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1. #Brexit sec: EU may not agree to #ExtendA50

ME: to prevent this #BrexitShambles protect Rights & stop the haemorrhage of wealth & jobs we need to #RevokeA50 #StopBrexit & #Remain in Control in the EU with our current Best Possible Deal. #FBPE…
2. And B4 you spout the usual #Brexit BS. It was not the largest vote in History if you consider the proportion of the Electorate.
Either way the opinion of 51.8% Voting still =
37% Voters
26.5% of the Ppl
Compound that with
Lost Mandates
3. #Brexit is a Far Right Tory CON the tragedy is that too many Labour MPs are making themselves COMPLICIT.
Any version of #BrexitShambles
#Lexit doesn't exist..
The ECJ protects US from THEM
#LeaveLies #ABTV
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Many of us have lived, slept & breathed Brexit for almost 3 years (unlike most of our politicians) & we are weary. I feel like I've been ignored, screaming into a void, begging for some crumbs of reason & in a permanent state of anxiety & frustration. But why?
Let's go back a few years. Since Thatcher, there had been a core of (mainly Tory) Eurosceptics, but they were kept in check until Farage & UKIP started to gain ground in traditional Tory seats. As the EU expanded, the right-wing press had a field day & stirred up resentment.
This created a xenophobic groundswell in both Tory & Labour heartlands and, whilst they weren't losing Parliamentary seats, their share of the vote (GE & Local elections) was being lost to UKIP. Cue Cameron trying to show he was getting tough on the EU.
3/ 21
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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§My parents came to the UK as German Jewish refugees from a so-called 'civilised' country.πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

NEVER EVER assume you won't, in some post #Brexit nightmare, find yourself forced to flee the UK , jobless, hungry, desperate, finding yourself in a refugee camp/stuck on some border!
Theresa May is minded to scrap the Human Rights Act post #Brexit
For those unaware of what the Human Rights Act actually is:
Check this out:… …
Read it through carefully.
Hitler also scrapped rights for Jews, Gays, Disabled, Roma & some sects.
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§The gradual erosion of everything that makes up a civil society has been happening for many years.πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
The demonization of 'the other' is fuelled by the press, on TV & via our OWN MPs.
citizens of nowhere
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Tonight, or soon, a lot of documents will be destroyed in DEXEU and the cabinet office. Leave Campaigns did this a long time ago.

There's a lot to cover up before the #BrexitEnquiry starts. If you can, save from destruction what you can, for us all.

#PeoplesVote #StopBrexit
You might remember how Theresa May's government has helped the corrupt. She ended an investigation into Arron Banks and ICO were prevented from searching Cambridge Analytica's offices until they had shipped out all their documents.…
No coincidence that the Met had quietly dropped investigations into the Leave Campaigns' electoral fraud, citing reasons of "political sensitivity".

It is what you would expect of a *regime* - and that is what we have - that profited from corruption.…
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EU is not the cause of homelessness, jobs losses, poverty. Leaving the EU will exacerbate poverty. #BrexitLeavesBritainNaked
Science is about more than money. Research helps us live longer lives. Sustainability. Great minds in U.K. need to work with minds in EU. People, EU immigrants, required for our success & prosperity. #BrexitLeavesBritainNaked
EU citizens here enrich our society. Most are highly educated. Every barrister needs a barista! Caters, CEOs. Skilled & unskilled, they are needed. #BrexitLeavesBritainNaked
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When your kids are hungry, but the rent is due,
When you're in a dead-end job, zero-hour contract too.
When you have to choose between milk or bread,
When the life dreams you used to have are dead.
When they tell you the foreigners get all for free,
You put a X in the ballot box to shout out "What about me?"
When you're afraid and ignored, your hope all but dies,
So you'll cling to anything, even a bus covered in lies.
When the toffs in pin-striped suits declare "We'll be better off, wait and see",
They mean themselves, not you and me.
When the tabloids scream, it's all about sovereignty,
They don't tell you you can't put that on the table for tea.
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1/Confronting Tim Martin in #Wetherspoons:
The clip cuts out, but I pointed out that UK economy has dropped to bottom of G7 & experienced 2.1% impact to GDP as a result of fall in Sterling.
Tim told me that I was wrong - he has his own "#AlternativeFacts" πŸ™„
2/ This is after I showed Tim Martin my #24ReasonstoRemain booklet & asked him "If 95% of this legislation has been passed by our democratically elected UK MEPs - how can you tell people we have lost Sovereignty when it also says in the #Brexit white paper that we never did?"
3/ @Nigel_Farage did exactly the same thing when I confronted him with the same argument about #EU democracy in a pub in Place Lux. He squealed "Elected MEPs have no power - they're just an upper chamber" and ran away. πŸ™„
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1/ oops accidentally bumped into the #Yellowvest #EDL protest in #Westminster 🀨 it seems they recognise me ... Already been called a liar... Got my #24ReasonstoRemain facts
2/ There's some really fabulous arguments... And said with such conviction! These guys are pro! πŸ˜‚ #StopBrexit #YellowVestsUK
3/ I've been called a lot of names. Had a horn blasted right in my ear. πŸ™„πŸ‘‚πŸ“― A lot of complaints about the #BollockstoBrexitBus ... My response "If Michael Gove & John Bercow can use Bollocks (in parliament) - so can we! It's a fine Anglo Saxon word that means "nonsense"! 😁
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At the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster waiting for the start of The Convention.
#ThinkAnewActAnew #PeoplesVote #stopbrexit
As I mentioned before, it's a very impressive lineup for @The_Convention_ today.
The inimitable @HenryCPorter (who I've come across on other unrelated campaigns in the past) is opening events now (Lara Spirit, host for the morning is alongside).
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Arrived at #Wetherspoons in MCR. Tim Martin arrives 10 mins late & tells us "he is going to give us a talk". I thought this was supposed to be a #Brexit debate? πŸ€” "Metropolitan elites are pushing for a deal we don't need & if we crash out on #NoDeal we will avoid paying Β£39bn"
I just had to point out to Tim that it is our own government who hasn't been implementing EU laws on controlling migration and hasn't properly documented #EUcitizens living in the UK, as they do in other EU countries.
He just admitted he needs to go back and "check his books." πŸ™„
This woman quite rightly pointing out that if we don't pay the Β£39bn financial obligation... then who else is going to pay @Nigel_Farage's pension? πŸ€” Tim says his research hasn't led him to any answers.
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I actually have his book on the desk behind me. Much like Machiavelli's The Prince, it's a manual on how to be a complete and utter bastard (and win). Many of the chapters point to why Leave won, others to why Remain lost. Based on its content, #FBPE need to get its hands dirty.
The article is very different, and it's Leavers that are the narcissists - they hold a belief in something and won't accept being called up on it, deny any facts they're shown as fake news and propaganda, while never questioning their own sources.
I have #FBPE in my bio, and it's because I value Freedom of Movement. I have benefited from it, as have my friends and family. I want to keep it, I want my fellow UK citizens to keep it, and I want EU residents in the UK to keep it too.
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After 2.5 years of wanting to stop #brexit I have in theast half hour converted to the leftwing case for #Brexit as the best way to achieve a socialist future and set out my reasons in this thread #leavernow #lexiternow
It is clear to me that the EU is a corporate playground and neoliberal cabal one only needs 2 compare US and EU standards of animal welfare & food safety 2 see how true this is chlorinated chicken is the food of the Lexitariat #leavernow #lexiternow #Brexit #JC4PM2019
I believe that the evil EU has stopped the fraternalist tory party from implementing the Scandinavian social model as practised in Sweden Finland and Denmark and believe that they will pursue the doctrine of socialism in one percentile #Brexit #lexit #JC4PM2019
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I voted remain in 2016 and I was hugely disappointed by the result at first, seeing it as a victory for the right. But soon the cheap, condecending, and outright idiotic comments from remainers started rolling in and have continued ever since. They've changed my mind.
Straight away both students and lecturers at uni started asking me how the people of Merthyr, the Valleys and most of South Wales could be stupid enough to vote leave when we receive so much EU investment. This reflects their tone:Β…
Merthyr's people aren't stupid. We can see that most EU funding has been pissed away on cosmetic changes while industry continues to decline and our communities rot under austerity
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I am glad to see that finally the penny is dropping amongst politicians that a leave vote has led to the wholesale removal of rights and made people unequal. #The5Million are at the sharp end but we are all losing something very valuable.
What we are losing is the trust and confidence of people who are a part of our communities who are now being told to ask for permission to continue living amongst us. This issue must be kept in the open. I don’t believe soft leavers realised this would be the consequence
Of their vote so we have to keep giving them an understanding of the issues. A #PeoplesVOTE will allow us to fully explore the consequences on not just EU citizens in the UK currently but what it means for British citizens in the future as their own rights to FOM is removed.
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So now the latest Corbynista gambit us to pretend there is a choice between a General election and stopping #brexit this is a completely false alternative
It is then claimed that in wanting to stop #brexit you are in some way callously allowing the homeless to die and are therefore evil
The fact that there probably isn't going to be a general election is seemingly no excuse. Nor is the fact that Soubry Grieve Heidi Allen and Co aren't going to back a no confidence motion but would back a #PeoplesVote if corbyn backed it is no excuse either
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Dear @jeremycorbyn,
Yesterday I rejoined the Labour Party after a 2 year absence due to your stance on Brexit. Please do not take my membership as an endorsement of your position, far from it; I joined so that I can influence from within the party. Let me explain...
I have spent every single day since June 24 2106 fighting to #StopBrexit. I have done so not so much because I am a huge fan of the EU, but because I value everything that our membership of this Union brings. I treasure the enhanced rights which have been afforded us.
I have benefited enormously from Freedom of Movement, my time living in France during my 20's was formative & given me an extended family. It also enabled me to gain a second language, which has benefited my career, which in turn has enabled me to give my son a better life.
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1/- A short thread - Petition Fatigue
Remainers. We must overcome our petition fatigue or face losing the war in the final days. To reach this point we have raised and signed so many petitions to move the #Brexit media spotlight towards us that new ones might appear futile.
2/- From the despair of being ignored when we first started marching in London to the arrogance of government refusing to release impact assessments & legal advice, we have used these petitions to make our case. It worked. Look where we are now, No Brexit At All is within reach.
3/- In the face of losing what is dearest to them, Leavers have started collecting their own signatures and they are doing well. Take a look at what they have done in a month.
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So it’s been one year exactly since I (Andy) started tweeting under @remainernow.

This thread will cover thank yous, some of the things the #Remainernow campaign has done over the last 12 months, what I think must happen next & how you can help.
So 1 year ago today, having spent the previous 18 months devastated about Brexit & the ramifications it looked like it was going to have for UK, I decided I had to do more & I set up a new twitter account with a simple aim & this was the 1st tweet.

I'd been following several #regretful leavers (e.g. @HughNorris7 & @timjn1) for a while on my personal twitter (now dormant) & decided that their voices (& many others like them) must be amplified & they must know others feel the same..@remainernow was the result of that.

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Freedom of Movement: we can control who stays after 3 months. We've always been able to but successive governments have chosen not to. FoM means we can quickly fill skills shortages in the NHS, teaching, research, hospitality industry, construction, agriculture.
Freedom of Movement also means we can fall in love with whom we like and not worry about being able to get visas, and know that our children are safe in their family home, be it in the UK or another member state of the EU. #LoveEU #Reasons2StayInEU
Freedom of Movement helps us with aged parents or relatives who live in another EU member state but who we need to care for, knowing it doesn't matter about health bills as the EU deal is reciprocal. #EU looks after our health and wellbeing. #Reasons2StayInEU.
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With more and more MPs declaring support for a #PeoplesVote the tactic now preferred by those who fear losing their Brexit is to signal the threat of violence on the streets. The latest example is Jeremy Hunt talking of "real social instability.” (1/#)Β
Destabilising violent action is much in evidence across Europe.Β  Forces are at work which are attempting to undermine the social and political order: the evidence points to Russia and ultra-right plotters like Steve Bannon, fomenting divisive nationalism. (2/#)
In France this nationalism, closely allied to overt promotion of fascism, is spread - amongst other anarchist groups - by Action Française and the National Front. Here from France today is one observer's view. (3/#)
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Warning: Remainer fatigue alert.
Putting aside my personal health issue, I am physically, emotionally & mentally exhausted. Like tens of thousands of others, we have dedicated over 2.5 years fighting daily to #StopBrexit. We’re also trying to juggle daily life. #FuckBrexit
I’d like to add that my health issue is chronic blood cancer, so can’t get well, but only hope for a slower demise. Also, my Tweet was to highlight that a good part of the population has been working harder than many politicians to protect the interests/needs of the U.K.
Thank you for your very kind wishes, they are appreciated. What Imeant to do in my original Tweet was to have every #StopBrexit activist recognised & shame the politicians that have coasted through this as though it’s a fucking game. It’s not, so grow a backbone & do your job.
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Fact: Leave broke campaign spending caps on a massive scale
Fact: Boris Johnson took Russian money
Fact: Donors would never donate if it wouldn't lead to more votes
Fact: Govt admits people didn't vote to get poorer
Fact: Govt assessments show people will get poorer
Fact: Leave's anti-EU lies were massive
Fact: stolen private data was used to find & profile voters
Fact: high-tech microtargeting was used to deliver lies
Fact: lies were spread shamelessly and left unchallenged on the BBC
Fact: any #Brexit now will be undemocratic
Fact: Leave donor Arron Banks is under police investigation
Fact: Banks & ERG chairman JRM have extensive Russian interests
Fact: Putin suffers under heavy EU/US pressure
Fact: Russia meddled in the US elections
Fact: for Trump & Brexit the same big data tech was used
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#BrexitChaos - thread: need for definitions:

#NoDeal #nodealbrexit means crashing out: no arrangements with the #EU or other member states, no transition period. Means losing all existing trade deals & years of global negociations
#WTO β‰  trade deal (look it up!) 1/9
@theresa_may #WithdrawalAgreement is the framework for a future #UK #EU future relationship. Allows for an orderly #Brexit with transition period, but leaves many issues to resolve, trade deals and regulations to negotiate, which will take many years and be costly. No "dividend"!
It is possible to #StopBrexit and #Remain. This means staying in the #EU with all current benefits, reciprocal rights and protections, free trade and movement for goods, services and people within the EU. To do this, Govt must #RevokeA50 (Article 50=notice given to #Leave 3/9
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1/ A thread on #Brexit lies.

It is absolutely necessary to distinguish between the occasional lie which merely serves to deceive & a climate of lies which undermines democracy. This effect may be accidental or it may be deliberate. I believe the latter.
#PeoplesVote #StopBrexit
2/ What we are seeing are tightly linked transatlantic networks peddling lies on a scale unparalleled in modern UK and US politics. It is hard to see this behaviour as other than coordinated.
3/ When lies predominate facts & reasons lose their power to persuade. Without a common ground of agreed facts debate turns into shouting, insults and anger, people sink into disillusion & apathy or descend into the politics of emotion and prejudice.
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