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Palpatine's Revenge

Dooku joined the group.

May 17 at 2:31 pm

"RR [Rod Rosenstein] isn't taking shit.. and he knows our friends have stuff on him"

May 17 at 2:32 pm
"I'm hearing Mueller, maybe by the end of the week"
May 17 at 2:37 pm
"Hearing that too..WH will be blind-sided. Let's put MF back in the news? Can have S draw up memo on Turkey. With Erdogan thugs beating protesters in streets, it fits news cycle, and I'm sure we'll need a few more 'memos' down the road. Good practice ;-)
May 17 at 2:41 pm
"I'm in. S, you in here? Our friends in NY still have secure connection set up waiting"

May 17 at 2:42 pm
"MF was mentioned in company group too... Evidently their work on the limey [WHO IS THIS?] is paying off."
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Bored During Quarantine?
Wanna tug on a thread until it all comes unraveled?
It starts slow-stick w/ me.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #Finders #TheFinders #MarionPettie #QArmy #MAGA @DazeDonkey @_Luke_Slytalker @Do_Or_Do_Notty @MIC_810 @VeritasVital

Gonna drop all videos I've made this week for a quarantine thread-
|The Invisible Investment|

|Now You Know|
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Did I seriously just get Q’d?! Pinch me! Follow your dreams everybody. They’ve taken them from us. Be strong & bold. Unleash OUR true potential as united #Patriots! Fight for what you know is right. #WeAreTheNewsNow! #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #Trump2020
I’m hard at work on some really big #Thread’s and Q decodes coming up. I’ll pin this as my main Twitter master thread.
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You need to watch this talk by #TedGunderson from 1995 in which he talks about the #McMartin satanic ritual child abuse case and #Finders case, Gunderson called it the FBI for covering up these cases, and even corresponded with #AGBarr....
......AG Barr knew 👀
And one #RobertMueller refused to review Gunderson’s claims of an FBI cover up of child abuse....👀
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@FBIRecordsVault 2. Here's the direct link to download the 324-page PDF. It's massively redacted, but there are a few gems. I decided to start at the end, since other researchers have been working through the document.…
@FBIRecordsVault 3. Here's a list of all the corporations named in the document as fronts for or connected to The Finders.

Future Enterprises Inc employed multiple Finders, and provided computer training to CIA personnel.
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10/25/2019 FBI Tweet
THE FINDERS PDF- 324 pages - Partially redacted
Slaves, Traffic, Sexual Exploitation of Children,
I'll highlight pieces as I go thru, Note after the redaction about allegations of a cover-up with the intel community #Qanon
The "Finders" were discovered due to a mistake in Florida -the 6 kids they were with linked to Washington, D.C. which revealed the base of ops. Note they were near Broward. Connecting it to another nest of exploiting kids. #MKUltra #GreatAwakening
The official account is in 1987 six dirty kids were found due to a complaint - they were in the care of non related adults on a park far from home. The men with the kids were UNCOOPERATIVE ABOUT THEIR OWN IDENTITIES AND THE KIDS IDENTITIES.
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Thread - Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry by Dr. Sue Arrigo… #SueArrigo #DrSueArrigo #SexSlaves #CIA
3. Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 3 by Sue Arrigo MD… #SueArrigo #DrSueArrigo #CIA
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FBI vault release unveils an intricate nationwide child trafficking network:

@FBI #MeToo…
Tunnels uncovered
Chronology of events surrounding the #FINDERS investigation:
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@OpDeathEaters @MissSnoBunnie @YourAnonCentral @fred062811 @WCM_JustSocial @der_bluthund @DonVonCrump1 @StuartSyvret @fiondavision @soychicka @Agenthades1 @jkbjournalist @ciabaudo I came to the Op to expose an international child rape trafficking ring, fulfilling #OpDeathEaters goals 1-3:

1. Establish the credibility and scale of the story.

2. Challenge the propaganda and framing of the story.

3, Raise awareness beyond the initial small circle.
@OpDeathEaters @MissSnoBunnie @YourAnonCentral @fred062811 @WCM_JustSocial @der_bluthund @DonVonCrump1 @StuartSyvret @fiondavision @soychicka @Agenthades1 @jkbjournalist @ciabaudo None of us believe we'd be here today if not for #OpDeathEaters. I doubt any media would have followed up on #Epstein if not for this Op.
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Long Before #Epstein: Sex Traffickers & Spy Agencies

The unsavory history of intelligence agencies providing protection to child sex-trafficking rings.…
The full memo penned by Special Agent Ramon Martinez on the Finders group can be found here:…
Several cases in the unsavory history linking intelligence agencies and sex scandals put the allegations against #Epstein in context. Among these was the U.K. #Kincora Boy’s Home, where at least 29 boys were reported to have been targeted from the mid 50s to the late 70s.
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1. @realDonaldTrump #RedPill 10-part thread laying out prediction of how #POTUS will expose evil #Cabal & workings of #DeepState #Coup. #Memo will reveal #DeepState abuse of intel services, leading to exposure/removal w/in #DOJ, #FBI, #CIA, #Agencies (leave behinds), #SES, etc.
2. @realDonaldTrump Next, we will need to expose, remove, and try for #Treason those involved in the #DeepState. Their nefarious work doesn't stop with the current #Coup but is widespread, including more recent scandals (#Benghazi, #IRS, #FastandFurious) but goes back decades.
3. @realDonaldTrump Before the full #TRUTH can be disclosed, we must round up, arrest, and try for #Treason and other relevant crimes those involved with the #Cabal. I'm unclear on sequence here due to need to manage the public (civil unrest will be pushed by #Cabal).
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