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Here is what I now understand about what happened on Saturday at #FiLiA2021. There was a protest organised by @PlaceSteph which was supported by @amnesty. There was a separate protest organised by Cllr Claire Udy. A separate protest organised by staff/students at Portsmouth Uni.
I am told the police confirmed the arrival of another group at some time in the afternoon. And these were responsible for the offensive/threatening signs and chalking. @PlaceSteph assures me that her group did not know and did not encourage this final group.
I am willing to take her word for this. I have made formal inquiry of Portsmouth University to ascertain the extent to which members of their staff were involved. I have made formal complaint to Cllr Claire Udy having seen Facebook posts where she apparently celebrates the images
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So, I’ve seen this floating about for a day or so and I wasn’t going to bother to respond, because it is so ludicrous that it doesn’t even begin to get under my skin.
(And thank you to women who have responded citing some of what some of those named actually do.)
Firstly, none of us who spoke were paid to contribute to the #FiLiA2021 conference.
Most of us there at our own expense, except I hope, women on low income, whose expenses will be covered.
FiLiA itself is created by volunteers.
Then, speaking for myself:
Since January 2012 I have collected the names of all women killed by men in the UK and shared these on social media, mainly on my blog here… and also at @CountDeadWomen
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What was discussed at #FiLiA2021 🧵👇

How important music is to women in Iran (a place where women can be arrested for dancing)

How to bridge the divide between younger & older feminists

How to help in the fight to get prostitution charges expunged from women’s…
… criminal records

What we can do to help women fleeing the #TigrayGenocide

How women from all political parties can support each other to make sure women are included in policy & law

The onslaught of abuse women politicians face & how we can fight back & demand better…
…from tech companies that allow abuse to flourish on social media

Femicide in Russia, India & Zimbabwe - & how we can help each other across the globe to fight the murder of women and girls from cradle to grave

What is happening to lesbian woman in Block 13 …
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#Filia2021 was my first women's conference. I had the time of my life. It was brilliant to meet so many great women and participate in a great festival of female ideas, ideals, inspiration and consciousness. Thank you @FiLiA_charity and all volunteers for putting it together.
Thank you also to @PortsmouthGhall for allowing us to meet and talk and refusing cave to pressure to prevent us from gathering.
Thank you also to @Womans_Place_UK and the @Radical_Notion for giving me the opportunity to speak a little of what I think of how female power could be harnessed and solidarity between women to grow. It was great to see so many faces the majority of which I'd known only online.
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All hail! ‘I lost my job… then unlocked the JKR badge and levelled up … <applause> so many people contact me to say ‘thank you - I can now do my job’ @MForstater #FiLiA2021 Image
Maya was asked who she wanted on her panel
Couldn’t fit them all in the 43 sec video but it’s on YouTube. These were the ‘chains’ of women who gave her courage.

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The off-the-charts misogyny in this image has already been covered extensively by people more eloquent than me. So I'll comment on something else: modern protest movements of the left have completely lost any sense of discipline and optics.
By that I mean: consider a successful, effective protest movement like the US civil rights movement. The first thing its organisers considered when planning any action was: how will this look to undecided members of the general public?
So, discipline was prioritised. Whole families turned up in their Sunday best and marched in an orderly fashion. This wasn't to live up to some ideal of respectability, but to create the starkest possible tableau in the eyes of the world.
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2nd panel, Sexualisation of Young Girls

Speakers from different countries, showing that this is a global problem. #Filia2021
'As a teenager my body no longer belonged to me'
'I changed from a subject to an object'
'In primary school we were forced to undess infront of the boys for p.e. and I was aware of the stares'

'The girls were uncomfortable'

Objectification starts young.
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Disability & Women's Rights Panel.

Autism and stereotypes combine to create a specific prejudice against autistic women.

Disabled women are particularly vulnerable to domestic abuse
Hearing about how a husband imprisoned his disabled wife in the house, denying her access to her wheelchair.
The availability of specialist support services for disabled women experiencing domestic abuse is rare. They are not accessible #Filia2021
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The hall is packed, love seeing all these brilliant women! Small welcome party for us. Filia begins #Filia2021
Filia means daughter, we are the daughters of the women who fought before us. We fight for the women who are coming after us. #Filia2021
The women's liberation movement will be exhausting, exhilarating, frustrating, fun.... but joining it will be the best decision you ever make #Filia2021
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Stocking up on essential conference fuel @FiLiA_charity. Already seen some great T shirts in the queue! Image
A noble venue for #filia2021 Image
Really pleased to see calm sensible protest - as is absolutely your right. No shouting, pushing or anything untoward. And did I spot @PlaceSteph ? #filia2021 ImageImageImage
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'the story ... is how “trans activists” and their “allies” have actively prevented FiLiA from doing grassroots work to benefit the #women and #girls of #Portsmouth - with the complicity of local institutions and elected representatives.'


'A year-long series, which FiLiA was due to run alongside the Play Youth Community youth groups within @portsmouthtoday , working with #girls excluded or at risk of being excluded from school was #cancelled.'


'The @BritishRedCross individual refused to share details of the events with local #women and lobbied other service providers to also boycott them, again based on spurious accusations of “#transphobia”.'

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