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14 Oct

'the story ... is how “trans activists” and their “allies” have actively prevented FiLiA from doing grassroots work to benefit the #women and #girls of #Portsmouth - with the complicity of local institutions and elected representatives.'


'A year-long series, which FiLiA was due to run alongside the Play Youth Community youth groups within @portsmouthtoday , working with #girls excluded or at risk of being excluded from school was #cancelled.'


'The @BritishRedCross individual refused to share details of the events with local #women and lobbied other service providers to also boycott them, again based on spurious accusations of “#transphobia”.'

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13 Oct
BIG CHANGES COMING: FiLiA is rebranding to be more gender-inclusive. Check out our new mission statement here, and follow this thread for a quick explanation 🧵👇
Last month, we were profoundly impacted by the very accurate quote from RGB shared by @ACLU and @TheLancet's new edition denouncing the neglect of bodies with vaginas.
We understand now that, as Butler puts it, 'we need to rethink the category of'... what was it again? Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud? If we're not allowed to say it, it's certainly not that important.
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23 Jan
1. Thread of FiLiA Guest Blogs and Podcasts so far in 2021.

A wide range of Women's voices on many topics. Take some time this weekend , if you can, to have a look.

Sisterhood and Solidarity!

FiLiA Team
By Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hà and Isabelle Cheng
‘To survive in this patriarchy, a Vietnamese wife has to become the decision-maker of her family. To do so, she has to work really hard.’
By Marta Núñez
‘The undeniable truth was that having access to a safe abortion was a matter of socio-economic privilege more than anything.’
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29 Jun 20
FiLiA had concerns when we met @ExtinctionR last year around lack of Female representation / focus

They informed us this would improve and that our politics were not an issue, as their focus was to bring groups together; even those of differing views

They clearly are practicing the politics of division, with (as usual) Females being the ones who are scapegoated and dismissed.

When the impact of the environmental destruction is most keenly felt by Women and Girls, this is a travesty.

@ExtinctionR what a disgrace
We turned down the option of signing a Memorandum of Understanding with @ExtinctionR because we were concerned, as mentioned previously.
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3 Jun 20
A thread from @Blackbox666, one of our trustees looking at how according to its own words, @stonewalluk has changed its purpose, its priorities and its support for lesbians
I’ve been re-reading Stonewall 25 – The making of the Lesbian and Gay community in Britain, published in 1994 to celebrate 25 years of @stonewalluk At that time it was an organisation that I supported, and I felt supported me as a fairly newly out lesbian.
This thread quotes from that book, what Stonewall itself used to say about lesbians, same sex attraction and no matter how much they try to rewrite it, their own history. The most obvious to notice is that of in ‘94 it was an organisation proudly and specifically for LGB people.
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30 Jul 19
FiLiA will release a full response later ...

The @Commonswomequ just published a report on 'Enforcing the Equality Act: the law and the role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission'

Chapter 7 is dedicated to Balancing Rights in Single Sex Services…
The report highlights 2 particularly difficult areas:

1️⃣ commissioning single-sex services
2️⃣ the ability of organisations to use Equality Act exceptions

Single Sex Exemptions are re-outlined, with a quote from the @EHRC Codes of Practice

Ch 7:
1️⃣ Of concern: '... commissioners appeared to be commissioning gender-neutral services in breach of the public sector equality duty' and “that will not enable the aims of equality set out in the Equality Act to be full achieved.”
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20 May 19
The sound of #women determined to defend our hard won sex-based rights must never be underestimated.

The room is packed, the noise is deafening.

The Women's Liberation Movement is very much alive!

Meghan Murphy states 'I have an overzealous commitment to authenticity'

'Women and Girls are being told the can't have boundaries'

'Feminists insist on the 'reactionary' category of #Woman'

'An analysis of power; who holds it, how and why is lacking'

'United we stand, divided we fall'

'We still need single-sex spaces and the right to self-organise'

Says @selina_todd

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