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I rarely directly share stuff from the British expat groups on Facebook as they are closed groups but I wanted you to see this. This is what we are up against.

In France, we have no effective consular support. @UKinFrance is awful.
The Ambassador himself does nothing to protect the interests of British citizens living here. The staff have been holding utterly pointless meetings where they parrot the UK government line without listening.
The UK embassy in Paris is the cushiest job in the diplomatic service. Great offices, well paid, plenty of receptions, dinners and events. The lot. Once you are in it, you are on Easy Street, riding the gravy train on biscuit wheels. No need to DO anything.
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Remind me again why Brits deserve to be treated as a special case in relation to employment and living in the EU? 🤔…
...because, unless I'm much mistaken, I made this exact point against British exceptionalism a few weeks ago and got attacked for it.…
There's only one way to sort out this whole sorry mess and that is #StopBrexit.

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to celebrate 6000 followers (LOL, madness) i'd like to give a shout-out to some of my favourite EU nationals! we are all EU citizens, but these people are not in the same boat as we Brits, and it's important we acknowledge that; the UK is their home & Brexit puts that at risk! 1/
obviously, i must mention the wonderful @cliodiaspora, who should not be in the position to have to fight for her rights and those of other EU citizens, but does so regardless, and gets targeted & abused for it. i'd understand if she'd given up by now, but on she fights. hero. 2/
i love seeing @DamnAlex1978 pop up in my feed (and trying to translate his italian tweets lol), he's always got something funny or interesting to say! 😊 @AnneIdaForest is a brilliant photographer and so lovely in real life! 3/
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1/12 I studied law which included UK constitutional and EU law. I had a fair understanding of the implications of #Brexit. 2 years on and becoming a volunteer legal writer for @infacts I have learned SO much more thanks to #Brexit
2/12 It’s been a lot of fun going back to the laws and refreshing my memory as well as building on that.
3/12 It is very important to note that the subject of the UK and EU is very complex and it’s reaches are vast. There were areas that we all were not aware of (#Brexiters and #Remainers) until #brexit became a reality.
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I am a doctor in the #NHS.
Every scrap of evidence I’ve seen points to total disaster if #NoDealBrexit comes to pass. We must #StopBrexit - here is why. /thread
Thus far I’ve tried to focus solely on the facts, and the facts alone. Informed consent is the bedrock of medicine- I don’t believe anyone knew the consequences of leaving EURATOM or the EMA for example when they voted. Feel free to prove otherwise. /1
It’s not my job to tell people what to do. And I am not. If you still think Leaving with No Deal will be good for the NHS after absorbing all of the above, then that is your decision. You are wrong, but it’s your right to be wrong. /2
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New #BrexitDividend Stealth Tax!

Just when you thought that @Theresa_May's government couldn't get any more shifty, they've introduced a cunning stealth tax by reducing the validity of your passport when you renew it. (Great spot @MoneySavingExp !)…
Before, if you renewed your passport within the final 9 months, the unused portion would be added to the length of your new passport so you got what you paid for. Now, they have decided stop that - so you will lose any time between when you renew and the final validity date.
This may not seem like a big deal but, with #Brexit looming, passports are a huge deal to the over one million British citizens living in the EU. As the UK does not issue ID cards, UK citizens have little in the way of official ID other than a passport.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
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I've mentioned this before and I got a tirade of "but why would they do that? More Project Fear!"

And lo! It came to pass...

But, before I go, let's have a detailed breakdown of why mobile companies will reimpose roaming charges.
Firstly, mobile companies are there to make a profit.

Secondly, removing roaming charges meant that a key bonus revenue stream was greatly curtailed.

Thirdly, see 'Firstly' and 'Secondly'.
I keep getting Quitlers screaming at me "what makes you such an expert?". Well, newsflash, I'm not. I just have a good grasp of the bloody obvious. The second you remove a law that helps consumers and stops companies fleecing them, those companies will milk it.
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"Right, who wants to go to dinner? Hands up for yes.... Hands up for no... OK, 52 of you want to go to dinner so we are all going!"

NO VOTERS: "Wait a minute! We don't want to go!"

LEADER: "Tough. We're all going on Thursday!"
HALF OF YES VOTERS: "Erm, we don't want to go on Thursday."

LEADER: "Shut up. Everyone voted to go to the Italian on Thursday."

*Leader rings Italian restaurant*


LEADER: "Hi, I'd like to book a table for 100 on Thursday."
ITALIAN RESTO: "Ah, sorry. We are shut."

LEADER: "But we will be coming on Thursday"

ITALIAN RESTO: "But we are shut"

LEADER: "We are still coming. We voted to come."

ITALIAN RESTO: "That's nice. We're still shut though. So you can't come."

LEADER: "I'll call you back"
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Dear @leovaradker, you may have seen this letter from @Jacob_Rees_Mogg. I understand he has a business (Somerset Capital Management or SCaM for short) domiciled in Ireland. I have some concerns regarding this.
As you will know, @leovaradker, Directive 2016/1164 laying down rules against tax avoidance practices that directly affect the functioning of the internal market is due to come into force on 1 January 2019.
I am unclear as to how the Directive may impact on Directors, shadow Directors & significant shareholders of SCaM (and related companies). In any event, in the interests of transparency & the functioning of the internal market, could you please ensure that a full investigation...
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Right. I'm ready to call it! The UK government is aiming for the #Brexit negotiations to lead to:

- A Norway deal
- A 'Norway' v '#Remain' referendum.

I'll show my working below!

#stopbrexit #peoplesvote
Why Norway?

Well, the answer to that lies on the island of #Ireland. Due to the GFA, there are not many ways of squaring the circle of having the hard border that is required by the WTO, Northern Ireland remaining in the UK and the UK being outside the customs union.
So the options faced by HMG are:

1 - call a border poll and let Northern Ireland and the Republic reunite as a single entity. While the Conservatives are nominally the Conservative & Unionist Party, there are many who would not share a tear at the loss of NI....
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A little thread here about potential problems for SME's in a No Deal scenario.

We import some components from the Far East and receive these 5 to 10 times every year. We have to pay import duties and VAT when they arrive, which can cause serious cash flow problems /1
We pay our domestic VAT quarterly in arrears. It also means we have to be able to pay this immediately as soon as the ship docks, otherwise the shipping agent will not release the goods and will charge storage charges. /2
The shipping agent can defer the payment of the upfront VAT, but we are still asked to pay it to the agent upfront, so that doesn't help. We can ask to get a deferment account, a DAN, with HMRC which means the VAT will be paid quarterly, with domestic VAT, so we did that. /3
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This thread is to arm fellow European British with essential info about our POSSIBLE future relationship with the WTO and what it would mean for the UK in a no deal situation. Use it to rebut Brexiteer disengenuity and nonsense on the matter - facts matter. /1
WTO RULES state that you can’t treat other nations more favourably in trade deals. So, the EU be in breach of their own international Treaties to accept the Chequers Accord. This is highly unlikely; they’d have to make these same allowances for more than 50 other countries. /2
Central to WTO rules is, to trade favourably, then a country must have a hard border to control good entering & leaving the country (as ratified by all 164 WTO members). S.10 of the EUWA18 makes this impossible: the UK can’t create a hard border in Ireland (protecting the GFA)./3
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So here's the situation; I suggest that Michael Gove and hard core Brexiteers don't read on because I'm speaking from the perspective of a bit of an expert here. I spent a decade living and working in over
1/ a dozen different countries as part of an international trade negotiating team working on billions of dollars of trade inside and outside of the EU and appeared as an expert witness on behalf of the Hong Kong SAR Government in an international
3/ arbitration case.

The Chequers Accord was dead before it was written and the Cabinet should have known that after being told for 2 long years that it is illegal to cherry pick the Four Pillars of the European Union.
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No. This is actually happening. This "scaremongering"/"project fear" narrative has to stop now. There is demonstrable proof that this and other similar things are happening on the ground (recently including CAF). Real lives impacted.

This is #Brexit reality.
It's high time for #Brexiters to grow up and understand that just because the reality of what is happening does not fit their narrative, does not mean that it is not real.

It's time to grow up and own your mistakes.

You created this. Deal with it like we have to.

What Bob here fails to comprehend is that the residence requirements for EU citizens and non-EU citizens are very different. So you could easily comply with the EU ones but not the non-EU ones.

That is very much the point.

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This only relates to British pensioners on the S1 system. British pensioners who paid into the French system are not having their healthcare rights removed.

The distinction is an important one because many British pensioners in France actually worked in France prior to retirement.

It is up to each EU27 member state as to how they treat UK citizens living in their country.
It is entirely reasonable and consistent of the French government to insist that British immigrants using the French system have paid in to fund them. If the UK government is withdrawing the S1 protection for British citizens, it’s not for France to pay for them.
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Sign up for #FinalSay today.
Let's look before we Leave.
We need change, but this is not the change we are looking for

Better safe than sorry.
Do you want this future?
It's in the hands of the People.
Please help put the brakes on Brexit…
I miss summer already.
Crisp chill in the air.
The washing didn't dry on the line this afternoon.
The nights are drawing in.
But there's a different feeling to the usual turn of the seasons.
A dread, building these past years.
Brexit is coming & it will break #OurNHS
Why aren't more People helping to #SaveOurNHS?
Vote Leave's campaign was about giving tons of much-needed money to the NHS.
That's not going to happen.
In fact #OurNHS representatives say Brexit will break it
Let's check (democratically!) that enough of us want that eh?
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Britons think Brexit is going badly.

It’s not what people thought.

They want a #PeoplesVote on the final deal.

They’re saying NO DEAL to no deal!

Read their dots, ticks, jewels, stars and balls here!

Thanks to @SuffEUAlliance + @goughphilip1
The Royal Welsh Show. They say No Na to Brexit. They would, however, like a final say.


@goughphilip1 @SuffEUAlliance
Llanelli (84% Leave) has spoken. This is not what people wanted when they voted Leave. We ALL know more, now, and none of it is good news. Read their dots!


@SuffEUAlliance @goughphilip1
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[Ref illegality & corruption THREAD 👇👇]

Been asked to summarise the Susan Wilson (@Suewilson91) v Prime Minister case. This thread gives the basics of the pleadings and relief sought. /1


#VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw #FBPE #WATON #FBR @abcpoppins #StopBrexit
There is a principal issue underlying the case that poses a simple question: is a lawful, free and fair vote one of the constitutional requirements of the UK? It's asked after 2 Electoral Commission (EC) Reports found that illegality & corruption dogged the ref campaign. /2
Let me make this clear. The EC findings were to the criminal standard of proof (beyond reasonable doubt) & serious offences were committed by the designated campaign for leaving the EU (& others), in breach of the statutory framework established by Parliament for the ref. /3
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1/ The notion of the "Will of the People" as used in #Brexit politics is absolutely toxic to democracy, it demonises political opponents as "enemies of the people" and so promotes & justifies attitudes of hate, distrust and violence towards them.
#PeopleVote #StopBrexit
2/ In a healthy democracy there is government & opposition, majority & minority, all part of the healthily bickering democratic people. There is no distinction between the "people" and others.
3/ The right to oppose is absolutely central to democracy. Dictatorships often stage elections, but they are not democratic because other key elements of democracy including the right to oppose, and the rule of law are not present.
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I love twitter.
If you’re careful and do it right it’s incredibly rewarding.
A fantastic way to engage directly with 1000’s of people and push a message far and wide.
Where else can you respond directly to your heroes and villains, friends and enemies.
It’s also ideal for sowing division.
Bad people are experts at exploiting it.
And here we get to the point.
Don’t help them!
Think about who your enemies/allies are.
If you see a tweet you don’t wholly agree with, but it’s from someone with whom you share common ground.../2
check the context thoroughly!
Don’t just respond with a “yeah but...”
and derail a thread, or raise the temperature, ask yourself how your tweet is going to help.
Polite persuasion/ rebuttal or derision? Leave the anger and hate for the extremists. /3
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So @uklabour Front Bencher @barrygardiner in this tweet (to fellow Labour MP @BenPBradshaw) seems to think there aren't really any leave voters who are pushing to reconsider #Brexit with a #PeoplesVote

Why don't we examine why that's completely false.

A #remainernow Thread

So Barry could start here,…

This is the stories page of which (so far) has four excellent longer videos of leave voters who are now passionate about a #PeoplesVote and want to #StopBrexit

Alternatively @BarryGardiner could go here

Here is the #remainernow in the news section, where we upload stories regretful leavers get on print media. This is just what we have uploaded since launching last month but some great articles. #PeoplesVote

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For @mikegalsworthy @JacquesGill and @MartinRemains In 2011 79% of respondents to a study of UK public attitudes to science agreed with the statement ‘the UK needs to develop its science and technology sector in order to enhance its international competitiveness’
2/ with only 3% disagreeing. A sector that people like it seems. Why then are 40% or so of the public considering a vote to leave the EU and take away a whole bunch of EU funding?
3/ UK research is highly competitive across a wide range of fields. While the UK represents only 0.9% of the world population and 3.2% of research and development (R&D) expenditure, it accounts for: 6.4% of the world’s academic publications;
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It's probably useful for you to understand what will happen in the event of a #NoDealBrexit so that you can plan the use of your property accordingly. If you have any actual questions, feel free to ask.
In the event of a #NoDealBrexit, the UK would become a 'third country' - that is a country that is not a member state and one without any agreement in place with the EU as regards access. This is accepted by both sides.
There are currently rules in place for third country nationals, their access to the EU and, in particular, in relation to the Schengen states. In this thread, I am particularly looking at the Schengen states.
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As we are back in campaigning mode with #Leave on the back foot, what is the most important thing we have learned since #EURef2016 that means we should #StopBrexit?
- That #Brexit will leave us worse off in every scenario?
- That the Referendum was advisory, not an ‘instruction’ to the Government?
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