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BREAKING: The first #MMIWG Hawai’i report exposes data that the U.S. military contributes to child sexual exploitation in Hawai’i.

38% of men arrested on O’ahu for soliciting sex from a 13-year-old kid online through Operation Keiki Shield (2019-2022) are active duty military.
Predation in US INDOPACOM (that involves grown men preying on minors) appears to be widespread.

From just 6 sting operations on O’ahu, over 2 dozen military-pedophiles have been arrested across service branches: Navy (14), Army (9), Airforce (3), Nat’l Guard (1), + undisclosed
We do not have data yet on whether the military is disproportionately or specifically preying on Native Hawaiian children. What we do know now is that USINDOPACOM has a serious problem with preying on little girls & boys on and off bases in Hawai’i, which intersects with #mmiwg.
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Every year on December 6th, I pause.
Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I breath.
Was 12 years old when I watched this horror unfold on CBC news. I will never forget how terrified I felt. It was the moment when I realized that violence against women was my responsibility to combat, too.
Victims of the Montreal Massacre. 🌹 Image
I have identified as a feminist since I was young - and now a feminist who's beliefs are rooted in intersectionality and anti-oppression and a liberation that is connected tonother marginalozed groups. I'm still on a journey and my life events and unlearnings have shaped this.
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I wrote this last year but on this Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Girls and 2 Spirit Awareness Day it bears repeating.

#mmiw #mmiwg #MMIWG2S #nomorestolensisters
TW: Violence

On this day of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2 Spirit Awareness I honor my Great Great Grandmother Louisa (Yahola) Scott who lost her life in 1900 to violence that is still all too familiar to us today.
I don't know what she looked like. To be honest the only thing I know about her life are the details of her death, a senseless act of brutality that shouldn't be the only thing that defines her.
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Today is National Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls Awareness Day.

Let's remember the life and legacy of Northern Paiute anti-rape activist Sarah Winnemucca (1844-1891). She saw rape and violence against Native women as a tool of conquest. (Thread)
Winnemucca's 1883 autobiography, Life Among the Piutes, describes the early invasion of her homelands and was the first nonfiction book published by a Native woman in the United States. She recounts how policies like the 1862 Homestead Act brought predation and war to her people.
In 1862, Congress passed the first of many Homestead Acts opening millions of acres of Native land in the west for settlement to newly-arrived European immigrants. The trespass of Native women’s bodies coincided with the trespass onto their lands.
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Monday I ran #Boston126 on the 50th anniversary of women running the Boston Marathon. Because this is a once in a lifetime event for me (I'm a trail runner at heart!), I dedicated my run to highlighting examples of #landback. 🧵 ImageImage
Each mile was dedicated to a tribal nation who has fought, purchased or gifted their land back, written out on the back of my shirt. This is by no means an exhaustive list and did not include federal land trust cases (didn't want to make this too complicated).
Land is one of the greatest resources for tribal nations across the country. Some 56 million acres are held in trust by the federal government for tribes. That's approximately 2 percent of the country. However, 90 million acres were taken by the United States between 1887
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Today the entire @bcndp caucus clapped and hollered as Minister @BruceRalston boasted about being the gov't to welcome the largest #LNG investment in BC's history.

Shocking behavior for “climate leaders”, and shameful given the context of my question. 1/ #bcpoli #ClimateCrisis
They did this just after being told the following:

The national inquiry into #MMIWG found that man camps and resource extractive industries directly cause increased violence against Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2 Spirit People. 2/ #bcpoli #Reconciliation
2) Scientific studies have demonstrated birth defects, cancers, and asthma in communities near fracking.

3) Methane is 28 times more potent by weight than carbon dioxide meaning gases leaked from #LNG production are as highly polluting as coal.

3/ #bcpoli #ClimateCrisis
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The moment the statue came down. #GassyJack #vancouver
(Some) background on Gassy Jack…
Response from @SquamishNation via @Khelsilem regarding today's Gassy Jack toppling at the Vancouver memorial march #MMIWG
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A thread to break down Noem's 2022 State of the State address and opening of the 2022 Legislative session. #SDSoS

Using twitter to be able to track each point separately and have it available to whomever.

And yes, I'm full of self-loathing else I wouldn't listen to Noem speak.
Opens with a prayer from Rev. Craig Wexler of Pierre-Ft. Pierre Ministerial Association. Romans 13. #SDSoS…
The jist of R13 is for us to obey all public officials under any and all circumstance as that is the will of the christian god.

A demand for an unquestioning submittal to the authority of the State or face divine damnation.

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If you haven’t heard about #line3 or #StopLine3 please listen! It’s a large pipeline indigenous peoples and other water protectors are fighting for many reason. The first is it will pollute and poison the land and a large water supply in the USA.
On top of the human and environmental damage done generally and to the indigenous peoples. There’s a specific issue in relation too #MMIWG…
Then for my #ACAB people Enbridge is giving police money to harm the peaceful protestors making them mercenaries…
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The Canada you grew up in is not the Canada I grew up in.

- a thread -

I was born in Lynn Lake, a town at the end of highway 391; a land exploited by the Sherritt & Blackhawk mining companies for nickel, zinc & gold.

#215children #Indigenous #CancelCanadaDay #Genocide
The mining corps made a fortune, didn't pay taxes, and left 21m tonnes of toxic tailings behind; buried on play grounds, under houses, and in the water supply.

Everyone knew.…
And so Lynn has been under decades long boil water advisory while disproportionate rates of cancer continue to ravage her residents.

A modern day @ErinBrockovich story in Indigenous Canada, but without the hero to hold the bad guys accountable at the end.…
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In July 2017, Barabara Kentner, a thirty-four-year-old First Nations woman, died from an internal injury after being struck in the abdomen with a trailer hitch. Brayden Bushby is awaiting sentencing for manslaughter. @evaholland covered the trial:… 1/6
Bushby’s trial was a mirror held up to Canadian society. Staring back was a colonial system of law, its failures to provide justice for Indigenous people, and the way racism operates on a continuum: from contempt and derision to violence and murder.… 2/6 A portrait illustration of ...
It may be tempting to view Bushby’s conviction as the start of a pattern. But there is little to celebrate in the bare minimum being achieved: in prosecutors doing their jobs; in a jury finding its way to a verdict that fits the evidence.… 3/6 #MMIWG
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RE: Indigenous foster kids force to get IUDs

Beware this colonizer "reasoning". They are trying to deflect responsibility for Canada's crimes back on Indigenous people.

The National Inquiry into #MMIWG Final Report made it clear that #Canada is responsible...
#Canada has created generational dysfunction through its Constitutional #apartheid and systems of #genocide and other #CrimesAgainstHumanity.

Canada kidnaps Indigenous kids into foster care and then fails to protect them from sexual assault. IUDs for kids is not a solution...
On top of that, this person pushes the debunked narrative that sexual assault is predominantly Indigenous-on-Indigenous violence in Indigenous communities, therefore blame Indigenous people.

This is a racist colonizer lie...
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I was informed today that social workers in BC have forced Indigenous children under the age of 10 to have IUDs inserted by doctors.

Within the last decade. Then they failed to ensure these children have follow up care.

#Canada is committing genocide against Indigenous nations.
In what reality does a social worker believe the appropriate response to a nine year old in foster care who is at risk of STATUTORY RAPE is NOT TO PROTECT THEM, but to force that child to be subjected to an IUD insertion?

#Canada. Indigenous children. 21st Century.

If this has happened to you, please consider reporting it to the Representative for Children and Youth in BC.
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Between this tweet and the one above it in that thread, the verdict is:

"It's the voters and policy, not Canada!"

No, it's Canada. The Charter and human rights laws cannot ameliorate tyranny of the majority without some fiction of Canada as a legally responsible person...
If we fail to hold #Canada accountable for crimes it commits b/c "voters", then we allow #Canada (or other states) to have supremacy over, or immunity from, the obligations of a legal person.

A mistake b/c then no one is accountable, and tyranny of the majority thrives...
No one is accountable b/c blaming voters is an empty judgement.

We can't force all voters to stop #Canada's #apartheid & #genocide. That's undemocratic.

But Canada and its leaders can be prosecuted. That's justice.

Plus it deters future leaders from committing these crimes...
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Canada just tabled legislation to meet its obligations to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. #SupportUNDRIP

My reaction in the thread below:
The AFN welcomes the tabling of a bill to advance implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. First Nations across Canada will be examining this bill closely because the implementation of the Declaration is crucial to our rights. #SupportUNDRIP /2
The new implementation bill will provide a framework to ensure respect of human rights, will launch a process of review and reform of federal law, and will require reports on progress made. /3
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This Indigenous People’s Day, let’s remember that our city exists on the unceded lands of the Multnomah Chinook, Clackamas, Cowlitz, Cow Creek, Siuslaw, Umpqua, and countless other nations who have been on these lands since time immemorial. Native people are still here.
The reality of colonization is that it is ongoing. Native people are the most over-policed of any racial group in the US. When we talk about Rethinking Public Safety, we must ensure Indigenous people are not targets of police violence.
But local law enforcement is not the only concern of Indigenous communities. We must remember that refugees and immigrants crossing the southern US border are Indigenous. The horrors they face in ICE camps and prisons, and targeting by Border Patrol, are issues we must address.
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Will be live tweeting. Be sure to buy the book…
Suzanne Methot and the panelists begin with acknowledging the land they are on. She introduces the speakers whose narratives are included in the new @voiceofwitness @haymarketbooks book HOW WE GO HOME: VOICES FROM #INDIGENOUS NORTH AMERICA.
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Funny, I was just about to say something about sexism & misogyny around this dam project when this arrived. Dreck like this doesn't deter us, boys; we are dealing with far worse than you on #SiteC. Also, how many fallacies can you pack into one email? Image
I have a huge collection of these. It's hilarious & telling that he focuses on the woman who uploaded the petition (LeadNow just lists the name of whoever uploaded it - which is annoying) & imagines there isn't a whole group behind this. I guess he's calling us all the C word?
He has also managed to pack into this one sad message the sunk cost fallacy, the fallacy that the project is "half done," and... "billion dollar"? If only. Bud, you mean multibillion, right? You mean $20 billion, perhaps.
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I’m attending WI 2020 Victory’s event, “WI Roundtable to Discuss the Violence Against Women Act and Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women” – sign up now to join me!… #mmiw #mmiwg #vawa #wisdems
Arvina Martin @Arvina4WI introduces Rep. Beth Meyers, and @beth_rep introduces @HeidiHeitkamp. All acknowledge and honor the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She would want us to continue the fight to protect women. #MMIW #MMIWG #RIPRBG
Heitkamp: VAWA passing was a collaborative effort. Led by Democrats, supported by some Republicans. COngress failed to reauthorize the act. Why? Fight about: Are we going to include LGBTQ+? How will we show up in unique situation of Indigenous/Tribal women?
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#Republican Senators are blocking reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act at the request of the #NRA. Without funds, shelters for women/kids close. #VAWA includes resources to fight crisis of Missing & Murdered #Indigenous Women & Girls. 🔵 Flip the Senate #blue. #MMIW
#Republican Senators are blocking reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act at the #NRA's request.

🔵 Flip the Senate. #VoteBlue…
Officials & organizations fighting the crisis of Missing & Murdered #Indigenous Women & Girls aren't getting needed resources because #Republican Senators are blocking reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

🔵 Flip the Senate. #VoteBlue #VAWA #MMIW #MMIWG #native
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Every year on 9/11 our nation pauses to remember those who lost their lives in the horrific terror attacks that took place 19 years ago today. Many of us can think back to that morning of #September11, 2001 & remember exactly where we were when the attacks occurred.
Thread: 1/10
Over the past 19 years our nation has collectively experienced and expressed a gamut of emotions including: grief, honor, fear, outrage, borderline panic, remembrance, #NeverForget and #DemandJustice.
As a citizen of the United States of America and the son of a military veteran, I honor and remember those who lost their lives due to terror 19 years ago today.
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18-year-old Corinna Paige Slusser's was last seen in Queens, New York on September 20th, 2017. Corinna, a former cheerleader from Bloomberg, Pennsylvania, spent summer of 2016 with @ her aunt's house in Massachusetts. After Corinna returned home for her senior year of high ImageImageImage
school, she started drinking on a regular basis; she & her mother started arguing a lot & Corinna asked if she could live with her aunt. Her mother made plans for her to move to Massachusetts over winter break but her aunt got called away unexpectedly & the moving date was ImageImageImage
postponed to January of 2017. By the time her aunt came home two weeks later, Corinna was staying with friends. In March of 2017, Corinna was hospitalized & diagnosed with depression following a suicide attempt. While she was in the hospital, she met Yhovanny Peguero, a ImageImageImage
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#ChantelMoore, 26, of Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, was shot and killed by police in Edmundston, NB, on June 4. Since then, I have noticed a number of reports or statements referring to her in relation to mental health "wellness checks" by police.

Judith Sayers, a spokesperson for Martha Martin, the victim's mother, says Moore didn't have any mental health issues. Much remains unknown about what happened but family has said they believe she was being harassed, and an ex-boyfriend in Montreal called the police.

Police have said they received a request to "check on the well-being of a woman at an apartment building." The police officer shot Moore after he was "confronted at the scene" - her home in downtown Edmundston - by a woman holding a knife who made threats."

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Let me tell you a few things about my wife's efforts for #MMIW Mr. @MotivatedNot ...

For five years - without missing one single day - she manually tweets about #MMIW, holidays, days she is sick, and more.

She has never asked for attention for herself. (continued)
I've watched her wake up at times, frantic that she has missed a day, and tells me "I want to remember these women, because the families never can forget."

My wife is also agoraphobic, and has anxiety so she does everything she possibly can.

Media asks to interview her. (cont.)
But when the media asks for her to speak ... My amazing wife @DelSchilling refers media to speak to the families that have missing daughters, wives, and more.

So think before you tweet, you have no idea who you are talking to.

Blessings and love to the families suffering. #MMIW
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