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Through actions, we exist and with principles, we give that existence purpose. From the start, our purpose at @YourAnonCentral has been to support the weak against the powerful, encourage human rights, and stand for justice.
From the barricades to our keyboards our comrades worldwide have bravely fought for freedom from authoritarians and cruelty. We are proud to have served communities the world over for over a decade with the amplification of their voices, causes, and hopes for a better world.
If there was an action against dictatorship, injustice, or tyranny from 2010 onward, you were likely to have encountered us. From war victims to bullying victims, we have stood up against the powerful and amplified those helping or needing help, around the globe.
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Ambrosia (briefly named Ivy Plasma) charges 8,000 US$ or euros for a one litre transfusion of plasma from "young blood," which it claims can reduce the effects of aging. #opDeathEaters…
""We deliver the plasma to doctors in 12 hours, and give them instructions on transfusions," says Karmazin. "In this way the number of treatable patients has increased enormously"."

Also, it's a great model for organized crime to emulate. #opDeathEaters…
Parabiosis: The obsession of the old and wealthy with staying alive.…
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Donald Trump's sordid partying from Casablancas to Epstein.

“a lot of girls, 14, look 24. That’s as juicy as I can get. I never asked how old they were; I just partook.” #OpDeathEaters #SpookyConnections

donate & support:…
Donald Trump was often spotted at Elite Model Management parties as far back as 1982. According to Trump, John Casablancas tutored him in the “modeling agency” business. "I would watch supermodels getting screwed, well-known supermodels" #OpDeathEaters
According to Barbara Pilling, an Elite model, Donald Trump asked her out for dinner in the summer of 1989. She recalls Trump asking how old she was. “I said 17 and he said, ‘That’s just great – you’re not too old, not too young.’” #OpDeathEaters
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The Mother and Baby Home Commission confirm 9,000 babies died, 15% of the 57,000 children, in Ireland's homes for unmarried mothers and babies run by the Catholic Church. #OpDeathEaters…
Children's minister Roderic O'Gorman said the report, which contains 53 government recommendations, makes clear that unmarried mothers faced a "stifling, oppressive and brutally misogynistic culture" for decades. #OpDeathEaters…
Women faced appalling emotional torment at the hands of the nuns - forced to work scrubbing floors while being called 'fallen,' 'sinner', 'dirt' and 'spawn of Satan.' #OpdeathEaters…
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China has built a vast slave network from #Uyghur concentration camps to satisfy the international market.
At least 135 #Uyghur concentration camps in Xinjiang hold factory buildings, where slavery likely occurs. C4ADS identified 1,500 Chinese companies located at or right by the factories. At least 92 listed import/export as part of the scope of their business. #OpDeatheaters
Experts who have examined the abuses in Xinjiang, argue that #Uyghur slavery is so widespread in the region that no company that manufactures there could conclude that its supply chain is free from it. #OpDeathEaters
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This thread is about Peter Nygard the former head of Nygard International. Features #opDeathEaters regulars Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Prince Albert of Monaco, George H.W. Bush.

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Peter Nygard is a Finnish-Canadian former fashion executive. With a net worth of $817 million and in 2020 his net worth is estimated at around $900 million. He was arrested on rape trafficking and racketeering charges in December 2020. #OpDeathEaters
Peter Nygard founded Nygard International, the company is worth more than $1 billion "the largest producer of women’s apparel" in Canada. It produced clothing under brand names such as Peter Nygard, Nygard Slims, Bianca Nygard, ADX, TanJay, Alia, and Allison Daley. #OpDeathEaters
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This thread is about Gérald Marie the former head of Elite Model Management Europe. Features #opDeathEaters regulars John Casablancas, Naomi Campbell, Adnan Khashoggi, and Donald Trump.

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Gérald Marie headed Elite Model Management Europe and was the former business partner of Elite Model's founder John Casablancas. Marie is accused of sexual assault, rape, and child rape and is still active as a modeling agent in the Parisian agency Oui Management. #OpDeathEaters Image
In the 1970s, Gérald Marie made his career as a modeling agent at Paris Planning agency, alongside François Lano. Marie used his position to prey on girls and young women. He would bully them into sex or rape them by drugging them or force. #OpDeathEaters Image
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Louisville Metro Police concealed at least 738,000 records documenting the child rape of Explorer Scouts by two officers, Brandon Wood and Kenneth Betts and the city allowed them to be deleted. #opDeathEaters…
A third officer, Brad Schuhmann, has been indicted recently for child rape. Another officer, Curtis Flaherty was named in the lawsuits as conspiring in the cover-up. #opDeathEaters…
"the county attorney’s office or the police was dead-set on making sure those records never reached the public.”

"a request filed to the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act was denied" #OpDeathEaters

Louisville Explorer Scout Child Rape Timeline:…
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Child rape and abuse in the Catholic church in England and Wales ‘swept under the carpet’, inquiry finds. #OpDeathEaters…
Between 1970 and 2015, the church in England and Wales received more than 900 complaints involving more than 3,000 instances of child rape & abuse, made against more than 900 individuals, including priests, monks and volunteers. #OpDeathEaters
When complaints were made, the church invariably failed to support victims and survivors but took action to protect alleged perpetrators by moving them to a different parish. #OpDeathEaters
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@Heidi_Cuda @BrentAllpress @Tentoads4truth @elliemail @MalcolmNance @Nick_Carmody @TeamPelosi @YourAnonCentral @jennycohn1 @ericgarland @JYSexton @politico YVW thank you for all your posts/threads..the CA one was excellent- the psychometric profiling of people prone to extremism and weaponizing them is one of the low points of this sad Trump/Brexit saga in history. For my money Murdoch is one of beneficiaries of it.
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Most rape cases in India go unreported, but 88 per day are reported - and that's just 10% of the crimes against women in India. The conviction rate is below 28% and the number of cases is rising. #opDeathEaters…
Fear of sexual harassment, lack of safe transport and curtailed education means India has the world’s lowest amount of women in paid employment — at 17%. Unpaid caregiving work brings an increased risk of violence. #opDeathEaters…
The lives of Indian women were devastated by COVID19. #opDeathEaters…
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A leaked email confirmed U.S. border authorities have been expelling children into Mexico, regardless of their country of origin with no accompanying adults or family, they are at high risk for trafficking or other exploitation. #OpDeathEaters #AbolishICE…
Refugee and migrant children suffer ‘inhumane and cruel experience’ in CBP custody; kept in crowded, frigid conditions and covered by foil blankets, forced to sleep on concrete floors covered by thin mats. #OpDeathEaters #AbolishICE…
Refugee and migrant children have been denied access to physical and mental health care.

Since 2018 at least seven children have died either in custody or immediately after release. #OpDeathEaters #AbolishICE…
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Former Portsmouth, Ohio, 'untouchable' city council member and attorney Michael Mearan was arrested on human trafficking, racketeering and related charges.

Trapped women and children in a cycle of drug abuse and rape slavery. #OpDeathEaters…
Michael Mearan, as a prominent attorney, would target women and girls facing drug charges. He'd lure them with lenient sentences from complicit judges he knew and police willing to ignore probation requirements, as exchange he would traffick them into rape slavery. #OpDeathEaters
Victims were trafficked to influential men including doctors & police who raped/ abused them.

“His victims were utterly powerless. One of the problems with this case is everyone thought Mearan was untouchable." #OpDeathEaters…

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A retired French surgeon Joël Le Scouarnec has been charged with the rape, child rape & sexual assault of more than 312 people, took place at several hospitals over 3 decades, and was documented. Targeting mostly children 15 or younger. #OpDeathEaters…
Joël Le Scouarnec had already been charged with crimes against minors in 2017 after a 6-year-old victim reported hi, which led investigators to discover diaries that included dates & details about the identities of the victims, whose average age was 11. #OpDeathEaters
Children were, mostly, abused or raped in a hospital, while under anesthetic substances, sedation, and other treatments. Le Scouarnec had been given a 4 month suspended sentence in 2005 for owning child rape media. But didn't prevent him from practicing medicine. #OpDeathEaters
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Thousands of Uighur children left without parents as their mothers or fathers were enslaved in Chinese concentration camps, prison, and other detention facilities, according to evidence from government documents in Xinjiang. #China #OpDeathEaters…
The number of children in Xinjiang who live in "boarding" facilities grew by over 380,000 between 2017 and 2019, from about 500,000 to just below 900,000. #China #OpDeathEaters
250,000 of the region’s nearly 3m Uyghurs under the age of 15 have had one or both parents enslaved in concentration camps. #China #OpDeathEaters…
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"#Epstein didn’t have to be anything special to become a key player in an evil conspiracy. He had to be rich, and he had to be useful to people richer and more powerful than he was."… #OpDeathEaters
“[#Epstein] said to me, ‘Read this book, and that will help you understand.’” The book was “The Man From O.R.G.Y...It’s violent & grotesquely pornographic, containing toddler brothels & graphic details of children & infants being ceremonially raped & trained into sex slavery."
"To call #Epstein a grifter is to assume he circumvented some genuine meritocratic world order, where the “real” virtuosos dutifully climb the “real” ranks into the oligarchy, powered by nothing but their native talents." lol
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#Colombia authorities arrested members of a network that trafficked women from Colombia to China and forced them into rape slavery.

Traffickers preyed upon poor and vulnerable women and girls; lured them with jobs as models in China. #OpDeathEaters…
Seven accused traffickers were arrested and charged with luring and exploiting at least 30 victims and enslaving them for rape trafficking in nightclubs in the city of Guangdong, #China. #Colombia #OpDeathEaters…
Among arrested were 5 women, who arranged transport of victims who were flown via Madrid, #Spain & Amsterdam, #Netherlands before reaching Beijing, #China. Victims were “held against their will”[..]“Their passports & personal documents were taken away.” #Colombia #OpDeathEaters
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A possible boom in child trafficking in India during the Coronavirus lockdown. #OpDeathEaters…
In India, a child goes missing every 8 minutes. Many are trafficked as part of a nationwide trade where millions end up in slave labour or as rape slaves. #OpDeathEaters
Traffickers earn up to $300 per child, the child trafficking trade in India is lucrative and—despite some efforts by the government to fight it—thriving across the country. [from video] #OpDeathEaters
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Australian bank Westpac will pay fine for money laundering more than 23 million times just in "child exploitation transaction types for the Philippines, south-east Asia and Mexico over the prior three year period". #opDeathEaters…
Children as a commodity with investor risk.

"Thousands of Westpac shareholders had signed up through the open class action against the bank" as they "allege the bank failed to properly warn investors of the risk involved." #opDeathEaters…
How are stricter penalties for low level predators going to make any difference to a global industry where 23 MILLION (admitted) transactions in one bank over 3 years is punished with a fine? And the only people bringing a class action are investors, not victims? #opDeathEaters
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Centuries of UK churches enslavement of women and selling of children (with international government co-operation). How slavery 'hides' in broad daylight in a world that normalizes ownership of the bodies and labour of women and children. #opDeathEaters…
The latest delay of the report from the Irish Commission of Investigation into Mother-and-Baby Homes is now due on October 30. However insufficient, this report needs to be blown up until it produces widespread global inquiry. #opDeathEaters #Goal5…
"The guild arranged adoptions... and “occasionally” arranged marriages." Children and wives for sale, still a global industry. #opDeathEaters…
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Migrants and refugees are increasingly falling victim to organ trafficking - an illegal and deadly billion dollar industry. #opDeathEaters…
2017: "His most recent client was a 17-year-old boy who left Syria after his father and brothers were killed there.

He's been in Lebanon for three years with no work and mounting debt, struggling to support his mother and five sisters." #opDeathEaters…
The red market 2020: “It was horrifying to hear traffickers preyed on children but it was not labor or sex. It was organ trafficking.”
"Traffickers capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic."
“If you cannot find work, you will not find mercy." #OpDeathEaters…
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#Argentina: Criminalizing abortion forces women & girls to seek illegal abortions; many are performed unsafely.

Every year 2,500 babies are born to children under the age of 15 who are forced to give birth. #OpDeathEaters

#ElSalvador: Women & girls forced to birth, due to total ban on abortion, even in cases of rape, incest, a deformed fetus, or life is in danger.

100 children, as young as 10, forced to give birth after being raped during #Covid19 lockdown. #OpDeathEaters…
#ElSalvador: More than 140 women (many rape victims) have been charged under the total ban on abortion, even in cases of miscarriages, since 1998, incarcerated for up to 35 years in some of the world's most notorious prisons. #OpDeathEaters…
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ICE rushed deportation of a crucial witness of sexual assault and harassment at an El Paso immigrant detention center.

Guards systematically assaulted detainees in security camera blind spots. She now risks retaliation from drug cartels. #OpDeathEaters…
Three days after her habeas was filed, DHS’ inspector general inexplicably reversed its earlier position. She was sent back even though she fears reprisal after a high-ranking cartel member that sexually assaulted her threatened her after she reported the attack. #OpDeathEaters
ICE imprisoned an average of 50,000 people daily across US in 2019, in detention centers operated mostly by private contractors paid with bloated gov't grants. “Most women who are still there are scared of saying anything,” “You don’t know what they can do.” #OpDeathEaters
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A huge factor contributing to the growth of Q is the surreal media denial of the massive global industry of child rape and trafficking. Q disinfo fills social media but child rape apologia & child trafficking denialism fill corporate media. #opDeathEaters…
Child rape apologia uses phrases like:
'child sexuality'
the child 'seduced / master-minded / manipulated'
'overprotective parents'
loving relationships between children and their rapists
historical acceptance of child rape
child rape as a 'sexual orientation'
Child trafficking denialism uses phrases like:
'obsession' 'hoax' 'conspiracy' 'salacious' 'private life'
'satanic panic'
'moral hysteria'
'anti-semitic blood libel'
'abusers are all in the home/family'
destroyed lives of the falsely accused
'false memory syndrome'
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