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#Inflation will always be one of the prime reason of making #investments in #Equities. Rest depends up on #investors behavior, asset allocation & the #goals. Focus on 'Real Return' not marketing gimmicks. #SaarthiZarooriHai
& #PlanZarooriHai with #MasterMindFinnAsset (1/n)
#Investment decisions contribute in a big way to inflation-proofing your #mutualfund portfolio. Frequent churning, performance chasing & exiting at the first sign of volatility lead to sub-optimal gains. (2/n) #MutualFundsSahiHai #investing #investors #StockMarketIndia
Avoid making impulsive #investing decisions based on predicted short-term changes in the #economy. Make sure any strategies you use to hedge against #inflation align with your overall #FinancialFreedom plan & assists to meet your #financial #goals. (3/n) #goalsetting #investing
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FUNCTIONALITY GOALS OF 2019 vs. 2022 | Thank you to my donors from around the world who have helped me achieve one of the most difficult goals on my wish list in 2019: "ability to shade with a pencil again." We did it - despite COVID-19 lockdowns! #FND #goals #Health #support ImageImage
And no, I didn't use any rulers or tools. That's all freehand. I'm telling you - it's a freakin' miracle. I can't draw every day, but when I can - it brings back all these memories of when I had a body that worked. And it's important for it to remember. Thank you sooo much!!!
At the hotel, waiting for tomorrow. I made it, but #%%# it hurt!!! Trying to stay calm- I don't want an episode now! Lol! Here's the link to donate towards tomorrow's appointment!>>> Even a dollar makes a difference. It's up to you! LOVE!!!
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How to Improve Your #Happiness ?

1. Take Responsibility for Everything In Your Life. 

2. Build a strong habit of courage.

3. Set and achieve small and attainable goals.

4. Minimize reliance on external validation.

5.Cultivate a perspective beyond yourself.
2. #Courage.

3. Small and Achievable #goals. Image
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Yesterday @SpyWolfNetwork had an #AMA with @PoorQuack. It turned out to be a session full of valuable information, which deserves to be spread further around.

So here we go! Slightly edited here and there to save some space. Enjoy the ride!

$POOR #PoorQuack #CryptoNews
Intro by Gyro Gearloose, [9-3-2022 19:08]:
@PoorQuack is all in one #Ecosystem where we are attempting to make it easier for #investors to #research crypto projects and avoid #scams whilst allowing holders to earn via #DeFi.

$POOR #PoorQuack #cryptocurrency #Web3 #Metaverse
We also have entered the #NFT space with our own #NFTcollection and all of these will have #utility within our own #Ecosystem.

The #NFTmarketplace V2 will be released soon and this will allow third party #NFTs like the #OpenSeaMarket.

$POOR #PoorQuack
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CROONICLE: What Can You Learn from Click Heatmap?… #heatmaps
CROONICLE: Hire a Reliable Website Management and Maintenance...… #websitemanagement
CROONICLE: A Novice Guide about Scalping Strategies on Forex… #scalping #forex
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While @PMO & @YusufMoeed avoid issuing a formal rebuttal on Indian claims of #Pakistan opting for 100 years of peace (and proposed #demilitarization of #Siachen), serious doubts rise on intent & timing of formulating, and announcing #NationalSecurityPlan
Need to view it and link with abrogation of 370 & events that followed. As west & India continue to covertly attack Pakistan, it’s important to look back and know how Pakistan’s internal situation was subjected to turmoil to cause #hemorrhaging effect, post 2006.
I hereby share last portion of the 2004-2005 era doc from Indian #SecurityEstablishment captioned: “Geo-Politics of South Asian #Covert Action - India’s Experience and Need for Action Against Pakistan” .
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Im 2016, the Baltimore Police Department ran a secret surveillance drone-like program to investigate leads in the department. The technology was made by DoD and CIA to track targets in Middle East. It had the ability to monitor 90% of the city 24/7.
The AIR (Aerial Investigation Research) project was done utterly in secret, only the police dept knew. The mayor and the city council were completely in the dark. When it came to light, it was supposedly shut down
Then in 2020, the company who actually did the program, called Persistent Surveillance Systems, lobbied the city to relaunch the experimental ariel surveillance program in a 6-month pilot program. It cost about $3.7 million and was paid for by the “Arnold Foundation”
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2022 arrived, and—dutifully—you set your #goals for the year.

Today is January 6. How are they going so far?

It's the first week, so you may be in the honeymoon phase yet.

But if you want to make SUBSTANTIAL progress this year—

👉 You need a reliable #productivity workflow
To be clear: "productivity" doesn't mean getting LOTS of stuff done. It doesn't mean being busy all the time. It doesn't mean anxiety or frustration, or being overwhelmed.

⭐ Productivity is getting IMPORTANT work done.

And what's "important"? Well, that's up to YOU...
So. What's important to ME?

Before I read @gtdguy's "Getting Things Done" in 2014, I was a disorganized mess. I accomplished things, but only with enormous effort.

Now, 8 years into #GTD and 2 years into @RoamResearch, I have a reliable productivity workflow.

And it's AMAZING—
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Hopefully everyone had a good first Monday of 2022!

A lot of us have some (hefty) New Year’s resolutions that we’re kicking off today. And as many of us know, they’re not always the easiest to follow through with... 😬
This year, rather than giving up if you slip up once (missing one gym session, one day of journaling, etc.), be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself, and carry on.

Messing up is a part of success. No one is perfect in pursuit of their goals.
“Failure,” in reality, is not failing at all. It means you are pushing yourself past your normal limits, improving, and making progress in pursuit of your goals. In other words, if you aren’t failing, you aren’t working on your resolution.
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🎯 Pyramid of Goals & The Ultimate Concern in Product 🎯

Recently I came across the Pyramid of Goals while reading @angeladuckw's book on #Grit.

It basically breaks down goals to Low-level, Mid-level,and Ultimate concern.

#product #productmanagement #diaries #goals
The idea is simple, the "Ultimate Concern (UC)" is your WHY, it doesn't change often, this is your beacon💡

The mid-level goal, is your WHAT. The anatomy of your Ultimate Concern.

The low-level is your HOW. The mechanics of the WHAT.

Visualized, it would look like this 👇 Image
While thinking about this, I was reminded of @shreyas's tweet on getting better clarity and purpose in times of uncertainty.

He explained how asking the right questions can help guide you. In this case, it was: “Will it make the boat go faster?”

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Ready for "OHM 4 idjits" part 2, fren?

Am truly grateful for all the wonderful words, encouragement, and follows. And I apologize for not responding to every comment. I haven't figured out how to access all the comments tucked in my last big thread.

(@jack pls help) 0/n Image
If you haven't read part 1, then pls go read that first.

This isn't an episode of Friends, fren.

We stand atop foundations built in part 1. We learned the how. And now we learn the why.

So—where were we?

We covered what @OlympusDAO is, what it's tryna do, and how it works.

2day: we finish how Olympus is pursuing its #goals. And we lurn whether $OHM will make u rich. 2/n Image
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1/n Illumina But With Nanopore! New work from my lab led by all four of my graduate students @waddlingmind, @alexzee111, @MattAtoms, and @dorieD18. Ever had an Illumina library and wanted to sequence it right now but also kinda didn't want a ton of errors?…
2/n You can now do that on an ONT MinION. Just convert it with R2C2 first. You'll get accuracy and reads/$ comparable to Illumina iSeq/MiniSeq/MiSeq. We benchmarked this approach on RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, regular and targeted-enriched Tn5 libraries.
3/n Our takeaway from this study is that a ONT MinION can definitely replace benchtop Illumina sequencers for most library QC and smaller scale experiments. A cool feature is that thanks to @waddlingmind's PLNK tool, libraries can be QC'ed in real-time often in under an hour.
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#ThreadAlert: Oftentimes, designers grapple with the question, how does the customer actually use this product? To do so, first designers need to learn “How to Use Journey Mapping for the Project?”

Let's quickly get through the entire journey mapping process!
#koruux #uxdesign
The user journey map is an overview of the key touchpoints and interactions. It describes the user’s motivation, feelings, emotions, and goals stage-by-stage.

Here are the key components for Journey Mapping 👇
#ux #uxdesign #userexperience
1. Persona

User personas are created to ensure that the final design fulfills the needs of actual users, solves their problems, and becomes a delight for them to use.
#ux #uxdesign #persona
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Educational thread: 6 saving tips that will cut down your expenses! Read and share:
1. Introspect: Without a doubt, the first step to plan more savings is self-reflect. Ask yourself, how much are you spending on unnecessary things? How impulsive are you when it comes to shopping? You will get a lot of answers!
2. Chart a budget plan: Try to jot down your daily spending in a diary or spreadsheet. Writing provides much needed clarity on every subject!
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You're cordially invited to the...


🥳 Let's celebrate the hard fork in a community event!
📅 Upload between 15-21 September
☄️ Get exclusive NFTs earthdropped to your wallet

And there's a contest—the raddest uploads win a prize!

All info 👇
The Alonzo Upload Party the second CardanoSpace earthdrop.

To celebrate, you get exclusive NFTs for participating!

• If you're uploading, you get the Common Party Favor
• If you're lucky, you get one of the Rare Party Favors
• If you're AWESOME, you may get a Contest Prize
Common Party Favor: revealed soon 😏

Rare Party Favors: exclusive collabs!

You have a probability of pulling them. The bigger your space, the better your odds.

Contest Prizes: go to the best / funniest / smartest / wackest uploads.

But... who decides that? 🤔
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Matthew Matt Alfieri Melbourne Florida putting in work from the home gym #Florida #fl #workhard #goals #StrongerForever #strong #Weightlifting #crossfit
Matthew Matt Alfieri Melbourne Florida waiting for the #bell to #ring #letsgo #round #round1
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Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida FL landing the straight right hand
#wednesdaythought #WednesdayMotivation #Wednesdayvibe #fitness #light Heavyweight #boxer landed my the straight right Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida landing the straight right
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Oooh baTlaa as my Indori grandpa called em. #MaineAhoy
My first time doing this very @curiousgawker thing of wearing your colors in rival territory. I'm getting more looks of pity than annoyance given this season. 🤣🤣🤣 #MaineAhoy
Just came across the most chill wedding. No one is dressed up. Not even bride and groom. 😍😍😍 #goals
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So today is my 40th birthday. 🎂 But enough about me! 😉 I want to talk about another birthday girl - this amazing woman right here, Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Amalya L. Kearse. (mini ⚖️🧵)
A little background: Amalya Kearse was born in @NJGov in 1937 to Myra L. Smith and Robert Freeman Kearse. Myra was a pathmarker in her own right – she was a physician, having been the only woman in her graduating class at Howard University College of Medicine. 🩺 (2/x)
Amalya attended @Wellesley, where she majored in philosophy. (♥️) She then went to @UMichLaw (Go Blue!) – where she was the only black woman in her law school class – and graduated cum laude and was on the famed @michlawreview. (3/x)
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗨𝘀𝗲𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗢𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘁

I will be sharing unique , useful, and interesting #websites in this thread.

🚀Goal - 10,000 websites. 🚀

⏩ A Thread ⏪

🙏 RT for more exposure .

#unique #internet #useful #knowledge #worldwide
1: 🚀YayText .com🚀

You can use this website to use Bold, Italic, Underlined text on #Facebook , #Instagram , #Twitter ........

2: 🚀Fast .com🚀

You can check speed of your Internet connection from here.

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With my interest in building a tighter group/community, I have decided I need to start hosting cookouts. Now, I have lots of cast iron pots, pans, dutch ovens, but I need an outdoor set up like this picture shows. I will be looking to build this myself as the spring progresses.
I figure I will start with a 3 piece pot rack with some hanging hooks to hold pots and kettles over the fire. Then, a lower height grill would come next that I could put pans on and maybe a metal or brick surround to keep the heat off my legs and into the place I want it. #goals
My goal is to build up a system that I can cook for a whole outfit ala cowboy chuck wagon style. This seems like a reasonable goal for the short term. I'm also looking at a Canvas canopy from Tentsmiths to provide some shade.
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#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity in the age of #globalization, #information & #connectivity has now become an all-encompassing notion. Surely it is not solely a function of the #ArmedForces anymore.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity also includes providing a conducive environment in which aspirations of human #security, national #progress & #development could be realized.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity has now become an all-encompassing notion, wherein besides various elements of national power, #global & #regional environments also play a profound role.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
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{THREAD} I always find it interesting when folks see nice pics of a married couple and use #GOALS

As I sit here in the still of the night and I reflect on the past year, I am reflecting on what real marriage goals are! /1
This past year, my wife and I weathered one of our toughest seasons yet. And our love never wavered but we had to remain committed to weather the storm that was 2020 /2
From navigating a sick parent, a furloughed job, a pandemic, an unexplained injury (during the pandemic), 2 kids out of school, closing a lifelong fam biz in another country and a bunch of other emotional & financial stresses... we remained committed to help each other thru /3
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