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1/ #Brexit and Trump are instances of a primitive tribalist politics, in which the strength of the tribe is the supreme value, overriding other values such as truthfulness, reason, human rights and lawfulness.
#PeoplesVote #StopBrexit
2/ This tribalist politics has been ruthlessly whipped up by right-wing politicians and media who have exploited the natural human tendency to seek safety in a group when afraid. Their long term campaign of fear-raising has been the real project fear.
3/ A more developed tribalism would include respect for the tribe's rules, laws & institutions. The right-wing have exploited ignorance & disconnection from democratic institutions to foment a crude mob tribalism without laws and institutions, focussed only on power & security.
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I have spent the last 2 years ripping into the Tories & the Labour party. Recently I have been quite concerned that the LibDems really weren't stepping up to this.

But this is beyond belief. One of the most important votes in 2 years & 3 LIbdems missing. 1/2
I am sorry, but this is serious, & anyone who isn't taking it seriously, doesn't deserve a seat in parliament. Jo Swinson Vince Cable Tim Farron. That is what you are there for.

So - the Greens are the only #stopbrexit party left now are they?

No - I've more to say. All the Labour #remain ers are calling out these 2 (or 3 - Swinson had a baby 2 weeks ago). All the LibDem #remain ers are calling out Stringer / Hooey / Field & Kelvin whoever. I am calling them all out.
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Before the #bedshitters start using Doublespeak about betrayal, let’s list a few thing which are DEFINITELY a betrayal of democracy:
1. Deliberately lying in Parliament to smear an opponent (@SteveBakerHW )
2. Making fraudulent misrepresentations about the illusory financial
benefits of #Brexit @BorisJohnson )
3. Wilfully breaking campaign finance law to breach Brexit campaign spending caps (@michaelgove )
4. Accepting Russian money to promote Brexit (@KateHoeyMP via Arron Banks)

Brexiters have engaged in a large scale fraudulent conspiracy to steal
our rights. We should not allow them to clothe their treasonable Russian funded crimes in the language of democracy.
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After several bankruptcies Trump was bailed out by dirty Russian money, as laid out by FT. Putin owns him.
Putin directly interfered in the Presefential election, stealing DNC strategies, and hacking Hilary’s emails.…
The Trump team had deep contacts with Russia and directly lobbied the UN for them. A Russian spy offered Jared Kushner the Hilary emails on Jun 9 2016…
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Blocking accounts (trolls & bots) thread
A lot of #remain ers don't really understand the situation they are facing on Twitter, they see an online debate where #Leave and #Remain put their points forward and whoever has the best logic wins.


#stopbrexit #FBPE #PeoplesVote
That isn't what's happening. At this point #Leave (left or right) don't need to convince people of anything, they don't need to win debates.

All they need to do to win is to stop #Remain from reaching people and the tactics they are using are designed to do that.

Those tactics are to distract, discredit & disrupt Remain attempts to convince people.

They use name calling & insults. This is to discredit #Remain.

Also they hope to goad Remainers into an emotional response so they appear overly motivated and therefore less convincing.
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So as Brexshit is hitting the fan at an, as yet, unprecedented speed: what else has to happen before this catastrophic disaster is stopped?
🆘 Millions of futures are in limbo—lives of real people—the country only a few mm away from total mayhem. #BorisJohnson #DavidDavis 1/
None of this was ever good in any way. But enough really is enough @Conservatives have demonstrated repeatedly that they are unfit to govern. Given that @UKLabour has consistently enabled them along the way, there is not much hope there either unless party changes position. 2/
So today I call on all responsible politicians who actually care abut the country, people’s lives and the future, to form a national coalition to #StopBrexit. Party lines don’t matter. The only thing that matters is to stop what got us here. #couragecalls 3/3
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1/ Thread on our new #Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab:
Raab was a member of a closed Facebook group that called for privatising healthcare and the return of workhouses for debtors…
#StopBrexit #FBPE
2/ Raab was one of a group of Tory MPs including Liz Truss & Priti Patel who described British workers as "among the worst idlers in the world" and called for the emulation of the work ethic (long unregulated hours) and low tax (for the rich) culture to be found in parts of Asia.
3/ Before the referendum Dominic Raab was one of the Tory MPs making it clear that there would be Tory calls for a 2nd referendum (a straight replay) in the event of a #Remain victory. He had the generosity to say that it shouldn't take place for at least 2 years.
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The speech I gave in Wrexham on behalf of @Women_4_Europe

1. I'm here today representing Women for Europe & as you may be able to see, my tee-shirt features Naomi Parker-Fraley aka Rosie the Riveter who fronted the WW2 slogan "We can do it" & we can do it - we can #StopBrexit! #StopBrexit. #Women4EU. @spaceangel1964
2. Women have often been at the forefront of social change and activism. From Joan of Arc to Mother Teresa, Millicent Fawcett to Rosa Parks, @Oprah to @Malala - women have stood up for their beliefs & demonstrated courage & determination to bring about change.
3. In the Referendum, the majority of women voted to Remain. Amongst 18 to 24 year old women, 80% voted Remain & for 25 to 49 year olds, it was 54%. And there's no doubt that women have been pivotal to the #StopBrexit movement, some of whom I'm proud to share the stage with today
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Depressing that someone who actually knows the facts is so delusional about the chances of the EU giving up on the agreed four principles. Still, sometimes you have to put your desperate attempts to get re-elected before the interests of the country.
The position taken by @iainastewart and others is essentially that of a drunk pitching up to Currys and screaming "BUT I'LL GIVE YOU TEN QUID FOR THE TELLY! WHY ARE YOU BEING SO BLOODY MINDED? TAKE THE TEN QUID!"

It's a pretty pathetic but standard delusion for the quitters.
For background, @iainastewart's seat is likely not to exist much longer and so he needs to position himself as a hard right Leaver to get a safe seat somewhere else. If he didn't, he'd have trouble getting selected. (The internal politics are vital to understand)
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1/ PM's Brexit proposal will turn UK into a eunuch without even protecting 80% of our economy, services. And to get a deal, we'll have to make more concessions to EU. This is NOT a soft Brexit. It is a castration Brexit. We need a #PeoplesVote
2/ May doesn't just want to follow EU rules on goods. She wants to do same on competition policy - and is hinting she'll do same for environmental, social and consumer policy too. How is this taking back control? Vote Leave = LOSE control
3/ We'll pay "due regard" to the ECJ too. No harm in following EU rules or ECJ when we make the rules and have judge on the court. But doing so without a vote on rules or a judge turns us into a quasi-colony. #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
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Rees-Mogg's father co-authored a book outlining the idea of a world ruled by 'Sovereign Individuals', the super-rich wholly freed from state control and taxes; an outcome I believe to be the ultimate objective of Trump-Brexit politics…
#StopBrexit #Brexit
Obscured by Trump and #Brexit the super-rich continue to rapidly increase their wealth relative to the rest of us, and are funnelling vast sums into tax-havens. This offers them the prospect of great power, but also threatens them with a clampdown by nation-states.
Some of the super-rich will have looked at what happened to their predecessors in revolutionary France & Russia, and will feel threatened by the power of blocs like the EU to clamp down on their tax avoidance. This kleptocratic faction is now working to prevent such outcomes.
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Follow -up from my tweet to @guyverhofstadt & for all the 'doubters'
"Home Office faces legal challenge over UK child citizenship fees"
#fbpe #citizenship #stopbrexit #immigration #children
These are not, as someone has complained: 'immigrats'flooding in, taking our benefits and driving down wages (sic). They work hard, have NEVER claimed a penny (tho lots of UK families in their street do...). They don't want to go home coz of the Hungarian Govt.
when you hear @sajidjavid going on about a 'compliant' attitude, etc, remember this. I am a pensioner, I earn little from my writing, but I BELIEVE children deserve to live in families. Not in cages. Not in deportation units.
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Just too many things still that #remain ers are finding incredible. (thread). So I am going to invite people to step away & do that Sherlock Holmes thing for a moment.

When you have elimated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

That one. 1/n
1) That person is just stupid / how stupid can you get? / (s)he's not very clever.

Said about lots of them.

Change the question / assumption.

Consider here that they might be clever.

Their goal may not be the same as yours, or the one you think they should have.

2) Logically they will have to.......

resign/ keep the CU / hold a vote / sack that person / adopt that plan / etc

This assumes that their plan coincides with what we think it should be. It is ONLY logical if they want to end up where you want to end up.

This is unlikely
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You make a very common mistake in thinking that everyone that votes in a Labour constituency is a Labour voter. In the vast majority of constituencies, the majority of #leave voters were habitually voters for other parties. Labour voters voted #remain - even in #leave constits
The small % of them that voted #leave may have tipped the balance in the referendum, but they are by no means the majority of the voter base in most constituencies. It could be argued that Labour has already lost those seats, in losing 4 seats in GE2017.
In all of those seats Labour still increased its vote, it was simply that an overwhelming UKIP vote returned to the Tories, which was too big, when combined with the Tory vote, to overturn.
#stopbrexit #FBPE
The Ukip vote can do little more damage, as it has already moved.
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Car companies in UK:

Mini, Oxford (4,000 staff)
Rolls-Royce, Goodwood (1,700) Engines, Birmingham (800) Bodywork, Swindon (850)
Makes: Minis, Rolls-Royce

Cars & Engines, Swindon (4,000)
Makes: Civic

Cars & Engines, Sunderland (7,000)
Makes: Qashqai, Leaf, Juke
In numbers:

Percentage of Honda components which arrive via the Channel tunnel.

Number of extra customs declarations that would be needed in the event of a hard Brexit

Extra costs for new IT systems & staff to cope with Honda’s additional customs declarations
In numbers:

Number of components coming into the factory production line in Swindon every day

Number of containers handled by Honda’s logistics and materials division per shift

Percentage of a Honda Civic’s components which come solely from the UK

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I just watched a TED talk by a former military interrogator of terrorists @ GTMO, on liars' giveaways. She pointed out incongruous body language, e.g. headshaking while delivering positive messages, as a key "tell."

Then I watched this again. Try it with sound off.

The talk that prompted this tweet is here: . I claim no expertise but am wondering what experts say to this.

Only v few who replied thought the body language was merely due to her reading off a teleprompter, or dismissed whole idea.

Anyway: lies will out.
And thanks to those with relevant expertise who have already responded.
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Financial crisis in 2008 was caused by bankers.
Brexit was corrupted by a foreign power and bankers.
The superrich hedge funds are making money from uk crashing.
Yet people think @Nigel_Farage @johnredwood
Are looking after them?
Farmers supported by eu.
Used seasonal migrant workers to pick crops who travelled across the eu as crops matured.
Believed tory government would replace eu grants and support.
Didnt realise single market helped them sell goods.
Nissan,bmw, toyota, honda, airbus workers who voted leave against advice of their bosses.
People living there.
Did not believe big companies could leave or see themselves working with a superfactory of 27 countries.
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Brexit, all that’s happened since June 2016, has no benefits. But after #PeoplesVoteMarch let me say that I consider it my privilege to have been able to meet so many amazing people because of Brexit. They are what keeps me going. All of you are. Together we can #StopBrexit 1/
So here’s a little walk down memory lane, as it were ... told through some events, activities ... and wonderful people. 2/
24 June 2016 ... it was a sad day. But still the message is unchanged ❤️ 3/
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This is desperate stuff. Global superpowers will prioritise trade deals with other global superpowers, because that’s where the maximum added value lies. We are part of that, and can still be if we #StopBrexit.
Sure they could do a separate deal with the post-Brexit UK. (a) We’ll be a lower priority, (b) we will have less leverage, (c) if we want decent deals we’ll have to follow EU rules regardless - just now it will be without a say in them.
But yeah anyway “f*** business”
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1. A Very International Brexit.

Why a real-life ‘Citizen of the world’ voted Leave.

A thread to mark the second anniversary of Brexit.

#IndependenceDay #Brexit #brexitday #EUref #PeoplesVoteMarch #Freedommarch #StopBrexit #ProBrexit #BrexitReality #BrexitShambles
2. I can’t help but giggle a little when I hear Remainers pointificate about how us Brexit voters are all ignorant, naïve parochial, racist, xenophobic, little-Englanders.
3.There are very few people who can use the term #globalcitizen as much a me. And the term is nonsense.

It’s the multiculturalists, with their ‘more that unites us than divides us’ religious mantras, who are the naïve ones, who don’t understand the world. #GreatGetTogether.
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@BasedChara @MerryMichaelW @blueunicornmoon @MagpiesView You do know that the referendum was not intended as a binding instruction, yes? That the referendum was enabled by an act that explicitly laid out its advisory nature?
@BasedChara @MerryMichaelW @blueunicornmoon @MagpiesView Yes, Cameron said he'd enact it but that's all he did, say. Theresa May said she would not hold an election in 2017, but she did. Should the current government dissolve itself because of what she said? (Don't answer that)
@BasedChara @MerryMichaelW @blueunicornmoon @MagpiesView Do you know what's damaged our vote?

The ref may have been advisory but it was a legitimate democratic exercise, governed by electoral law.

The leave campaign broke all kinds of electoral laws.

If a GE was won after a corrupt campaign, for how long would the new govt last?
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I want to address this tweet and the comments that followed. It seems that some of you did not get the point.

#NHS #StopBrexit #FBPE #PeoplesVote
The point is this:

The UK has access to technetium-99m because it's a member of an international treaty facilitating its trade & movement. Without it, treatment & detection of certain cancers is much harder, waiting lists will grow and people will die.

The further point is this:

There are 9.5 months to go until the UK drops out of EURATOM. 9.5 months is not enough to negotiate a brand new treaty or to join an existing one on another continent.

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"The will of the people" was a phrase invented by Goebbels - the Nazi propaganda minister.

It was a device used to stifle dissent. The methodology was to run a referendum, grab a "win" of some sort, then put out the idea that all the patriotic people thought this was best.
It is amazing that I am still meeting people who don't know the origin of this, or that referendums were used in totalitarian states as devices to silence people & to take forward the viewpoint of a populist dictator.
Is that happening in the UK now?


IMO we should always reply to any tweet which uses this phrase saying that it came from the Nazis.


#stopbrexit #FBPE
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This troll has published a thread attacking @Femi_Sorry for his video on EU democracy. I don’t like feeding trolls, but this one is getting attention for the wrong reason and his thread deserves detailed rebuttal. It’s a staggering tissue of lies and half-truths.
The EU always consults national govts in areas where it has exclusive competence. It does this through the “comitology” process - a network of committees in which member state governments advise, consult, and manage the EU civil service in its work.
When it comes to actually legislating in areas of exclusive competence, in the vast majority of all cases the Member States (Council) and elected MEPs are the legislators acting on a proposal from the Commission.
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