years of wanting to stop #brexit I have in theast half hour converted to the leftwing case for #Brexit as the best way to achieve a socialist future and set out my reasons in this thread #leavernow #lexiternow
It is clear to me that the EU is a corporate playground and neoliberal cabal one only needs 2 compare US and EU standards of animal welfare & food safety 2 see how true this is chlorinated chicken is the food of the Lexitariat #leavernow #lexiternow #Brexit #JC4PM2019
I believe that the evil EU has stopped the fraternalist tory party from implementing the Scandinavian social model as practised in Sweden Finland and Denmark and believe that they will pursue the doctrine of socialism in one percentile #Brexit #lexit #JC4PM2019
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1) #FBPE & Corbyn, a personal tale
I really would love to not be talking on Twitter every day about Corbyn. But the fact is, he is one of the most high profile & most prolificpro #Brexit supporters out there

And he's misleading people…
2) the one thing that will help us move forward is the realisation that there are only 3 options for #Brexit, no deal, May's deal or Remain.

Once people realise that, and that both leave options are rubbish, it will focus minds

Corbyn is deliberately preventing that happening
3) Corbyn is now essentially the loudest voice lying to people about a mythical 4th #Brexit option

He is selling snake oil, consciously & deliberately, saying "no, we don't have to accept May's deal, there's a jobs first, fairly painless deal available if we just tried harder"
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Insightful stuff from Stephen as usual. People’s Vote campaign still haven’t figured out good message to win the referendum they campaign for. One problem imo is the one @hugorifkind identified today - Remainers have gone Conan and are more interested in venting than persuading
Imagine a horde of #fbpe types descending on the nations doorsteps to explain to joe public that he is a racist moron duped by Russians into blaming all his problems on the immigrants who keep this country running, who has now been given a golden opportunity to reverse his error.
Sound persuasive? No? Well that’s the jist of the message I hear from the most committed and active pro-Remain types nearly all the time. It doesn’t seem to trouble them that “my opponents are stupid” isn’t great for a campaign which requires winning over at least some of them.
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If government stops serving the interests of the people, it is no longer a government. It becomes in fact an agent of the country's downfall, and that is exactly what this government is. Far from standing for the country, they are surrendering it to foreign power. #FBPE
... when one says "foreign power" of course many will imagine it is a country, however it is not a country at all, it is a supra-national entity, a network of business interests that seek to control the resources and the people of the planet. It's not a country, it's an empire
And when one mentions "empire" immediately some people will consider it conspiracy, because they don't see it as one, they don't see one "evil" leader, they don't see soldiers, they don't see the word "empire", they don't see it issuing decrees and waging wars...
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I agree with the sentiment but I cannot emphasise enough that #homelessness, #foodbanks, #ChildPoverty, #HostileEnvironment all existed before #brexit. They are not a consequence of #brexit but #Conservatives policy. It doesn't have to be this way, it's a political choice ->
Before someone from #FBPE jumps in and says "that's because focus has been on brexit" ... not it isn't. This is #Conservative policy. The privatisation of #NHS, the changes in #Education, reductions in #LegalAid ... where has the #EU been in stopping all this? It hasn't.
There has been a constant drive to reform society from health to education, none of which is about addressing the issues of inequality.

Labour demands inquiry into how GCSE reform has benefited private schools -…
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Oh. I don't think I have a seen a more ... I can't think of the words ... that is bound to be time spent living on a council estate, working class background, state education ... you know, lack of standards and ambition etc - ... do I doth my cap now?
Hmmm, I promised myself not to look again ... I'm too weak willed. The conversation in #FBPE has ... well, what can I say. Those "sensible majority" telling those "working class not capable of making important decisions" ... this can't be real ->
I assume most of my followers are aware of the large volume of research on the negative impacts of poverty on decision making -… ... it's the stress of poverty that makes you bad at general decision making, not the other way around.
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I voted remain in 2016 and I was hugely disappointed by the result at first, seeing it as a victory for the right. But soon the cheap, condecending, and outright idiotic comments from remainers started rolling in and have continued ever since. They've changed my mind.
Straight away both students and lecturers at uni started asking me how the people of Merthyr, the Valleys and most of South Wales could be stupid enough to vote leave when we receive so much EU investment. This reflects their tone:…
Merthyr's people aren't stupid. We can see that most EU funding has been pissed away on cosmetic changes while industry continues to decline and our communities rot under austerity
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I am glad to see that finally the penny is dropping amongst politicians that a leave vote has led to the wholesale removal of rights and made people unequal. #The5Million are at the sharp end but we are all losing something very valuable.
What we are losing is the trust and confidence of people who are a part of our communities who are now being told to ask for permission to continue living amongst us. This issue must be kept in the open. I don’t believe soft leavers realised this would be the consequence
Of their vote so we have to keep giving them an understanding of the issues. A #PeoplesVOTE will allow us to fully explore the consequences on not just EU citizens in the UK currently but what it means for British citizens in the future as their own rights to FOM is removed.
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Ok, it's time to address this idea that #FBPE is an anti-Corbyn-focused organisation.
It has become an increasingly popular trope of the pro-Corbyn, Momentum cult that #FBPE is out to get them.
A favourite way to undermine #FBPE by the #Corbyn/#Momentum crowd is to suggest that it is a being controlled by the right or 'shady billionaires' (which historians of World War II will remember is a nod towards Jewish money).
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Threats to a Corbyn-led Labour govt:
1. Infowars by Integrity Initiative/Institute for Statecraft. Linked to anti-Corbyn social media campaigns eg #fbpe
2. Corbyn-bashing celebs: eg JK Rowling, Rachel Riley, Eddie Marsden.
3. The enemy within: red Tories eg Chuka, Cooper.
4. LFI. Weaponisation of AS to smear Corbyn.
5. Trialling of Voter Photo ID. Could disenfranchise Labour voters in seats Tories fear losing.
6. MSM bias. BBC, Sky & Murdoch-controlled media.
7. Possible gerrymandering.
8. False flags.
9. New centrist party.
10. Greens/Lib Dems.
11. Potential infiltrators. Fake Corbyn/socialist Twitter accs.
12. Tax avoiders esp high profile Scrooges eg Liam Gallagher.
13. Working-class Tories splitting vote.
14. Blairites with media access: Mandelson, Blair.
15. Progress. New Labour remodelled ‘progressive politics’.
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I think it is time to address this nonsense that remainers position on Corbyn implies are somehow anti Labour. They aren't.

Remainers draw from a very wide pool. In general the remain project is apolitical though we very much stand against right wing extremists. The rise of
xenophobia and fascism should be a concern to us all and the leave campaigns have very worrying connections in that direction.

Apart from that, as we include people from across political divides our driver is not a specific political ideaology. It is the wish to continue with
a relationship that has secured peace, enhanced all our lives in one way or another and allowed us to benefit from the greatest "collective bargaining" experiment in history.

With that foundation laid I turn to the 'Corbyn' issue.

This is our greatest sadness. We truly needed
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1/rusjackson an anti-#FBPE is typical of Corbyn crypto-fascists. Why do they not stop Brexit? It's bc workers are a means not an end. These people 1/ accumulate power at workers expense 2/ Never deal with Brexit 3/ Use Corbyn as a shield, a means to an end to avoid the reality of
2/ Brexit's destruction 4/ typical crypto-fascist always blames elsewhere, never deals with the problem. So why blame #FBPE? Cause as a 'Corbyn-Labour-Tory-Enabler' they can't have examination of the destruction Brexit causes bc of their defence of it. So why do they defend
3/ Brexit and destroy the working class thereby creating a Tory Election victory and furthering Tory austerity - cause Corbyn Labour do not give a flaming fig about the workers. Not one. Cause if they did they would be able 1/ to justify Brexit as advantageous to workers
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What I want for Christmas is my life back, without worrying what’s going to happen to people I care about after the 29th March, without thinking about the next letter to write, without poring over articles explaining overseas trade or FTAs or no deal planning,
without having to read ridiculous proclamations from trolls and bots. I want to read a book for pleasure and watch a stupid celeb type tv programme and actually not wonder how people can obsess about its inanity whilst the far right is rising and companies are getting
ready to quietly move jobs into the EU27 away from the UK, and small companies are quietly considering whether they will be viable as a third country outside the SM and CU. I want to watch a news program ans consider the facts without screaming at the
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Don’t you think this is crazy? We don’t have to do this. Our place in the heart of Europe with all that power that gives us as an insider is being sacrificed on the altar of Europhobic ideology…
What could we do with this 2 billion earmarked for no-deal preparation. Wouldn’t you have preferred that money to be spent on housing or education or the NHS?
What could we do with all the civil service time and parliamentary time that has been sucked up and will continue to be sucked up for years in replacing the systems and frameworks and agreements we already have just to get back to where we started?
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1) Corbyn reality check
I'll admit I've never been a Corbyn fan, my personal low point was actually the Sky TV special he did just before the Ref

I actually hoped he'd push a pro EU line but instead, he spent more time on rail nationalisation than the EU, it was very depressing
2) the follow up with "we must trigger article 50 immediately" was shocking in itself but it was also the first time I saw Corbyn supporters pushing a "but what he meant was.." to any significant degree. That's the moment I suppose people really got entrenched either side
3) and its easy to understand why Corbyn's supporters feel under siege with the constant attacks.

But as we approach a cliff edge #Brexit in 100 days & Corbyn's limitations are helping to get us there, perhaps its time for a retrospective - maybe everyone was right?
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