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#StopBrexit rally at Rond Point Schuman in Brussels with @BestForBritain @ProEuropa_GB @RemainerNow @pimlicat @NickCrosby and many others!
Should also tag @FinalSayForAll and @BritishInEurope as being part of this! Fantastic moving words from @pimlicat @mediawhizz @nickynoo007 and @NickCrosby - huge applause!
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If you don’t want Brexit then vote Lib Dem it’s obvious. Do not believe the “opinion” polls and social media from those pushing to leave. It’s all paid Bots. A vote for Lib Dem is not wasted. If every Remainer or those wanting to remain vote Lib Dem they’d storm it. #StopBrexit
Tactical voting I’m not sure will cut it to remain. I’m normally socialist leaning so would normally vote Labour but a vote for labour is a vote for Brexit. I’m so disappointed in Corbyn, but he’s a leaver deep down.
Corbyn sadly and disappointingly is a leaver.…
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Today on our #PeoplesVote street stall I got complaints about rubbish on the streets, austerity, homelessness, high pay for executives, and money wasted on HS2. Every time I gently suggested that these things were not due to the EU, and that Brexit wouldn't make them any better.
It was pretty clear that all the anger and frustration over 40 years of neglect in our smaller northern towns, the lack of decent jobs, the general feeling of hopelessness, had all been weaponised by the leave campaign. The EU has been used as a scapegoat.
I sympathised with those who thought we did ok before the EU (although our living standards were nowhere near today's) but then asked them if they thought leaving the EU would take everything back to how it used to be, and people realise it will not.
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We might not have the best weather for it, but there is still a good turnout for @Rally4OurRights this afternoon.
Crowds outside the Home Office
Love this placard
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Get this, #BrexitBritain. Any withdrawal agreement means compromise; you will pay, you will give ground. You are humiliated before the world, because #Brexit is an admission you can’t handle real life, that scuttling back to the safety of the dull 1950s is all you can handle.
If I sound bitter and angry it’s because I am. Because I’m one of those being screwed over. One of those whose life was defined by being European, by using the freedom that was my right. Five million of us whose lives have been turned upside down. #The5Million
#Brexiters are afraid that we don’t respect their ‘democratic vote’. Damned right we don’t. The referendum was never democratic. How could it be? The majority of those directly affected by the result DIDN’T EVEN GET A VOTE. Think about that. Democracy? No. The tyranny of the mob.
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Watching the BBC series Rise of the Nazis, and I am SHOCKED at how familiar this sounds...

#Brexit #Remain #StopTheCoup #StopBoris #StopBrexit
... and then...
... and again...
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#FBPE A US-UK trade deal that puts the Good Friday Agreement in jeopardy is not worth having… #stopbrexit @atatimelikethis
And two more reasons.

1. Congress won't let it happen
2. It would mean agreeing to concessions on areas such as agriculture and pharmaceuticals that we have resisted for years. And that nutters are using brexit to try to slip under the back door.
When I say nutters please read

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This is an important point by @Femi_Sorry. It’s not about not being able to do business, it’s about competitiveness in the new trading environment and frictions introduced getting in the way of reaching our marketplaces. /thread #CPC2019 #mondaythoughts
Tariffs add costs.
Extra regulation adds costs.
Supply chain delays add costs and tie cash up as bigger stocks to manage the expanded lead time required to get finished goods into hands of customers generating turnover and profit.
Incidentally that’s at a time of year - now- where many industries are already stocking to the rafters for Christmas trade and intrinsic seasonal pressure on delivery capacity. The pressure on warehouse space is already hard to manage.
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Miller vs Odey: the Brexit crisis explained through the medium of fund managers, with a bonus survey… 🤓✊ (thread) #RuleOfLaw #StopTheCoup #StopBrexit 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
Compare and contrast Gina Miller and Crispin Odey… Both are British fund managers, and both are wealthy, but their very different responses to Brexit are most illuminating. 🧐 #Brexit #StopBrexit 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
Odey was born into a wealthy family of industrialists, and was educated at Harrow & Oxford. He set up Odey Asset Management in 1991, and it now has several billion pounds under management. He was briefly married to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. His net worth is c£775m. #StopBrexit
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Hi all!
After over a week of avoiding all social media & only catching the news on the radio, I feel I've regained perspective & I've also learned a lot from stepping back and out of the #Remain bubble. My observations:
Labour Party position: in crisis with huge rifts when it comes to which way they would go IF they got the chance to negotiate a Labour Brexit deal. Conference may go some way to getting a definitive position, but JC still unreliable & unwilling to commit & unions hold power.
Lib Dems position: since Jo Swinson's declaration, they come across as extreme & a single issue party. Appear unwilling to listen or negotiate - arrogant, in fact. Also, still carry the stigma of the coalition, which is polarising - will find it hard to capture Labour votes.
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Whilst these things are rarely simple, a profits warning in May clearly cites #Brexit and the problems that made in environment as a big factor. Very sad day for the owners, employees here and overseas, the hotels and supply chains.#ThomasCookcollapse…
Here in #Cheshire we need to realise that a move or shut down of some of our substantial local automotive industry thanks to bad #brexit trading conditions will leave thousands of our friends and neighbours in similar disarray. #StopBrexit #ThomasCook
We don’t want to be sitting watching a corporate tragedy unfolding on our doorsteps watched by the country as our jobs are frittered and gambled away on an extraordinary act of national self harm. Real people have to pay the price for this madness #remain #ThomasCookcollapse
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Brexit affects everyone and everything. Hear our #R4OR /thread

Employers and employees- you are all on the same side on this one. You all need a healthy economy and stable political environment to thrive. The Single Market is the biggest trading bloc in the world and its cold outside believe me #R4OR #StopBrexit
The care sector is already fragile as hurt EU27 citizens have headed for the door to somewhere they are wanted. Even the government says Brexit will damage the care of our elderly and vulnerable #R4OR #StopTheCoup
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Reaction to name-calling by making fun of it.....

A thread....


#stopthecoup #FBPE #Dangerous
By now - the #remain groups should have an agenda to win over the 45+million undecided voters to understanding the strengths of the EU.

Ask you local group what this is - and how you can help with it..... 😀

When the 23rd June 2016 referendum was written up - the biggest criticism of #remain, was that it was reactive.

It didn't have a policy of its own - but reacted and refuted things that the #Leave group said

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Hi all, jut wanted to let you know that I'm taking some time out for a while.
I need some space to reflect - the last few days I have been incensed by the vitriol of some of the Remain community and the way in which they have been describing those who voted Leave.
Some of that criticism has been extremely defamatory, using vile stereotyping and, in my view, makes Remainers look bitter & superior. I'm not talking about the natural anger for pro-Brexit politicians or the media figures, they are fair targets in some cases.
I'm referring to people assuming many of my family and friends are racist, stupid and ignorant. So, I cannot right now, in all conscience, support a #RemainerNow campaign which encourages Leave voters to 'come over to the side' which has some extremely nasty voices in it.
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More chalked comments seen in a Northern city. Has the #GraffitiGranny of #Wakefield inspired Chalksy of Lancaster?

"Let's bin Brexit"

#Chalksy #LancasterChalksy #RebelAlliance #JustMakeItStop
2) Spotted tonight on my way home:

"Brexit is building walls not bridges"

#LancasterChalksy #StopTheCoup
#MoreInCommon #HeartsNotHate
3) Another message seen on some steps near the river:

"Brexit is wrong on so many levels"

#LancasterChalksy #StopBrexit JustMakeItStop #BrexitShambles
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[Thread] Some of you asked if I'd do Twitter analysis on Remainer Tweets/Accounts. As a leader/party long committed to remain, I analysed one of @joswinson's tweets. (For those w new to these threads, I have previously analysed tweets from Farage, Johnson & LeaveOct31 hashtag
One of Jo's most popular recent tweets regarding Brexit was this one on the #StopBrexit hashtag. It had around 1.4k retweets. I managed to download about 1.3k, so pretty good.
This is less data than I'm used to from Farage and Johnson - for numerous reasons. Johnson is PM and Farage is arguably more established, and more shouty. Also, as I will discuss, Swinson's tweet is less trolly - probably.
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Full text of my speech from today's Reject Brexit, Restore Democracy rally:

Together we have rallied, marched, demonstrated, and protested against Brexit for 3 years while parliament hit deadlock again and again. 1/

@WEP_UK @SholaMos1 @Hugodixon @PeterTatchell @mikegalsworthy @sianberry @JennSelby @BestForBritain @women4PV @OFOCBrexit Like Jacob Rees Mogg, the govt continues to sink lower & lower.

Boris & his bully boys have shown us their true colours. Just today we have seen reports of a potential Tory & Brexit Party alliance. That’s how desperate the PM is to shore up his own power. 2/

@WEP_UK @SholaMos1 @Hugodixon @PeterTatchell @mikegalsworthy @sianberry @JennSelby @BestForBritain @women4PV @OFOCBrexit Every move this govt makes further exposes their sinister motives.

We the people have had enough.

In the last few weeks we have seen record numbers of people (particularly young people) registering to vote. 3/

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Using hashtags and trending words - How not to make a hash of it on twitter - a thread.

#Stopbrexit #Stopthecoup #FBPE #FinalSay #PeoplesVote

Sadly I see too many people saying that they don't see the point of #hashtag ging - or that it is silly - or doesn't help....

So bear with me here...

#StopBrexit #StopTheCoup #LiarJohnson #DeathByBrexit

This couldn't be further from the truth, using tags well, in any situation on twitter, helps you reach further and link up with other people


Even people in other countries

#FBPE #HaveDemocracy #StopFascism #facciamorete #FBR

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To the person who attacked me from behind in front of my daughter and tried to put me in a choke hold...

To the person who tried to rip my EU flag from my hands...

To the group singing Tommy Robinson chants while disrupting the #DefendDemocracy rally...
...You bring shame on Brexit supporters - most of whom are good people.

You are helping persuade even more of them to become #RemainerNow. For that I thank you.

Who would want to be on the same side as you?

@BestForBritain #DefendOurDemocracy #MarchForChange @march_change
@BestForBritain @march_change + we're both fine. Thank you everyone for your kind replies.

Great rally!

These people are a vanishingly tiny group that in no way represents the United Kingdom. Hope the tourists in Westminster today realise that. Our international reputation is battered enough.
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🔊🔊SATURDAY 07/09
#StopTheCoup Protests (A-Z)

#ABERGAVENNY, Market Hall, 19.00
#BIRMINGHAM, Victoria Sq, 14.00
#BOURNEMOUTH, Square, 11.00
#BRISTOL, College Green, 12.00
#CHELTENHAM, The Prom, 12.00
#CHESTER, Bridge st (caffe Nero), 13.00

#CHIPPENHAM, Town Bridge, 11.00
#CIRENSESTER,Market Place, 14.00
#CINDENFORD,35 High street, 18.00
#CUPAR, Cupar Street, 10.00
#ELY, Lighthouse Auditorium, 14.00
#EXETER, Princesshay, 14.00
#FAVERSHAM, Market area(stall), 10.00

#GUILDFORD, high Street(Monsoon), 14.00
#GLOUCESTER, Eastgate Street, 10.00
#HARPENDEN, High Street, 10.00
#HEXHAM, Abbey, 11.00
#HITCHIN, Bancroft Park, 12.00
#HORSHAM,out Cafe Nero, 10.00
#HOVE, Peace statue, 19.30
#KENDAL, New road, 11.00
#LANCASTER, Town Hall, 13.00

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I’ve spent over 3 years fighting to #StopBrexit, but after chatting tonight with Emma, I realise I’ve really been fighting the Tories. Emma is 44, 2 kids, had to move to a council flat due to Bedroom Tax, was moved onto Universal Credit, found work in a cafe & had a heart attack
She told me she voted Leave & that she did so because she didn’t think it was right that she lost her family home because of immigrants. We chatted for 20 minutes & she told me she didn’t really understand the EU.
At the end of the conversation, she said she had only learned about Brexit from Good Morning Britain, but now saw things differently.
We need to talk more.
And to all who’ll tag this as #DHOTYA - yes it did.
#StopTheCoup & stop lying.
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Rant alert!
Earlier today I was incensed on a tweet talking about the Brits in Spain who were interviewed by BBC Breakfast, when someone asked if Dave, the subject had voted for Brexit. My response was swift and to the point "no he fucking didn't. He's a big remain
influencer on Facebook.
Others said they had no idea what was happening to us Brits in Spain. So I'll tell you.
There are 300k of us here, 70k are pensioners.
If you work on a contract or are self employed and pay into the system you get Spanish Healthcare.
If you are
a pensioner, the UK government pays the Spanish about €4.5k a year, and we all get healthcare. Great.
Many of the pensioners came to Spain when the rate was €1.50 , and property was dirt cheap.
They could live even on a basic state pension.
How time have changed
The rate is
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I talk to a lot of activists. There is a growing appetite for activism with a harder edge. We can see what Johnson and his charlatans are either attempting to do for real or are pretending because they think they can scare MPs into doing what they want. #TuesdayThoughts thread/
There is something everyone who cares can do. On the 3rd September parliament is back. @SODEMAction will be back to their daily protest. Big numbers there every day will be a huge statement about just how serious and organised we are.
MPs are so concerned about the will of the people? Guess what we are people too and a significant daily presence will remind MPs of that and give courage to those with the power to #BlockTheCoup and stop a no-deal brexit and do the right thing.
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1/ #EUsupergirl at Stansted Airport ready to start the next leg of my #EUsupergirlTour
"GRIFTER HOLIDAY" trolls: Keep hating on yourselves 😘🖤👹
For those who value my work & positive, pro-European message - you can support my @ECF_tweets project:…
2/ Over the next 10 days I will be visiting:
Flying back to the UK in time for @LeedsEurope conference on 7th Sept ✈🇬🇧❤🇪🇺
Follow this thread for the #EUsupergirlTour action! #TheFutureisEurope 🦸🏼‍♀️❤🇪🇺✊🏻 @ECF_tweets
3/ #EUsupergirl made it to #Copenhagen ✈🇩🇰🚂 And what a delightfully Welcoming city it is too! 😍🇪🇺 Amused by how their welcome signs are translated & nearly everyone speaks English... makes travelling easy for us Brits, I guess! 🤦🏼‍♀️ #TheFutureisEurope #EUsupergirlTour
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