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One of my friends just went to a workshop about EU citizens rights. Am appalled. She has come away quite despondent. EU27 citizens, our families friends and neighbours a vital part of our communities, are about to be marked down as the B team and they have done nothing wrong.
Before that she went to speak to her mp who asked her to trust him. It’s a very difficult thing to trust MPs who are unwilling or unable to be very clear and openly support #PeoplesVote with #remainoption even if in private they are supportive
At the end of the day MPs will not actually suffer or be made second class citizens. VPrivate support will not make #peoplesvote happen and this applies to voters. If you are as appalled at the effect of brexit on all in our communities you must speak out.
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Is Owen an expert *crosses self* in psy-ops? What does he know about how messaging works and how it influences people? Why is it "ridiculous"? Because it serves his purpose to refute the impact this actually had.
Lest we forget this is against a backdrop of decades of aggressive anti-EU messaging via the tabloid press.
And the main culprit as far as I understand it was Facebook - this platform has been used very effectively to radicalise peoples' views. I've heard accounts where people can't even explain why they voted leave. It just made sense at the time.
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We all know now that #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw. We all know that Arron Banks has been referred to the NCA for investigation, after @MetPoliceUK declined to look into the @ElectoralCommUK's evidence. MPs are "calling for a pause" in #Brexit.… /1
Unless EU-27 agree to an extension of the two-year #Article50 period, the UK leaves the EU on 29th March 2019. Theresa May clearly stil hopes for some kind of deal that will keep the City of London happy enough with #Brexit: but #NoDealBrexit is a very real possibility. /2
#NoDealBrexit is disastrous, but the UK is woefully unprepared for the massive changes to ensue with any kind of #Brexit: the Tories have treated the Brexit negotiations as a game in which they held all the cards, & in consequence have failed utterly to make any progress. /3
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Right, so lots going on and I'm thinking of doing some stuff. But I need your advice and feedback! If you could answer the following polls (comments also welcome) that'd help loads!
I am thinking of writing an old skool email newsletter. Probably monthly. It'd be a mix of what is on here but possibly with a bit more #digital, a bit more #France and other things that are interesting. Would you subscribe? (I've not included 'maybe' - I need binary!)
I will be hosting a live podcast all about #Europe and #Brexit with a heavy #FBPE, #StopBrexit, #PeoplesVote slant. Would you be interested in...
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Never mind the fact that it turns a 1.5 crossing into one taking at least 4.5 hours, why would Belgian or Dutch ports apply fewer checks than French ones in a no deal scenario? Also, you can’t move the Channel Tunnel to Zeebrugge. I don’t understand the point of this.
“Bypassing Calais” adds time (minimum x3) and therefore cost, plus you’re sailing to the same customs union, the same trading partner. If you have a problem in Calais you’ll have one in Zeebrugge and Vlissingen. The problem is at the UK end. #StopBrexit
“We could make a profit and screw over the French” says a source… A Tory minister who is evidently so hard at the thought of a fight with France that he’s ditching a central plank of Tory DNA since Thatcher and itching to nationalise key infrastructure.
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Every now and then, I share some of the daily abuse from #Brexit supporters. Now's as good a time as any for a couple.

They range from simply abusive...

#peoplesvote #Stopbrexit #FBPE
To "not even Google Translate could sort this out"...
Still, lovely to see they are riled. Obviously hitting a nerve. Carry on, everyone! 👍

#peoplesvote #Stopbrexit #FBPE
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A little thread on MY personal Brexit "Dividend" 👇👇

I have been waiting patiently & with barely baited breath for someone.. anyone to provide a single benefit to me & mine of #Brexit..
The question has been asked of many MPs & talking heads on both sides of the debate…❓
And…. Not a scrap, not a trace, not a single little whisper of how I, & people like me, will be “better off” due to UK leaving EU SM and CU.. 🤔

And I don’t just mean financially before anyone comes at me brandishing a hair shirt & self-flagellating.. 🔨🔨
"Sovrinty"? It's just a word & will always be “relative”..…
Control of our own money, borders & laws?… we already had all that..👍
So, whilst I waited, I scraped my personal barrel and came up with a single little splinter of a #Brexit Bonanza …🤨

Drum Roll ..🥁🥁🥁
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Alright - I am going to really take a look at this. It is of course more than 2 bits of advice. Probably it is 4 - all from someone not fighting for what I am fighting for, who has changed sides twice in 2.5 years.
#PeoplesVoteMarch #stopbrexit (Thread) 1/
To begin with, the tone. You will not reach many seasoned #remain campaigers by talking to them as if they are stupid or dupes.
#peoplesVoteMarch #FinalSayForAll 2/
Take your own advice Owen - we've been doing this for 2+ years - we are making headway - whilst the Labour party are erm -3 again in the polls.
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Some of the lovely people and banners at yesterday’s #PeopesVoteMarch. A thread of indeterminate length. Please use theses pictures for any purpose associated with the cause to #StopBrexit. Higher resolutions available on request.
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This is something that all #remain ers should take on board. This is statistical data drawn from twitter.

It analyses the hashtag #PeoplesVoteMarch for the last week.

This gives the top "influencers" using it

It gives the reach of those people

Reach is calculated by interaction with the tweet -including retweets, replies & quote tweets. It is a calculation of who is using the tag & who is seeing those tweets. #PeoplesVoteMarch #stopbrexit
The top 5 people of influence who are aquiring reach on this tag are:
1) Sky News
2) Owon Jones 84
3) Chuka Umunna
4) Julia Harkley Brewster
5) Peoples Vote UK

#FinalsayforAll #Stopbrexit #PeoplesVoteMarch

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THREAD on the Subject of #Brexit & Respect...with a hint of Betrayal.

#Remain #Remainers, #RemainerNow Pls RT or feel free to Use this whenever you are told to Respect the Non-Binding Referendum & by all means add some more.
1. #Brexiters & #Lexiters have 2 justications, apart from 'we won you lost', for the #BrexitShambles.
Namely that we must RESPECT the #Brexit Ref result & that to seek to overturn it would BETRAY the Will of the 'British People'. (nb they often omit the N. Irish)
2. Respect or Lack of Respect & Betrayal at the heart of should we Respect the EURef 2016 & Who or What is being Betrayed?
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Once upon a time... there was a Prime Minister who wanted to win an election so he took a gamble and promised people a Referendum!
The Referendum meant that a BIG important decision would be given to everyone else!

It would be ok because people would be told lots of easy facts and could make a simple choice at the end...

Lots of lies were told! Lies that had seemed funny in the past, like BANANAS from the EuroLand were straight (when everyone could see they were bendy) didn’t seem so funny anymore!
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So here's how Brexit works out for those who will benefit (clue - it's not us 'ordinary' people):
Investors sell UK property at peak prices
Move their business & wealth into the EU, exchange their £ for Euros
Brexit occurs, so £ & property market crash
They short-sell Sterling
A certain point into the Brexit turmoil sees them buy back Sterling & property (both at lower cost after collapse) & they make a sh*tload of £££.
It's a disaster capitalist's dream scenario - no wonder they will stop at nothing to achieve it.
Meanwhile, the rest of us see inflation surge, our cost of living increases, our net worth decreases if we are house owners, those who are most vulnerable are at risk as public services decline further.
Any wonder we need to fight to #StopBrexit?
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OK. *sigh*

The EU currently has preferential trade arrangements with 52 countries. It's negotiating trade agreements with another 72 countries. That's 124 countries. There are 28 countries in the EU. That's 156 countries. There are 195 countries.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
So that's most of the countries and, as such, it has more trade agreements than pretty much anyone else. That's your first point done.

Now the second point...

*God, this is tiresome*

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
If you have £1 and you manage to grow it by £1, you have increased your pot by 100%. Yaaay!

If you have £100billion and you grow it by £1bn, you have increased it by 1%. Boooo!

Established economies grow slower.

Enjoy your pound.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
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Right. I'm going to say it. Ready?

@theresa_may is right.

The #PeoplesVote is the Politicians' Referendum. And here's why ...
Different countries use referendums in different ways. At one end of the spectrum, we have the lovely Switzerland who have decided they want a system of referendums for just about everything... the other end of the spectrum, you've for Britain which, as a rule, doesn't do referendums.
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My story. I met a Spanish woman in 2001. I married her in 2012 in Spain. For work reasons she continued to live in Spain and I continued to live in England
This didn't matter because we were both European citizens and we travelled freely between our two countries sometimes living in England, sometimes in Spain and sometimes apart.
There was no need for either of us to seek residency in the others country. We simply travelled, stayed at each other's houses, went on holiday together to other EU countries, paid our taxes in our respective countries etc etc
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I have learnt 2 things about "how history happened" as a result of brexit-so-far. Both of them hit hard & if you are reading this - they apply to you to.
1) What were all the nice people in Germany doing when Hitler came to power & started persecuting various groups?
Those groups being the jews, disabled people, foreigners, people with alternate lifestyles, other political views?
(Use that as a ticklist - tick every one off - bc all are now happening).

bc what all the "nice" people were doing were what you are doing now. 1/n
1) Saying that "comic little man" Bojo or JRM or whoever - is unintelligent & just sooooo funny & won't get elected.

2) If he does get elected he is *BOUND TO* calm down a bit when given some responsiblity bc the world will not tolerate that kind of rhetoric...
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@theresa_may's awful government will not go the distance - it will fall and there will be an election - possibly even a #PeoplesVote. REGISTER TO VOTE NOW! Let's have our revenge!…
If you have been living abroad for less than 15 years, you can vote. All you need is your last UK address and your national insurance number. It's simple. No forms, no finding people to sign stuff or make declarations.

It literally takes two minutes.…
By the way, every time I mention voting, some gammon pops up and moans about British citizens overseas being able to vote. Well, here's the world's smallest violin just for you.

You didn't support us. You threw us under the bus. Now we get our turn. 👍

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@trinityb38 1/ Okay, well let's start with Consumer rights #24ReasonstoRemain
@trinityb38 2/ Then let's cover employee rights protections under EU legislation #24ReasonstoRemain #StopBrexit
@trinityb38 3/ Further to the employee rights, ban on discrimination at work ensures rights to equality in the workplace #24ReasonstoRemain #StopBrexit
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I know I tend to harp on about loss of EU funding, but perhaps only those in the North East with political heads know the value of ERDF and ESF funds. The regeneration from the mining and heavy steel and shipbuilding industries came with enormous input from the EU.
It wasn't all them, it would be wrong to claim so, but without their involvement few private companies would have invested. The problem we have now is that those funds are drying up and in the 2019/2020 local authority spending forecasts they will be negligible.
Now many will say, so what, what does it matter. Well 90% of community projects and social projects have had ESF funding, here it has provided over 50% of funding to 1 in 2 projects. All that is ending now.
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Let's learn from history.

Back in 1989/90, the Community Charge was introduced by Margaret Thatcher in Scotland and then England and Wales. You probably remember it as the Poll Tax. Despite it being hugely unpopular, Maggie pressed ahead with the policy.
Maggie's argument was that the people had voted for the policy - after all, it had been in the Tory manifesto that had given her another landslide - so she had to deliver it and they could not change their minds.
There were protests and some of them were pretty violent. Maggie said that there was no way that she would back down from the policy. Meanwhile, Tory MPs were hearing the upset from ordinary voters in their constituencies.
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If you are a UK citizen in the EU, REGISTER TO VOTE IN THE UK. There is an election coming up and we need to repay @theresa_may and the @Conservatives for everything they have done for us...… #peoplesvote #StopBrexit
You can register to vote on this website. You are eligible at your last UK address provided you have not been abroad for more than 15 years.… #peoplesvote #StopBrexit
There are hundreds of thousands of us in this situation (Coucou, @theresa_may! Having fun?) and, due to the slim majorities, we could change the results in literally hundreds of seats.

It's payback time.

Let's do this.

#stopbrexit #peoplesvote
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@redalphababe @chesterforeu So true! 👏👏
You’ve done it now, Pilar! I feel a rant coming on....
We’re all just people.
UK citizens, EU citizens, citizens of the world. People with families, businesses, jobs, mortgages, hopes, plans, dreams for the future.
We once believed we lived in a civilised,
@redalphababe @chesterforeu modern democracy, itself part of a
union, unprecedented in history, of sovereign European countries, weary of centuries of war & rivalry, working towards a better future for the coming generations of Europe than their forebears endured.
We’ve watched with growing horror as
@redalphababe @chesterforeu arrogant, nefarious politicians have sacrificed truth, integrity, decency, cohesion, & yes, respect, as they have played a mad game of Russian roulette with our lives.
With the diabolical assistance of a monstrously powerful, unregulated gutter press, this unprincipled
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My blood pressure is through the roof as rejection of #ChequersPlan means No Deal Brexit is more likely.
1. Cameron should never have gambled with the UK's future to appease Tory Eurosceptics, nor should he have said the decision of that advisory vote would be implemented.
2. May did not need to trigger A50 when she did.
3. She should have commissioned thorough impact reports & allowed full consideration & debate in Parliament & engaged with business/NHS etc.
4. Labour (together with other parties) should have acted early on as scrutineers.
5. If we hadn't had 8 years of Austerity, many of the reasons for people voting to leave wouldn't have existed.
6. We should have insisted that lies & propaganda in the mainstream media were tackled.
7. The Electoral Commission failed in their duty.
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