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JLM (Proxy) vice-chair and LFI member (Embassy front) Ruth 'Strictly Protect' Smeeth introduced Sir Keir (Spy Master) Starmer's debut speech as leader. He praised the former MP as someone who would “Exemplify The Values” of HIS party #SpyCop #Mi5 #Mi6 #CIA… Image
Starts at 1.30 minutes. Sir Keir Starmer’s choice of warm-up act Ruth Smeeth lost her seat in Stoke as the so-called “Red Wall” crumbled and heartland voters deserted Labour, Ruth conveniently forgets Starmer was the Brexit Minister at the time #StarmerOut… Image
“Keir has already demonstrated that our party is under new management but let’s be clear – the country needs new leadership,” Smeeth said. Ruth's introduction ends at 5.05, Sir Keir said the party has to “Get serious about Winning”
#StarmerOut #LabourLeaks Image
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Below are excerpts from (ex adviser to @johnmcdonnellMP) @JoeRRyle's blog with some of his submissions to the #FordeReport.
As with the #LabourLeaks report, it's hard to reconcile its contents with the media's characterisation of events
Full article:…
From the off Corbyn had suspicions [about how helpful party officials would be] but the extent of the plots against him went beyond anything that could be expected
It was Lab HQ's job to set up LOTO's and McDonnell's offices, but in Corbyn and McDonnell’s offices there were:
* No handover notes
* Computers had gone missing
* Only ancient computers prone to crashing left, some without screens
* Offices not properly set up
* Desks without chairs

A lot more went on than was revealed in the #LabourLeaks report
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An influential Labour group, which has Croydon North MP Steve Reed OBE among its directors, is under investigation by the Electoral Commission after failing to declare more than £800,000 in donations within the time required by law #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
There are “Multiple” potential breaches of electoral law by Labour Together, an organisation with close links Sir Keir Starmer. Steve Reed, a former deputy chair of the Blairite Progress party-within-the-party, is one of five current directors of Labour Together. #StarmerOut
A former managing director of Labour Together is Morgan McSweeney, who is now Sir Keir’s chief of staff. Steve Reed, despite representing part of a borough where its Labour council has gone bust, is the communities and local government spokesperson in Starmer’s shadow cabinet.
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After the Labour leaks report, it was tempting to think the centrists' game was up - the cat was out of the bag, their lies and viciousness had finally been exposed. But they have the media and the establishment on their side - truth counts for little
We need to keep reminding ourselves what happened. They knew it was all lies but if the media repeated them constantly, they would become the truth
BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis retweeted a thread that all but described Corbyn as a Nazi:

"Goodbye Jeremy Corbyn. They said you don’t have an antisemitic bone in your body. That may be true, but your brain is full of it...[etc.]"
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#ChickenCoup There are plenty of confessions including one from a Labour front bencher, an ex Labour MP, a Labor Israel MP, an executive of JLM, spies etc, including video, audio and transcripts plus the 851 page #LabourLeaks report, just waiting for the Forde Inquiry Report.🧵👇
Front bencher Jon Ashworth “No because we f***ed it up; we f***ed it up in 2016 when we went too early. People like me were internally saying ‘this isn’t the right moment’ but I got kind of ignored, we went too early.” #LabourLeaks #ChickenCoup #StarmerOut
Joan Ryan became infamous in 2017, when an undercover Al Jazeera investigation exposed her close relationship with the Israeli embassy, shows Ryan fabricating a charge of anti-Semitism against a Labour member who challenged her anti-Palestinian stance.
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1/4 Private Eye states that Emilie Oldknow (Jon Ashworth wife) is the client - The lawyer Mark Lewis is applying for a court order against the Labour Party on behalf of a client to get them to divulge who is was who leaked the antisemitism report last April, so they can be sued
2/4 Emilie Oldknow is one of Gordon Brown's ''Gordon's Girls''. The infamous Emilie Oldknow was Keir Starmer's preferred choice for Labour's General Secretary. Shocking and offensive statements are attributed to her.#StarmerOut #LabourLeaks #FordeReport
3/4 Legal action is to be taken over the whistleblower who leaked #LabourLeaks. Notably it would protect the Labour Party from facing action itself, provided the party did not sanction the leak. #StarmerOut #FordeReport…
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A former extremist finds himself in bed with a new set of extremists as links between US money and UK-based think tank emerge.
Maajid Nawaz built a career off his conversion away from extremism towards moderation. The pendulum probably swung a bit too far.…
A former extremist finds himself in bed with a new set of extremists as links between US money and UK think tank emerge. Now researchers say that they have found that the same donors funneling money to the likes of US President Donald Trump have been sending millions to Nawaz.
The UK-based human rights organisation, Cage, which aims to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror, was not surprised at the finding when TRT World asked them for comment. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks #FordeReport
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The perpetrators Iain McNicol and Sam Matthews are saboteurs who actively prevented a Labour national election victory in 2017 and who contributed to the fake ‘Labour anti-Semitism crisis’ smear campaign against Corbyn and progressive Labour members.… Image
Iain McNicol, a leading GMB union member and the Labour General Secretary from July 2011 to March 2018, and Sam Matthews, the head of Labour’s Governance and Legal Unit (GLU) from 2016 to 2018. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut #ChickenCoup #FordeReport
It is Corbyn and progressives who actually want to have the 860-report ‘officially’ published and it is the saboteurs and traitors such as Starmer, McNicol or Matthews who want it suppressed since it reveals the saboteurs’ misdeeds and possibly even crimes in no uncertain terms:
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July 2020. Starmer’s Army – The Censorship King - CCDH was founded by Morgan McSweeney who recently became Keir Starmer’s Chief of Staff. When spokesperson Ahmed visited Twitter in January, McSweeney was still head of the front group.…
Imran Ahmed, spokesperson (CCDH) and patron Rachel Riley TV presenter, were trawling social media companies asking them to take down what they have self-determined to be ‘hate accounts’, when in reality most seem to be merely political rivals to their Starmer/Blairite faction. Image
Shulman also made veiled threats with a gun and crossbow using the hashtag #huntingseason on Twitter. John admitted to owning these after a police call to him.

We called on Mike Katz to expel him as a member. His words are nothing but empty otherwise. Starmer and Katz below ImageImageImage
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I can think of nothing that Jeremy Corbyn needs to apologise for.

Keir Starmer on the other hand should apologise for his:

- 'No ifs, no buts' comment & his continued failure to listen to teachers, parents, unions

- constant 'I support the govt/PM' comments 1/4
- systematic abandoning of his 10 pledges which were clearly just a leadership election con

- constant courting of media outlets that regularly attack & demonise the powerless

- whipping LAB to abstain on votes that seriously attack human rights 2/2
- gigantic flip-flop & obvious hypocrisy on Brexit

- failure to support Black MPs & members

- #LabourLeaks & #FordeReport debacle

- adoption of a fueled by focus group, flags, family, business & monarchy agenda, full of sound-bite but bereft of substance 3/3
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Keir Starmer's donors, David Garrard and Trevor Chinn, funded Change UK, the Independent Group, the Labour Friends of Israel, the Conservatives friends of Israel and their BICOM organization want to ''Get Brexit Done''. Covering all their basses. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
Big post this week on BICOM and Brexit and the people involved. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks #FordeReport #BICOM
A multi-millionaire pro-Israel lobbyist is funding the UK Parliament’s new Independent Group, it was revealed. David Garrard told newspapers he had already donated to the MPs who broke away from the opposition Labour Party and the Conservative Party.…
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April 2020. Ex-Labour MP John Woodcock NOW Lord Walney, Sir Robbie Gibb, former BBC executive worked in Downing Street, John Ware from the Panorama documentary on Antisemitism in Labour are now co- owners of the Jewish Chronicle. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut… Image
The Jewish Chronicle has been sold to a consortium fronted by Theresa May’s former director of communications Sir Robbie Gibb, a former BBC executive who worked in Downing Street throughout the BREXIT negotiation process, saving the historic newspaper. #LabourLeaks Image
The group includes former Labour MP John Woodcock, now officially Lord Walney and journalist John Ware who made a Panorama investigation into allegations of antisemitism in the Labour party. #LabourLeaks #FordeReport #StarmerOut Image
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Ehud Barak was leader of the Israeli Labor Party until January 2011 and a foe of Benjamin Netanyahu. GE April 2019 the once dominant Party collapsed to just six seats. Assaf Kaplan was deputy head of the Party’s campaign, the same spy that Sir Keir Starmer just hired #LabourLeaks
Part of Kaplan's new job description is to help Labour win elections. Yet, when he was deputy head of the Israeli Labor Party's April 2019 general election campaign, that party – which long ago had a near-monopoly on Israeli government...... #StarmerOut…
Israeli politician boasts about role in Corbyn’s downfall, Nahmias-Verbin is a former member of Israel’s ''Labor Party''. She made the claim the day after Corbyn was suspended as a member of UK Labour November 2020. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut…
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Has Owen Jones mentioned Keir Starmer's employment of Assaf Kaplan, an ex-Israeli military intelligence officer of the Unit 8200, its cyberwarfare branch, who target LGBT.
''We actually learned to memorise and filter different words for “Gay”, in Arabic.…
The UK Labour Party has hired a former Israeli spy.

Assaf Kaplan will work in the office of Labour leader Keir Starmer.

Kaplan was in Israeli military intelligence for nearly five years, an officer in Unit 8200, its cyberwarfare branch. #StarmerOut…
His LinkedIn profile states that he was deputy head of the Israeli Labor Party’s campaign for the April 2019 general election to the country’s parliament, the Knesset.

That election saw the once dominant Israeli Labor Party collapse to just six seats. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
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David Evans was Keir Starmer's pick as General Secretary of the Labour Party succeeding Jennie Formby.

Although Labour's NEC confirmed David Evans as acting General Secretary on 26th May 2020, his appointment is subject to approval by a vote at the party’s annual conference.
The cancellation of the 2020 conference means members will be denied a say on Starmer’s choice until at least autumn 2021, unless a special conference is called once large gatherings are permitted, or the party’s rules are bypassed to approve the appointment without a vote.
The appointment is controversial, as David Evans was the author of a report that recommended a “radical overhaul” and a "New Labour solution" under Tony Blair to isolate the Old Labour left, doing so in derisory terms – and in the language of branding and marketing of Blairism.
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Jess Phillips should be the first to confront Keir Starmer for re-admitting #LabourLeaks staff who delayed antisemitism reports, Jess was the FIRST to back the Board of Deputies Ten Point Plan, saying she was 'Happy to'. JAN 2020…
'Keir Starmer VOWED to stamp out antisemitism if he ­succeeds Jeremy Corbyn'. “What I would do is lead from the top and say it’s my responsibility to deal with it. I wouldn’t say it’s for ­somebody else. I want the files. I want the numbers on my desk.” #LabourLeaks
The Board of Deputies of British Jews called on all ­contenders to sign up to its Ten-Point Plan. Settling all outstanding anti-Semitism cases by a fixed deadline. The Deputies said the new leader must ensure the ­internal disciplinary process is “independent”. #LabourLeaks
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Prole Star has received information from a source within Labour, who claims that the report's original draft implicated SEVERAL prominent figures including at least one current Shadow Cabinet member in the bullying, racism and sabotage in #LabourLeaks.…
Source claims that the original Forde findings were so damning that the positions of those implicated would be UNTENABLE, and says the rewrite has been done with the full knowledge of, if not under instructions from, party leader Keir Starmer and General Secretary David Evans
Rather than laying the leaked report to bed, it is alleged that the Forde findings showed even worse behaviour, some by people who have subsequently been paid off to settle court action. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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“Jonathan Ashworth is… never going to take… a principled stand against the government’s unnecessary and vicious cuts agenda, as demonstrated by his ongoing willingness to facilitate the PRIVATISATION of our schools.'' NHS too. #PFI #LabourLeaks ……
Demonstrating where his allegiances lay, Jonathan voted to back the bombing of Iraq. In January 2015 he once again went along with his fellow New Labour cohorts by voting to cut tens of billions from public services (£30 billion to be precise). #PFI #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
In March 2016, Jonathan failed to attend Parliament to discuss the NHS Reinstatement Bill — a Bill which proposed to fully restore the NHS as an accountable public service by reversing 25 years of marketisation in our health service. #PFI #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
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Mike Gapes, a co-director, said he had “no knowledge” of the DESTRUCTION of the documents. “Everything was done appropriately but it’s unfortunate that things could not be found.” but auditor says ‘inappropriate’ destruction of documents. May 2020…
Staff at the Independent Group for Change, the disbanded party established by centrist MPs in 2019, “inappropriately destroyed” financial records, a report by its auditors has found. #LabourLeaks
According to the auditors, documents including bank statements and files recording details of donations to the party were destroyed by former members of staff. None of the documents, auditors said, could be “satisfactorily reconstructed”. #LabourLeaks
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All unions should cease funding Keir Starmer's Labour Party until the saboteurs involved in the Chicken Coup are arrested and charged. Racism, Fraud and Deception should not be endured or rewarded. We seek justice for the innocent victims. #LabourLeaks #ChickenCoup #LFI
This should not be happening, Keir Starmer Invites Islamophobic Racist Donor Back To Labour. #LabourLeaks #ChickenCoup…
With tens of thousands leaving the Labour party, Keir Starmer has resorted to wooing wealthy former backers of the New Labour era like Property Tycoon David Abrahams but dozens of racist statements have emerged from Abrahams twitter account. #ChickenCoup #LabourLeaks
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