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There is no compromise for #remain in this brexit deal. For MPs who think it will bring people together once again they are indulging in sheer fantasy. The compromise is between a hard brexit and a slightly less hard brexit, all being harder than Mays WA which was pretty hard.
The people who have yapped on for 3 years about EEA Norway etc have completely wasted their breath. As soon as Mays red lines were drawn this option was out of the picture. If labour MPs think this deal is right they are doing a great disservice to the country.
The biggest Pro EU movement in Europe is not going to disband if brexit is imposed without at the very least a chance for people to have a voice at the ballot box ON. THE DEAL. #Leave have completely ignored #remainers concerns for 3 years.
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Today on our #PeoplesVote street stall I got complaints about rubbish on the streets, austerity, homelessness, high pay for executives, and money wasted on HS2. Every time I gently suggested that these things were not due to the EU, and that Brexit wouldn't make them any better.
It was pretty clear that all the anger and frustration over 40 years of neglect in our smaller northern towns, the lack of decent jobs, the general feeling of hopelessness, had all been weaponised by the leave campaign. The EU has been used as a scapegoat.
I sympathised with those who thought we did ok before the EU (although our living standards were nowhere near today's) but then asked them if they thought leaving the EU would take everything back to how it used to be, and people realise it will not.
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Excellent someone talking sense. Why anyone believes that this Gordian knot can be untied is a mystery to me. Leaving aside the DUP, anything acceptable to the ERG will not acceptable to Labour and vice versa. However....
... there is a obvious @BorisJohnson / Dominic Cummings game plan in all this.
1. It’s too late for a deal
2. A hint of a deal is a reason for an extension
3. An extension preserves govt.
4. Remainers can be blamed when it falls over
5. And Boris gets to choose timing of GE /2
Of course none of this would be possible if @uklabour were not still paralysed by the indecisiveness of their increasingly isolated leader. /3
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A thread- Labour & the #IrishBorder. Last night @jonsnowC4 interviewed @Keir_Starmer on @Channel4News. Starmer put forward Lab's Customs Union idea as the solution, Snow then picked up this idea & asked him about a Norway deal. 1/
Despite what Starmer implied, a Customs Union on its own would not stop customs checks. It was only when the UK & Ireland joined the Single Market in 1993 that customs checks vanished. Lab oppose being in the Single Market. 2/…
As it is, Norway is in the Single Market. But, as it is not in the EU's Customs Union, there are checks. @Freight_NI points out its one lorry every 35 sec on #IrishBorder at the moment while there's a delay of 10 ins on Norway/Sweden. 3/
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Watching the BBC series Rise of the Nazis, and I am SHOCKED at how familiar this sounds...

#Brexit #Remain #StopTheCoup #StopBoris #StopBrexit
... and then...
... and again...
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#Brexit #Remain
You shouldn't really tweet when you're angry, so I'm going to have to be careful how I phrase this tweet, because at the moment I am very, very angry.

The Remain movement has within it the drive, imagination & purpose to come together & defeat Brexit.
Yet it seems incapable of doing so, for reasons I can't fully fathom. All Remainers are agreed on one thing - that Brexit is bad and should be stopped. For reasons known only to themselves, they can't agree on the best method of achieving this goal.
Everybody agrees on the destination - no fucker can agree on the route to be taken.
Do we dress up? Do we take a more sober approach? Do we sing songs? Do we put banners and advertising hoardings up in strategic places? Do we stand on College Green with a megaphone?
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So much misinformation, if I missed something let me know.

1. The ruling has no basis in law?
This is deep reading, not Daily Mail. But it's neutral…

2. More elite manipulation (⏬Brexiter Spectator)…
3. Judges Got involved in Politics
Yes, BECAUSE politics trampled on the law

"If you do something sufficiently shocking, expect a vindication" of our flexible constitution to push the boundaries out. That is exactly what UKSC has done Lord Sumption

Or simply...⏬
And see 3,⏫
Remainers are supporting leave in droves thanks to this elite crime.

I've got about 10 of these from yesterday and didn't even try⏬

4. The Government should push on and have GE/Queen's/Speech etc.

Listen to Gove on Today, his eyes are watering. Even he can't justify it.
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Hi all!
After over a week of avoiding all social media & only catching the news on the radio, I feel I've regained perspective & I've also learned a lot from stepping back and out of the #Remain bubble. My observations:
Labour Party position: in crisis with huge rifts when it comes to which way they would go IF they got the chance to negotiate a Labour Brexit deal. Conference may go some way to getting a definitive position, but JC still unreliable & unwilling to commit & unions hold power.
Lib Dems position: since Jo Swinson's declaration, they come across as extreme & a single issue party. Appear unwilling to listen or negotiate - arrogant, in fact. Also, still carry the stigma of the coalition, which is polarising - will find it hard to capture Labour votes.
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Whilst these things are rarely simple, a profits warning in May clearly cites #Brexit and the problems that made in environment as a big factor. Very sad day for the owners, employees here and overseas, the hotels and supply chains.#ThomasCookcollapse…
Here in #Cheshire we need to realise that a move or shut down of some of our substantial local automotive industry thanks to bad #brexit trading conditions will leave thousands of our friends and neighbours in similar disarray. #StopBrexit #ThomasCook
We don’t want to be sitting watching a corporate tragedy unfolding on our doorsteps watched by the country as our jobs are frittered and gambled away on an extraordinary act of national self harm. Real people have to pay the price for this madness #remain #ThomasCookcollapse
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Reaction to name-calling by making fun of it.....

A thread....


#stopthecoup #FBPE #Dangerous
By now - the #remain groups should have an agenda to win over the 45+million undecided voters to understanding the strengths of the EU.

Ask you local group what this is - and how you can help with it..... 😀

When the 23rd June 2016 referendum was written up - the biggest criticism of #remain, was that it was reactive.

It didn't have a policy of its own - but reacted and refuted things that the #Leave group said

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Using hashtags and trending words - How not to make a hash of it on twitter - a thread.

#Stopbrexit #Stopthecoup #FBPE #FinalSay #PeoplesVote

Sadly I see too many people saying that they don't see the point of #hashtag ging - or that it is silly - or doesn't help....

So bear with me here...

#StopBrexit #StopTheCoup #LiarJohnson #DeathByBrexit

This couldn't be further from the truth, using tags well, in any situation on twitter, helps you reach further and link up with other people


Even people in other countries

#FBPE #HaveDemocracy #StopFascism #facciamorete #FBR

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I live in France, but have children & grandchildren in the UK. This last week or so I’ve experience waves of terror sweep over me, more than once at the prospect of a disorderly, crash-out #Brexit. Not because of scare stories... 1
... or project fear, but because Brits don’t get how vulnerable you are to disruption of goods and supplies from the rest of the world. No one wishes the UK I’ll, but we live in a rules-based world, where trade is regulated by treaties and agreements. Choose to.../2
disregard those and there will be disruption to essential supplies. From that point on the story is a familiar one. It involves disorder, looting, gangs, threats, burglary, violence and fear. So forgive me if I have no time for what 52% voted for in a rigged, dishonest.../3
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Outside Downing Street still a few protestors - and tourists presumably enthralled by British legislative procedure and protocol... #Brexit
Anti #Brexit rally in Parliament Square chanting #StopTheCoup and now marching down to Downing Street
Now at Downing Street #Brexit
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Some of our members turned to the demo organised by People’s Assembly tonight in order to support our local MP @ChrisM4Chester. Apparently it was a success overall. However I am told one of the other speakers made some incorrect statements about us, Chester for Europe /thread
1. We are not affiliated to any political party. We have members and key organisers who are members or supporters of Labour, Lib Dems, Green Party and yes even Conservatives. There is a big number of us who are not members of any party and have no intention of being.
We are ordinary members of the community who have been driven to political activism in many cases for the first time in our lives by the disgust and anger we feel at the direction the country has gone in. We are the people too and we will express our will too.
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“There is growing optimism in Number 10 that EU leaders may be finally willing to negotiate over the backstop, following positive meetings between Mr Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.” 1…
“An acceptance that Mr Johnson is serious about a no deal Brexit is also believed to have helped bring round European leaders to the idea of fresh negotiations.” The #Remain dead-enders won’t even admit that @BorisJohnson has created the conditions for a new deal w/EU. 2
The #Remain dead-enders aren’t afraid @BorisJohnson will fail to get a deal with the Eurocrats. They are afraid he willl, and that Merkel and Macron will give him the fair deal the U.K. ought to have been given but which Tusk and Juncker blocked. The PM is negotiating a win. 3
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Welcome back to the popular series of "Misinterpreting survey results" (though this time I think without an attempt to deceive).

Again, a cautionary tale of how misreading survey results can lead to very misleading conclusions...

Previous thread:
Survation has just published the results of a survey showing preferences of whether people wish to a) Remain in the EU, b) Leave with a Deal, or c) Crash out of the EU with no deal.
In addition to which choice voters would prefer, the survey also asked which would be the second preferred outcome i.e. the second preference - which is a good question to ask BUT its results must be treated with care.
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Today I have lost a good friend from twitter.
The damage done to her and her life by the likes of @BorisJohnson, @Nigel_Farage and their teams of like minded charlatans and their dystopian rubbish has become overwhelming.
But my friend is not alone, she is not a one off, nor is she a #remain extremist, a snowflake nor someone who seeks to damage this country and it’s citizens.
She is a caring human being, someone who sees the utter futility of #brexit and the imminent danger of #ClimateChange 2/
She, along with many of us can see so much damage, being caused to so many, by so few.
So few, whose only intent is to enrich their worlds off the back of the blood sweat and tears of so many.
I will never forgive nor forget the damage done by this band of self serving cheats! 3/
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As I've thought since the very start - the #Remain majority can win, but *only* if they're prepared to ditch "playing with a straight bat" and adopt fire-with-fire tactics.

In real life cheats DO prosper, unless they're actively prevented, by all means.…
👆What?! Fib, scheme & plot to win against an enemy doing the same? Surely it's more British to lose-with-principles-intact!!

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THREAD: Speculation about the UK leaving the European Union without a deal has been at fever pitch. Dominic Cummings has suggested it’s too late to stop it, and No 10 is clearly gearing up for a No Deal Brexit outcome. (1)
In such a scenario, the 245,000 UK firms that currently only trade with EU countries will need to apply for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI) to trade goods into and out of the UK. Less than 3 in 10 have. (2)
If firms registered at the current rate it would take until 2021 at the earliest for UK exporters to be ready for a No Deal Brexit, leaving EU/UK trade seriously undermined, putting hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk - just one example of the chaos that would follow. (3)
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On Saturday we sent our volunteers out to the Cross in #Chester and to Ellesmere Port to talk to the constituents of @justinmadders too. We wanted to ask whether Halloween Brexit would be a Trick or Treat. THREAD
Additionally our message in Ellesmere Port included a discussion relating to the NO-Deal related job losses at Vauxhall expected if Boris Johnson gets his way. In #Chester we want to know if people would support a #RemainAlliance
Meanwhile @EuropeWeaver set up their table in Weaverham. They experienced a good deal of gratitude from remainers really pleased to see them out campaigning for a #peoplesvote and #StopBrexit
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Urgent: Please retweet. To all #Remain supporters with regards to #Brexit: As you know Boris Johnson and the UK Government may attempt to prorogue parliament (suspend) in order to push through a hard brexit. Members of Parliament have submitted (Cont)
A formal petition to the Court of Session, Scotland's highest court for a Judicial Review to attempt to thwart any such attempt by the Boris Government to do so. A petition has been launched on Change.Org for members of the electorate who wish to support this move.
The petition will be submitted to the Court of Session in a few weeks and is intended to say "We are members of the electorate and we consider this a matter of public concern and support the move by the MP's to stop Boris trying to suspend parliament".
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Dominic Cummings is well know as a devotee of Col. John Boyd, fighter pilot and strategist.

I thought I'd dip into Robert Coram's book, "Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed The Art Of War", to see whether I could get a bit of an insight as to what to expect from Cummings...

Here is some text from Chapter 12.

If this is a guide as to how Cummings operates, it's clear that #Remain will need to do all it can to resist these tactics, by:

- being equally nimble;

- enhancing cohesion between disparate Remain elements;...
3/5 ...

- resisting, in its ranks, "confusion, disorder, panic and chaos".

Here is a slide from Boyd's "Patterns" presentation, from

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Had a phone call from my friend in Belgium who watches French news channels. One channel has a daily debate & today they discussed #Brexit with two UK journalists amongst the panel.

One thing was certain. If Johnson doesn't pay the £39 Billion there won't be any trade deal. 1/4
Also, they had a really good interview with Steve Bray @snb19692 & other #Remain campaigners. Overall that part of the programme was very optimistic.

One other thing was very clear. The brinkmanship strategy that Johnson is using will fail. The #EU27 are united. 2/4
The EU Withdrawal Agreement has been painstakingly negotiated over a 2 year period. Every possibility regarding the N.I. backstop was explored. The best solution that respected the Good Friday Agreement was the version in the agreement. 3/4
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By "respecting" courts-confirmed corruption, fraud, lies & illegality that ought to have been dealt with instead, Johnson & Corbyn are overseeing the death of their respective ends of #CONLABKIP which will open the door for #Remain, #PR & the end of 2-party politics. Good.
#Brexit relies on a legal loop-hole. Eventually the voting public (now a majority for #Remain) will get to say what they think about "democracy" & government by-legal-loop-hole rather than by at least an attempt at principle.
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