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Reactions Trail Obi’s Late-night Meeting With Wike, Mimiko, Others

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, held another meeting with the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike and other members of the Peoples Democratic Party on Monday night. Image
Former Ondo State governor, Olusegun Mimiko, who shared a photo from the late night meeting on Twitter tagged some of those at the meeting to include Governors Samuel Ortom, Okezie Ikpeazu, former governors of Cross River and Gombe States,
Donald Duke, Ibrahim Dankwambo, former Minister of Justice, Mohammed Adoke and others.

Reactions have been trailing the laughing photo of the politicians, with many speculating about their plans and the reason for the meeting.
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1)@PeterObi talking about his trip to Egypt. "The Job of a leader is not to give excuses or complain, its to solve problems. If you are aspiring to lead, that is the time you need to study and know what you are going to do". - Peter Obi.
"I also met with those who financed the power generation in Egypt". In 5 years, We can move our power production from where we are today to 15-20,000MW".

"When I was campaigning to be Governor of Anambra state, I went to learn from Bangladesh and Rural India". -Peter Obi.
"As Governor of Anambra state, every part of Anambra state was connected by Roads and bridges".
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On Peter Obi’s supposed ‘Stinginess’....

Sometime in 2009, ‘Mr’(as he preferred to be addressed) Peter Obi, Governor Of Anambra State at the time, visited Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and myself at Dallas, Texas. He came to deliver a get well message Image
from Dr Goodluck Jonathan and was billed to attend a black tie event at the Dallas Marriot.

Curiously, he flew into Dallas airport with one small carry on luggage which he insisted on wheeling around himself, and on getting to our residence requested to freshen up.
He opened his carry on, filled with files and paperwork and a few toiletries and an extra shirt, when the Ikemba and I asked if he was expecting another item of luggage, and he said no. Then, what will you be wearing to the event tonight?’, we inquired.

It was at that point
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Father Mbaka "placed a curse" on Chimaroke Nnamani the governor of Enugu state. Declaring that "If I be a man of God" Chimaroke Nnamani won't win a second term in office.

Needless to say, Nnamani completed his second term very very well and is presently a senator
of the FRN.

The problem with charlatans and aspiring demagogues like Mbaka is that they do not like to be humiliated or embarrassed and they are unforgiving of persons who challenge them. Father Mbaka is a psychopath who thinks himself to be God.

In the exchange between Obi
and the priest at the his adoration ground in 2018/2019. Fr. Mbaka used such phrases like "Mbaka's alter" as he tried desperately to extort Mr. Obi unsuccessfully.

Video clips of this exchange has been widely distributed and viewed across various social media platforms since
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🧵1/9 On today's #NOTPMQs show we covered the growing threat of a leadership challenge from #WesStreeting against #KeirStarmer. Here's the small (for us) thread on it...
🧵2/9 Why has the #LabourParty right abandoned Starmer in favour of Streeting?

It's a legitimate question - whose ice cream (donor support) will melt first?
🧵3/9 The Financial Times piece that kicked off the race... "Is Wes Streeting the saviour Labour desperately needs?"

It could be re-translated "Rich donors around Canary Wharf, please send money and nudes."
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Did you know the @TheGrayzoneNews story about #PaulMason is tied to the #LabourParty? Here is a thread that explores the anti-left / abusive outfit Labour have outsourced lots of former staffers work to: #ValentProjects

The report by @KitKlarenberg displays secret communications between #PaulMason and various intelligence community wonks, in a coordinated effort to smear indy media, and 'take down the left' - Corbynites especially. Because apparently, 'anti-imperialism' is BAD. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤡

Mixing deplatforming, "full nuclear legal" (we've had a taste of that from the #LabourParty), and various other abusive and dehumanising techniques, this 'intel contractor' was happily working with #PaulMason and others to put leftists at risk.

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Dear @PeterObi ,

Thank you once again for giving us a third option thereby saving us from having to choose between two evil. Sir,there is a movie I love so much called Prisonbreak. I don't know if you have heard or watched the movie but there is a scene in Season four
where at the risk of getting caught,Alexander Mahone turned to Micheal Scofield and said; "Micheal, you have never gone a day in your life without having a plan,please don't start now". Alexander Mahone and Micheal Scofield for me are the two Movie Characters with the best minds.
Sir, I know how difficult it is to create wealth but you did it in both the Private and Public sector all before you became a governor at the age of 45. It is also not a secret that you love Education so with the little other details I know about you, you always come to mind
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1)This thread is a comprehensive Documentary on some of the things our President @PeterObi did in Anambra while he was Governor of Anambra state. Next time anyone asks you "what did he even achieve as Governor,all he did was save Money",plz do well to point them to this thread.
2) One of the biggest foreign Investments in Nigeria in the first Quarter of the year came to Anambra state. - @PeterObi
3)By eliminating multiple taxations which was very Prevalent in Anambra State, The Gorvenor @PeterObi has created an industrial friendliness in the state which has attracted Foreign Investors. - Chris Chidume, Industrialist.
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#TowerHamlets #LabourParty promised 2,000 NEW homes.
In 7 yrs, they managed only 10%. Meanwhile #Labour allowed for public land (inc. greenspace) to be gobbled up by private developers building thousands of overpriced shoeboxes.
Look also to what they did to @TrevesAndLister.
At least 20 Labour cllrs have had shocking performance indicators in terms of their public engagement, number of members inquiries they've initiated, value of return on investment when "Special Responsibility" xpenses are considered + the number of committees/ boards they sit on.
One cllr has been such a no show in 4 years, her ward residents believed they didn't have a cllr. Granted she had a year off for maternity but her group clearly didn't fill in for her. Furthermore, her "Special Responsibility to Young people" has not been good value for money.
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A sincere, no BS, friendly message (and strategy) to all #StarmerOut folks.

It's a long 🧵but please read.

#KeirStarmer #Starmer #Labour #labourdoorstep #LabourParty #ProgressiveAlliance #SocialistSunday #socialism #Progressives #progressive #FBPE #FBPA
Firstly, there's no disagreement between us. Starmer has proven one of the most ingenuine politicians in our history. He has repeatedly rowed back on his leadership pledges & sentiments and proven untrustworthy in his words and actions as leader.
He has been a babe in the woods. Policy illiterate and not particularly interested in ideas. Electorally inept, taking the hand of his elders when he's lost and then caught in the headlights when the strategy handed to him doesn't work.
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I have read this book, and I think everyone who is interested in the recent history of the Labour Party will find it rewarding. In particular, it is a valuable resource for tracing the development of the anti-Semitism controversy and allegations over the last 5-6 years. 1/6
The author's position is clear: he is solidly committed to putting the case for Chris Williamson. I should say at once that I have been very critical at times of Mr Williamson's approach, which has seemed a bit blundering. I think Mr Garratt is more forgiving than many. 2/6
But the book is by no means all about Mr Williamson; it takes on almost all the issues around alleged Labour Party anti-Semitism, and gives a valuable view of them which is not often seen outside left and Labour left circles. There is also much material... 3/6
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At the exuberant 2017 @UKLabour conference I was privileged to attend a meeting addressed by @ruthserwotka & @cwknews discussing proposed changes to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act that would effectively erase women's & girl's limited & hard-won legal protections. /1
The mood of the meeting was in contrast to the rest of conference: the venue had to be kept secret until the last minute as other recent events where women had the temerity to meet with other women to discuss their political, legal & social rights had been harassed & attacked. /2
Not only that but this reactionary proposal from the Tory government, paralysed by the insurgent & radicalising #LabourParty under #JeremyCorbyn's leadership, was tacitly supported by large sections of the labour movement & many other public institutions. /3
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Why did the British #LabourParty betray Native Britons to the madness of mass immigration, DIVERSITY & criminal grooming gangs, with local authorities & the police turning a blind eye for years to the sexual abuse of 1000s of vulnerable & under-age girls?
The Labour Party was founded, in 1900, to represent ordinary people, the working class, against exploitation by Britain's elites & capital, only to betray the entire country.

It is very important that we first recognise & then develop an understanding of this betrayal.
The Labour Party presents a classic example of good intentions paving the way to hell, which can only be understood in the context of academic (& thus general) ignorance regarding the nature of the state itself. Image
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There’s been a surge in walking and cycling in the #pandemic. Government has promised extra billions. It’s what @TheGreenParty has campaigned for, for many years. So how is it looking in #Sheffield?

To set the scene … since the 1960s, Sheffield had been developed to encourage the private car. Politicians competed for the motorist’s vote.…
The £2 billion, 25-year #PFI contract with #Amey failed to enhance safe pedestrian crossings or walking routes, safe cycling facilities, safe dropped kerbs for wheelchair users, safe routes to school.

It was a contract to keep roads just as they had been 25 years previously.
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Some of us warned the Labour right would prefer Labour defeat to unity behind a socialist not because of individual failings but because their 1st loyalty is to the liberal wing of the establishment. The line between us & them has always run down the middle of the #LabourParty >
Maybe it’s time the left took note of who, like liberal left weather-vane Owen Jones, either fed disastrous illusions in ‘Labour unity’ or in supposedly clever strategic co-existence with Labour centrists & those of us who urged their complete routing & ousting, now proven right>
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#BernieSanders is now the front-runner to be the US #Democratic challenger to #Trump. He is popular because, like #JeremyCorbyn, he is serious about social democratic reforms #ForTheMany at the expense of the billionaire class... /1
...serious action to address the #ClimateEmergency & reigning-in US military adventures. For the same reasons the US ruling class are out to destroy him politically, either in favour of one of his #Democrat rivals or, if that fails, if favour of #Trump. /2
Like the campaign against #Corbyn they are using every smear & dirty trick available to them. However #Sanders has shown he has learned from Corbyn's mistakes in capitulating to his dishonest critics:
"His campaign has also been rather sure-footed in the..." /3
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Around 5 years ago I first encountered the vitriolic attacks on #women asserting their right to politically self-organise from so-called trans-rights activists in a socialist group I associated with at the time. Having been active in radical left... /1
...politics for nearly 30 years I had never encountered such appallingly sectarian, dishonest & personal attacks on the left. My first reaction was to defend #women's self-organisation on the basis that we must also support #LGBT self-organisation so ensuring... /2
...that different oppressed groups each had space & representation to better challenge that oppression. For this I was denounced as #transphobic just as the #women had been for asserting their right to self-organise had been & I first encountered the mantra... /3
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Corbyn was asked to resign repeatedly & refused. There was real crisis in the #LabourParty, he was not competent to lead it & NOW he resigns, just like David Bl**dy Cameron after he caused the Brexit disaster. Closet leaver. Now everyone is screwed & for what?
Democrats better pay close attention. If #impeachment has taught us nothing else it has confirmed what some of us have written about for years now: The GOP is not giving up Trump. They don't care what you think and they are not going to roll over for Biden, like he claims.
Boris Johnson is a right monster and yet he won. AGAIN. In a landslide. Americans cannot afford to be deluded about what is in GOP hearts--especially with the economy stable. If you think a one-termer is the answer, welcome to Brexit 2.0.
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Thank you Potrika for this! With 61% child poverty in parts of #Poplar & #Limehouse we cannot take any more cuts. We need #RealChange. I am ready to fight like George, and Minnie, Lansbury if elected to parliament this week. #VoteLabour2019 #GetTheToriesOut #SocialistSunday Image
The #LabourParty manifesto commits to measures towards genuine equality. I met with Dr. Laura Schwartz, to discuss Minnie Lansbury, the suffragette movement in #Poplar & #Limehouse, and our hopes for the future. #Feminism2020 #VoteLabourDecember12th
Policies for #RealChange
🌹Reverse cuts to Sure Start and open 1,000 new Sure Start children's centres
🌹150,000 additional early years staff, including SENCos, employed on a national pay scale
🌹A new Workers Protection Agency to address gender and racial pay gaps #VoteLabour Image
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Hey. We’re new to Twitter. To open our account, we’ve analysed what MPs earned - in addition to their salaries - in the last Parliament. MPs declare such earnings, but in a super unstructured way. So, we’ve written some code to create a neat dataset of all their declarations.
Since the last #GeneralElection, MPs have earned £8.4 million in addition to their parliamentary salary (an average of £12,900 per MP).
Over half of this £8.4million was earned by just 15 MPs.
#BorisJohnson earned the most, nearly £800,000. That’s equivalent to an additional £27,440 a month. The other 14 top-earners were all men too…
Read 13 tweets Canary should know better BOD and others consider this a conspiracy theory and as such #AntiSemitic
And god help anyone who talks @DerbyChrisW @Marcwads or @Jackiew80333500 because the BOD want you expelled from #LabourParty for association!
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Recently Ellie Reeves #Labour MP was reportedly facing a vote of "No Confidence" and "Deselection" @elliereeves received a lot of support from Jess Phillips, Tom Watson etc. No motion was tabled with her CLP so the furore over a pregnant Labour MP being deselected was nonsense.
So let us move on about 1 week from this bogus story to the equally spurious #PanoramaHatchetJob about #Labour and #Antisemitism The usual suspects showed their sham horror of the apparent problems in Labour. #TomWatson #jessphillips
Tom Watson belittled, harangued, bullied and called into question the reliability and fitness of @JennieGenSec to act as General Secretary. Some might question my point on reliability etc. But the image I have attached which Watson and Phillips promote does exactly that.
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@chezzy51 @mezznj @Gaynorann46 @GrayzoneProject @21WIRE @xpressanny @nw_nicholas Your welcome and thank you for taking the time to read the thread please do checkout the links and #ExtinctionRebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook's affiliation to 5G needs to be looked at more closely and the health concerns addressed.
@chezzy51 @mezznj @Gaynorann46 @GrayzoneProject @21WIRE @xpressanny @nw_nicholas Gail Bradbrook was in 2004 forging alliances with AOL, BT, IBM, Intel and T-Mobile. How "Green" are those companies? Farhana Yamin is a board member of @Greenpeace
@chezzy51 @mezznj @Gaynorann46 @GrayzoneProject @21WIRE @xpressanny @nw_nicholas @Greenpeace Greenpeace seems to be confused about IT companies and their Green Credentials
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